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Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 17 2017, 09:08 PM
...continued from "Broken Order" (off-site)
+18 for potential smut of various consent levels, torture, and things in a similar vein.

Darth Vader did not install an air conditioner or any form of cooling the fucking castle down on Mustafar, which had Selene Tonius sweating profusely as the black-haired human watched the screens, silver eyes following another intruder to their airspace. It was only a matter of time, she knew, as the ship began to descend to one of the landing platforms.

The turrets automatically turned to it, but Selene knew what the result would be even before it began. ‘So, General Hux has finally come.’ The signatures were those of the First Order. Snoke knew most of their call signs. They couldn’t hide from them.

It was Hux’s foolishness for breaking the alliance, all over some petty war crime. And to think! That General still went on to align with Commander Ren. Well, if he was still Commander. Snoke wanted to think so. Or wanted to make it so. It didn’t really matter which, anymore.

Still, Selene had a job, and so she walked away from the monitors and deep into the castle of Mustafar, where her brother and the so-called Knight were. White-haired, bleached white, anyway, and occupied by the computers in front of him, Helios was trying to open a vault, working through the systems carefully. He’d been at them all night, without sleep. “We have company!” The woman interrupted.

He slammed his fist on the console and turned, glaring at her. “What do you mean we have company?”

“Remember when I told you yesterday we were being monitored and you said you didn’t care because Hux was busy making allies? Well, Hux is done with that now. A First Order ship is tearing up those turrets you programmed and landing,” Selene answered, clasping her hands behind her back, the smile on her lips poisonous.

Both she and Helios were clones, but not exacts. Their genes were modified to make them smarter than their original, as well, so they could do so much more. But, try as he might, Snoke still hadn’t figured out how to make them Force Sensitive. She turned to the Knight, then, “Well, this is what you’re here for, right?”


The night had passed too quickly for General Aria Hux’s liking. She woke as always, prepared for the trip to Mustafar. Rosalee was on board the Finalizer, prepared to take her, Phasma, and the contingent of Stormtroopers to Mustafar. Terex promised to be near, as always, in case they needed rescue via the Carrion Spike.

“Oh, goddamnit!” Rosalee shouted as they broke into the atmosphere of Mustafar. Hux looked up from her datapad and realized exactly why the tiny woman had shouted out. She immediately set the pad down and shifted forward in the co-pilot’s seat. With a flick of a switch, the controls to the guns fell to her control, and she quickly dealt with the turrets as Rosalee zagged away, cursing at the speed of light until the turrets were cleared from what was going to pass for a landing pad.

“So a mouse activated the turrets?”

It was Phasma’s new joke. The Chrome Soldier leaned against the doorway into the cockpit as they settled the ship down. Mustafar had been inactive for a while. The fact it had come to life was attributed to Snoke, or a mouse who tripped the switch.

“Why not?” Hux shrugged, lifting out of her chair and shrugging on her coat, before turning, “Let’s find it, and exterminate it.”

“Kay!” Rosalee quickly climbed over her own seat, “But I’m leading, okay? I got the map and everything, and you all will end up in the lava without me.”

Yet Ben had warned Hux of staying near Rosalee. “You won’t know where the trapdoors are.”

Needless to say, there were no arguments, and Rosalee led the way out of the corvette.

Above the three women, and five Stormtroopers of the PH squadron, loomed the dark castle. The lava heated the air ridiculously, but Hux refused to complain from beneath her great coat as Rosalee darted ahead down the bridge towards the castle, in some dark blue, skin-tight thing, far more agile than she had appeared when playing the role of a Resistance member.

Hux didn’t run. She walked. The troopers fell in line behind her.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 17 2017, 11:01 PM
The moment words that didn't feel right had reached this Knight's ears, he had immediately decided to cancel everything at hands and return to his leader. His true leader.
It hadn't taken long at all to figure that things had been far more dire than what he had made out from words picked up in different places.

Especially as he hadn't been met by the Supreme Leader the way he had expected to be, like any other time. What used to be a simple but thorough report, new task, and a chance to restock or upgrade had turned turned into something fierce.

To this Knight's pride however, he had offered himself and been accepted. There was nothing he needed to hide from the Supreme Leader, and so he had offered his mind.
Nothing buy loyalty to be found.

Later accompanied by his own feelings of being betrayed. Had he been with the other Knight's he would have laughed, bitterly. Say that he wasn't the fool now. Say that no matter how much the boy had grown,- Kylo would still always be too broken and unrepaired to stand strong in the end.

This 'war crime' was a questionmark, however. He could see no reason as to why or what the Commander would have done, what he had been so desperate to gain from that girl.

But the fact that the Commander had not only allowed himself to get manhandled by the girl, but also willingly return to the ones he had escaped his whole life instead of returning to the Supreme Leader straight out sickened him. Infuriated him on a very personal level.

The Knight had more than happily accepted the task he had been given for Mustafar, for the twins, siblings, whatever they were supposed to be.

It was a surprisingly tiring task- watching for hours on end how they just.. Worked. Nor did they share just what was going on.- Even if the man would have probably told them to shut it after five minutes.

There was a change in the air, quickly explained as the black-haired one came in to alert.
Finally some action. The tapping of fingers on a console could have driven him mad.

The older man let out a grunt to aknowledge her. Standing up from his leaned position against the wall, the heavy armor sounded far less than that of Ren's.

''And how would you wish I handled it?'', he asked, crooking a rough eyebrow.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 17 2017, 11:37 PM
“I, personally, would prefer you to kill all of them,” the dark-haired woman stated as she walked to where her brother was, only to turn back around to the knight and lean on the console besides Helios, “But I would bet with 100% accuracy that the Supreme Leader has given you different orders in regards to some of them, as I imagine he estimates them to be of use for information in the war effort, and in acquiring his beloved prodigy, Kylo Ren.”

She liked percentages and statistics. She liked to consider that she was almost never wrong, as well. “So I believe you have to go out there, kill some of them, and then distract or capture the others. Capture is no doubt preferred. Failing that, just make sure they retreat. I’m sure Helios is close to cracking this vault,” she tilted her head back, smile on her lips. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes.” In his mind of ‘close’ considering what he had been working through. Another few hours. Sheev Palpatine had made sure even the greatest of minds wouldn’t break these codes, and the main reason the Knight was here – in Helios’s not so humble opinion – was for the seals that would inevitably involve the use of the Force.

As if Palpatine would let some non-Force sensitive have his secrets. Or even stand a chance of it.

“So, off you go,” Selene gave a dismissive wave, “Don’t let them get here. I don’t care how you do it.”

“And don’t bring prisoners here,” Helios grumbled. The General had a…reputation.


Rosalee by skips and bounds…almost literally. Hux didn’t waste the energy, and was relieved when they finally crossed the bridge and wound up the stairs to the base of the intimidating obelisk that stood as Darth Vader’s former fortress. No doubt, there were secrets here, and the air pulsed with the energy of it being awake.

“So, don’t have many blueprints of the interior,” Rosalee admitted then, as they stood before the door. Turret droids had been dispatched by Phasma and the Troopers, but the door itself was guarded with an energy field. Nothing Rosalee couldn’t handle – or so she told herself as she walked up to the door with her miniature datapad and connected it.

This was why Hux didn’t need droids.

Impractical things that got hacked. “I’m hoping maybe we can download some on the way, but don’t count on it. We’re gonna have to search this place top to bottom!”

“That is no difficulty,” Phasma stated, not at all intimidated. She walked the Finalizer daily, though. Hux also didn’t appear put off by that idea.

“Ding!” Rosalee called out, just a second before the red energy field lost its lustre and faded away from the door, allowing them all to step through the archway and enter the actual home, which had far too many open windows for anyone to be comfortable, considering all the lava outside. “So, up or down?”

“Up.” Hux stated. There would be no splitting up.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 18 2017, 05:10 PM
The Knight wasn't subtle, wrinkling his nose in dislike. ''And just where do you suggest I keep 'em?'', it wasn't as if they had claimed the caste enough yet to be able to use it's advantages. He changed his mind and just shook his head.
''Never mind, I'll keep 'em off you.'' he said as he left.

Respecting her or not, there was something about her ways that just pissed him off. Maybe that smile. Maybe that voice. Maybe the feeling that if you'd be so thoroughly dumb that you couldn't taste the poison in her, you might aswell hand her a leash.

He didn't even know what he would have expected of the woman, actually. But he couldn't think of something that would actually surprise him there, either.

He guessed the same went for the brother, but.. Maybe he hadn't paid as much attention there.

It wasn't at all his prefered ways, but since the Knight was alone, it might be smart to just be a little big cautious.
Map his prey out,- who were they, how many, what was their spirit like, and what did they carry with them.

Kylo wasn't with them. But the General was. He had no clue what the little blonde thing was supposed to represent. And lastly Troopers, most likely lead by the Chrome version.

He didn't want to get too cocky, but if blasters and stun guns were what they had to offer,- today certainly wouldn't be the day he died. Force, the Knight knew just which one of his companions would have loved this.

That little thing in the blonde's hand.. Looked like something Helios might enjoy toying around with, watching as it opened another door. Leading upstairs.

He placed a hand on the railing,- the other one reached out, waiting for the perfect moment to Force the jaws of the door shut again.

And in a second he'd step up on the railing and jump down from the half-floor to greet the cut off tail of three Troopers.
The black plates of the unmarked armor reflected the red energy as it shot out from both ends of of the double-bladed lightsaber.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 18 2017, 09:09 PM
Stairs. Endless stairs. There was a lift here somewhere, Hux was certain, but right now they had to deal with stairs and Rosalee slowly opening the doors. “I don’t suppose you can just shut it all down here, can you?” Hux asked sarcastically.

“Not from here, but when we get to one of the main console rooms – maybe,” she offered a half-hearted shrug as the field rose up, and they began to walk through it. Just as soon as a few of them were through, however, the field suddenly went back up.

Hux turned around to see three PH Troopers didn’t take out blasters. Blasters were foolish against a Force-sensitive, and the red sabers revealed that. No, they had Z6 riot batons, which they quickly brought into their hands to engage the one with the saber, though none of them rushed at the strange foe.

“Get that door open!” Hux snapped to Rosalee, who moved right back to the pad as Hux examined the one through the red of the energy door, Phasma taking out a vibrosaber. Hux narrowed her eyes. “Shouldn’t you be standing down, Knight?” Hux snapped, assuming it was a Knight just by the lightsaber.

It didn’t cross her mind to think of rogues or siths.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 18 2017, 11:53 PM
The Troopers didn't charge at him, even with the batons in their hands. He didn't know if he should feel pity for them or be suspicious about it, really. The man decided to assume that they were stalling to wait for the energy door he most likely had broken a little would open.

The double-bladed saber spun around in his grip, just to see if one of them reacted as he walked closer. None of them did. So none of them would flee. Good to know.

He didn't react to the title of Knight other than with a laugh, mocking. ''Well aren't we high and mighty here, Princess?'', looking over her.

''If anything, I'd be a fucking king,- since I'm the one holding these Force-forsaken halls now.''
Stalling a bit himself, as he thought out how to handle the three Troopers. ''And I think you've already worn out your welcome.''

-The bearded man charged, immediately finding out just what those batons were for as the lightsaber didn't slice through it.


So it was the arms that were going to come off, then.- Minor change of strategy

Quick movements without a single stop, using both ends equally. The knight kicked a boot high, sending one of the Troopers off, and soon the two remaining were eliminated.

He widened his stance, planting himself on the spot with a better grip of his lightsaber, eyes fixed on the Chrome Trooper behind the red field now.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 19 2017, 12:59 PM


In spite of the situation, the General laughed aloud at his declaration but her concerns of his identity weren't put at ease. "Well, forgive me, Your Grace," her voice was touched with derision. Her hand lifted to her right ear, touched the earpiece to turn it on. Seemed like this visit was going to be short - but they would return. "As you said, these halls are forsaken - I had no idea I was trespassing." Not that she truly intended to stop. Not permanently anyway.

The question was now about stalling and escape, as he cut down the Stormtroopers. Decent skill - Hux could read it, preferring stave to sword as it was. Did she have a stave? Of course not. Too clunky to carry around.

"Be there in a few." Terex heard the sound of the lightsaber. He didn't need to ask any stupid questions.

The red field came down and Rosalee immediately back tracked to be behind the others, but not before activating a field of her own, throwing it up to stick on the ceiling. It wouldn't keep him out, but it spread a translucent blue shimmer over the area, and 90 meters around, starting at the door. Another theoretical toy that Rosalee wished they didn't have to test in a real situation, based on Clone War tech. Taking the Containment Field, and enlarging its scope, to hinder Force Sensitives. Rosalee wasn't stupid enough to go to Mustafar without thinking of Force Sensitives.

Especially if Snoke was possibly behind it all.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 19 2017, 05:06 PM
The man had obviously been ready to charge as soon as the red field went down, but stopped as it was replaced by something else.

Rethinking quickly.- He was not to kill the General, and the blonde little thing was too much of a risk in the back when it came to making sure General Hux would not die.

It was not Reaver's pleasure to take her life.

That meant that he couldn't collapse the fucking ceiling either then, so the field would have to remain.

A rapid swat with double-blade to test the field resulted in that the offered end retracted with a harsh crackle.

He deactivated it and switched it with another blade at the same time that he backed off. A grand Sith design for anyone who knew what to look for, but so much would have been made clear anyway as he mustered all his powers from the Dark side of the Force, knowing he couldn't call on it once he passed the field.

The vibroblade didn't bother him right away. It would require a bit of trashing from it before his armor would be questioned.

And so he got his charge once he had stepped back to ready his sprint. He jumped to the side in the last second to kick off from the door vault, wanting to make absolutely sure that yes- the impact of his boots on that Chrome chest did knock her off her own. But Force-fueled strenght or not, he didn't know how much she felt under that armor.

Nor did he really care, he immediately engaged the two Troopers, not intending to show them any sort of mercy.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 19 2017, 09:11 PM
The lightsaber diminished when it was tested through the field, and it faded. Hux smiled, and glanced back to Rosalee, who offered a quick, hesitant, thumb’s up. The field worked. However, it seemed this King was smart enough to bring another blade with him. Pity.

‘Just a few minutes and Terex will be here.’ They had to stall.

The man ran and lunged, and Rosalee moved quickly, though Phasma braced. Hux stepped aside, and somehow, the Chrome woman remained standing. Part physical endurance, part armor, but the knees had to bend with the impact. She wasn’t able to retaliate immediately. The King had moved on to the two troopers who had similar riot batons.

Hux shifted for her blaster, much as Rosalee did, while one of the troopers attempted to guard the assault from the King, and the other tried to move away.

Rosalee was first to fire, quicker on the draw than Hux, and aimed right for the head. Unlike the King, the General’s party had no problems killing their opposition. Information wasn’t as important as getting rid of their opponents. They would have killed Snoke if he were there, after all.

Phasma would pull herself together then, and rush forward to engage the King with her own vibrosaber, but her plan was to first try and destroy the weapon the King had. She knew good armor when she saw it – it would be a lot easier to just get rid of his weapon first, and then deal with him. So she cut to destroy it instead.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 19 2017, 11:48 PM
Even if he had denied the title for the moment,- the General certainly hadn't been wrong. Had life not taken him elsewere, to become a Knight of Ren, he would have become a Sith Knight a long time ago, and knew many of their skills.

The one in Chrome was ready to fight faster than he had expected, about to answer her challenge when he felt one of the blasters shoot close enough to leave a ringing in his ear.

It gave him an idea as well as tell him that it was time to change tactics.- He had to get this field away. He grabbed the Trooper infront of him and quickly switched places, using him like a living shield before he claimed the blaster, shooting the first Trooper, then shooting repeatedly at his target in the ceiling until it shattered.

Force, he could breathe again.

The Trooper however, couldn't. He threw the body towards the Chrome one to hopefully win a second to pull out his lightsaber again. One side refused to function,- but with the boost he got from the Force he could do without it.

He didn't react to the couple of shots that actually hit him. Hit his armor- he only cared about his head, and the Chrome Trooper he now clashed with, both sword and saber. Skilled fuck, but she would die like her soldiers.

Attempting to constantly keep her between the blasters and their target. Quick movements and heavy blows,- and when the actual blade inevitably broke,- he hurled the remains towards one of the other women before resorting to his crippled saber.

-There was always one power he could resort to if it had to come to that, but risking his own life with it hadn't proven worth it yet.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 20 2017, 08:30 AM
Rosalee winced as the device was destroyed. She didn’t have a second one with her. But, that did convince her that she needed to add a shielding device to the next one she had created, to make sure it wasn’t so easy to destroy. For some reason, she thought it sticking to a ceiling would be enough, even if she knew plenty of crackshots.

Phasma didn’t show much mercy to the Trooper thrown at her, batting it aside before it could disturb her stance.

She noted the way the blaster shots didn’t seem to perturb him. His armor took the hits and seemed to send nothing back to him – not even from Hux’s own modified blaster. She heard the General click her tongue on the roof of her mouth in annoyance, before putting it away. Then, Phasma blocked the first assault, and heard the hum of another vibrosaber. She didn’t tear her vision away from the King.

Rosalee’s shots slowed, trying to be more precise to not hit Phasma, nor Hux as the General moved around them quickly, letting Phasma steal all the attention.

When the blade broke, the only one to throw the remains at was Rosalee, and she let out an annoyed, “Hey!” As she ducked and moved her arms before her, feeling the collision of a few pieces. Nothing serious.

Hux cut at the back of the man’s head then, while he was switching weapons, and Phasma immediately tried to cut his saber’s hilt in two before it would light up, still wanting just to cripple his weapons first.

Elsewhere, finally in the atmosphere, the Carrion Spike got a lock on Hux’s location from the earbud. He had figured out where it was, and now had to decide if he just wanted to destroy the walls, or try and alert Hux to get outside.

Destroying the walls sounded really tempting from the sounds of the fight he could hear.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 20 2017, 11:08 AM
The man felt the presence of the General, but the Chrome one wouldn't allow him a chance to turn around. Barely dodge the cut from his back as he felt a sharp pain cross the skin of his neck.

-A sharp grunt of pain as he had switched hold of the hilt at the wrong moment, feeling the first vibroblade cut through the gauntlet.

He dodged and leapt past the soldier and over to the wall, raising a lesser shield to gain a second. The eyes burned yellow as he pulled on the Force further. Feeling how the sensation of pain lowered significantly, even if he could still feel blood both run down his neck and the warmth filling the gauntlet slowly.

His second passed. Lowering his shield as he set off again to make a distance. Immediately reaching the wounded hand out towards the General's direction. He knew that he probably shouldn't risk it- but he didn't hesitate to get a Force choke hold on her, investing all his spirits in it.

The crippled Lightsaber pointed towards the two other women to try and keep them at bay,

''You three get one chance to retreat before I take this fucking place down with me!'' he growled, teeth flashing in anger. No joking in those yellow eyes.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 20 2017, 01:38 PM
The General was pleased with the success of her blow and Phasma's own strike. She meant to press the advantage. However he managed to move around Phasma and escape before another cutting blow could reach him. A shield rose just as Hux took a step to close the distance - so she waited a beat. Let him recover.

As soon as the shield lowered, Hux sprinted after him. It was to no avail - she was stopped just as suddenly by the ever accursed Force. The grip around her throat didn't let her move forward. The vibroblade dropped as her hands thought to reach for her neck as if she could pull it away, before sense returned.

"LET HER GO!" Phasma roared as Hux pulled for the blaster. Black spots danced in her vision but she didn't care.

Terms of retreat were offered. "All ri-," Phasma started to agree. Only to have a wall blown open by the Carrion Spike. Terex had enough when he heard Phasma's shout.

And retreat wasn't on Hux's mind. With her free hand she gestured to Terex, and he fired at the Force Sensitive even as Rosalee ran for the ship and Phasma moved closer to Hux.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 20 2017, 03:07 PM
The yellow eyes watched every movement of the three close. Noting the blaster.

He made himself ready to drop the General and rid of her weapon as soon as he would let her go,- which he had just aimed to do,- before his senses reacted right before the blow came and tore down the wall.

'Fuck this.'

Reaver gestured with his arm in a sharp swipe to make sure the General wasn't let go off comfortably, hopefully throwing her aside but he didn't care twice to look before he set off in the same direction as the girl.

Feeling ice cold relief the few times he barely dodged on time.

His goal wasn't the girl though, even if he threw his one-sided saber after her.

No his goal was to get that fucking.. Pointy thing of a ship away from the castle itself.
And to do so he used every loose rock big enough to do something good to his advantage.

Every Lava or bedrock he could hurl and throw with the Force without having to seize movement.- Having no interest in the women left other than to make sure to avoid them now.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 20 2017, 09:47 PM

Hux hit the ground, hard, far from where she had been held. A hand lifted to her throat to try and get the feeling back into it as she gasped air, only to feel Phasma grab her to pull her back to her feet. Faster than she was prepared for. The rush of the rise caused her to stumble into Phasma, the black dots in her vision multiplying. She didn’t black out, though.

She managed to steady herself.

Then her eyes lifted as she heard Rosalee cry out, feeling the cut of the saber along her side. She dropped, and Hux pushed Phasma away, “I’m fine,” her throat hurt, but that would pass. Rosalee wouldn’t be. She didn’t have much endurance. Couldn’t take hits nearly as well – she tried to avoid fights and talk her way out of them, after all. She was fragile.

Terex could take care of himself.

The Carrion Spike had plenty of shields, and they were on. The blows of the rocks glanced off of it, and Terex swung the ship around, up, and in moments it would shimmer and then fade from sight, the stealth activated.

“I can swing around again.” Terex’s voice in her ear.

“You’d collapse it on us,” she commented, “Just hold, for now.” As Phasma took up Rosalee. Hux did consider having Terex come back around to destroy this King. She still did not want to retreat. However, she held her ground. Terex did not swing back. Phasma had Rosalee back on her feet.

She spoke to the King. “You walk away, and we’ll go our way as well.”

This wasn’t over. Not by a longshot.

But at least now she had some idea of what was here, and she did not believe he was alone. He didn’t seem the type who could get Mustafar working again.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 20 2017, 10:59 PM
The man could still feel the ship. Feel the huge disturbance in the air, but considering the odd shape of the ship, he couldn't narrow it down enough to care to waste energy on it.

The smoking rock dropped back down on the ground as he backed. Having a quick look-around to get an idea of the situation on the ground.

He had hit the Blonde one with the saber, and the hilt laid burned out. Shame.
The one in Chrome and the General didn't seem eager to clash again, so the man did nothing but keep the distance between them.
Still walking, moving because of the ship.

Reaver huffed, flashing teeth light, but agreed. On his own terms.

''I'm gonna fucking watch you leave first, Princess.'' he'd growl, obviously not trusting her.

Making further distance from them before he called up a barrier, putting his Force into it's strength as he finally seized movement. His yellow eyes pinned to the women.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 20 2017, 11:24 PM
The King kept distance, but didn’t disappear. Didn’t agree to walk away. Hux clenched her jaw and considered calling Terex back. Even heard him say, “Just say when.” However, that was not what Hux was here for. She had been here to find out what was going on. If she was here to take it over, she would have brought more troopers.

“It’s General,” Hux snapped.

She managed not to add a threat. He’d see soon enough when this place was swarming with First Order ships and First Order Stormtroopers. The Jedi had fallen to superior numbers. So would this single, foolish ‘king’.

She glanced to Phasma, and gave a nod. With her arm around Rosalee, Phasma started to walk back towards the ship, and Hux moved to follow only when it seemed the distance she created was sufficient. The blaster had remained in her hand, and she kept it there, even if she knew damn well some Force sensitives could stop a blaster bolt. She hadn’t seen this ‘king’ do it, so perhaps he wasn’t powerful enough.

She kept an eye on the barrier. It might be to protect this king, but it also indicated his position as static. She didn’t actually want him to follow back to the ship.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 20 2017, 11:59 PM
Another huff came from him as the General had to correct him. Convincing himself that just shutting up would make them leave faster, so he did.

The eyes kept locked as he watched them. Very carefully letting his hold of the Force go. Once he was pleased with what he saw, he let the barrier drop, a cautious and slow retreat back through the hole in the wall.

When they were out of eachother's sight, he quickly paced up his steps. He pulled the right gauntlet off and threw it aside somewhere on the way, swatting his hand to get some blood away as he took a closer look on it.

Seeing the muscles and the tendons twitch in the wide gash as he tried to move his hand. Didn't work, but what was the point of moping over that?

He decided to simply 'walk it off'.

His other gauntlet was thrown aside somewhere along another corridor to check the wound at the back of his neck. Nasty, but not nearly as bad.

Reaver's mood was far from happy. If either of the siblings would say one word about the result of the battle he-... Would have to solve it in a non-violent fucking way.

Now, he had to warn the Supreme Leader that Hux had paid a visit.

His undamaged hand reached out to Force push the doors open so he wouldn't have to slow down. ''They're gonna come back,'' he growled the moment he walked in to the room.
''We'll need some fucking support.''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 21 2017, 12:38 AM
The King did not follow. The group was able to make it back to their ship, and once inside, Hux brought up the radio to reach out to Terex as Rosalee began to bring them up, trying not to whimper at her injury. “Soooo, should I just call the entire fleet here, or not?” Terex asked once the radio connection was established.

“No.” Hux stated. “We have some prototype probe droids to test. I want those sent out to watch. This place will be reinforced.”

“Are you sure he was with the Knights?”

“Yes.” Hux and Rosalee said it in unison.

Hux continued, “But this will bring reinforcements. And then we’ll have an idea of what Snoke has. Once the forces stabilize here, we’ll know what to send to destroy all of them.”

“He might have the information from Mustafar by then,” Terex argued.

“Yes,” Hux agreed, “he might have them now,” they didn’t know how far Snoke had gotten. “But the Empire never put them into use, so I doubt there are any finished designs. Snoke will have to finish them.” They had time. Hux could work with that. Designs took a while. Then the process of acquiring the materials…

By then, Hux would have a good idea of what Snoke had, and so would the Resistance. ‘And by then, maybe the New Republic.’ Either way, this certainly needed to be reported to Damotra, and Ben, to see if they might know who this was.

Damotra was probably first on that list. Ben didn’t like to discuss anything relating to Snoke. “Let’s get back to the Finalizer. Rosalee needs medical attention.”

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 21 2017, 05:20 AM
The day this far had been extremely boring without the right sort of company.

No Terex. No Hux or even Phasma to get to know better. And Mitaka wasn't fun to bother today, he must have spent barely more than half an hour with the small man.- Sharing life stories.
Well, perhaps it was only Damotra that had shared. And perhaps they weren't really true, either.

Loneliness-... Was not something appreciated at all when he wasn't home. Home, he loved it.

Elsewhere, it could even make him.. Insecure. Perhaps that was why he had decided to leave the Lieutenant, before he had had a chance to pick up on it.

Not even the greenery could entertain him long, just help him regenerate. So soon he returned to the only place that was his own here.

The ship did feel like a miniature home, separated in three parts by hanging fabrics. Everything went in matching deep dark colors and gold, like home.

Void he needed some wine, never mind the glass. And writing material- might aswell do something useful.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 21 2017, 02:49 PM
The ships of Terex and Rosalee soon found their way back to the Finalizer, and there docked. Terex’s docked in a different hangar – the Carrion Spike was too large to go to the same one as Rosalee, but Hux wanted to be near to Damotra when she got off the ship, and so she was. Or, well, she hoped Damotra would be in his ship, otherwise looking for him was going to be a pain.

Phasma took Rosalee along with her to seek medical treatment, and though Phasma tried to insist that Hux should get looked as well after being choked by the Force, she denied it. Yes, her throat was red and hurt, and she probably had some bruises from the thrown, but nothing significant. She’d dealt with far worse, after all.

So the General moved on to Damotra’s ship, and knocked upon the door, before stepping back. “Damotra?” She would wait a few seconds. If he did not answer, she’d have to go and figure out where he was on her ship.

Or rather, ask Terex where he was on her ship.

Terex was always able to find him, it seemed. Those two had grown rather close, rather fast. Not that Hux was arguing. It was good for her to have her spy close to the Knight of Ren.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 21 2017, 05:51 PM
It had been long enough for a proper pile to build up on the table with both crumbled papers and filled sheets. A few of them included obscure sketches, but most were covered in letters far different from Basic.

The man didn't pay attention to the knock since he didn't react to it in an interested way,- but hearing his name and who's voice it was, he chose to aknowledge it.
Placing his current sheet of paper upside down over the others as he got up from the sofa.

He didn't want to open the doors to the screaming lights and colorless outside now that he had gotten used to the dark and deep colors in here.
The warmth. Familiar scent of incenses.

It suddenly felt like such an extreme inconvenience to have to face the cold metal.

So as he opened, he stepped right aside to invite her inside. ''Ah General Hux, back so soon? I take it you didn't find anything interesting.'', gesturing towards the fabric leading into the parlor he had just left.

He was pretty certain that she had, however. Why else would she come here right away? It just sounded nicer. ''Would you like some wine?''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 21 2017, 06:21 PM
The General heard the steps, and the door opened for her, Damotra motioning her in. With a nod, she consented, and moved up the ramp and into the dimly lit ship. She had to blink her eyes a couple of times to adjust to the lighting, something of a shock to her system compared to the ship and the fires of Mustafar.

“Unfortunately it was not as empty as I had hoped,” the General answered as she entered. She shook her head at the comment about wine, “No, thank you,” she had regained some of herself since returning to the Finalizer, from when she first met Damotra. “It’s too early for me,” she wouldn’t say ‘for wine’.

Let Damotra drink as he’d like.

She walked into the parlor, “If you have anything without alcohol, I would take it,” she noted, as she took a seat in the parlor. She would let Damotra get comfortable. Then she would bring up the stranger she met at Mustafar to see if he would recognize the description and know what they were dealing with. She wasn’t sure how well he knew the other Knights.

There were still plenty of mysteries about the Knights of Ren.

Too many, really.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 21 2017, 07:22 PM
Damotra was happy to close after her, feeling how his focus got contained within the ship again. He seemed to have surprisingly little of it for the moment.

''Is that... Better than nothing?'' he asked.

So that was why she was here. He hadn't done anything bad when it came to Mustafar, had he?

After a second of consideration he decided that no, he had not done anything wrong that affected Mustafar.

Honestly he didn't know that planet half as well as he would like, but if there was an opportunity to do just that, he wouldn't hesitate to offer himself.

So she obviously wanted some sort of help. Very well, it could be interesting. Hopefully.

He did have alot of other things to drink than wine. Without alcohol? Not as much.
''Well, I've got Coffee, Tea..- Ah, I do have Plenty of Ice Tea if you'd prefer something cold after your trip?'' the man asked as he walked towards where he kept most of his drinks, silver eyes glancing back at her.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 21 2017, 09:15 PM
“I’m not dead, so we’ll go with that, yes,” Hux answered Damotra’s query with a touch of a smirk on her lips, then nodded, “Iced tea, please,” that would be much better than anything hot right then. Mustafar had been far too hot and she’d hardly had the time to chill, literally, since then. The travel back here had been swift.

“We met an interesting individual on Mustafar. He called himself a King,” smirked, “when I accused him of being a Knight.” She still thought he was, but she intended to find out from Damotra, “I wanted to see if you might know him. He wielded a double-bladed red lightsaber, had yellow eyes, and quite an extraordinary beard – black, but graying.”

She would lean back in the chair, watching the expressions of Damotra, his body language, to see if it gave anything away that his words wouldn’t. “Does that sound familiar at all?” She wasn’t sure if she wanted it to, or not. Determined she did – she wanted to deal with Snoke. She didn’t need to discover another annoying enemy.

She’d rather keep it all with Snoke. Deal with Snoke’s allies, and no one else. She was going to have enough trouble dealing with the New Republic. She didn’t need the complication of a Random Force Sensitive in the mix – especially not an arrogant one who called himself ‘King’.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 21 2017, 10:18 PM
The man shrugged his shoulders as if that was a completely normal reasoning. It was good reasoning, however. She was, after all, not dead.

''Mhm~'', aiming for the fridge instead. Another one of things hidden behind fabric. Certain she would be pleased with it as he poured her a glass- it was the kind of cold that almost hurt drinking at first.

A king at the castle. He loved bad humor.

''Here you go,'' he said, reaching her the glass before he sat down in the sofa, now able to show her the attention he was paying.

Damotra tilted his head a bit as if he was thinking about it. Though he couldn't help but to chuckle by the question he got. ''I.. Am afraid it sounds a little too familiar,'' he said. ''A sith,- I assume,- with a red Force weapon... Narrow that down to humans,'' otherwise she would have pointed it out,

''And narrow that down to individuals with black hair.. Even Graying.. That still results in alot of Sith, I believe.'' he said. And facial hair on a man was rather common. Damotra knew quite a few faces with extraordinary beards.

''Say, did you notice if he was trained as something? There are various.. Ranks, as you may know. Sith Warriors, Sith Knights.. Sith Lords and Masters, to mention very few of them. The Force Power varies and so does the techniques.''.

The silver eyes glanced over her after a seconds silence. ''Or you could simply.. Let me see him?'', just a suggestion. ''Or have you had enough of Force treatment for today?'', eyes batting down to her throat.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 21 2017, 10:27 PM
The tea did hurt going down, once Hux brought it to her lips and swallowed, but she ignored that pain and enjoyed the flavor of it for another sip, before moving it away from her lips to listen to what Damotra had to say about the ‘King’.

It wasn’t that satisfying. It seemed Damotra knew…a few too many that bore those talents. So the Sith weren’t gone, then. She let out a frustrated sigh as it seemed she wasn’t going to get very far with this, before Damotra suggested having a ‘look’. Her blue eyes narrowed into a glare, that hardened a bit as he seemed to recognize one talent used on her.

A light flush to her cheeks, as well. Embarrassed that it was so obvious. She tried to straighten the collar of her shirt, as if that might hide it. Her eyes averted. “I don’t know your training styles or ranks,” she informed him, “I know that he did utilize the skill to choke, but he didn’t seem to use lightning or anything…extraordinary,” not in her opinion, “He could increase his physical capabilities, but other than that, his skills seemed more along the lines of picking things and grabbing things – he tried to destroy Terex’s ship with boulders.”

Hadn’t worked, “But I assume that’s a rather…basic skill, isn’t it?” She avoided Damotra’s request to be shown. That did seem to be a thing that hurt quite substantially when it was successful, but besides the pain, Hux was not a fan of letting a Knight sift through her mind. Force only knew what he might try to find once he had the access….

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 21 2017, 11:27 PM
The silver eyes went back up to meet hers as she obviously didn't want to show the red cross her skin

Listening to her,- and tried to keep a straight face as he heard about the ship. The image was.. Entertaining. Even if he doubted Terex thought so.
Well, had the ship been in such a bad state he would surely have heard it crash into the Finalizer or blow up by now, so, couldn't be bad enough for it to be inappropriate to find it just a little amusing..?

He shrugged his shoulders light after keeping his snicker inside. ''Well it does say a little, perhaps. He's obviously more towards the strength and damage sort of direction. Boulders. Plural, I don't think I ever could.''

''But yes, it is rather.. Basic. Some prefer to master those skills rather than spread out.''.
Damotra watched her for a second. Feeling the energy shift lightly.

''..It wouldn't be close to as bad as if it had been against your will, you know.'', wondering if she had ever gotten that forced upon her before.

''I wouldn't have to be abusive. Weaken you. Wouldn't have to dig and tear for what I was looking for. Fight to get it.'', trying to sound as sincere as he could.
''You know that is true.- All you would do would be allowing me to take that one small part. Wouldn't even be a minute.''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 21 2017, 11:49 PM
Damotra wasn’t the best at keeping a straight face, but the General appreciated it. It was a touch of honesty, even if his responses might not be appropriate. Tact was for politics. This wasn’t…politics. This was information gathering, and every reaction of Damotra was its own bit of information.

‘Well, at least I knew that was basic stuff.’ What little she knew of the Force. Physical things like that she just…imagined were easier.

The way changing one’s body was easier than changing one’s mind.

Th subject returned to the mind though. She hadn’t ever had it truly forced on her. She had felt Snoke’s grazing touch, but he never got further than that before everything closed up. The General had an idea of how to close her mind, but she hadn’t really tried to open it for anyone. She wasn’t sure exactly how that worked, wasn’t really keen on finding out.

Damotra’s language didn’t make it much better. “And how exactly do I know you won’t try to find anything else in my mind? We haven’t known each other very long, Damotra, and what I understand is that Terex seems to think you’re a man similar to him.” Which, if it were Terex, he’d probably take advantage to at least snatch one more piece of information before Hux figured out what he was doing.

Of course then she’d shoot him.

Shooting Damotra wasn’t the best of ideas, though.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 22 2017, 01:00 AM
Damotra looked over her, he could tell very obviously that it wasn't an idea she liked.

Already by her first words he already knew what to reply.- She went on, however.

He had learned to control and change alot of his reactions. And reactions in his body. Even reactions in his eyes. He thought the 'window to your soul'-thing was complete nonsense, even if that only went for his own.

He was very skilled with faking emotions with them. Stop emotions in them. The first one was a gift, as for the second one,- it had required alot of practice. He could do it with familiar emotions.

-Terex, however, did not bring only familiar emotions out. And certainly not in a context like that.

He tried to shake it off. Shaking his head lightly along with it. ''You're too smart, I am not even going to pretend there's a way I could assure you I wouldn't.'' He said, straight and honest.

''You're not restrained, however. I could offer to sit close enough for you to literally punch the focus out of me if you'd notice something amiss.

''Perhaps I wouldn't even need to search at all if you would purely focus on that memory. I honestly do not know how easy things could be if a Force sensitive and a non-sensitive would co-operate with the Force.''

''Is that.. Not information you would see as beneficial aswell?'' Damotra asked. About it all, not just this one suggested time.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 22 2017, 01:21 AM
At least Damotra admitted he would probably look elsewhere. The assurance he offered wasn’t terribly comforting. Punch him in the face? Certainly…she wasn’t restrained, but she knew too well the Force could fix that. Ben had taught her that lesson, and the recent visit with this King didn’t make her keener to find out if Damotra could do the same.

She took her blaster out of its holster, held it up, and shifted the focus of it from ‘fatal’ to ‘non-fatal’. “I have a better idea. If I do sense anything amiss, I’ll stun you.” She put the blaster calmly back in her lap, didn’t put the finger anywhere near the trigger. She didn’t want to be trigger happy.

Pain she could endure. She didn’t want to shoot Damotra just for that. Only if she sensed him going off track.

“If you’re willing to deal with that…then you can try,” she stated, trying to relax her mental guards and focus on the image of the King from Mustafar. It occurred to her briefly that she could have thrown Terex into this situation – he saw the King. But then, that would compromise too much other information, wouldn’t it?

Potentially. Terex might know what it felt like enough to know when someone was browsing his thoughts, nor how to put up guards.

It was at least the one thing Hux could defend a bit against.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 22 2017, 12:41 PM
The silver eyes went from her own eyes to her hand, watching her take out her blaster.

Any trace of the friendly smile disappeared and was replaced by an expression of dislike instead. ''.. Ah.''.

Damotra was not fond of blasters, no matter what mode. It made him hesitate, considering the possibility of her being the one not playing by the rules.

Had he done anything she would want to shoot him for? He hoped not. He really didn't think so.
''...Very well, if that is what you would feel most comfortable with.'', he gave in.

Atleast he believed himself when he decided that this time he would certainly play nice.

He moved to the closer side of the sofa, eyes batting down at the blaster again for a moment before he looked back up.
''Just remember, you cannot imagine him. His face. I need an actual thought, a memory. If not- I would need to look for it.'' Damotra decided to point out. To eliminate misunderstandings.

''So do I have your consent?'', hopefully it wouldn't be worse than a minutes migraine.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 22 2017, 01:16 PM
Hux was pleased to see all the humor leave Damotra’s face. Now he understood how serious the General was about keeping her thoughts to herself. A blaster was far more effective than a punch to the face, after all. She waited in the seconds for his agreement, to see how serious he was about helping, or if he was just looking for an excuse to pry.

Fortunately, it seemed, he was willing to accept these terms. The General thus relaxed her posture a bit, though her hand remained over the blaster. She nodded as she understood the instructions, and let her mind return to the fight at Mustafar, replaying it in her head and trying to keep the focus on scenes when she had been focusing on the ‘King’.

“You have my consent.” The General stated, taking a deep breath to try and prepare herself for it. Even if it wouldn’t hurt as much if she lowered her guards, she still couldn’t imagine it wouldn’t be completely lacking in the pain department, if only because it was a new experience.

She wanted this done with quickly, to know if Damotra was familiar with this individual or not. Needed to know if they were a Knight, or some new ‘other’ to be disposed of.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 22 2017, 02:36 PM
Damotra nodded as she agreed. He hoped that this wouldn't turn out in a bad way, for either of them obviously- since it would go out over him none the less.

''Very well then, let us have it done,'' he said, and moved closer, waiting for her to take a moment to prepare- before he would raise his hand towards her. Picking the moment she seemed most relaxed with it all.
There was no point of 'warning' her, it would only bother her focus.

He had never done this in a friendly way before. He was used to simply breaking right through. Used to going through just about anything he would find, with or without a target. And honestly- he loved doing so as violently as he could.

It did work, however. He hadn't needed to go further or dig for more. He did push a bit only to expand the memory of this King. But as soon as this,- to her,- stranger had let down his barrier to actually retreat, he cut it off.
Let her go.

That had been... Very easy. He had met weak minds plenty of times, their panic often put their mind on a frenzy. A willing mind was even easier than a weak one.

''-Is all still well?'' he asked, more curious than concerned.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 22 2017, 03:41 PM
The General knew what Damotra saw. Felt his eyes on the same memory, felt him adjust the pace to witness all of it. She did clench her jaw, clenched her empty hand, but didn’t lift the blaster to fire it at Damotra. He went no further than the memory itself, dug for nothing else, and Hux let out a sigh when it all ended.

The guards lifted back into place and the General shook in her head, not as an answer to Damotra’s question. Just to clear it.

“Yes, all is well,” she told him, fixing her gaze back on him. “Thank you for going no further.” He’d honor his word. Sure, under threat…but honored all the same. He could have decided a blaster shot was worth a bit of peeking around, after all. He would have survived it.

She lifted the tea back to her lips and finished it off then, pleased it was still so dreadfully cold. It was a good shock right then. “Do you know the man from the memory?” She asked him then, hoping that he did. Hoping this wasn’t all for naught.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 22 2017, 04:39 PM
The man nodded, appreciating her answer. It didn't seem like she was simply sucking it up, same as he could see that it hadn't been completely trouble-free either.

''Other than your pesonal dislike, it wasn't very bad, was it..?''- though he had to remind himself that sadly, this wasn't for educational purpose.
So he guessed that question would have to satisfy him for now.

He did smile, ''Ofcourse. 'Twas highly unlikely I would have changed my mind and decided to violate yours either way,'' Atleast not this time. ''But I really, really do not enjoy getting shot. Not even set to 'stun'. So, clever choice.'' Damotra snickered.

The smile lingered vague, a seconds silence. He obviously had an answer, he just wasn't too happy with it.

''I'm afraid I do rather well, actually. 'Used to be intimate with his brother when I was rather young, he's been a bit of a mentor to me since. He's the one that introduced me to the Sith way of living.''.

That man had been one of the top three that came to his mind from the descriptions. Perhaps he had simply hoped it would have been one of the other two.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 22 2017, 04:59 PM
Hux just let out an annoyed sigh at Damotra’s inquiry. She couldn’t get around her personal dislike of anyone looking into her mind, so if course it was terrible. “No, Damotra, so far as physical pain went, it was not so bad. Everything else was terrible.”

The only good thing was that it hadn’t been in vain. And now she knew Damotra truly hated getting shot, as well. Something to keep in mind if it ever came to it – although she really hoped Damotra wouldn’t shift sides on her and become a foe.

Hux had to smile at how Damotra confessed to his affair with this man’s brother. That he was his mentor. “A pity, then,” Hux said, “Is he a Knight of Ren, or just some wondering Sith?” More to the point, “And would you be able to speak with him to grant me permission to examine Mustafar?”

Or was he going to be a royal pain and not be easily moved?

Hux hoped it would be easy enough to talk to him. Let him know his Commander was more or less an ally with her, and clear up this misunderstanding so that they could take a look at Mustafar. She didn’t believe it would be that easy, but she could hope.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 22 2017, 05:42 PM
Damotra couldn't help but to wonder just why Hux seemed to have such an issue with that skill. If she had actually been abused by it, or if it was for the reason that she simply carried alot of secrets.

Possibly both. But he guessed he should be easy around that, not try to stick his nose into something she so obviously tried to make sure no one actually could stick their nose into as they pleased.

The man leaned back against the sofa, chuckling light. ''A pity indeed..''.
He thought about his answers as she asked the questions. Honestly he didn't know at all how far he trusted this woman. He did have a little extra room for 'trusting' when it came to people he liked, but she was very close to the edge of that right now.

She did have a.. Sort of relationship with the Commander. And Damotra did trust Ben's side of that affection, even if he hadn't seen him since that day.
It was about what he actually had seen that day. How the young man had behaved and what emotions he had carried.- So the answer was already clear on one thing; Ben would tell her if Reaver was a Knight or not.

So he might aswell take the honor of that himself.

''He is indeed a Knight.'' Damotra answered then, casually.

''As for the rest... I-..'', biting his lip light, he wasn't usually the man that hesitated in this way when he was actually speaking.

''... This-.. This is the man that taught me-.. Alot. Survival, being one of the things.'' Damotra explained a bit hesitant.
''I believe I hold something familiar to love for him, and I'd like to believe he does the same, but.... There is no doubt in me that that man would take my life without a second thought if he felt that I threathened his. 'Tis the sort of survival I was taught.'' he confessed.

''I would be able to speak to him, yes. I am one of the very few there would be even a chance of him listening to, but... Surely you can see why I hesitate. Like you said, we haven't known each other for a long time.''

''For all I know you could simply be hoping I'm royally stupid.''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 22 2017, 06:18 PM
A Knight. As Hux suspected. Well, at least now she knew Snoke was operating in Mustafar, so that much was certain. Shame she didn’t have any more planet-destroying weapons. ‘You aren’t supposed to have anymore planet destroying weapons.’ Didn’t mean she didn’t want them. It would be so useful right now. Just blow it up. She’d like to see a Force-sensitive stop that.

“I may hope for you to be stupid as I may hope for Snoke to come out into the open – both vain and foolish hopes. I know you aren’t,” Hux told Damotra straight. “All I hope is that this Knight would get out of my way. I would not wish for you to harm him if he is dear to you, I’d prefer it to end amicably.”

The implication was that Hux didn’t suspect it would.

She had a feeling that Damotra imagined the same. “I will see what’s on Mustafar, with him alive or with him dead. If you believe you can talk to him, and get him to back down, I leave you to it,” Hux gestured, “If you simply want to end our alliance to save him, you know the way out as well. If you wish to stand aside, that choice is also open to you.”

A moment, then, “What is his name? I do plan to inform Ben of this. It would be easier to tell him the name of the Knight at Mustafar.” To get his opinion on the situation as well. To figure out what he knew and what he thought was possible with this man that Damotra was so fond of.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 22 2017, 07:05 PM
He appreciated hearing that Hux tell him that that was not the case. Hoping and knowing were two diffeent things, and he was glad to hear that her knowledge was correct about him.

The thought of this ending peacefully was.... Uncertain. He, for once, had absolutely no idea or even a guess on how it might turn out.

Damotra couldn't help but to snicker, though. The idea of switching sides did not go well together with his hope of survival. He felt as if Hux could not call him out for a traitor, considering that he had behaved well, so, this was a rather good side, after all.

''I confess that I have no idea in this moment of what I might decide to do, but ending our alliance to save this man, or even join him, is not exactly on the table.'', it was his truth but he couldn't demand she believed it.

''And you can call him Reaver.'' He said simple.

''May I ask, what brought you to me first instead of-..-Ben?'', surely he deserved questions of his own.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 22 2017, 07:14 PM
It wasn’t good to know that Damotra was rather undecided as to his allegiances, but at least he did not intend to go running off and join this Reaver anytime soon. “Good. I wouldn’t want it to end so soon,” nor so simply. She’d understand it, of course. Well…no, not really. There wasn’t a person in the world she’d betray the Order for. Not even Ben.

But perhaps if she made Reaver an entity like the Order, she’d understand Damotra’s betrayal.

“Yes,” Hux said, when the man before her asked if he might inquire as to why she came to him, before Ben, “Besides the fact that I would have to wait until tonight to speak to Ben, there is also the issue that Ben finds it difficult to speak about anything relating to Snoke.” Which was unfortunate considering Snoke was trying to kill her. “He also keeps secrets relating to his Knights. Generally speaking, I’m not sure how much information Ben would be willing to provide without it feeling like I’m pulling teeth,” she shook her head.

“It seems like it might be…easier to get him to talk if I go to him with information already, like a name. If I tell him with no confusion that I met Reaver Ren, that he attacked me, and that he is on Mustafar, Ben cannot dodge the topic as easily.” Which meant, she could get him to address it, and to decide what needed to be done with his Knight, before Hux returned with her forces to attack.

It gave him a chance to consider intervening on behalf of his Knight, and Hux would not need to be delayed because ‘she didn’t know’ what was going on.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 22 2017, 08:20 PM
''Now see, that is precisely the reason. I have no wish to die 'so soon', either. And in all of this shite, the First Order is what I believe has the biggest chance to be victorious.~ 'Tis why I'm here, to offer my help.''.

Though hearing those words out loud, the smile on his lips slowly faded to non-existing. ''..Huh.''

'Well fuck me sideways'.

The silver eyes narrowed light as he bit the inside of his cheek light.

''-...So I suppose then that I probably should consider your idea of approaching Reaver about this.''

Perhaps he could. Possibly, if he knew he had back-up.

The silver eyes grew curious. He could completely see Ben not wanting to talk about things, that was part of the description on that man. But he had expected Hux to have a far easier time to get things out of Ben than other people did.

''Why is that?'' he asked. ''That he doesn't talk, that is.''

''I didn't expect him to keep that nonsense up with you.'', he really thought Ben would take the chance and actually try to share his idiot demons with someone like her instead of continuing to keep it all behind lock and bars.

He still hadn't apologized for his little trap with the holovid. Nor was he going to now when the two seemed to be intimate, either.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 22 2017, 08:30 PM
“That is your call,” Hux said, as the one before her debated going to see Reaver. He was not First Order – Hux could not order him as she might order Phasma. Tempting as it was, she knew where the First Order ended, and the Knights of Ren were not hers. Never had been, in truth, but that was now clear.

When Damotra asked, now a bit more personal about her relationship with Ben, she shook her head, “I don’t understand everything about him, Damotra. I suspect that Snoke still has a hold over him, and without knowing their relationship…I don’t know what that hold is.” There was still the concern that Ben might end up going back to Snoke.

She didn’t want to believe it, but she did accept it as a possibility. Much as she’d never wanted to believe her father would actually try to usurp her power in the First Order.

But he did.

“We’ll see how well it goes when I bring it up with him, however,” perhaps it would not be as bad this time around. She wasn’t holding out much hope, though.

She shifted forward in her seat, “Is there anything else you’d like to know, Damotra, or shall I leave you in peace?” She inquired then. She did need to inform the Resistance that at least something was going on at Mustafar, and start to work through contingency plans. Probe droids. Better, shielded, probe droids.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 22 2017, 09:21 PM
Damotra was glad to note that she did not seem to urge him into doing something. That side of her was still a nice exchange to what he was used to dealing with. He gave her a nod to aknowledge his option, even if he didn't want to go further into that topic for the moment.

Again, Damotra hadn't seen him since. Well, in person. So he didn't know just how many things he had changed.
He could however think of several reasons to what sort of holds there could be. Several suggestions on the top of his head, even.

His first instinct wasn't to share his thoughts, though.

''I do wish you luck.'' He said, honest, but still had to add to it.

''Are you planning to take this up with him over a call?'', it wasn't much of a question at all, really. Bit more of an implication, really. But he didn't wish to interfere too much.

Who was he kidding, he loved interfering. He just wished to be a bit easy with it for now.
Damotra shook his head, it felt as if he had been personal enough with Hux for one day.

All in due time.

''No, I believe I am pleased if you are.'' he said. And he was sure she had some
airconditioning to enjoy. Surely it was still a relief compared to Mustafar, but he did prefer to have it warm in here.

Or, perhaps there was one more thing.

''..Is Terex's.. Ship,- all right..?''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 22 2017, 09:32 PM
“Thank you – and yes,” Hux did arch an eyebrow at Damotra’s question as to how she’d contact Ben. However, she didn’t ask him about that odd curiosity. If he were anyone besides Damotra, she’d think it an innocent question. However, this was Damotra, and his tone was more implicating than asking.

She rose, though. She had gotten the information that she needed, so it was time to get back to business as usual. “I am pleased enough,” she told him with a smile.

At the mention of the ship, she nodded. “Of course, Damotra. It is the Carrion Spike,” even Hux had pride in it. It had been Grand Moff Tarkin’s ship, once upon a time. It was built to endure quite a bit, and Terex had but that ship through hell and back. He was great at repairing it – treated as if it were his own creation.

But of course, he’d taken it from the grave and restored it.

“Now, why do you want to know how I’m reaching Ben?” She asked, wanting to get that answer before she left. Was Terex spying on her now? She was quite certain she’d finally made it so he couldn’t hack her datapad…but that might need to be looked at. Upgraded.

Terex was a bitch to hide things from.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 22 2017, 10:34 PM
Being pleased enough was good enough. She seemed to be a woman who knew to take what she got and make the best of it.

He snickered, happy with the answer. ''It is a very impressive ship..'' He admitted, this time talking about the actual ship.
He was almost sure he would have been able to sense something amiss if the ship had actually been wrecked. Or perhaps even heard profanity in the distance.

Damotra stood up then to let her out. His own need for interaction had been slightly sated, it would allow him to return to his researching with renewed energy.

The question came back up first, however. Allowing the man to chuckle. ''Hmm,'', wondering what she suspected.

''I simply.. Would imagine it being hard making that man talk about something he doesn't want to in that manner. You won't be able to do the 360 degree circle around him to make sure he can't pretend he doesn't see you.'' he explained casually, as if it was an every day issue.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 22 2017, 10:39 PM
Damotra probably had no idea how impressive, unless he’d listened to Terex’s multiple hour long lecture on the amazing things the ship could do, it’s history, how it got it’s name…everything. If Terex loved anything besides himself, and the Order, it was that damn ship. Possibly Wilhuff Tarkin. Hux hadn’t been able to get a straight answer out of him in regards to his relationship with Tarkin. If there ever was a relationship with Tarkin.

Of course she couldn’t get a straight answer about Rosalee, either.

From Damotra’s answer to the other, though, it sounded like he was trying to give advice, “It isn’t ideal,” Hux admitted, “But I don’t intend to hide the details of Mustafar from Ben,” and she wouldn’t see him for…well, she didn’t know. He was working that out back with the Resistance.

As she stepped off the ship and back into the blissfully cold Finalizer, she thought to add, “Terex is either in the medbay, or at his ship, when you want him,” before she’d leave Damotra to whatever it was he wanted to do with himself.

Hux had more business to tend to.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 23 2017, 12:34 PM
The Force user did decide later that he wanted to seek Terex out.
Even if he was as interested as ever in his studies, he hadn't gotten his portion of Terex today.

The only reason he probably hadn't gone to bother him yet was because he guessed the man had some important things to attend to, and Damotra was not good at sitting quiet by the side.
Or that Terex had possibly been with the girl up in the medbay, saber cuts weren't pleasant at all.

So he'd say farewell to his warmth, the heavy scent of herbs and incenses, and his now awfully appreciated covering carpet. Quick look in the mirror to make sure everything was like he wanted it, before he'd leave to knock on the other man's ship.

It had felt like an obnoxiously slow day. He didn't know if it actually had been, or if it was because he had gotten up with the sun.

Or that he had been tensed and worried even if he repeatedly reminded himself not to be.
It.. Did feel a bit better now, even if he felt sort of stupid.- Ben was aware that he had had a bit of an attitude towards Poe that day.

Though instead of getting himself properly worked up and angry he had pointed out his own temper, and the two men had agreed to just.. Not talk to eachother right then.

The part he felt stupid about was the fact that Poe had ended their last shift with asking Ben if he'd like to borrow his pad again.

At 22:13 the man locked his door for the night. Already being late and rushed, Ben didn't care about switching in to his normal clothes before he'd hit 'call'. Kick off his boots and get up in bed.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 23 2017, 05:39 PM
The day had gone by too fast for Terex to enjoy it. He had gone after Rosalee once they landed to make sure her treatment with the bacta went well. Hux never came in but that was no surprise. The General wouldn't see a medic for slight asphyxiation.

He heard of her meeting with Leia, kept brief to indicate Mustafar was occupied by a Force sensitive. He assumed she said no more to allow Ben the opportunity to provide details. Then the research shifted on the 3rd level. The focus from shields went to Force shields, based off Rosalee's model. Hux wanted actual shields around the device and for the field to expand. She wanted a much larger area to be covered.

Then, apparently, she retreated to a lab of her own to start tearing into a Viper probe droid.

Terex could guess why.

So he and Rosalee eventually retreated to the Spike where she sat, nursing a spiked coffee and toying with her own devices on the floor of the lounge, muttering curses in languages far removed from Basic. Terex didn't disturb her, only went on to mimic research Hux was also doing - the history of the Force.

That was when he heard the knock. Rosalee looked up but before she could ask if she needed to leave, he waved her silent - silly question. She went right back to work and Terex went to open the door for Damotra, offering him a smile at the door, "I knew it'd be you; come in, we have cocktails right now but I can always crack open a bottle of wine."

The 'we' was to let Damotra know there was company before he stepped in.


The Viper probes had found the base on Hoth. They were superior to models before them and could avoid plenty of sensors but they were...bulky. Easily seen by the naked eye. Hux wanted to make it smaller without causing it to lose its range. That was the trick, and she had torn into it to see how it all fit together, only to map it out on her datapad, where she could play with it and experiment with ideas without wasting parts.

Progresses were saved.

Tangents were followed.

She turned up history from the Galactic Civil War on a death cult, following a trail on weakening and hindering the Force, of a world where it was rumored the Emperor wouldn't go. Worth probing. She sent it on to Terex for research.

It was too close to the time Ben was supposed to call to get lost in research. Though, Ben's call would end up late, letting Hux get distracted by droid models again. 'I should go back to my room.' Of course as Hux realized that, Ben called.

She quickly scrapped the current holo-model to answer, finding Ben in what seemed to be a dark jumpsuit. Very Resistance. She couldn't help but let an amused smile grace her lips, "Well, good evening, Rebel. Are you well?" He had been late.

She hoped that neck redness was gone now. She hadn't checked.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 23 2017, 08:21 PM
Damotra recognized Terex's energy very good by now, already smiling, and shining up even more as Terex answered the door with his own smile.

''Ah, have I become so very predictable already?- Thank you,'' he replied as he was offered to come inside. Not that it should have been surprising in any way, one of them always searched the other one out, it seemed.

He noted the 'we', noted the new energy. ''I certainly wouldn't mind a change from wine, I've already had a glass,-'' a bottle, ''-perhaps two.'', what did it matter if he had had it the whole damned day.

The silver eyes wandered over the ship as he followed the man inside. ''Not a crooked thing,- I see your shields are highly efficient against angry men with boulders.'' he teased. Force he didn't want to imagine what a mess his own ship would have been even if it had avoided damage.

Ben took a deep breath to calm everything, before the screen shifted and he got to see the woman.

Feeling a deep relief. He hadn't doubted Hux, he hadn't doubted Phasma. But they couldn't chose their own faith, and everything else, the planet, the company, the reason, everything else felt just.. Bad.

Yes, relieved.

A second of confusion mixed with the eager eyes. Though he caught on quickly.

He shrugged. ''Well I was already late with calling. Didn't want you to need to be worried about me, I mean I could have died over here, too.'' he pointed out casually.
''I could have gotten stabbed by all the weapons I'm not wielding, or crashed with all the ships I'm not flying.'' he joked, but..

''... Agitated. I feel very restless and cynical.'', Ben decided he wouldn't lie.

''And you?''- his voice turned far softer.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 23 2017, 08:58 PM
Terex chuckled a bit, “Not so much that. Your pattern of knocking is familiar. The hour also indicates no one else would come by, except Phasma or General Hux – and Hux is otherwise occupied, while Phasma would nearly break down my door with knocking,” Terex explained as the door of the Carrion Spike behind them, and led the way towards the lounge, where Rosalee was still playing with tech.

She looked up at the new figure. Knew of him, but didn’t know him. She arched an eyebrow at him, glanced at Terex as he motioned Damotra towards a seat, “This is the Grand Moff’s former ship – do you really think Tarkin would have anything but the best?” He had to ask.

“Even if it is several years out-dated,” Rosalee commented.

“It is old, but not outdated,” Terex responded playfully, knowing it was a joke against himself, as well. Old, but not out-dated. “Damotra, the child playing with toys is Rosalee. Rosalee, that’s Damotra, one of the Knights of Ren.”

Rosalee sipped the coffee as Terex went behind the bar of the lounge, “Good to meet you. He’s already told me about you.” As if she hadn’t guessed who this was based on the clothing. “You look a lot like Bail Organa, like he said,” added. “Related?” Bluntly asked. Perhaps she was hoping to throw him off guard with it.

Terex just clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth, but he’d let Damotra address it, as he sat a lightly pinkened beverage in front of Damotra. It was still fizzing, a soda and alcohol concoction with some pureed berries adding that pink hue. One sat on the rim of the fancy glass.

Terex’s own drink looked rather plain in comparison, though it held a deep, blue hue.


While any number of those things could have happened to Ben, Hux could sense the sarcasm of his explanations as to why he was in the unusual get-up. She wasn’t complaining about it. It was just not at all what she expected to see him in. At least his wardrobe was expanding, even if hers remained the same.

Agitated. Restless. Cynical.

That sounded a bit closer to the man she knew.

Hux shut her eyes momentarily when he asked about her, trying to figure the words that were correct, “I’m well, of course,” opened her eyes, “I am…annoyed. The Mustafar mission did not go smoothly. I have to work out new strategies,” against Force-sensitives. It was odd, adjusting to the idea that she did actually have to worry about them.

She always did.

Somehow she just…hadn’t planned as well as she could have. “Reaver Ren was on Mustafar,” she didn’t know how to state it any better than that. Didn’t want to act like she was hiding it, either. “Not happy to see me,” said, as if it were a joke. As if it could all just be a joke.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 24 2017, 06:37 PM
''Perhaps next time I will try to come off as more brutal to catch you by surprise~.''
Damotra rarely cared about ships. The Finalizer was nothing less than impressive, sure, but otherwise? No.

But Terex caught his interest even there.
Very likely because he made it sound interesting, made it sound like a piece of history, an artifact. Not like boys and their podracing and their head stuck up their arses that can't get over how 'fast it goes'.

Damotra noted the company on the floor as she spoke,- she looked like a sweet little thing. The energy around her, however, insisted she was more interesting than that.

He gave the other man a smile as he took the seat, and offered her a smile aswell. ''Ah, it is good to meet you aswell.'' he answered. Not used at all to be introduced as a Knight of Ren. A more noble title, or his Sith title, but never as a Knight. ''It seems I've been quite the topic.'', more than as said Knight,- judging by Hux's earlier words.

The question she followed up her words with was so expected he couldn't help laughing,- what had it been, five seconds from her greeting? ''That does seem to be the obligatory question.'', but shook his head. ''Neither of my parents hail from Alderaan.'', the silver eyes turning to Terex, ''Thank you, that looks wonderful'', he'd purr.

He doubted it would be dropped that easy, but he still wished to ask, ''I do hope you've recovered well from Mustafar?''

The man's eyes lingered on the screen. On her. Trying to concentrate on just... Now.
It did make it easier to push that irritation and hint of bitterness down. He hoped he had simply woken up on the wrong side, but... One part of him knew that wasn't the reason.

Ben hadn't really gotten bad news in bed before,- that feeling of something clutching around your fucking guts and pulling that along with your whole body straight down through the ground,- was very odd to have while sitting on a bed propped up against a bunch of pillows against the wall.

It was his turn to close his eyes now. Braiding his fingers together with eachother and place his hands behind his neck.
Maybe a small precaution to make sure his hand wouldn't swat out to turn the pad off.

''How do you know he was of Ren?'' he asked. Not that he doubted her at all, she wouldn't say something in that way if she wasn't sure.
Ben bit his tongue light, eyes remained closed and hands behind his head.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 24 2017, 08:22 PM
Rosalee did always try the blunt approach first, and she grinned as it seemed not to work. “You want to be interesting, don’t you?” Interesting to Terex, anyway. “Hopefully you don’t end up boring when all that pretty packaging is removed,” his clothes, and his secrets. Rosalee went back to her work then, leaning against the chair that she was supposed to be sitting in. His parents didn’t have to hail from Alderaan for him to be tied to Organa.

Leia’s parents hailed from Tatooine and Naboo, after all.

Terex sat back, and let Rosalee answer, “Yeah. Plenty of bacta here,” Rosalee said, “Your friend did a good job of fucking up the Troopers, but I figured out a few things.” Terex noted a message on his pad then, clicked it open, followed the link. “Like my Force field does work. Now I just have to make it better and fuck him u—”

“Hux has an idea,” he interrupted her. She looked up then, curious, “Something about a death cult on Kayri III.”

Rosalee paused. Looked up, “Tell Hux I’m not going to another fucking volcanic planet of more literal death than Mustafar.”

Terex just chuckled on that, flipped through the information and then programmed his device to start auto-searching for mentions of Kayri III, and compile it by date, and any mentions of the Force, proper. “I’m sure you can tell her yourself,” he said, then glanced to Damotra, “She paid you a visit earlier, didn’t she? It was all about that Knight, I suspect.”


Ben did not react terribly, but Hux could see the tension, even through the hologram. She folded her arms over the counter and leaned on them, leveling her gaze a bit with Ben’s own through the pad. “He didn’t introduce himself that way, if that’s what you’re asking,” Hux said, and sighed.

She shook her head, “I asked Damotra about it and he thought that the man sounded familiar. I allowed him to look at the memory – which, I see now why anyone you’ve ever interrogated screams so much. He didn’t have to break through anything, but even just a peaceful look hurt.” The pressure of another presence that didn’t belong.

Wanted to say it wasn’t happening again. However, there was a decent chance it might, with Damotra or Ben. Information had to be shared, and it was an effective way of doing so. “Damotra confirmed the identity of him as a Ren,” Hux let her gaze settle on Ben, “You either have competition for leadership, or he is blissfully unaware of the situation.”

Hux doubted that Reaver was ignorant.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 25 2017, 12:31 AM
The girl was very forthright, a trait he rarely disliked.
He himself was a rather forwards and open person,- to a limit. However, something he never ever denied was the fact that yes, he did enjoy being interesting.

So Damotra snickered. ''Perish the thought.'', he didn't know if he could even live a boring and normal life, being a boring person. One week and he would most likely just spare himself the misery. Luckily, that had never happened. And hopefully never would.

The silver eyes landed on her work as he reached for his glass, more than happy to listen to her as they had caught his curiosity. Force field.

His glance moved over to Terex as the man took the word, looking at him over the rim of his glas. A big upgrade from the wine, really.

An eyebrow crooked light. That all sounded... Very familiar. But he decided to maybe stay out of it for now.

He kept the glass in his hands,- meeting the other man's glance.
Damotra smiled, but with a heavy sigh. ''Ah, yes, she did. And it doesn't really feel like my companions are making me look good at all. None of them.'', not even Ben.

His eyes batted down at the things on the floor again. ''As long as it wouldn't fuck me up, I could be willing to test it for you one day if you would like,'' he laid out. He knew very well that he was closer to the Force than Reaver was.

Ben listened to her but his eyes remained shut. It was easier to control the way he came off like that. Nails dug in lightly into the back of the opposite hand as he heavily disliked the fact that Damotra had been the one to speak first.

But he supposed that maybe he was relieved not being the one having to answer that.

The black eyes quickly opened as she mentioned the method, not looking happy at all.

He tried to swallow it down.

''Arvid expressed concern that two of the Knights hasn't reported back. It's rare, but it happens.'' he answered. ''Reaver was one of them.''- that was suddenly easy to say.

He couldn't hold it down.

''How could you let him do that??'', strong disbelief in his tone. ''How could you let him in to your mind like that?'', and his hands back down at the covers.

''I've seen him,- I've seen people's minds break after he's been there, I've seen people kill themselves to get him out and stop playing his tricks!''

''I don't care whatever he was doing, I don't want you to do that again,''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 25 2017, 08:26 AM
“To be fair, Hux hated the Force the moment Snoke tried to read her mind,” Terex said. It was the first time she’d experienced it, and according to every story, she had stopped speaking, looked right at Snoke, and told him to stop. “So it wasn’t your Knights so much – well, maybe Ben breaking everything,” he chuckled.

Ben had been a menace. He could remember the complaints of the budget. Of the setbacks. Of how often she just wanted to throttle him. Well, at least now Terex bet she got to do that. Some.

Rosalee canted her head at Damotra’s offer, “It’d fuck you up. Well. I mean, I don’t really get it,” which was part of the problem, “but you all like being tied to the Force, right? My first field removed that. I’m making a better one. So I guess it doesn’t hurt you or anything, but it would bother you.”

She didn’t have an idea yet for something that would just harm a Force sensitive. That would probably have to be in the realm of biological warfare, something that targeted people with over a certain number of midichlorians. Rosalee wasn’t good with biological warfare, though.


Hux sighed at Ben’s reaction to her words. She let him express his frustration though. Apparently Damotra was as powerful as he hinted at, when it came to mind fuckery. Hux just shook her head, “I did not want to, Ben, but I needed to know who it was on Mustafar. He went no further than that and he let me keep a blaster pointed at him.”

Damotra had honored his word, “Would you be willing to do the same?” She kept her gaze steady on him, “Just the mention of the Knight’s name seemed to have you on edge,” she noted. “Any mention of Snoke threatens to set you off.”

She could see that too easily, nowadays. “I don’t have the luxury of avoiding it like you. Snoke will kill me if I am not prepared, and you know this.” Ben knew Snoke better than anyone, but he kept it all to himself, even with lives at risk. “I know you do not wish to talk about him, or your Knights, but I have no alternative. I must deal with it if I hope to survive.”

Confront the Knights that turned away. Confront Snoke. Otherwise, she’d be taken by surprise. Killed. Or worse.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 25 2017, 03:17 PM
Damotra snickered. ''Mm, can't imagine Snoke being a pleasant first experience. I wonder if he regrets not doing it to her. The Knights, we would-'' clearing his throat ''-offer ourselves as a token of loyalty in that way. Ben wasn't required to do so, but always did anyway. Sportsmanship. But it sounds like you guys got the nightmare version.'', he didn't envy that at all.

His glance switched between the girl and her things. ''You mean it seeks to actually cut off the tie? Or prevent the usage?''

He found it very interesting, he couldn't deny that.

''It differs alot from person to person, the younger you discover the Force, and the more you use it, the closer is the tie. I believe this 'bother' you speak of could shift between 'uncomfortable inconvenience' to 'longterm mental instability' depending on the person or time.''. 'Believed'. He knew. And smiled.

Ben didn't believe for one moment that Damotra hadn't been able to identify Reaver if he was described properly. Nor did he care about a blaster,- unless it had been pointed right at Damotra's head, that meant no danger.

He didn't say that though. The way it got aimed at himself instead wasn't expected. And yes, that put him extremely on edge no matter how hard he tried to pretend otherwise. His hands curled restlessly at the covers under him. Glaring at a point right next to her. She obviously hit a spot with that.

''This isn't exactly a luxury,'' he'd hiss. ''It's like every person that knows what sort of relationship I've had with him expects me to sit on the fucking answer to it all,'' feeling how heavy his heart beat.
''Hh,- like I've got a fucking key and a home adress, or that I'd know his greatest weakness and have all his plans written down in a little book..!''- How loud it was beating.

''I-.. c-, I don't even know what I'm expected to-, what am I even supposed to tell??'' Ben avoided the pad completely now, almost rambling.
''I don't know what's important, I don't know what is bad! It's all normal to me, it-, I-.. I've spent over half of my,-.. I.. I don't know where the line goes''. At the last words, the highly defensive agitation turned into a tone confessing shame, but the man insisted on holding the defensive wall up.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 25 2017, 08:56 PM
Snoke was probably regretting many things, but that was likely high on the list. He would have known from the outset that Hux did not see their alliance as permanent – or doubtfully so. The woman could sense it early on, which was no doubt why she had that clause in their relationship: no mind reading.

“Well, Hux. She never made us so much as look at Snoke or have anything to do with Snoke. Good way to keep our alliance tied to her,” he chuckled, and then let the conversation steer back to Rosalee’s newest toy.

She let out a huff and set it down, “Well, I don’t know. It creates a field, and within that field, the Force can’t be used. I don’t know how it does it, I don’t…I can’t feel the Force myself. It was a lot of experimenting with plants.”

“Plants?” Terex hadn’t heard about it.

“Hux’s idea. Plants and the containment fields, and figuring out how to expand the containment fields while keeping their integrity, and not hooking them up to any single living thing.” To say Hux was not a fan of the Force being used on her, would be an understatement. With Snoke as an enemy, research in Force preventative measures was ramping up.


Hux had expected to touch a nerve, so Ben’s reaction did not startle her. In fact, it was refreshing to see him start to open up about the pressure he was under, since it was there. Even if no one was asking, it was there. “I don’t expect his weakness. I don’t even expect you to know where he may be,” Hux said, keeping her voice calm, level. “He kept secrets from me. I expect he kept secrets from you. The difference is, he kept less from you.”

She gestured towards him, open palm, “Obviously, I haven’t expected you to say anything. That’s why I haven’t asked. But if it’s so…normal, Ben, then why does it seem to get you riled up so easily?”

That was the part she did not understand.

Perhaps it was time to explain that. “What I thought was normal was shattered early on in my childhood when I saw how other children got to live. I killed my first person at the age of 10. Another child.” Ah, Cadet training. How fucked up that was. “I don’t quite know what your childhood was like, but I assume if I told you that as if it were normal, you would be…horrified.”

But to her that was how things worked. Survival of the fittest. Becoming like a beast. Instinctual and clever. And she had done a damn good job at it. “So somewhere inside…if you are so disturbed by it now…you understand some of what isn’t normal, Ben.”

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 26 2017, 09:29 AM
Damotra could certainly see how that was a good way to go with it. Merciful, if nothing else. It was a smart way to keep her own flexibility aswell. Giving Snoke as much as Ben had had resulted in being very limited, even if their Commander hadn't seen it like that himself.
''It wasn't a pretty face to look at.'' Damotra had not enjoyed his new limits at all, happy to feel free movement again.
He couldn't imagine Terex would have accepted that either. Shackles were really only fun in the bedroom.

One of his eyebrows curved in question, a questoin that the other man put in words.

''That is.. Very clever.'' he said. Impressed over the girl aswell, a plant didn't exactly scream Life and Force.
''I take it you're also very skilled with that technological shite, then?'', his 'also' only including Terex and Hux for all that interested him.

Too bad Reaver was still a very impressive fighter even without the Force.

That reminded him,- ''-Did either of you see another person with him?''

Ben was glad that she took the word, giving him a chance to just.. Keep his breathing instead of continuing and ending up with ranting.

The young man swallowed, glaring down somewhere in the sheets next to himself.

Snoke did keep less from him, yes. Less than he did for anyone, as far as Ben knew. The thing was just that he really didn't know what was secrets and what was not, because he had learned right away that no matter what it was, no matter how little or what it touched- Ben wasn't allowed to tell anyone.
Everything were secrets, he didn't know how to sort between it all.

The only awknowledgement Hux got for her question was an even more displeased look on his face.

But the blaming glare the covers recieved shifted as her words changed. More doubtfull and questioning, even if he didn't doubt or question what she told him at all. Not the slightest.

The black eyes slowly returned towards the pad, even if he didn't look right at it. At her.
It... Did make it easier, hearing something like that. Sadly. He nodded light. Maybe then she wouldn't judge him in the same way someone else would.

His hand curled in the back of his hair as he let out a hacky breath. His shoulders slowly lowered.
It took some attempts before he finally got out very low, ''I-.. I knew it wasn't normal in that way.. But it was to me. I just.. Accepted it all, even when I understood that wasn't what it was supposed to be like, you know..?'' maybe she actually did know.
Hand still fidgeted in the back of his hair nervously. Still avoided 'eyecontact'.

''..I still barely remember what 'normal' is supposed to be like. I-I just know that I haven't felt normal a single time since they sent me away.''
Ben swallowed hard as he felt how thick his voice got.
''T-that is.. A long time, I really.. I really don't know how I am supposed to separate things- what is beneficial knowledge and what's just-..''

The young man let out a stiff exhale, shaking his head. ''I don't know what I should tell you. Anyone. I-I don't know where he is, because I know that unless he wants someone to walk straight through the door- he wouldn't go places he's told me about.''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 26 2017, 10:40 AM
"Yup! Basically an officer requirement of the First Order. It's why Phasma is still just a captain." Literally the only reason and everyone knew her real rank was much higher, but while Phasma had a mind for war and strategy, she couldn't wrap her head around inventing and creating. "Even little Mitaka has his pet projects. Hux's unspoken rule - you have to be inventive to make change, so only those capable of it move up." The rest were sheep.

Terex chuckled a bit at the arrogant pride in Rosalee's voice, "You aren't an officer of the Order."

"Agent, Officer, same thing only I don't have to wear black. Sounds like a promotion to me."

Terex shook his head but let her have that delusion. "Every organization has its rules for promotion. I am guessing it was Force sensitivity or bloodlines in yours?"


Brainwashing and secrets never mixed with pride. Hux still remembered the day she figured out it wasn't normal, when she had taken too much pride in being better and an Officer grew alarmed. Brendol had that man killed. An accident - a secret. That was what accidents were - secrets. She had to appear flawless. As if there was never anyone in her way, to kill, in the first place. Like every other Cadet.

The system was flawed,

For this, however, it gave her ground to relate to Ben on. "At some point, Ben, I will want to know everything about you. It is all beneficial knowledge. You don't need to separate it based on expectations." She was sincere.

Hux did wish to know Ben better, to know how he came to be. She also knew character traits lied in simple things. The more she knew of Snoke through Ben's perspective, the better she could strategize.

"I just want to know when you're ready. I haven't wanted to push anything...that is why I have gone to Damotra or avoided the topic." She sighed, "But I am available to listen, no matter how simple or disturbing. If talking will help you work through what happened...."

She was there.

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That was an interesting way of ranking. He wouldn't have guessed it was a way that would actually work if he heard it in theory, but seeing that it was reality here, he guessed he was wrong.

''I thought Phasma was the Captain because she enjoyed being the Captain.'' he said.
He couldn't help but to get curious of Mitaka's 'pet projects'. What did that little man have in his head?

Damotra chuckled at the comment about not having to wear black. He could fully agree with that.

The silver eyes turned to Terex, and he had to think for a second. ''Hm, I'm so used to everything being about your bloodline so I simply assumed that at first. But I found out that one of our highest Knights where literally born behind a barn and I couldn't find anything interesting in that bloodline, that wasn't it.'' he shrugged. ''The Force theory didn't make sense, either. Not by sensitivity nor ancestry.''

''I figure we are simply given the role we are most compatible with. There's not really any unhonorable or low roles in the play.''.
Damotra, unlike Ben, didn't have problems at all with picking what was innocent enough to share instead of keeping it all forbidden.

Ben wasn't prepared on tensing right back up by her words. A wave of that far too familiar anger that he had succeeded to avoid for surprisingly long now washed right over him.
But.. It didn't stick. It was gone just as sudden as it came. Thinking closer, instead of lashing out in some way.

He'd want to know everything about Hux aswell one day. Down to every little like or dislike she had. He wanted to know her better than anyone.
So if she really felt the same way he did about this, about them, then.. It really shouldn't be that odd that she wanted to know everything about him, either..

Still, the idea of being naked and honest terrified him. And so did the realization of how terrifying it was to trust Hux enough to do so with.
Even after everything, Hux was one of the few people he felt atleast a bit of trust with. And it would grow, he was sure of it. Trust for something living wasn't anything he had expected to ever achieve.

Ben repeated her words in his head, swallowing, before he finally uncurled the hand from his hair again. Put it back down.
He nodded hint and took a deep breath before glancing back at the woman on the screen.
Far from ready to fully open up, but.. ''I-.. We could.. Try...'' He said.

Atleast with questions that were important in the moment. Important for Hux to progress.
''I'd need to come to you. To speak with Damotra, he knows Reaver far more personally. I'd need to bring Arvid.'' that should be well enough 'reason'.

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"No," both Terex and Rosalee spoke in unison on the matter of Phasma. Some things were obvious to them. Phasma's unspoken desire to improve her rank in name was one. Phasma would never ask or demand, though. She would patiently wait for Hux to make the exception.

The Knights didn't seem all that organized either. Machines needed to work and organizations were like that. Unfortunately people weren't - people were fickle. For as organized as the Order was, the unspoken rules still existed and unspoken ranks. Like Phasma as the true second when by all rights that belonged to the rarely considered Eiji Reinhardt - another Hux kept far, like her father.

He well deserved his rank. Hux would never see him lead the Order. Human nuances - and Eiji lacked key ones as a result of the Cadet program.

"Not very ambitious, are you?" Rosalee asked, as it didn't seem that Damotra paid attention to how to advance.


Ben's fury manifested but he did not burst. This time he seemed thoughtful and Hux could not help but feel some relief. She knew that they would argue and fight - and hopefully it would remain civil.

She couldn't help but fear a repeat, though. If she ever antagonized him on purpose again, feeling bitter and spiteful. If he just snapped.

But that wasn't today.

"I understand. No matter how secure it isn't a conversation for holos," Hux agreed when at last Ben consented. "Whenever you wish to come, then," allowed, "we can catch up on our sparring routine as well." Pleasure and business.

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Damotra chuckled at the apparently clear correction. ''So what does Phasma wish to be then?'' he asked.

He honestly had no idea what sort of ranking system military roles had in an organization like this. He had once, but that was many years ago.
He hadn't cared to remember half of them, since he had never planned to have anything to do with this again.
Jokes on him, he supposed.

Her question wasn't unexpected, the Knight's system were both simple and complicated. There were no low ranks there, obviously they didn't have a Chef of Ren.
No, once you had proven yourself and been evaluated, you got a title fitting. Suddenly you could be at the top,- because that was where you deserved to be.

Still, he didn't give her a yes or no answer. Simply a smile and a purr. ''I am right where I've wanted to be.''. And that included the fact that the next change in titles among the Knights would be highly to his advantage.

Ben looked at the screen now, a bit more straight.
Her words succeeded to bring a smile to his lips, even if it was just for a second. ''I'd like that..'' he said low. Just a few words like that could make him feel a little bit happier.. Coming there. Her reminder.

But Hux knew what his anger looked like, she had seen it very close to daily since they first met. If not pure anger then atleast some version of it. He doubted she had missed it now.
So he pulled a bit on his lips, looking down quickly before looking back up.
''It's.. Been.. Seriously nervewrecking,-'' he huffed, ''Since I got here, having people actually... Mean well.''

''It makes me.. React very odd. I think I might've been rude a few times.'' Ben confessed. ''I'd like to ask you to keep that in mind, and-..'' And? ''-... Void, flick me on the nose or something if I act like that when you're just trying to be kind.'' Why not, maybe he would learn quicker.

He should point out, ''This is still Poe's pad, by the way. I.. Haven't.. Had the chance to ask about one.''

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“Phasma wishes to be the right-hand woman,” Terex stated, as if that were as obvious as the fact the sun was hot. “Phasma has been serving in that position for years, of course, but she doesn’t hold the title of Lieutenant-General. Technically speaking – and no one cares about technicalities – Admiral Eiji Reinhart would succeed General Hux, but not even Mitaka would allow that.”

And then an accident would befall Mitaka. Whoops.

“He’s off in Wild Space, though. Far the fuck away,” Terex waved dismissively, as if Eiji were clearly not concerning. As not concerning as Brendol Hux.

Rosalee met Damotra’s little purr with a devilish smile, as if she didn’t believe him at all. “And where exactly is that?” She asked him, the smile remaining on her lips. Sweet as an angel – but the intention was glittering in her eyes. Far from sweet.


Hux bit the inside of her cheek when Ben mentioned the changes. With the Resistance. ‘Not surprised.’ Hux had not exactly been welcoming, and Ben hadn’t been friendly. He had been an emotional upstart, and that was simply difficult to tolerate, let alone mean well, towards.

“You realize I am not a nice person, correct?” Hux knew how to fake it. She had good intentions, generally, but she was not nice by any stretch of the imagination. “Besides, anything that isn’t outright anger is going to seem…polite, coming from you,” horrible. But true. “I can try. I’m just not sure I’ll recognize it.” She was conditioned to see anything that wasn’t outright rage as ‘nice’ from him.

She nodded at his note, “I noticed. The number was the same as last time. I can always just have you issued a pad if necessary,” Hux offered. Another reason for him to come.

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Now that he thought closer about it, it did make sense. Phasma seemed far closer to the General and more priveledged than a standard Captain. ''I see then,'' he said. ''Is that man the reason she doesn't carry the title yet?''.

For some reason he imagined a hairy.. Man's man. Possibly because 'Reinhart' was a bit more fancy version of Reaver's real last name. And he was the definition of a hairy man. He wasn't a man with hair, he was hair with a man.

''Sounds like a rather unpleasant man if Mitaka dislikes him.''- Damotra had a very hard time actually picturing that. Quivering papers squeezed hard in those pale hands and the glare he gave Damotra when he had stayed more than an hour. Times two?

The silver eyes met the girl's, and his own smile grew. ''Why right now, it is in this most comfortable seat.'' he replied joyfully.

There was no possible way he could say against her as she commented what 'polight' coming from him was.

He did feel very anxious and restless, low or agitated and the list could go on, but he was still pleasantly surprised that he hadn't had one violent outburst.

And the rest he tried hard to keep behind locked doors.

''I'm sorry I have to tell you this, but you can actually be a little nice sometimes..'' He said low, another seconds smile. ''I promise it'll stay between us.''.

The young man got an uncomfortable look on his face, even if he tried not to notice it.

''I-, no, it's..'', his mother would ask why he hadn't just simply told her that he'd like one. He didn't lie, though. ''She's.. Been busy. She's been working alot. I just.. I just haven't had the chance to ask, yet.'' he said. ''But..- Thank you.''.

It was really more.. Pathetic-like than that.

Leia had been busy. When Ben came to her to ask things related to the days agenda was one thing, but when he came for his own sake-.. It often resulted with that if she didn't notice him standing there, an anxiety he had thought was long gone would only take seconds to gnawl him down enough to leave before she actually noticed him standing there, and avoid her for a good while.

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“No,” again, Terex and Rosalee answered in unison.

“I’m honestly not certain if Eiji would take the position if it were offered to him.” Eiji was…an oddity. He was trained to be the best, but he was also trained to follow orders. Unlike Hux, he didn’t quite shake the latter – the need to have orders. The only problem was, he also didn’t quite shake the need to remove all competition and rivals. He wouldn’t know what to do without orders, but he also couldn’t survive without that competitive streak that had been trained into him.

He’d be the end of the Order. Terex liked to think that Eiji knew that. He wasn’t sure, though. Eiji was one of the few people he couldn’t read.

“Mitaka dislikes you,” Rosalee pointed out, before Terex could comment on that. “You’re not unpleasant. Eiji’s not, either.”


“He’s not,” Rosalee protested. “You just don’t like him because he wants to kill you.”

‘He wants to kill everyone.’ Perhaps Eiji was the top reason he disliked Brendol so. The one that wasn’t saved. Not truly.

“If you’re unlucky, you’ll meet him,” Terex smirked, “And not in my ship, in comfy chairs.”

But Eiji wouldn’t show up during the next several days, fortunately. Not that Terex truly expected it. No, instead, other guests would show up.


Hux made a face, half-amused, as Ben told her she could be nice, “It better stay between us,” she stated. “I can’t have my reputation ruined,” chuckled, as she shook her head.

The offer of a pad was denied, and Hux left it at that. It would probably be quite suspicious if Ben received a First Order datapad. Leia would have more questions – she was already suspicious enough, anyways.

Hux still didn’t know how she was ever going to let Leia know about this…that was going to be a part of continuing this relationship at some point, wasn’t she?

“All right, Ben. But if you ever do need it, don’t hesitate to ask,” she said. The conversation went on a bit after that, before the subject of dates was touched on again for him to visit. Over the next couple of days, they would settle on it, after he’d cleared it with Arvid.

And so, the Finalizer crew was informed that Ben Solo, formerly Kylo Ren, would be returning, and he was not to be harmed this time around. Phasma was in the hangar to greet them when the ship finally arrived.

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The blackhaired man tensed up noticably in the pilot seat as the question came, ''So.. Is she your girlfriend now?''.
''I will crash your ship.''

''There's nothing to crash in to, and I'm just asking beca-,'', ''If I speed up enough, even a Force forsaken meteoroid would suffice.'' Ben pointed out. ''You're really pushing this friendship-thing.''

Arvid looked over at the man as he mentioned 'friendship', ''You've finally decided to count me as a personal friend?'' he asked.
''I've considered it. Right now it's leaning towards 'no'.''

''Look I'm just asking so I know what I'm supposed to expect when we're done with Damotra. If I'm going to be with you, or him, or should I just return and then come back for you, or.. Just lock ourselves up here?''- looking back at the giant orobird, very surprised that Ben had wanted to bring her along. Especially considering his.. 'dislike' for birds.

''I... Don't know yet, really.'' only that yes, he would be with Hux. ''You could stay with Damotra, but if he is making friends with who I think he is, you will most likely not want to be around. Still, I... Would prefer you.. Staying.'' Ben certainly wasn't comfortable with the Finalizer yet. Or the thought of Terex near Damotra. Terex at all. ''Is that.. Mean?''.

Arvid sighed. ''It's not mean, I'm simply.. Not overly joyed with the idea.''
''Would it be more endurable if you did it for a friend?'' Ben asked, ''...Yeah, I guess..?''
''Well then you may call us friends. Now hush,-'' the far youner man said as he pulled out of lightspeed and picked up the radio.

Ben had succeeded to talk Arvid out of his personal armor to seem less hostile. Always as surprised to how the redhaired man could keep pale blue clothes so clean in the mud.

Ben himself semi-consciously kept the Resistance symbol on his darker uniform hidden under the long leathercoat. He spotted Phasma immediately, being a surprisingly strong beacon of assurance in the hangar. ''Phasma,'' he greeted her.

A quick gesture back to the ship, ''There's a tamed Orobird in there, just so you're aware,'' and then gestured to Arvid on his right. ''And you remember Arvid.'', there wasn't even a question about it.
''I'm glad we meet under other circumstances this time.'' the older man said with a bow of his head.

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Phasma was not at all happy to see Arvid, although she was aware that she would. She kept her eyes narrowed on him, though he might not be able to see through the chrome helmet. “Understood, Commander Solo,” she did appreciate the note about the orobird, “I will let my men know, and to not harm it should it escape, but just to capture it.”

She didn’t trust Arvid’s little bow. He had made his first impression. She knew not to be rude to him, but she wasn’t sure how to respond. So, she decided to just get to the point. “I can direct you both to Terex’s ship. He spends most of his time there. Unfortunately there was not room in that hangar or I would have directed you to it immediately.”

She stepped back then, with a gesture to follow, “General Hux should be able to meet with you once you are done with Damotra, Commander Solo,” she was well aware that Hux wanted to, but wouldn’t get in the way of his meeting with Damotra, “If you do want her presence when you go see Damotra, I can see if she is available now.” Last she knew, Hux was occupied with a call from the New Republic.

Phasma didn’t know the turn out yet. She was trying not to get her hopes up too high.

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Ben nodded as she let him know her men would be notified. Not that he ever imagined the bird getting the idea to escape, but.. Void he didn't want to even imagine the mess Arvid would have turned in to if she was shot.

Phasma had no idea how thankful he was that she mentioned Terex so soon. So then the man was here.
''Actually-'', Ben stopped just as he had started following Phasma. Arvid quickly stopped too, to not walk into his Commander. ''-We are likely to be in Damotra's ship. It would probably be the easiest to bring the animal if it isn't too close.'', since he couldn't see Damotra's ship anywhere in this hangar either. ''Yes?''

He waited for Phasma's consent before he gave Arvid a look. Arvid gave his commander a nod before he turned around to the ship. The giant bird came out after a command, and followed with a second one. Even in this dead white light the dark feathers reflected all the colors in them. She had to be atleast twenty centimeters higher than Phasma, even.

Arvid understood by the Commanders look that he should keep her at the usual distance.
Ben gestured for Phasma to lead on. ''As for General Hux.. You are welcome to tell her that if she has anything she'd like to bring up concerning this, after Mustafar. Otherwise it shouldn't take that long.'', Unless Damotra is planning to talk them into insanity.

Ugh. There it was. He did not want to. But he couldn't tell Phasma to go and knock on the door for him and tell Damotra to come out.


He gave the Chrome woman a glance. ''Thank you, Phasma.'' he said, before he decided to have it done as they had reached the ship, and walked up to knock.

Quickly. Just get Damotra out of there, and he hopefully wouldn't even need to look at Terex after that.

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It was quite odd for Phasma to be in front of a bird that was larger than her, but she let it slide and didn’t comment on that…oddity. So long as it didn’t harm anyone, the bird could stay. No trooper was going to mess with it. Phasma nodded to Ben’s request, but doubted Hux would have all that much to add on the matter. At least, nothing that needed to be added with Damotra, certainly.

Eventually they did reach the Carrion Spike, and Ben seemed to recognize it still. He moved ahead of Phasma, so she stepped back to let him.

Naturally, it was not Damotra who answered, but the owner of the ship, Terex. Thankfully, he was actually clothed for once, and almost looked like he belonged to the First Order. “Well! If it isn’t Ben Solo,” he grinned cheekily at the man, “I knew Hux was in a good mood for some reason,” he knew Ben was coming. He just wanted to mess with him.

A lot. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your company, Ben? Should I get you some wine, or maybe, grape juice?” Like a kid. He was speaking loud enough so Damotra would be able to hear, too.

They both knew Ben was showing up to see him, after all. Hux hadn’t hidden this fact from them.

Phasma took a step back, uncertain if she could leave the scene now, or if she needed to hang on until Damotra actually showed up to speak with the Knights of Ren.

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Ben obviously knew who would be the one answering the door, but it still disappointed him none the less. Seeing Terex's face got him tensed, even more so than the Finalizer already did. And hearing him use his real name felt extremely wrong.

Even the comment about Hux put him off, since he wasn't sure what it meant.
But if it meant what he thought it did, he wondered how many people actually knew about it. Phasma and Arvid knew for sure. He was relatively sure that Poe knew and practically counted Finn in automatically. Damotra might well know, and his mother seemed to have her suspicions.

Ben was about to comment that he didn't drink alcohol, when the 'grape juice' thing clicked. Something Han had thought was hilarious once. After twenty years he still didn't see the fun in it and likely looked just as un-amused as he was. The attempt at a neutral expression forfeit, replaced by a glare.

''You know I'm not here to see you.''.

The big animal let out a row of bright and happy noises as Damotra joined them, ''That is incredibly rude of you, Ben.'', standing very close to Terex, before he let out a surprised sound
''This is the first time I ever see you in anything but black, and all the skin showing.. Scandalous.~'', Damotra showing skin, this time at the low of his back, wasn't unusual at all. Ben even showing his neck with a shirt was still obviously very rare.

''Yes. Scandalous. Let's go.'' the youngest man said.

Damotra ran his hand down Terex's arm rather intimate as he was going to pass him, ''I' sure I'll see you later, then.'' His purr was a little more suggestive than usual,- because just as he had expected, both Ben and Arvid suddenly got very interested in the interior of the hangar.

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Terex could only grin at how easy it was to still get under Ben’s skin. Though, at least he wasn’t causing mass destruction again. He almost thought that a pity, except for the fact Hux would have words for both of them if it happened. Perhaps, more than words. Before he could comment about how hurt he was that Ben didn’t want to see him, Damotra showed up.

That seemed to make the large bird ridiculously happy and Terex laughed at its cheer, “Well, you have a fan,” he commented to Damotra, before Damotra addressed Ben and how scandalous his attire was.

Terex hadn’t even considered it, but yes…yes it was.

He turned his head towards Damotra as the man purred and spoke of seeing him later. Arvid and Ben looked away, and Terex decided to act on impulse, turning more fully and placing a light peck on Damotra’s cheek, near the corner of his lips, before he patted his shoulder, “Have fun,” he said, before he’d step into the Spike and let him go play with his friends.

Phasma didn’t even react, just stepped away, “I’ll leave them to you, Damotra,” he was an accepted passenger in the Finalizer, after all. She figured she was no longer needed, so she moved to leave. Damotra knew the ship well enough. At least, Phasma assumed he did.

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Terex-... Played along better than Damotra had expected him to. During a fraction of a second you could see how his head stood completely still for once.

However, he very quickly recovered from the minor stun. Getting that energy back in his expression. ''Mhm~'', parting with his friend as he cursed in his mind.

Ben's eyes batted to Terex as he returned into his ship, but averted his eyes before the man had a chance to catch them and most likely do something to irritate him further.
Like Damotra did by kindly thanking Phasma for the bird and the burdens as he took over the lead.

''You do realize she isn't coming inside, right?'' Damotra pointed out as they had arrived by his ship after a moment. ''Oh don't look at me like that, you wouldn't even fit!'' He added as the huge bird tilted her head at the man with a low, raspy sound.
''You don't even understand what I'm saying.''. The bird tipped her head to the other side this time, with an extended raspy chirp. ''...Arvid make her stop.'', when the low chirping continued.

Ben could absolutely not see anything cute with it and walked around her instead to open while the two men fussed over the animal.

''That's the point,-'' Ben said as he heard one of them mention the possibility of her not being quiet. ''-If anyone comes too close to the ship she will set off like a war-siren.'', before he went ahead of the others into the ship.

''..I was just wondering why he was so fine with her company. He's using her, Arvid.''.
''I already figured..'' The redhaired man sighed, before the two joined the man inside. Leaving the big animal to her new guard-post.

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The Captain waited outside the room where Hux was speaking with the New Republic representative. She didn’t disturb her, but waited until Hux exited the room and glanced to her. “Was it the chancellor, Junari?”

“Yes,” Hux answered. “They want to see me at the senate in four days to discuss the terms of an alliance against Snoke.”

Phasma hesitated, then asked, “And you are certain it will not be a trap?”

“No,” of course she wasn’t. This could go to hell very quickly. “Which is why I will be asking you to remain here,” she said, adding, “Just in case. I’ve also made your new rank official,” quietly worked on, and announced to the New Republic first during the meeting, when she explained that Phasma would not, in fact, be accompanying her. She would have a couple of Stormtroopers, of course. And Mitaka.

Mitaka was good at recording things, and she was pretty sure no one would actually kill Mitaka.

Before Phasma could ask, the General offered a new identification card, “Bit annoying figuring out the coding again,” she said as she shook her head, and the Chrome soldier took the card, “You don’t need to cease dressing as you do, but there will be an officer’s uniform befitting your rank sent to your quarters soon.”

Phasma closed her hands over the new card. “Thank you, General.”

Hux’s lips pulled into a smirk. “You’re welcome. Now, I suspect you’re actually here to tell me that Ben Solo has arrived?” Otherwise she wouldn’t have left the hangar.

“Yes, he has gone to see Damotra first. They are meeting in Damotra’s ship, I believe,” Phasma noted. “They have a…bird.”

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Ben, as every other time, didn't understand Damotra's point of asking when they all already knew the answers. ''I don't drink alcohol'', from Ben, and ''Five years clean'' from Arvid.
''Bores...'', Damotra murmured as he kept the bottle to himself, fuck the glass.
Ben didn't like it, but let him. Sometimes that man was far easier to work with once he had had a bit to drink.

There was alot to talk about, more than either of them had any wish of covering in one day.
So the more urgent things came first. Names. Ben had had no bigger difficulties reaching most of the Knights. Arvid had reached his share but one. And Damotra had also reached his share, but one... Atleast they knew where this one dwelled.

Their discussion moved on from there. Ben was more interested in Hux's thoughts than Damotra would have prefered. The man with the winebottle questioned it, questioned why he had to be the one to do it, but they all knew that if anyone had a chance to talk Reaver over, it was him. So instead he questioned 'Why'. Why would they even want him back?

''It could be a misunderstanding, he should get a chance to explain himself.'' Arvid said. ''People deserve a chance.''

''Yeah..''- it was quiet, but the first time Ben had actually agreed, having heard those words countless times through the years. But this was the first time he actually was on this side of the situation. Getting a second chance.

And giving a second chance. There was still not one living thing that he fully trusted, but there were his few selected ones that held some of it. Arvid. And Hux and Leia that had both completely lost his trust once were starting to gain it. Even after how extremely hard they both had crushed it. And him to them in return.

Ben leaned back in his seat. ''And if he will not co-operate, he will be extorted for information before I execute him.''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 28 2017, 08:57 PM
A bird. Hux thought she knew something about that, but that was still from the night when Arvid showed up, when she first met Damotra, and when she decided that her father would be executed so it was a bit of a blur. She shook it off, and the pair walked on to the Bridge to find Mitaka, where he was briefed on the situation of the New Republic and the meeting they would have there, as well.

He was also briefed on Phasma’s new status – to which she received a hearty congratulations from the man, before it was made public knowledge through the Order. A brief announcement over the Finalizer’s systems, and it was considered done.

Terex showed up soon enough to the Bridge to wish her congratulations as well, before they spoke briefly of the matter of the New Republic and the Knights. Terex would not be allowed to go anywhere near Coruscant, but Rosalee would. Terex was likely to be recognized there, and that’d cause too many problems.

The discussion came to a halt when there was an announcement through the Bridge that they were getting a call from an encrypted line. “They know one of our codes. They’re asking for you, General,” the radio officer indicated, and Hux motioned them away, pressed it through.

Eiji Reinhardt materialized as a hologram. The Admiral stood in white, with platinum hair, contrasting the black of Hux, head tilted up high and a little smirk on his lips. Terex all but bared his teeth, even if he knew he was not within Eiji’s sight. “Admiral,” Hux greeted the man coolly, “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I thought it wise to alert you I would be coming to the Finalizer.” The two had a very long history. They’d both decided not to do anything without announcing it, so far as they were concerned with each other. It often ended up misconstrued as bad if it wasn’t otherwise announced. Even something as simple as a handshake. “I expect to be there within twenty four to thirty six hours.”

“Why? Have you found something interesting?”

“Yes,” he answered, “and I would like to catch up. The most recent news I received out here was about our Commandant. I’m…curious as to the shape of the Order currently.”

Hux managed a stiff nod, eyes never leaving the blue of Eiji. “I understand. I will see you soon.”

When the communications dropped, Terex said simply, “He’s going to try to kill you.” Hux brought a hand to her forehead. “You know—”

“Out.” She wasn’t listening to Terex right then. He thought he understood Eiji, but he did not.

Terex threw his hands up, then walked out.

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The conversation continued between the three men, down the same trail. And even as Ben's own mood increased to a firm neutral, Damotra's own sank. ''So all the reassurance there is, is that if this would result in my death, atleast Reaver would die aswell?'' the man murmured highly displeased.

''To have a Knight and the Commander at your side is a generous offer..'' Arvid pointed out.
''How about a generous kick in the face, Arvid? You're not the one baring your throat.'' Damotra retaliated sharp, before Ben took the word, ''I'm still asking this as a favor, I could simply make it an order instead if you'd like.''

The bright grey eyes locked with the black as the two men glared at eachother.
''I get nothing out of this, then?'', Ben saying he asked something as a favor from Damotra always meant a personal gain for the Knight.
''Honor.''- Ben answered.
''Fuck honor.''
''You need to realize one day that you can't fuck everything, Damotra.''

Damotra sat up, causing Ben to straighten himself in his own seat with neither of them breaking the glare, and Arvid loudly cleared his throat, ''How about we tone it down and wrap it up instead? Force...''

''Is there a reason why you are so wonderfully rude today, Commander?'', Damotra asked.
''Yes- I find you being highly disrespectful,'' Ben answered. ''If you don't want either of us to have your back, why don't you simply ask Terex instead?''
''Is that what this is about?'' Damotra almost laughed, but far from happy.

It triggered an argument,- Ben wasn't at all happy with how close they seemed to be. Although he didn't have a single thought about if the two men were actually intimate. A peck on the cheek bothered him even if he had taken it as a joke from Terex side.
He didn't doubt the interest Damotra had shown, but there was nowhere in his mind that held place for the idea of Terex being interested in men. No- it was simple friendship that pissed him off, when it was between the First Order Agent and their own Knight Saboteur.

Arvid interfered again when it got too heated. When it all came down to it, Damotra did obey their Commander.
He still took himself the freedom to send Hux a notification that they were done, and that she may pick her boyfriend up before he gets locked up in a scrub somewhere.

The big orobird was overjoyed to have her company return, and Ben made as much distance between himself and her as he could while still speaking to Arvid.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 29 2017, 06:29 PM
A message came through too soon after the message from Eiji. This one was from Damotra, and Hux took the time to read it, to understand that he was done with Ben. She let out an agitated breath, before working to compose herself again, “Phasma, you will alert me the second that Admiral Reinhardt enters First Order space.” Not the Finalizer. The space considered theirs.

“Yes, General.” Phasma had some inkling of what Eiji was. A Cadet, of course, but more than that – one Hux let live. There weren’t many. Phasma wasn’t even sure she knew all of them. It was usually not on their records, and required quite a bit of digging to find out. Something Terex did, not her.

With that, Hux left the Bridge, and went down to the hangar. She assumed that Ben would be near the ship and, fortunately, she was right. Arvid was out with him and yes, there was an orobird there. She arched an eyebrow at the creature, but stopped short of coming too close to it, or the ship.

Animals could be testy things. “Ben,” she called for his attention, since he was speaking with Arvid. Hands clasped behind her back. She took a glance at Arvid then, before looking back to Ben. She didn’t know how long Ben had planned to stay. That wasn’t discussed. “If you do not have proper lodgings on your ship, Arvid, there are available rooms on the Finalizer,” she offered, just in case.

She did certainly hope that Ben planned to stay the night.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 29 2017, 08:13 PM
Ben cut off in the middle of a word as he heard his name, Hux's voice. It wasn't anything important at all so he gave her his full attention, walking up to her as close as comfortable in public.
Certainly she would know by now know what his happiness looked like even without a smile.
The black eyes shined.

It was the first time so far that Damotra didn't greet her like a ball of energy, but simply gave her a greeting nod. His smile was still sincere like any other time, though.

The orobird's attention landed on her aswell as she noticed others did in a positive way. Possibly recognizing her voice or scent or something like it, tipping her head in turns to both sides as she let out a row of curious noises as she got up to walk towards the new face.

Arvid,- knowing that if she had been hostile in any way she would have been screaming their ears out,- calmy raised a hand instead and the animal simply stopped by him instead.
Placing his hands behind his back again as he gave the woman his attention.

Arvid didn't want to be a bother, so his first reaction was to look at Damotra, who chuckled and shook his head. '' 'That is not the will of the Force', my friend.'', he said sweet. If Arvid had taken his side there would have been a possibility he'd get to sleep with him.

The brown eyes went back to the General, a polight bow of his head. ''Well then I would gladly like to accept your hospitality, miss.'', Arvid replied.

Ben met the man's eyes aswell. A seconds smile,- A 'thank you' for agreeing, he knew Arvid had been both anxious and uncomfortable. He'd owe him for this.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 29 2017, 08:25 PM
Good.’ With Arvid agreeing to lodgings, that likely meant Ben was staying. She drew her datapad out of her coat pocket, “I will have Phasma ascertain where we have availabilities and she will come by to show you to your room, and where you can find food, as well as anything else you may need while you are here, Arvid,” the message was typed quickly, and sent to Phasma.

She didn’t bother to question why Arvid wasn’t allowed with Damotra. Considering the lack of energy from Damotra, she assumed they had upset him in some way, even if his smile was still present.

The pad slid back into its place in her interior pocket, “The Commander and I have some business to catch up on, so I do hope you’ll excuse us,” they probably both knew. No, she knew Damotra knew, because Terex, and she was just assuming that Arvid knew because he seemed to be the friendliest to Ben.

They did have important matters to catch up on. Snoke, and Ben’s life with Snoke. Mustafar, and Reaver. However, Hux had a feeling those matters would wait. She wouldn’t ask, however. Not until she had turned to leave, and Ben was at her side in the halls of the Finalizer, “What is your preference for our immediate activities, Ben?” She spoke formally still, as if there was nothing to be concerned with, “I assume you’ve already had to do quite a bit of talking today with Damotra, so if you’d prefer to start with a physical exercise, I am willing to oblige, but if you would rather continue with talking first, as well, I am up for it.”

Whichever he preferred first, Hux would go along with. Physical exercise and their game, or to discuss Snoke and his life with him in more detail – Hux didn’t mind either one, though the thought of Eiji certainly caused her to prefer the former.

She didn’t want to end up caught by surprise when Eiji showed up.


Phasma received the message and noted it, then walked on to the hangar where she knew Damotra to be. Arvid would not have gone back to his own ship, it seemed.

By then, Ben and Hux had cleared away from the area, but the bird had not. She eyed it from under her helmet, and then calmly addressed Arvid, “The General has requested you be shown to proper lodgings. Do you need to pick anything up from your own ship, first?” She inquired.

She didn’t know how much this knight would have packed – if anything. Damotra seemed to have brought his entire life with him in that ship, after all, but she had a feeling Damotra was the odd one in that regard.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 30 2017, 12:39 AM
Arvid had to admit he was a bit surprised over the actual hospitality she offered.
Perhaps it was after him actually keeping his word with that he would return her he had earned some right in his wrong action.. Or maybe it was because they both cared about Ben. Or she was just being professional. Either way, he answered it with politeness. A nod after her information. ''Thank you, miss. I appreciate it.''

And as she excused their leave, the redhaired man bowed his head at both her and his Commander.

Damotra had given her a smile, and his Commander.. Had gotten to watch him give her that smile.

Damotra already knew how much he would regret later letting the opportunity of some inappropriate comment slip out of his hand.

Ben was happy to get moving. More so to get to be alone with Hux, even if he didn't approach her as they walked. Just walking close to her.

A hint smile showed on his lips now. ''I think I would like to do something other than talking for the moment, actually.'' he answered her. Completely fine with her formality now that he knew that they certainly weren't on a platonic level anymore.

Firstly, he could confess in his own mind, he'd like to kiss her. But he wouldn't initiate it,- not when he knew how it could mess with his focus. Like she had proved with the very first one.
He also looked forwards to their spar even if he tried to keep that part actually platonic in his mind for now. Focus. He obviously needed to practice on that aswell.

''Though I can inform you already, that Damotra is at your disposal when it comes to approaching Reaver. All he asks for is backup, but I'm not sure if he will ask it of me, you, or.. Terex.'', a bit stiff at the end, but quickly shook it off.

He turned his head to look at her as they walked, the corner of his mouth crooked even if that too was very hint for now. ''I'll leave it to you to chose weapons this time.''.

''-likely to somewhere very very hot after this is over.'', ''Well.... I hear Mustafar's hot. And has a ruin.'', Arvid pointed out. Damotra glared at him as he was petting the animal's enormous head she pressed against his chest. ''I'm talking desert-hot, not bubbling lava-hot.''.

Both the men looked up at Phasma came, and the bird let out her ridiculous quiet dying-from-abandonment chirps as Damotra let her head go. ''Don't let him out of your sight, his sense of orientation is complete shite with a roof over his head,'' he told Phasma before he punched Arvid on the arm, not hiding at all how eager he was to leave. Leave and find Terex.

Arvid.. Didn't care to comment the sadly true statement, hoping she wouldn't either. He gave the woman in chrome his attention, hands resting behind his back. He shook his head.
''I-, no I don't need to go there, miss.- Unless it is prefered I keep her there?'', eyes batting up at the animal tipping and tilting her head like mad, completely lost in the sort of reflection in the womans armor, even if she knew better than to look closer.

He.. Knew that plenty of people kept their pets with them wherever they went and it usually wasn't a problem, but.. She was after all expected to be treated and used as a mount, not just something you could pick up in your arms and carry around...

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 30 2017, 10:26 AM
"Damotra will have the support of the First Order if he would like it," the General confirmed. The sooner it was dealt with the better, but she would give Damotra a bit of time. He would need to mentally prepare himself if nothing else.

Hux took the turn into the gym with the larger training grounds. "Staff," she told Ben as the weapon of choice. Tempting as it was to see if he was good at exotic weaponry, she wanted to use an old favorite. "Same rules as before."

She snatched up one staff and tossed it to Ben, before picking up an identical one herself, "Unless there are any additional rules you would like to put into play?" The main forbidden thing was the Force. It made the fighting grounds very uneven.


Phasma gave the bird an odd look as those sounds escaped it, before her attention went right to Damotra and she arched an eyebrow. She was not sure how sincere he was being, until she glanced to Arvid and saw the look upon his face. He was a bit like a lost puppy right now? Or lost bird.
“So long as the bird does not leave your side and does not pester my troops, it may remain free to roam. If I hear of any incidents with it, it must go back in the ship,” Phasma stated. On that, she would not waver, she wasn’t having some bird terrorizing her troops. “The hallways are large enough for her to roam through,” she said, and then gestured.
“You may follow me. I can show you to the quarters you will use,” she had to think of a room big enough for the bird. Brendol Hux’s room had been emptied out, so that one should work. It was one of the larger rooms, considering it was for an officer. “I know of one that ought to be able to contain your bird comfortably as well.” When Arvid was prepared to follow, she would lead him on towards the hallway, and then through the halls, getting progressively deeper into the Finalizer.
Brendol wouldn’t have a room that was easily accessible, after all.
For the General’s sake, and for his own, so it was rather deep into the ship.  

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 30 2017, 01:52 PM
Ben gave her a nod, ''Good.'', then atleast Damotra would get several choices in the matter. He knew that the Knight wasn't happy at all with him, putting Damotra on a mission to confront someone he knew very well, who knew him back, and do it all honestly- was.. Not how their Saboteur worked.

The man slowed down to a stop in the open space as he let her fetch the weapons. ''Mmmhm..'' he got out, like he remembered the rules at the back of his hand.

He caught the staff tossed to him. '' 'Wookie's still on?'' he asked as he removed the long coat, tossing it aside to one of the walls. His old armor would have been optimal for this, or even his working gear. But the Resistance attire would simply have to suffice.

The man gave the staff a spin in his hands, checking out the weight and grip. ''I don't believe I have anything to add, no..'' Atleast not something he had at the top of his mind.

''Do these do anything special, or are we simply going to attempt beating the void out of eachother with sticks?''

Arvid felt even more relieved than he thought he would, getting to bring her along. Sure, she had spent nights alone several times so he knew that wasn't a problem. Nor was her being alone in the ship. And he didn't think anyone here would mean her any harm, but.. Still, she was the only family he had.

''Oh, no, she's very well-trained. If she would bother anyone I would take full responsibility.'' the Knight said.
So he followed the woman then, and the animal did aswell. Kept at a small distance as she was still completely distracted by the reflecting material.

It felt.. Very odd, being treated without hostility from either of the women. He was well aware of that it was possible to remain hostile while still being professional.
''I very much appreciate it.'' Arvid said. 'Not being any extra trouble' didn't always work that well when you had to consider physical things, like space for her.

The older man didn't think about memorizing the route at all, instead the brown eyes batted high and low in the halls.
''This ship seems... Pretty big.'', if still almost claustrophobic. ''Is it a battle ship or a base?''

Arvid wasn't 'making smalltalk', he was a bit too distracted to have been bothered enough to notice any kind of awkward silence.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 30 2017, 02:30 PM
Hux glanced at Ben a moment, confused, before she remembered what he meant. A chuckle escaped her as she nodded, "Yes," shrugged her coat off and tossed the staff into her other hand, checking weight and balance as well.

She managed not to smile as Ben asked if there was anything special about the staffs. 'I have already won.' Arrogant - but Ben wasn't going to win without finesse.

He always a brute though, "Nothing special, except how you choose to use the weapon," she answered calmly. Tossed it back into her good hand. "If you want to try that all means," she gestured back with her head to signal him forward.

To try.

He could take the first steps. He would not land that first blow. She'd let him think so as she braced both hands on the staff, though the upper one gripped it far lighter, prepared let go and allow the General range. If Ben rushed, open, she'd thrust the staff into his gut with a quick step forward to leave him winded.


Phasma knew the entirety of the Finalizer without much thought so she was able to easily walk to what was once Brendol's room while still paying close attention to the bird and its master.

"Both," Phasma answered the query, "Base first, battle station second," but it was fully operational and checked on religiously by their engineers and technicians. "You and the Knights do not seem used to this sort of space," part observation, part question.

They came to the room then, "I apologize for its barrenness," she said as she opened the door for him to reveal a room of no decorations and only a thin sheet upon a bed and a single metal dresser. The bathroom would be similar. A roll of paper. Not even a towel. "This room was recently deserted, but it should have space enough." With the desk and personal items all gone.

She gestured him in, "Do you require anything more for your stay?"

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 30 2017, 07:08 PM
Ben nodded as she confirmed the word, even if he knew he wouldn't be using it. He was very good at ignoring pain even when he wouldn't use the Force to cover it, and he doubted Hux would seriously hurt him.

''Got it.'', feeling the staff over a bit more. His far prefered weapon was a saber, but he had tested out a wide variety. And when it came to this sort, he had fought with both Damotra's lighter staffs, aswell as Arvid's massive polearms.

The black eyes locked at her as she commented 'by all means', that screamed 'trap' to him.
And ontop of that, he got the first move. He decided to just charge,- regretting it two seconds later when he ended up on the tip of his toes with a huff, grabbing her staff briefly just to push his balance backwards.
Giving her a glare as he doubted she had shoved that even close to half as hard as she had wished. Though he failed to completely hide a grin. Just a trace.. It did give him a boost of energy.

''No Force..'', he murmured. Maybe reminding himself, considering how extremely close it had been to him using it just then- to have stopped himself better in movement.

''Last three spars I've had have been entirely Force-based..'' Ben pointed out.
He did not want to slip and use it, certain that Hux would find a way to punish it.

-The young man shifted his grip to mimic hers, before he would charge again, aiming to either push, hit, or move around her to get her off her spot.

The Knight wasn't surprised to hear that it was both. ''It seems very capable of sustaining life.. May I ask how long you've lived here?''
As for her own comment, he shook his head. ''Not really, no, miss.'' he said. ''Few of us are.. Familiar but not used to it. Damotra and me least of them all. I am surprised he has stayed for so long.'', this Knight could already feel it get to him, but maybe it was because he was thinking so much about it.

He looked inside the room as she opened it. The barrenness didn't bother him,- ''That's absolutely no problem.'', but the lack of green did. This was the first time in years he would sleep without any type of flora around him. And first time ever that he would sleep.. In space,- in the fucking air. With nothing underneath to catch him if this manmade flying piece of metal would stop working. Was he looking pale?? He felt very pale. Like every nerve was on edge.

'Force be with me..'
He was extremely relieved that atleast there weren't any windows gaping out in black space..

Arvid still smiled, hoping it looked sincere, because he still meant it. ''It has- uh, it, yeah there's more than enough space, it's great,'' signaling the bird inside, and she got through the door surprisingly easy, and sank down in the middle of the room after a second sign as the man entered the room, and she started to make all her odd mixture of noises and sounds as she examined the new space.
Her race were known for being obnoxiously loud and extremely talkative, but she had been taught to hold her volume down to an 'indoors' level.

He looked back at the woman. ''No, thank you, I am perfectly fine with this.'', a bed, a bathroom, and free access to water.
A question he always made sure to ask when he stayed somewhere- ''Is there something I should absolutely not touch or open?''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 30 2017, 08:33 PM
The General’s lips twisted in a wry smirk as Ben backed off, regretting his lunge instantly. Her eyes glittered with mischief, especially on hearing that his past spars had been with the Force, “Then you need this practice. You can’t have your body wasting away in favor of the mind,” something she could have easily done, and never been a field General.

She was prepared when he came again, and ducked down, swinging up with the tip of the staff to catch his and hopefully hit it hard enough to move Ben’s arms. Well – the strength came from the speed of the spin. If it worked, the goal was to immediately pull the staff horizontal and ram into Ben’s knee as she started to straighten back up.


Phasma gave a nod, “I have been on this ship approximately…,” Hux had it finished when she was 19, “Eight or so years,” she answered. Time blurred together. She wasn’t too familiar with landscapes, “I believe Damotra and Terex have become friends, so that may be aiding him in staying,” though Phasma wasn’t too sure the reason.

Damotra hadn’t been told to leave, though, so she paid it little mind. His presence was welcomed.

Phasma did notice how Arvid seemed pale. There was something amiss with the room and the situation, but that was expected if he was not accustomed to these kinds of situations. The bird was noisy, but not loud. Phasma did wonder at its noises and what it meant, curious about it, but she didn’t speak. Her eyes lifted back to Arvid, “Anything you are not allowed to touch will require First Order clearance,” Phasma stated. Locks were a fantastic thing, “However, do allow me to show you to the cafeteria so you can get sustenance at your leisure.”

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 31 2017, 11:13 AM
''Keeping my body in shape is fine,'', since he worked alot and often did heavy lifting.
''It's the habit that's getting lazy. The 'extension of your arm'.'', and he could feel that now more than before with this kind of weapon.

Not only did he have to try to get that feeling into it all, but he also had to concentrate on two ends. Which he very much noticed as she turned his attack to her advantage, letting out a light huff, but succeeded to shove one end of the staff down between his feet to block right in the last second, using the upside-down cross their staffs formed to push them apart again.

''You've lost your permission to pick the weapons from now on,'' he huffed.

Forget about the other end, it would still be just as inconveniently long, but concentrating on one end would make it easier. And so would it be to take the hits and just concentrating on dealing even more back.
Immediately finding it far more efficient to simply push off and lash out.

The man's immediate reaction was to let out ''-Oh, wow,''. That was.. A very long time. He had expected two, maybe top three years for some reason. Likely because he couldn't even.. Imagine.

Well, if Ben would ever want to spend more than one night here at a time he would have to find some other reason than the Knights so he couldn't pull Arvid along. It suddenly felt like he had an irrational fear of heights, even if he couldn't see past the floor. And yes, he found it irrational, since not even the highest mountain or tree got him nerved.

T-who? ''The man with the face-tattoo-mark-thing?'', and in that case yes, very likely..
Arvid nodded. He was relieved hearing that he couldn't accidently touch anything, it happened more often than you'd think.

''Please,'' he replied to her offer, letting her know he was ready to leave. And gestured the animal to lay back down again. And she did, and continued all of her noises and sounds. She would be fine here.

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 31 2017, 11:50 AM
The General felt the jarring irritation as her staff connected with his, before it was pushed back with Ben's complaint. "Pity," she chuckled. There weren't many others besides blasters that the General considered herself to be proficient in, but she couldn't let him know that...yet.

They broke apart and she stepped away, circled around left, before swinging at his midsection - more a strike just to get him moving than to do any real damage as it would be fairly easy to guard.

The General tended to find openings easier after counters or blocks. Only a few inches would collide with Ben if it did connect. Hux was still keeping her distance as the staff allowed for range. The further she kept Ben, the better.


"Imperial branding," Phasma clarified the mark, "Yes, him," nodded. It seemed that made sense to Arvid as well. Terex could seem interesting when he liked but Phasma had an innate dislike of him all the same.

As Arvid agreed to food, the chrome woman stepped aside to let him exit his room easily. The bird would be staying. Phasma was quietly thankful if only because she didn't want to think of the chaos the creature might cause in the dining hall.

"Come this way please," Phasma invited and turned left and walked on down the hall, through a few other turns, "There are signs," she gestured to one, "They point to cafeteria, hangars, medbay, and other common locations, should you get lost," a right turn, and the scents from within the cafeteria reached the duo.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 31 2017, 02:59 PM
The change of tactics seemed to work alot better for him, as they picked up a pace rather than him testing the waters.

''Pity.'' he agreed, sarcastic.

It did get him energetic, an occational chip of irritation when she hit, or blocked something he had been sure would hit her. Other than that, a smile even slowly grew under the concentration.

Ben quickly picked up on several of her smaller moves and used them against her.
He himself however, prefered closer combat, so as he noticed that the woman aimed for distance, he aimed to take it away from her each time.

Putting more of his strenght and weight into it each time the staffs would cross and he would try to push her. Trying to do so hard enough for her to have to pay attention to her stand instead of countering his hits.

Arvid nodded. ''I see,''. So, ofcourse the man his friend did not like at all, had to be someone his other friend ofcourse had to like, then. Great. Even more great when his two friends continiously tried to get Arvid to pick sides between them even when it came to things, like this one, that he had absolutely nothing to do with personally.

That was probably the downside of the three of them usually grouping up- you became close companions wether you wanted to or not.

His hands locked behind his back again as he followed the woman.

He wouldn't point it out, incase it was offending, but... It all really looked the same to him, so when she pointed out the signs, he let out an appreciative 'Ah!', so if he would get lost, he could simply follow the signs to the cafeteria and then.. Labyrinth his way back. ''That is great, signs are.. Great.'', hopefully atleast half as great as a ball of yarn.
''Do I dare to ask how many floors there are?''

Posted by: Lucyfer Jan 31 2017, 08:58 PM
Movement increased the pace of the battle and the flow of it. More often than not, they either dodged or the sticks connected, but Hux was still leading so far as blows connected. Ben was working closer, though, and his blows hit more. Hux would give him that – he was damned strong. Frustratingly so, in these cases, but that was why Hux kept a distance.

However, she started to take smaller steps back.

She let Ben get closer, until she was close enough that she could have easily reached out to grab him. She had feinted from one of his attempts, staff low, and she saw the perfect opportunity. He wouldn’t think of it. He would think she was going to try and create distance.

She stepped forward instead, twisting her body fully around, to ram the end of the staff up under his chin. If it connected, it ought to be quite the good blow. She’d have to see how to follow up, get him down if that didn’t work, but she would press the advantage.


Phasma was all too aware of how disorienting the Finalizer could be. Hux’s attention to detail made it impossible for the General herself to get lost, but it was very similar. Straight lines. Metal. No decorations. Just signs and turns and endless hallways. She did not dare to chuckle at Arvid’s obvious disorientation.

“It helps many,” she informed Arvid, “The Finalizer herself is 10 floors tall. The hangars are mostly within the first three floors,” some were higher up, “so most of the public areas are as well,” naturally.

There wasn’t much in the way of excitement on the ship either way. There were bars, of course, and there were gyms, a library, and other places to mingle. It was where they lived, after all. It had to provide some entertainment or they’d all go mad.

The doors of the cafeteria opened to them. It was also quite large, laid out buffet-style, but there were chefs there prepared to cook up things on request, so long as they had it in stock. Phasma gestured out, “You may eat whatever you would like,” the cafeteria didn’t cost. Food was a necessity of life. The Stormtroopers lived here – Hux made sure they were provided for.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Jan 31 2017, 11:54 PM
Ben grew into it more and more, both by getting more used to it aswell as studying her techniques closer and memorizing them. Trying to push right through her comfort zone, and push her right with it.

He noticed each hit she landed, but none of them earned a reaction.
It was something he had learned to convert during battle. Turn it right into adrenaline instead.

Right when he had been sure he had gained the upper hand, the roles changed, and the man let out a painful grunt. Dropping the staff so he could catch his fall.

Ben could feel the shock written on his own face as he ended up on the floor after that, propped up on his elbows.

The pain didn't bother him, nor did the slight taste of blood in his mouth.-
What bothered him, by making him highly confused with it... Was how highly arousing her hit had been..
Leaving the man with an unhappy look, quickly grabbing the staff and attempt to get up again,- he wasn't fucking down yet.

The Knight had been too focused on being focused to actually have taken a proper look before docking, but ten floors... That was like, double of what he had expected.. Huh..
''Ah...'' and hangars. Several of them. Huge covered holes into space that could just open and close whenever. ''Handy.'', he certainly wouldn't even walk on those three floors.

Force what was the matter with him? He had a living example right next to himself that this woman had been absolutely fine and alive here for eight years.
The cafeteria seemed.. Safer. It felt like an actual cafeteria. Fancy and very big, but still a place meant for food and dining. He didn't feel as feral here. He knew how to eat, just like any other person.

And void the thought of cooked food and varieties would no doubt speak to him as soon as he had calmed his nerves. Even after five years without as much as touching,- his mind still went straight to the conclusion that a shot or two would have done the trick perfectly.

Arvid nodded as he still looked around. Hands behind his back. He cleared his throat quiet before he turned to the woman in chrome.
''I-uh.. I'm not used to this sort of hospitality. I will make sure not to take it for granted, miss.'' he said, tipping his head forwards briefly.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 1 2017, 08:36 PM
The blow worked far better than Hux expected it would, and she didn’t leave Ben time to think about it. He fell on his back, staff released. She kicked it away as she closed the distance, and as Ben was scrambling to get up, she moved.

If she was able to, she’d slam her foot down on his chest, high up on it, to pin him right back down to the floor. Then she’d place the end of the staff against his throat.

She didn’t just slam it down as she might have others.

Hux would at least give him a chance to make the right decision. “Say it.” Say it or he was going to be in a world of pain.


The Knight had seemed confident and intimidating the first night they met, when he showed up to retrieve Kylo Ren from Hux. He had taken the General, the Commandant, and Kylo, all onto his ship and left. Now, however, he seemed like a mess of nerves, and Phasma had to wonder if it was because of that history, or because he did not have a mission to focus on and distract him. She had a feeling it was the latter.

She determined at the cafeteria that she would probably need to show him back to his room. Well, at least she was hungry, too.

“You’re welcome,” she answered. This was all taken for granted by her, often. Daily. To her this was simply standard. “You may find your food and a seat. I will join you to make sure you are able to get back to your room safely.”

It wasn’t for protection.

She just figured he would get lost.

Damotra was not making that up. She did believe he wouldn’t be able to find the room again and end up wandering around aimlessly. Sleep in a corridor. Unless the bird had some tracking mechanism on it, he wouldn’t find his room.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 1 2017, 11:47 PM
Ben let out a displeased sound as the staff got kicked away right when his fingertips had started to grasp it,- followed by a heavy grunt as her foot took him down, hard. Landing him completely flat against the floor this time.

He tried to calm his breathing so he wouldn't react on the difficulty of it, when she kept her foot there. When she placed the staff like she did.
He bit together for a second, watching her close. He let his hands fall to rest against the floor aswell.

Knowing so well that he shouldn't.. Knowing very well what she wanted to hear.
Still, he couldn't help himself.

A wide smirk grew on his lips. ''What do you want me to say, pretty?''

Arvid felt himself shine up a little after her reply. He very much enjoyed a chance to be polite, and took his chances to be just that. It wasn't often he was responded with it, though. A wide variety of 'hmpfh', 'mmfh', and 'mhmhf' often seemed to do the trick these days.
Even from his closer friends,- the Knights certainly didn't shine. Ben almost always ignored him completely when he thanked the Commander for something he hadn't been obligated to do, and Damotra couldn't speak a whole sentence and be serious.

''I-.. Think I should accept that offer. Thank you.'', the tone in his voice told of the same thoughts about him getting lost.
It had been for laughs, but that ball of yarn Damotra had gifted him once had been the smartest thing ever.

So he did just that, again feeling very eager over the food. Fish especially. Him eating something cooked on the stove was as rare as most people thought roasting over a campfire was. And sallad, normal sallad, not 'Is this edible'-greens.
He shouldn't complain on what he usually had when he knew he loved it. It was just.. Nice with a break.

The Knight looked for the woman, finding her quickly just to know where she was, before he picked one of the empty tables to sit by.
This would be... Extremely odd. But absolutely no complaining on that part.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 2 2017, 09:58 PM
The General smirked down at Ben, and let the staff touch his throat then, adding pressure against his chin to tilt the head back a bit more as he refused to say the word, to give over the victory, “I’m not that patient, Ben,” she said, “I know how tricks work, after all,” a little bit more pressure, enough to make breathing just a bit difficult for the Knight.

“Say it,” she said again, “or I’ll see how many shades of purple you can turn before you pass out.”

He wouldn’t be able to say anything if he couldn’t breathe, after all. That’d still count as her victory, of course. She’d take it either way – victory was victory, but it was sweeter to hear the words of defeat.

Even if it was such an odd word.


“You are welcome,” Phasma said, and then allowed him to wander off to find food. Certainly, he couldn’t get lost in here…right? Well, she kept an eye on him regardless as she moved to find her own meal. There were plenty of food options available, but Phasma tended to stick to her normal meals. It was still relatively early, so she decided something of a brunch was in order.

She got an omelet with a variety of vegetables and meats cooked into it, toast, pancakes, and a smoothie. Because Phasma loved smoothies almost more than anything else in the world.

Eventually she had all of her food and she went to find where the knight had taken his seat. She removed her helmet – it wasn’t like she could eat with it on – and picked up a fork to begin enjoying her omelet. The helmet was set off to her right side, revealing the woman with the short blonde hair and blue eyes.

“Did you find much to your liking?” She asked, noting he had a salad. Usually an odd thing to see another have, especially their first time here.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 2 2017, 11:58 PM
Ben glanced up at the woman standing over him. Admiring that smirk with one of his own.
He shifted his leg a bit to pull it up, letting the staff tip his head back.

Staffs would absolutely not be in play again. He would have been far more bothered by losing if she didn't-.. If she wasn't doing whatever it was she was doing to him.

He tried to swallow. ''Hh.. Fine, fine,'' maybe the choking-part added just a little too much to the stress of the position he was already in, feeling how his heart rushed. ''You win,'', he got out.

That certainly didn't mean that he couldn't do what he wanted later on..

Ben wasn't patient himself. either. ''Why d-.. don't you come down here?'', the man tried with the grin on his lips still there.

The brown eyes moved back up as the woman joined him again, a smile as she sat down. And somehow he succeeded to keep it up even after the woman took off her helmet.
Arvid was.. Awful when it came to speak to women, the armor had obviously had a very helping role in how smooth it had gone this far.

And ontop of that, she... Wow.

His eyes caught the blue ones as he repeated her words a few times, before it clicked, clearing his throat. ''I- oh, yes, absolutely,'' Arvid said with a chuckle.
And starting to eat, he realised he was probably more hungry than he had thought.
It really was good. Ten times more so when he hadn't needed to prepare or cook anything himself.

''So- you are.. Pretty.. Young.-'' that couldn't be rude, could it? ''-I sort of assumed that you were somewhere in your.. Mid-thirties, if you've been here so long.''. He didn't know her age, obviously, but there was no way. ''-What did you do before this? If I may ask.'', the Knight didn't usually think twice before asking things he was curious about.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 3 2017, 09:07 PM
It wasn’t truly the word, and Hux was wary as he simply said that ‘she won’. Terex had tricked her with that before. Still, Ben wasn’t quite as tricky as Terex. He probably meant it, but even so, she would remain cautious. She removed the staff, but not her foot. She bent down, bent that leg so that the knee was resting where her foot had once been. The other leg rested on the floor at Ben’s side.

The staff remained, held in one hand.

The other gloved hand wrapped around his throat, promise and threat in the firm hold. “You know that’s not the right word, Ben,” she told him, but she was humoring him.

After all, she was still pretty certain she had the advantage, “Floor cool enough for you?” She inquired, as if there was nothing wrong with resting on the floor like this.


People were usually surprised to see her without the helmet. They seemed to expect some monster, or some robot. Something other. The fact she was a normal human always seemed to surprise them. She wasn’t a grotesque monster like Vader had been.

Arvid quickly ate after stammering through his words. Phasma was so used to this by now that it didn’t even bother her. She ate calmly, enjoyed the silence, until Arvid spoke again. Young.

That was another surprise. They always expected she would be older. The fact she was younger than Hux threw people off. “Hux is older than me. I have done nothing but this,” she told Arvid, “As a child I was raised to be a Stormtrooper, as Hux was raised to an Officer,” simple. “I excelled in my program and so became a captain. I was brought here to serve on the Finalizer, directly under General Hux.”

And now was finally above that rank of Captain.

Finally a true officer in her own right. “Were you something beyond a knight?” She knew Ben was.

Still it was odd to her, how people outside just kept…shifting their careers. Their focus. What wasted energy and talent.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 3 2017, 11:10 PM
The young man swallowed properly as soon as the staff was removed. That grin returning to his lips as she actually did what he asked and lowered down to him. Not as low as he would have prefered, but it was far better than nothing.

He resisted the urge to place a hand on her,- which she did instead right after. The sound the glove created before wrapping around his throat sent shivers down his back.

She both calmed him and stressed him at the same time,- had it been someone else doing this, he would have been yelling. Alot, likely.
''..What, you want a specific phrase?'' he asked, having no memory if they had decided on that or not. He had been listening, hadn't he..?

Ben decided to just throw some out there. ''I yield, I lost. You're victorious, and I am very much defeated.'' For this time. ''-I lay in shame on the floor that, yes, is certainly cool enough.''

''Is there... A consolation prize?''

Arvid couldn't decide if- according to his personal oppinion,- what Phasma described was a good or a bad thing. He had somewhat of an idea how it was growing up like that. No personal experiences, just what he had gathered up from people during the years.

It.. Didn't sound fun at all, but at the same time, having a place and purpose was underestimated. ''How old were you when you started that?'' he asked. A 'child' held a relatively large range.

He thought for a second as the question came to him aswell. ''I've.. Been alot of things before I became a Knight.'' he replied between a bite. ''Got bought when I was four to become a servant. Did that until I was eighteen before I got kicked out of the nest and had to turn to far less honest work. Mostly mercenary work.'' Arvid replied, Force he didn't even remember half.

''Accidentally got hired by someone who thought I was a Mercenary soldier, and.. Well, suddenly I was a soldier, fine by me.'' Arvid chuckled.

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Hux could only laugh as Ben seemed at a loss, and she decided it wasn’t an act. She didn’t remind him, though. She just made a note of it. Next time if she ended up on the losing side, she’d feign defeat and then catch him off guard. Remind him of his error. He wouldn’t forget.

“That works, Ben,” she told him, chuckling at his drawn out profession of defeat.

Consolation prize? “Well, you might end up liking your defeat,” as she would have liked her own, had Ben won. “I promised you a ring, after all.” Her hand moved off of his throat to touch his chest, “Stay,” she said, before rising and walking over to her coat. She’d expected victory, after all, and thanked the Force for inner pockets as she took the desired object from within the coat’s pockets and then walked back over to Ben.

She did show it to him, the silver ring that would have been far too large for a finger.


Phasma canted his head at his question. How old? “Since I was an infant,” she had been raised practically from birth. She didn’t know who her parents were. She only knew the Order. It was not normal to the outside world, but it had always seemed right to you.

She frowned. Slavery was supposed to be done with, but of course, the New Republic couldn’t do anything right. Selling children like that to be servants…, “I am sorry. Your life sounds like it had some early difficulties. Was soldier the last career you were in before you became a Knight?”

At least his path made sense. Military careers had ways of leading to Knight, and they seemed like a militant group.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 4 2017, 01:36 PM
Ben looked up at her, automatically shining up bright as she laughed, even if he didn't completely understand why. Honestly it felt like he would end up in a trap, but, if she was happy like this then he didn't care.

''Thank you, it's my first admitted defeat.'' he said, making it sound like something proud, even if it really wasn't.

He looked at her in cautious curiosity. Right. The ring. He still hadn't understood that part. So he didn't exactly understand how he would like it, either. Was it a gift? Was it some sort of.. Tracking device? Something that she could make hurt if he got too annoying?

Ben nodded before watching her get up and over to her coat. Watching her come back.
He crooked a sharp eyebrow as the ring was presented to him.

''...What exactly is that?'' he asked.

It certainly wasn't the fitting size for fingers, nor toes. He couldn't think of a place he could get to put it on her.- Which resulted in a sudden and high suspicion of where she could put it on him.

Eyes narrowed and brow furrowed as he pulled up his other leg aswell.
''And where exactly are you planning to put it..??''

The Knight nodded. Infant was.. A few years younger than he had expected. He wondered if it had been willing from her parents side, but he decided not to ask. Parents could be a.. Very touchy subject, most people didn't seem to want to talk about them at all.

Arvid was old enough to have had many years of learning to accept what his mother had done. He could even feel empathy for her now.

''Have you liked it?'' He asked. Hoping he didn't sound judging, because he really weren't.

He smiled where she frowned, appreciating her words. It had been tough, it had been horrible, but he liked to believe all of it had had a reason. Made him into the man he was today, and he thanked the Force for that. Literally. He believed it was the will of the Force.

''I stopped being ungrateful when I saw how some other slaves had it.'' he chuckled. ''My masters might not have been the kindest, but they certainly weren't the cruelest.'', they had given him a safe place to sleep each night.

''I worked my way up from just being a soldier. I got ranked Military Advisor. How I ended up with the Knight's of Ren isss... An indirect outcome form that.'', a light shrug of his shoulder, as the connection between the two weren't his proudest achievement in life.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 4 2017, 09:21 PM
Ben was delightfully ignorant. Teaching him of the pleasures of the flesh hadn’t gone on to teaching him of toys just yet. This would be his first real lesson. He was suspicious, of course, “Don’t worry, Ben, it isn’t going to hurt you,” that was still a conversation to be had.

Sparring wasn’t exactly part of actual play, though if she hadn’t been mistaken, it seemed like Ben had enjoyed some of the hits he took. Her hand on his neck again. “The less crude term for this would be a penis ring…so you can guess where it goes,” she smirked. Didn’t add the part that it was a vibrating one. He’d learn that soon enough.

The ring would have the dual effect of cutting off blood flow just a bit to make it more difficult for him to reach release, while the vibrations would actually serve to pleasure him rather than just being an addition for coitus with a woman.

“So, would you prefer I put it on, or would you rather do the honors?”


Phasma imagined it did disturb Arvid. Many thought the Stormtrooper program was brainwashing, the kids taken from unwilling parents. Some of them were. Phasma had never investigated her own status. Did not know her parents, didn’t need to know them, “I have, yes,” she answered him.

She wasn’t sure about his own life, though. He had stopped being ungrateful? Well, she didn’t question that further.

Best not to dwell on such unhappy things.

“I see,” he had been an advisor and then a Knight. “Are you at liberty to share how you became a Knight from being an advisor?” It was likely a fairly interesting story, considering how much he came to cherish Ben.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 5 2017, 12:33 AM
Ben still kept his eyes a bit narrowed on the silver ring. He wasn't sure where Hux's limit was when it came to things hurting. When it came to his private parts, he wanted to know fully if it hurt or hurt. All the way from light discomfort to raw pain.

The black eyes moved up to her as he felt her hand again. But they quickly batted away as those words... Made him a bit.. Uncomfortable.

He did nod. Swallowing under her hand.

Ben glanced over the ring again. ''Is it for... Accessorising..?'' he asked, reaching his hand out for it. ''Does it go on just like a normal ring on a finger?'', he added to his questions.

''And.. I think perhaps it is easiest if I put it on. I really don't think I'd want you to take your hands right away again..'', especially not after how aroused he had gotten after that hit, and done well to keep it controlled.

Arvid had met barely a handful of Stormtroopers in his life. Even fewer that had wanted to speak about their life. He did know about the boy, Finn.

He did smile, though. ''I imagine being raised like that can be rewarding if it is something you'll grow up enjoying.'' he said. ''..Well, basing it on what I've heard, anyway.'' the man added. He didn't want it to look like he thought he knew just how it was done. ''And not needing to spend years and years just.. Figuring out what to do with your life. Wasting half of it.''

The man pierced a piece of pasta with his fork as he listened to her question. Repeated it in his head, and thought about it.

No. No, that was certainly nothing he was allowed to do. That's where the whole execution thing came back in. But.. Maybe he.. Could tell it in a way that might pass.

''It's nothing that has a connection, really. Being a soldier before doesn't play any role when you become a Knight. Very few of us was, actually. Everyone's reason is personal.'' he said.

''I've used to be pretty bitter, lost alot of people and used to dwell on it constantly. Though when I became an Military Advisor I could concentrate on duty. I used to get very close to the soldiers, always made sure morale and confidence was as high as it could possibly be before a fight. The last one seemed near impossible to win, but we didn't have much of a choice.'' he told her.

''But I did what I always did and told the men to believe, reminded them that they had never lost a battle, raising morale as high as I could.- But not one soldier survived..'', well atleast now the more humorous part came. ''I broke completely after that. Became an alcoholic around the clock. One day I saw this kid, lanky and pale, lost. I offered him my place to stay the night, and we ended up talking until morning. And by then he had gathered up enough about me to completely do a full turn-around and just.. Have a go. He went ahead and told me everything wrong with me, how stupid I was and how I was a waste of life-,'' but he actually laughed about it.

''I proceeded with trying to get him to tell me who his parents were so I could hand the bastard back. After further arguing I tried to puzzle some together, tried to remember who I thought he looked so alike, and when I mentioned he reminded me of a smuggler I've traded with a few times. Boy completely freaked out as soon as 'Solo' was mentioned. Lucky guess and Ben gave himself dead away.''

He told her about how he was very protective when it came to children. He'd let Ben be as badly behaved as he had to, how the punk would wreck the appartment as soon as he got angry- as long as Arvid would get to follow him around the few days Ben would be in that town. As long as he got to make sure he was safe.
''After a few days he left. I went right back to my destructive habits. Kinda.. Torn up again with being back to normal, even after he had been nothing but an ass for days.'' Arvid chuckled. But once he realized how much he had talked, and how the forbidden part was getting close, the man cleared his throat running his hand at the back of his neck. Damn it. Had he talked too much? Was it even interesting?

''Ben showed up out of nowhere eight, nine months later. 'Nicely' told me that he knew a way to make me less of a waste of life and that he was bringing me to meet someone. And that this way I would get to make sure he was okay, knowing that would probably convince me. It did.'' Arvid said.
''And that's how I met Ben. Who brought me to Snoke. Mistakes and agreements were made,- don't regret it though,- and I became a Knight. And out over the Knight-title, Snoke assigned me to be Ben's personal advisor, knowing how much I cared for him.''

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 5 2017, 04:12 PM
Hux offered the ring down to Ben as he reached for it. He could examine the silicone material, perhaps feel the wires within. She smiled as he seemed so worried about it. Not that she blamed him, after all. It was something meant to go around an area any man would protect.

“It does go over like a normal ring would a finger,” she answered him, “and it has…multiple purposes. You’ll learn them – you’ll like them.” And hate them, but she didn’t add that part. They would frustrate him to no end, until she allowed there to be an end.

Once he had taken the ring, she’d turn around, as if to offer him privacy as she went back to the coat, “Go ahead and put it on. If you want it off tonight, then you may, but until then, it remains on.” And she’d have to test the range of the remote.


Phasma gave a nod to the statement of Arvid. For her, this life was rewarding. Life had a purpose. She did not mind that it was all she had known – she still believed in the Order. In Hux. This universe needed more order in it.

Few of the knights had military ties, from the sounds of it. Arvid was the rare one. He fell victim to loss and defeat. Phasma nearly had after Starkiller. So many good soldiers…lost in the destruction. There had been on time for it. Mourning was a luxury that they weren’t allowed. Hux had moved quick, and so Phasma was dragged along into it. Out of it.

Were Hux not as strong as she was, it would have been easy to slip into destructive behaviors. But, Hux didn’t allow it. Inspired them all to be better.

Apparently there had been a huge battle and they were all lost. All but Arvid, who then became an alcoholic and met a pale kid. Ben, no doubt. Who apparently gave Arvid the kick in the ass he needed. Ben was never subtle when it came to Solo. Freaked out whenever the father was mentioned. And then Ben left, and returned. Phasma nodded, “I see. I am glad that Snoke gave you such a position near Ben,” she noted.

She was glad for that, “People like him,” like Hux, “need others with firmness to them, to keep them level.”

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Ben took a closer look at the ring once he got it. Examining it with the uncomfortable confusion lingering. He shot her a glare as she smiled like that.

He wasn't going to turn it down, absolutely not, it was her choice of reward for winning. But that still didn't mean that he would blindly let her do as she wished.

''Nothing electric.'' he pointed out once more, even if she had already promised him over the pad. He had always hated electricity when it came to his body. He hated electric shocks.
But she did sound assuring.. And the permission to take it off tonight if he didn't like it did make him ease up. And so did the look on his face.

He did appreciate her turning around. When it wasn't in the heat of the moment, he was still modest, which he found a bit hard to believe about himself as he laid there on his back and zipped his pants down.

Taking a few seconds, before he would zip them back up, placing his hands on his stomach instead. ''That's... Very intimate.''

Arvid felt relieved as the woman didn't seem to be bored of him. Really, after meeting Ben again after so long, after meeting Poe and Finn the other day, Damotra, and now Phasma,- yeah. Yeah he was pretty damn lonely. Getting to have proper conversations again was amazing, even if he hadn't noticed how empty it had been without them.

He smiled at her words, he had also been glad. Still was. No matter how closed up Ben still was, or how incredibly rude or denying he could be, Arvid was still convinced he had needed every little bit of his company.

''Wish I would have made another choice, though. Gotten him to come with me instead. But I don't think I would have seen the red lights sober,'' he chuckled. ''Took me years to figure out how wrong things were.'', shrugging one shoulder, ''But- easier to fix tomorrow than yesterday.''

''Ben did tell me what it was like, staying here. And I'm just going to read between the lines and guess that he's had plenty of outbursts and impossible temper here too.'' he said, not sure if he should be grinning like that, and reached for his water instead. ''..He made it sound like he tolerated you, though. Before Hux. Good while before Hux.''

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 5 2017, 11:28 PM
“Nothing electric,” the General reaffirmed, putting the coat back on. She dug the small remote out and held it in her off-hand. She didn’t turn around until Ben mentioned how ‘intimate’ it was. She turned around then to see him nicely zipped up again, still on the ground.

She walked over to him and offered her hand up, “It is,” she agreed with him.

Her other hand was behind her back, not an abnormal posture, but if Ben accepted her hand and rose, she’d then shift the ring on to a low setting, just to see the reaction.

It’d be an entertaining day until the evening, and Ben was only just going to learn what he’d gotten himself into. Hux just had to find reasons to remain busy, which wouldn’t be too hard. Had to prepare for Eiji’s arrival. The meeting with the senate. So many things could distract her attention, and she’d just leave Ben to suffer.

Because he wouldn’t take it off. He was at least learning to follow some orders.


Phasma shook her head a bit about the comment of ‘fixing yesterday’. Not possible. It was only possible to learn from it, and change popular opinion about it – but that was the PR domain of the First Order, not hers. Fixing the events of the Hosnian System in the public eye was going to take a long time.

And Ben’s early years here…Kylo Ren. Phasma sighed, “Hux and Ben did not get along for a long time,” but she did recall that Ben had listened to her a bit better. The armor seemed to help – and her usually calm disposition.

“Hux is…while she can be polite, she is often curt and expected Ben to listen to her orders when he first showed up.” So, obviously, when he refused or questioned things, Hux snapped right back at him and argued. “And as you know…Ben did not do well with authority.” Wasn’t sure if he was any better now. At least he and Hux didn’t actually fight as much anymore.

She would let the personal aspects of it remain just that – personal. Except what she unfortunately heard of it, which fortunately hadn’t been too much that was sensible through the walls. Thank the Force for small favors. “At least they seemed to have worked some things out.”

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Ben watched the woman walk back to him, a very hint smile on his lips, even if the little it showed faded once she reached her hand out to him.
No matter how easily he had just taken his defeat and even joked about it, it was something about this gesture that was highly degrading to him.. He usually wouldn't accept a hand in this situation, but.. He assured himself that she didn't mean anything like that with her offer.

He took her hand and got up. Kept it in his own as he used his other one to brush down his front. ''So, you think I m-ghohwhathefuck!'', the alarmed man quickly let go of her hand, almost pushed it away, before he grabbed his crotch with a highly disliking face. Feeling his heart race before his mind caught up on that it wasn't painful.

He bit his teeth together hard, not really straightening himself up again nor letting go even if it only took a few seconds for his expression to completely change. He still looked very uneasy and hesitant.

His hand easened up, mouth opening to let out a soft breath..- Shooting her a glare, ''Thank you kindly for the warning..''

Arvid knew that it was wrong to take pleasure in others misery, but when it came to Ben's temper being taken out on something that wasn't Arvid or Arvid's few possessions, he couldn't help but to feel a little better about himself. It was absolutely nothing personal towards the wounded party, he just felt way better it wasn't just he who had to be targeted.

He couldn't help but to snicker and shake his head- no, that boy did not do well with authority. Still Ben had an obsessive need to please someone. Not all of Damotra's social experiments were shit.
''Sure seems like it.'', the way Ben spoke of Hux..

''He's always... Been extremely disrespectful when it comes to women,'' he said. ''Extremely.'', yes it did need to be repeated. ''Soo.. Seeing him actually showing interest and respect instead of simply shunning someone with authority purely based on that one detail is almost making me question the last ten years of my life.'' he said, his tone telling it positive.
That had been one thing Ben had refused to change his opinion on. He had hated women. One mother-issue gone, probably 99 to go.

''Are you permitted to share what happened to Brendol Hux?'' he asked as he recalled it. ''I don't know what happened after I left with Ben. Just that everyone was pretty unhappy with the Commandant.'' Arvid said, ''Hux with bigger reason than the rest of us obviously..'', so he did have a guess about the Commandant's death.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 6 2017, 09:16 PM
Hux hadn’t meant anything degrading in the gesture at all, it was one that she was just used to in these situations. The victor offered a hand. Sometimes that hand was slapped the fuck away, but it was always offered, and when accepted, the one on the ground got help up. In Ben’s case, though, it was a bit of a double-bladed sword.

And Hux managed to keep a straight face as he reacted, all but pushing her away as he tried to figure out what the hell happened. Then, it did dawn on him, and his expression altered, fighting that war between what he ought to feel and express. “You’re welcome,” Hux said.

“You may want to try and prepare yourself for it throughout the day,” she offered, not turning it off right then. “I do want to try and test the range of the remote to it,” all in her control, as per usual. That was as much warning as he was going to get for the rest of the day.


Arvid seemed quite familiar with what Phasma was talking about. Understood Ben’s issue with authority, so she let the snicker slide. Didn’t take offense on Hux’s behalf, although she frowned at the idea that Ben disliked women just because they were…women. Idly wondered if he had ever mentioned that in Hux’s presence. ‘No.’ He would have been cast out a long time ago.

“I hope you never fell victim to Ben’s wrongful thinking,” she noted, as he hinted he was rethinking ten years of his life.

As he asked about Brendol, Phasma took a long drink from her beverage. She was at liberty to discuss it. It was one of those secrets that was only meant to be a secret to the larger world. Damotra knew. The Knights could know…but it still seemed…wrong, somehow. “I am at liberty,” she said, “but I only feel comfortable saying that Commandant Hux is deceased and now remains buried at Arkanis, his home planet.” Not the manner of it.

That was likely obvious anyway. Hux herself killed him.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 7 2017, 12:51 PM
This wasn't something he had felt before. Vibrations, sure, but not.. There. Not like that.
He had a very vague knowledge when it came to adult toys, but he hadn't been aware at all that this existed for men. Ben removed his hand completely now, placing them both behind his neck as he took a deep breath. Forced himself to exhale as calmly as he could.

His brow furrowed a bit before he opened his eyes again.
Void. That sounded horrible and wonderful at the same time.

''Range?'' he asked, but then made a face as if he got it. He did- couldn't just come here and expect her to take the day off. Ben knew it would be both disrespectful towards her as well as putting her in an uncomfortable seat. ''So what exactly am I supposed to do if I can't follow you around everywhere?''.

'' 'Lock yourself up in my room and don't let anyone know you're there' is a fully acceptable answer.'' Ben pointed out. The thought if being in public, with someone like Hux in control of a remote, made him... Worried, not knowing at all how he might react to it..

Arvid grinned light behind his glass before drinking the last of it. ''Mmm.. He has this thing for waiting until I've just about talked us back out of a horrible situation before he goes 'That's not what I meant at all',-'', mimicing the younger mans dark voice, ''And then leave me with the explosion. 'Little like a trap. I didfeel like the victim now and then.'', His tone still told he wasn't really serious about the complain, though.

He hadn't expected Phasma to tell him that she was at liberty, but then chose not to tell. Still, he have her a prompt nod. ''I respect that.''. She certainly didn't seem like a woman who would enjoy prodding persuasion and was likely too solid to fall for the 'pretty please'.

Arvid had caught up on that the Commandant was dead, so that was a confirming rather than a surprise. Not a surprise at all, in fact. He wouldn't judge what he suspected was the reason for it, he just hoped Damotra hadn't had any responsibility in it. He knew how much his friend loved to provoke and incite situations of hate or anger. Fan the fire, and watch the show.

So he nodded again as he thought of her words.
''I..'m not really able to keep up with news,'' he said. ''What's Arkanis view on this?'', since the father and daughter obviously had slit opinions when it came to Snoke. He wondered if the Commandant had wanted what the rest of his home world had wanted.

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Hux could see the dawning realization start to hit Ben as his situation became apparent. He would have to go through the day, wearing that, and act normal. “Whatever you would have done anyway, Ben. Go see Arvid, Damotra, try to meditate, use the training grounds…,” Hux offered.

Ben wanted to go run away and she shook her head, “I’m afraid not,” he wouldn’t be allowed in her room without her present. She didn’t allow Phasma in her room alone. “It shouldn’t be too hard, right? You have years of meditation and focus,” kicked it up a notch, just to see if he’d still react, even after being reminded of all his so-called Force teachings.

“We can reunite again at dinner,” she told him calmly, keeping her voice even and smooth, though she wanted to break and be smug about all of this. Her victory. Her reward. Funny how their ‘rewards’ were about pleasantly torturing the other person.


Arvid did not pressure Phasma and for that she was grateful. She would hate to have to be rude on the situation of the Commandant, but despite knowing she could, it still felt wrong to do so. To take advantage of Hux’s trust in her to start telling of things that were personal. Assuming things.

All that anyone needed to know was that the Commandant was dead.

The First Order itself knew little more, despite witnessing it.

At the question of Arkanis, Phasma sighed. “The world of Arkanis is aware of his death, and they mourn the loss of the Commandant,” she said. “They are still behind the First Order. Senator Sindian remains a staunch supporter,” even if she had turned to them because of Brendol Hux, she now remained with them through General Hux.

Though she knew they did not get along well. “He was a good leader of the Academy of Arkanis. Innovative. He will be long missed and remembered, by some.” Not her. Hardly her. But then, much of his true innovation and true motives had all been done in secrecy. Arkanis did not truly know the man. They just knew the legacy.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 8 2017, 02:35 PM
A part of what had used to be Ben's daily schedule actually did include follow Hux around. Created almost immediately after meeting her the first time, and basically only having the purpose of annoying her. Occasionally offering genuine suggestions instead of complains, but she seemed to dislike those just as much. Ben wondered if she would actually listen to him the next time, now that they were far closer.

''I'm not going near Terex.'' he said easy, therefor excluding Damotra. ''He's already offended me today.''. He also wanted to point out that those two were behaving improperly, but.. A cheek-kiss compared to this? No that would be too hypocritical.
Perhaps Arvid.

''And I have, since I was a little child, but this have never really been anything I've needed to meditate away before.'' he pointed out. His fists clutched as she turned it up. Quiet curses in his mind. ''It's ages until then.'' he pointed out. Thinking more of her absence than what he had to deal with.

He decided to get his jacket, get a chance to move to see if it would be easier to not get distracted by it.

As Ben returned he stepped closer to her. He looked her in the eyes with a grin growing on his lips as he thought about how she would get back for this one day.
As for now,- ''So could I have three minutes with you first?''

Arvid kept his eyes as focused on her as he could while she spoke. Showing her that she held his full attention, even if his mind was currently a minor mess. Surprisingly little compared to what it usually became when he tried to talk with women. He always, always made himself look like an idiot in some way, even after all these years.
Got him feeling like he was fifteen all over again. Horrible.

But this was easier, Phasma keept straight and serious.
Giving him a... Healthy respect for her.

He wondered at first why she would speak good of the Commandant, but right as she added 'by some', he realized she had done what he most likely would have done aswell.

Even hearing that Arkanis was still behind the order, a supporter, he still couldn't help but to wonder, ''But how does the First Order know they don't support the Commandant's goal? He was more than eager to pull a blaster at her,'' he automatically spoke lower even with their lack of company.
''-Or how eager he was to find Him.''. Killing Hux and continue searching for Snoke really didn't seem that far fetched.

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‘Terex sets a new record.’ Probably not. Terex had probably offended someone just by breathing near them. At least he didn’t seem inclined to argue too much about where he would spend his time. She smirked a bit, “Well, no, I suspect not – but it is the same principal. Meditate and deal with all that external world stress.”

Poor Ben.

She didn’t turn it up as he finally started to move, and would have left him there to go about her day. She still had to finish setting things up with the New Republic, and then organizing the Finalizer for Eiji’s return.

Then Ben had to approach, and ask for three minutes. Always three minutes. Hux gave a sigh, “I suppose I can spare three minutes for you, but only three minutes, and no removing clothes.” She informed him, just so he didn’t get too carried away with his three minutes before his day began.


Phasma had a simple answer to that query, “No one on Arkanis knew what the Commandant was up to,” Carise hadn’t had any idea when questioned. “His wife is not heavily involved in the Order,” so she was no threat, “He has no other children to follow his legacy,” if Hux didn’t look like him, Phasma would have wondered….

“If anyone is going to continue his legacy, it would be Admiral Eiji,” Phasma indicated. Which was why his visit was going to be…interesting.

It wasn’t that he loved or cared for the Commandant. He likely hated Hux as much as the General – but he was a follower. The Commandant had been his leader, it was trained into him. She didn’t know how this would turn, in the end.

She offered, "Admiral Eiji Reinhardt was another from the Commandant's Cadet program, alongside Hux. One of the few to survive it." Didn't know if Arvid knew anything - doubted it.

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Ben looked at her as he waited for the answer. A second felt like an eternity when he had absolutely no guess on what her answer would be. And that wasn't simply him being bad at reading people.

As she said yes, he shined up. Alot.

The sigh itself and how she practically made it sound like a bother had the completely opposite effect than it would have had otherwise. Had his mother responded in that way, he would have stormed right out. Possibly yell before he did so.
But not this time..

Thinking of the kind of person Hux was when it came to work made it feel much more special. As it was important. As if he was important.

-Of course that wasn't something he would point out, how childish wouldn't that sound?

So the man stepped closer. Reaching to take her hand and kiss it, before leaning in. ''No removing clothes..'' he repeated her words to let her know he heeded them, letting the crook of his nose brush along her throat before he'd nip it. Kiss it.
Wrapping his arms around her waist and to her lower back, before he got to her lips. Not hesitating to put power into them right away. Lingering, as to almost point out how long he thought it had been.

Arvid had gotten the impression that the Commandant was highly regarded and important, but if 'no one knew what he was up to'.. Maybe he wasn't, after all. Or maybe he had simply withheld it from the people on purpose. Either way, he disliked it.

The Commandant had obviously seeked to work something out with Snoke, perhaps get the honor to become one of the pawns. Wether or not it would have been the Commandant's intention- Arkanis would have been affected by it one way or an other. Without consent, it that had been Snokes will.

The Knight nodded, memorizing that name. He was just about to ask a bit closer who he was when the woman was one step ahead of him.
And by her last words, the man's expression spelled out just what he thought,

'What. By the Force. Just what'

''Oh. Wow. Uh. So correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't.. Isn't it like.. Kids? That goes through that training?'' he asked. ''Wh-.. I am clearly missing something here, cause it sounds like either someone started a children's Fight-club or planned fieldtrips to some very poorly chosen places..''

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The General let Ben take the hand that didn’t hold the remote, let him kiss it, before she tilted her head back to let him have more access to her throat. Smiled and tried not to think of how the business of the day was going to bother her, as well.

Pity Ben no longer lived on the Finalizer.

She stepped into the embrace and wrapped her own arms around his neck, letting the fingers entangle themselves in his dark hair as his kisses lingered, as if they could stretch the time out longer or make her forget it. She didn’t fight to add more pressure to them, and was careful with the remote, not to adjust the switch any as she let Ben set this pace.

She’d get to have all the fun she wanted after these three minutes were up. She’d let Ben be sweet for now and enjoy it. It had felt like it was far too long. Too many holovids in between visits. She pressed herself up against him, wanting to feel his presence lingering against her, too.


Ah, so Arvid did know a bit about the Cadets. Even seemed to know a bit about the ‘tragic’ story of many of those brought up in it, “The Cadet Program was created by Commandant Hux to create leaders of the First Order, designed off of Imperial programs and Jedi teachings,” odd as that sounded.

He took that no attachment thing too far.

“It has been modified over the years – I grew up in a variant of it,” as did most Stormtroopers. “General Hux and Admiral Reinhardt were two of those in the original class,” which many saw as reasons for its success. It produced two powerful officers of the First Orders.

Smarter people asked at what cost. “The program was very rigorous,” Phasma consented, “Not many of the original class survived.” Didn’t say how. Technically, she wasn’t supposed to know. She did, though. “What do you know of the Cadet program?”

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The man could feel a warm shiver down his whole spine as he felt her arms around him. He could feel it spread across his skin, in his stomach.. Tightening his own grip around her.
Ben had started to dislike all the night without her, but he'd survive. And if this warmth was what he got as a reward for it, maybe missing her wasn't that bad..

'Miss her..' Void, he actually missed something again.
Missed someone without it resulting in self-loathing and bitterness.

Calm and peace did help with her game, and that was just what she brought him. Even if he knew that would soon be over. The calm she caused him would be gone along with her, and from a fucking distance she would be able to mess with him for hours.

''Mmm..'', Ben let his hands spread over her back as she came closer, the lower one continuing down that path to grab her behind, unless that was off-limit aswell.
Either way he fully enjoyed having her like this. Getting to kiss her repeatedly. Slow, but still advancing. A light nip of her lower lip before he taster it with the tip of his tongue.

Arvid didn't try to hide his distaste at all as she mentioned where it came from, the Jedi-part to be specific. If Phasma had heard more than five words out of either Ben or Damotra there was not the slightest doubt she had caught on to the Knights dislike of Jedi.

Absolutely nothing good could have came out of that.
But even 'A variant' of it sounded better. Perhaps they had taken into consideration that something there wasn't right.

''Honestly? Not much. Most of what I've heard about the First Order comes from drunk gossip.. Or drunk Damotra. He-.. Knows how to be dramatic about what he doesn't like so I don't know how much is true and how much is.. Trash-talk.'', the man shrugged. ''Let's just say I've heard talk, I don't wan't to claim I know any facts.''.

''But, you know, this whole death-thing seems to be a fact aaand... It sounds pretty alarming, I gotta say..''
He got back to being serious as a thought hit him.

The man furrowed his brow a bit, looking up at the woman with his head slightly tilted. ''Damotra has told me that the Commandant... Was a bad man.'' to put it nicely. Extremely nicely. ''...Was he bad towards the children..?'' Just the thought made him tense.

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The General had not forbade anything but the removal of clothes, so she did not stop Ben’s hand from going lower. She smiled into the kiss before he broke away a bit, only to nip her bottom lip instead of kiss it.

Her own mental clock continued its cycle down, knowing there was a little more time to linger before his three minutes would be up. Then she would have to go about business with the Order. Thank goodness she did usually allow for time to actually work out – otherwise she’d never get out of meetings and business.

She tilted her head back, only to gain a second’s distance, and then leaned forward and dropped her head to kiss his neck. The hand that had been entangled in his hair pulled his head back, but hard or sudden, but with a pressure that still demanded it, offering more flesh to her, and yet still she did not grow greedy.

No, she let go of his hair, and moved cloth aside so she could find her favorite spot – the place where her mark belonged, and she would again renew it, leave another dark hickey there for Ben to remember her by through the day as he suffered from her game.


Phasma knew that the Knights wouldn’t like anything to do with the Jedi, but it was still the truth behind the teachings. Good or bad, some parts had been taken from the Jedi.

Damotra seemed to be his source, though, and Phasma sighed. She could imagine Damotra told the story of the Cadets in a very…interesting way. Something Hux might even find amusing to hear. Perhaps she’d ask him about it…just to hear it. “That is one of the reasons why the Cadet program was adapted. There were many deaths.”

All of them a part of the program. Not that such was public knowledge. Phasma shouldn’t even know it, but Hux did tell her one day when discussing how her training differed from Hux’s own. Needless to say it was quite eye-opening.

Arvid seemed upset with the possibility that the Commandant was not good with children. No doubt, because he had helped the Commandant in some ways, or appeared to. Had trusted him. “Commandant Hux was a military minded man,” Phasma wasn’t sure why she spoke so cautiously. Perhaps years of her own training. She had to speak a certain way around ‘civilians’. “He had a mind for raising an army…not children. People…did not realize the two do not go together well.”

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As Ben didn't seem to overstep anything, the young man pushed it a little further and let his other hand drop aswell. Both of them spread wide to get a good grip of her behind. Shifting between stroking and holding close.

He had time to get just a glimpse of her face before she leaned back in and he felt the skin on his neck burn from her touch. Ben let out another deep, quiet purr. Closing his eyes again as he tilted his head back.
Enjoying the grip in his hair, and he wanted to return it. But risking to mess up her hair didn't seem like a smart choice.

Instead, he got a firmer hold around her. His hands weren't shy to squeeze and grab. Keeping the pace slow and warm. There was something oddly satisfying about the fact that this was now free for him to cherish. All of her, his to appreciate and treasure.

Ben snickered, ''That's been missing in the mirror..'' he murmured as he enjoyed her marking him again. Squeezing her backside extra tight with just a light wiggle, a.. way to show her affection.
Fairly certain it worked like that..

Arvid's mind was still lingering on the whole Jedi thing. Why would a non Force-sensitive think that it would be a good thing to practice after Jedi ways? Ways, that had been 'polished' and 'perfected' for Force-sensitives. The Commandant had doubtfully had any child with that ability in his program. There was doubtfully any chance that any of those children could fall out of the Light like a Force-sensitive could.

Taking someone's privileges of their free will, experiences, emotions and choices was what was left as result.
Take their imagination. Loved ones. And if it really succeeded, it could deny one completely to understand how life worked outside their circle.

Things like that should never be denied to a child.

It all put the man in distress, even if he succeeded to cover a whole lot of it up. Not all, though. That would have seemed unnatural.

He cleared his throat. ''You know, I was kind of just joking with the children's fight-club and bad fieldtrips.-'', Arvid could absolutely imagine the Commandant scattering out children on some planet and leave them there over the weekend to practice survival. ''-That's usually when someone cuts in to say 'Oh no absolutely not','', he had no idea who's voice he mimiced there. A female one. ''So you're free to do that if you'd like. Just cut me right off.''

''How did he keep it hidden, though..? Keep it running?''

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The mark would be restored, and Ben would look how he ought to, while he refamiliarized himself with her backside, groping and stroking the flesh through the cloth of her pants. She lifted her lips from his throat then, grinning up at him before lifting up to take his bottom lip between her teeth, acting as if she’d reinitiate a kiss.

Except, she didn’t.

She pulled away and released his lip, brushed his arms down to remove them from her, “Time’s up,” she told him, and turned the device completely off. For now. She’d kick it back up, later, “You know the time I am usually available again, and I believe you still know the way to my room?” Left as a question, just in case he had somehow forgotten his way around the Finalizer.

He used to know it fairly well, but time away might have led him to forget some things. Hux was told it was too large. Too labyrinthine. Did she care? No.

People who got lost deserved to get lost.


Phasma sighed as Arvid seemed more curious, and also more horrified. She ought to stop, but she felt the need to tell him what he asked for. “All of the deaths were ruled an accident. It happens in the military – a blaster not on safety or stun. It happens in life as well, a slip in a shower,” banging one’s head open and bleeding out. Stairs. Food poisoning.

Always different. But always happening to Cadets.

“Everyone wanted to kill me. The Commandant’s daughter. As if it would win them some…place of honor with him.”
She remembered Hux saying, and sighed.

“You cannot put a man out of his work for accidents.” As the Commandant well-knew. He had managed it during the Empire, and managed it after the Empire. Whoever thought it was a good idea to trust him with kids was really an idiot. “There are even some who think the program was a success, considering two of the highest officers within the Order are former Cadets.”

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Ben enjoyed the moment fully. Her scent, her warmth. The pleasant ache of being marked. Just feeling her against him and fill his hands up with her.
His eyes met hers as the lips left his throat. Once again the man let out a low hum, something that had started to come natural in the moments when he felt this content.

Enjoying the feeling of her teeth- before his head had to clear back up again to understand why she didn't kiss him. Why she turned it off.
The man let out a deep sigh as she let him know time was up.

''Yeah.. I still know the way.'' he answered. Her room had also been something he had memorized very early coming here.
He reached his hands back up to aim to take one of hers. Kiss it again.

Ben did ask if she could lead him back to either of his men, however.
He didn't mention it, but he wanted to keep his arch around the Finalizer as narrow as possible. Familiar places. Few places. He didn't want to 'look around'. Didn't want to go anywhere he didn't have to.

Arvid wanted to question and discuss further,- a child's blaster not being on safety or stun was an accident that should never be allowed to happen,- but Phasma had nothing to do with this, so he would absolutely not risk it and make her think he judged her.

The word 'accident' seemed to be the keyword here. Also taking in to consideration how Damotra had used it, and his hate for that particular word.

Arvid pulled a bit on his mouth as he tried to see it from an other point of view.
''Don't take me wrong, I can.. Imagine result. Absolutely.'' he said, honest.

He shrugged with a hint smile, as if he felt stupid for reacting with distress. ''Guess I just really wasn't prepared on hearing that.'', his hand ran up to the back of his neck for a second or two. ''I'd like to think that in the end, everything goes back to the will of the Force. Sometimes I just have a hard time making the connections.''.

''Was it similar in your own program? Or was that.. Safer?''

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“Good,” Hux wouldn’t need to go find Ben later, then. He would know where to go, and when she would be there. Otherwise, the door would be locked, and Ben wouldn’t be getting through it easily.

At his query about taking him back to his men, she offered, “I don’t know where they would be now, for certain. I know where Arvid’s room is meant to be,” had made sure it would be cleared out if they had guests to keep, “and I know where Damotra’s ship is. Where would you like to be taken to?”

Damotra was possibly with Terex, though he did not always go there. Hux had learned he figured out where the garden was, so he spent a bit of time there, as well. Ben wouldn’t want to go to Terex though, so she didn’t plan to take him towards the Carrion Spike lest that just lead to a violent outburst from Ben. Paired with his new stress, she could imagine it happening too easily.


Phasma wasn’t one to believe in the ‘will of the Force’, but then, she couldn’t feel the Force. To her it was like iron – something that could be used, but had no will or sentience on its own. It was only relevant so long as it was useful. “Most are not. Most I would not discuss even those details of the cadet program with.”

However, Arvid was an ally and a friend of Ben. Not to mention, he was simply easy to speak with. It was a pity they had their first meeting under such bad circumstances, when the situation between Hux and Ben escalated badly.

“My program was safer,” she admitted. For one, there were no forced killings. “The Stormtrooper program has continued to be adapted and tweaked. Though we had one traitor – we’ve only had one traitor.” Considering their numbers, that was impressive. War tended to produce more than that, on all sides. “Not as many died going through it.”

Deaths still happened. Real accidents. Attacks on bases. Things of that nature – but nothing like with the Cadet program.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 11 2017, 08:18 PM
Ben ran a hand through his hair to make sure it fell in the same way it had done before their spar. Before that pleasant pull. ''I will be there by 22, then,'', though the statement was left open at the end, as to welcome her to confirm it.

He adjusted the long jacket a bit, not planning to take it off even once today. ''I...'', giving it an extra thought, but then shook his head, ''Arvid's room.'' he said.
No, there were no way he was going to be near Terex in this situation. Maybe not Damotra either, now that he thought about it.

The young man gestured for her to lead as he was ready to leave. And if she was, he would walk right next to her. As well as take a shot at one last grab before walking out the doors.

Hearing himself being what seemed like an exception made him feel pretty good. It really wasn't often someone decided to confide in him when he had done so to them. And honestly he couldn't understand why. So it was a very refreshing feeling.

''I can understand that..'' he said. It didn't really sound like something you would want to get out to just anyone.

Arvid listened as she spoke about her own program. The Stormtrooper program. He connected the traitor to that boy, Finn, but it wasn't until she clarified it that it clicked for him.

''Oh, ooh, one? Only? Ever?'', then you could hear the man genuinely impressed. ''That is quite a feat.'' he said. ''There must be like..- Alot. Alot of.. Stormtroopers..''- and there he went as usual to trip over his own words and not really know how to put them back together.

'Alot of Stormtroopers? Really? Genius.'

He cleared his throat, damned himself in his mind, and quickly popped out another question to move on. ''Are you the one leading the program now or do you train the ones that have passed?'' Arvid asked curious.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 11 2017, 09:46 PM
“Yes,” Hux heard the question in the statement, and so confirmed the time. She started towards the door as Ben seemed to debate where it was he wanted to be, ending up deciding it would be the room where Arvid would be staying. ‘Great.’ Not exactly a room she wanted to go by, but so be it.

“All right, I will take you there.” Wouldn’t allow any hesitation to show. She offered, she’d deliver on the offer. Hopefully Arvid would be there.

Ben walked right to her side and just as the doors opened, dared to get one last handful of her ass. She nearly hit him for it, if only because she didn’t want passing guards to see, but managed to refrain as she led him out, shooting him only a glare.

He’d regret everything soon enough.

Hux did arrive at the door to her once-father’s room, and just input the code quickly. Inside would be the bird, but no Arvid.


It wasn’t only that – the Cadet program was generally bad PR. Hux didn’t want the details spread lest her own training be called into question and problems arise from it. After all, Hux was basically trained to be a sociopathic follower of the Order’s dogma. If people thought that was all she was, she’d never be trusted.

Not to mention how many she’d killed in it….

“Only one that we know of,” Phasma answered. Double-agents were always a possibility, and some who died may have been traitors. She smirked a bit at his statement of ‘a lot’. He truly didn’t know the half of it.

She shook her head, “There are many teachers,” she couldn’t do it all herself. “I tend to get to them when they reach the end of their training, but I have overseen the trainings of those younger, as well. I am in charge of the programs, now.” Hux used to be, but finally accepted to let Phasma oversee it. Any significant changes were to be brought to Hux’s attention.


Admiral Eiji Reinhardt had finally returned from Wild Space in the Sacrosanct, another of the Resurgent-class Star Destroyers within the First Order, though not often seen. His operations had been in Wild Space, seeking out old Imperial bases and mapping it. Palpatine had wanted something out there, after all – Eiji intended to find it.

The platinum haired man stared out from the large window at the bridge, before finally going back to his console as someone walked in. His crew wore white. Admirals and naval forces, more than the ground forces, after all. “Admiral Reinhardt, your cruiser is prepared.”

“Good,” he continued forward, shoes clicking on the metal floor. He kept his hands behind his back as he walked by the officer. He wore no cloak, no coat – those were ways to get killed. The fabric he wore was worn close, armor underneath the tunic, and at joint connections – elbows and knees. There was even an armored collar around his neck, under the high, white collar of his tunic. “I will be back soon.”

He took his cruiser on towards the planet of Kaddak, following a lead of Rosalee’s about one of those so-called Knights of Ren. Yes, he knew they were technically aligned again, but he didn’t need to tell Hux that. She hadn’t been keeping in touch well, the information got to him by happenstance.

So he’d apologize.

After he brought the knight.

Kaddak was a planet of criminals, where Terex had once ruled, so it was fairly easy for the First Order to get information from it.

He had dressed down from his white outfit. Even if he would dress right back into it when he got into his cruiser, the First Order was still not well-received on Kaddak. It was why he did not bring the Sacrosanct to hover over it. He dressed down into torn pants and a hoodie, pulled the hoodie up over his head, and moved through in that guise, with a few others following after him. He had heard that this Knight tended to hang around levels 9-15 of the Shard, so that was where he began to explore.

It didn’t take long.

He saw the Knight in an alley, not hiding there, but trying to open a door to a business.

Admiral Reinhardt didn’t waste much time. He pulled at a pair of confinement cuffs and kept his steps light as he hoped to sneak up on the Force Sensitive. If he could get the handcuffs on him, that would be enough then for him to take the advantage.

So he tried to get behind him by moving through an alley that led into the one that the knight was in, and he would reach out to snatch the knight’s wrist and attempt to put it into one of the bracelets of the handcuffs.

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The glare he recieved from her brought out almost like a rush of adrenaline, giving the man a sharp grin, but simply gave her a wink and go on as if nothing had happened, now that they had actually gotten far enough for guards to actually risk passing now.

The joy in his looks had disappeared as soon as he got out of his comfort-zone though.
Instead he felt stiff and stressed, eager to see Arvid to get more familiarity around him. Had Hux not been with him he might possibly have turned around.

A whole row of curious and happy sounds escaped the big animal as soon as the doors opened and she saw Ben, and the woman she slightly recognized now.

Ben casually erased his last step into the room and took a step back instead, out from both the room and the animals field of view. Pointing out that Arvid wasn't there, and acted as if his attention went to glancing around for the older man.

The big bird tilted her head confused as the man disappeared, letting out a few dry chatters for attention, before her own landed on the General. Without her person there to give her instructions, she would simply get up and walk over to examine the person she assumed was safe now.

Only having had one official traitor was still very impressive, even if Phasma made it sound less so with her realistic attitude.
Arvid himself had experienced more than one. It was never fun having to put down someone who had once meant something to you.

He guessed by her smirk that his 'a lot' hadn't just slipped past. The man continued pretending as if it had never been said. Pretend that the smirk hadn't triggered his awkwardness to grow further.

But it was relatively easy, atleast. Phasma did interest him alot as he wasn't really used to women having a military-mind.
''Are there different branches in the programs?'' he asked curious as she mentioned she was in charge of them. He knew there were more than... These white-plated guys.

''What kind of-.. Number..- Umm..'', the man's words completely drifted off along with his attention. His brow furrowed light as he glanced around a bit without really looking.
''-I think Ben is expecting me.'', he said, his eyes moving back to the blue ones.

The steel wire wasn't close to durable enough for this lock. ''Fuck me..'', just why had he decided this was a good idea tonight?
Spontaneous impulses like this should lead to having some fun pickpocketing, domestic burglary, maybe a small corner-store robbery.
Not somewhere with security-locks and reinforced doors. Without his proper stuff ontop of that. Or a plan. Force..

He stopped up for a second and looked around as he thought something felt off, unplugging the music from his ears. He lowered the sound enough to have the earpieces hang down around his neck instead before he went back to the lock. Pulling out a thin blade instead and went back to his lock.

The blade snapped right off as the man using it suddenly jerked unprepared and it stuck in between the door. ''Hey!'', turning around with his other fist raised high,- but it stayed put in the air as the green eyes batted down when something clicked around his wrist.

What exactly did this little shit think he was doing? If it hadn't only been the boy and himself he would have gone right to attacking, but..
He let the boy keep his cuffed arm, and reached the other one away.
''Aight listen, pretty-boy, I'm gonna give ya one chance to take that shit off me. C'mon now.'', golden tooth showing clear in his chuckle. ''Before ya piss me off.''

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 12 2017, 08:22 PM
Arvid obviously wasn’t there, “Really, Ben?” Hux couldn’t help the sarcasm in her tone as the giant bird came over to her. She eyed it, noted the way that Ben backed off, and held up her hand to it, so it could examine her if it liked. Best let it get used to her so it wouldn’t murder her.

“I can take you to Damotra if you’d like,” she offered, “but I can’t really stay to wait with you much longer,” really did need to work on things for seeing the Senate and for Eiji’s arrival, because that was always a tense situation.

She would wait to hear what Ben wanted, though. She could leave him here, or take him to Damotra, but there wasn’t much else she could do. She didn’t know if Phasma was still with Arvid or not, though she supposed she could check with her…well, perhaps if Ben wanted to stay here she’d call Phasma to find out if she knew where Arvid was.


“There are, yes,” Phasma noted. She was mostly in charge of ground forces. There were branches for their TIE fighters that she also had some authority over. Other air force aspects, however, were mostly set under the Admiral.

Then there was the smaller naval branch that was considered for conquering water-based worlds or civilizations, like the gungans.

She was about to elaborate - not with numbers, but branches and examples – when Arvid seemed to grow a bit distant. She wondered only a moment before he explained. Probably Force-sensitivity connection things. “Understood,” she rose then, picking up her tray, “I will take you back to him once we put our dishes up,” there was a conveyor belt that would take the dishes back to be washed. Then she could lead him back to his room, or wherever Ben was.

She was sure Arvid could offer some general pointers about direction.


Pretty boy, with a pretty face, and pretty pale gray eyes. Eiji had heard it all, and people always underestimated him. His lithe build and innocent features made him seem too angelic to do any harm, and yet, here he was, with a Force-sensitive in handcuffs.

He didn’t bother snapping up the other wrist. Wasn’t necessary. Just snapped the open cuff onto his own, to bind the man to him. “Felix Harkness,” he greeted him then, calmly and coldly, “I am Admiral Eiji Reinhardt of the First Order. You are under arrest.”

He drew his hand back to pull a blaster from the pocket of his hoodie, a rather small make. Stealth-make, really. It didn’t register on sensors, having its own cloaking field around it. It was even hard to see with the normal eye, but Eiji wouldn’t have it be any different.

“You can come peacefully, or I will drag you unconscious to the Sacrosanct.” His ship. “Your choice.”

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 12 2017, 10:39 PM
'' 'Really' what?'' he asked, but his attitude was far too unconcerned for his character.
The man leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms, watching through the corner of his eyes how Hux reached her hand out, and how the big animal leaned in to inspect it.

Letting out a bunch or dry and raspy noises stating her being curious but cautious. Ben knew her expressions well enough to atleast know that wasn't treathful, so he let it be.

''No, it's okay. Arvid knows I want him here.'' he said. ''There is a sort of power where you can hide your Force aura from other sensitives. You can also use it the other way around.'', Damotra had showed him the proper use. The other part he had discovered on his own.

It didn't take long for the sounds of cautious curiousity to turn happy. And not much longer than that before she had decided the hand was safe enough to put her head under.

Ben turned his head towards the woman now. ''But I fully understand that you can't just stand here.'' he said, a soft smile on his lips to assure her that he meant it.

Arvid had noted her answer. He would remember to ask her some other time. Both because he was genuinely interested, and because... Well.. It would be a perfect question to trigger another conversation with.

So the man gave her a nod and a smile, stood up, and picked up his tray and glass.
''I am.. Relatively sure he's by the room.'' he said.

Once they had walked a bit, Arvid threw a seconds glance at the taller woman.
''I want to thank you again. Both for showing me around, but also for keeping me company. It certainly helped making it easier to stop the stress.'' Arvid said.

''You know, over the fact that we are on a ship in the middle of space without ground or a planet anywhere near so that if something would malfunction we would literally fall and fall into the endless black void for eternity.'', huh it actually was easier to joke about it now.

The brown eyes moved back up at her again. ''I really appreciate it.''

The arm that had been held away dropped back down with a sighing groan as the blonde man did what he absolutely hadn't expected. ''Oh come on..!'' he complained under his breath.

The green eyes grew a bit big as he heard his name, though. ''How the fuck did you-..'', but he decided to not put up a big fight. Not pull a weapon.
No, it was far easier to get caught and then escape. Even if the 'First Order' part sounded a bit challenging.

''Aight, aight.. I'll come peacefully.'' Felix murmured.

He liked a challenge, most places he were thrown into couldn't hold him for long.
''Can I atleast know what'cha arresting me for?'', ready to follow along when the blonde was ready to go.

''My poor wife's gonna be worried sick, she will. And the kids,- I'm just tryin' to put food on the table, ya know.??'' he said, before he took a lucky shot. ''Almost everything we've got is in a bag at the motel, c'mon I can't just leave it there, it's mine..!''.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 13 2017, 12:02 AM
Hux gave Ben a calm nod, as the bird pressed her head to his hand. She calmly stroked the feathers, slow and cautious, so she would not startle the creature. Then, she stepped back. “I am sure Arvid will be here soon, then.” If Ben had called, certainly Arvid would be showing up.

With that, Hux offered a, “See you in a few hours,” before walking off to get to the bridge and began to prepare for Eiji and the Senate. Neither topic was appealing.

Once she had rounded a corner, though, she did twist the knob on the remote…all the way up. Ben’s farewell had been far too soft and easy – she had almost felt bad about leaving him there, outside of Arvid’s room, with the bird.

Hopefully that bird wouldn’t react too much to Ben’s own reaction to the device. Assuming he wasn’t able to contain it, as before.


Phasma did not ask how the man was so certain of Ben’s location and assumed it was again the Force at work. She wondered if Arvid would be able to navigate that way. Just…feel where his bird was, for instance, and go to it. That would make his life a lot easier.

“You’re welcome,” Phasma said to his gratitude, “It is not often that I have company outside of the Order, so yours was appreciated as well,” she said, and did sincerely mean it. It was almost nice to get to talk about things that others knew so well. Nice to have a…fresh insight. And even be able to discuss some things she couldn’t.

Not in any detail, but…still.

“The Finalizer has never suffered any malfunction that would put it at risk of such an incident, and there are plenty of back-up power generators,” Phasma noted to Arvid’s concern. As if Hux would let it be so easy…no, she was aware that outside the ship was death.

They were coming closer to the room now.


Eiji refrained from rolling his eyes as he started to walk, pulling down the sleeve of his hoodie to cover his own cuff, and letting his hand wrap around the one holding Felix’s wrist, to cover it, as they moved back into sight. Eiji’s own guards moved near, in the crowd, as Eiji started them back to the hangar.

“The Knights of Ren are enemies of the First Order now, or have you not heard?” Eiji asked, nonchalant. “You are being arrested for our war effort, and to learn more information about your organization and Supreme Leader Snoke.”

He then cast a glance back, “And I know you do not have a wife or children, Felix. You should consider better lies if you are going to insist on trying that drab tactic on me.” Mercy. He was trying to appeal to a heart that he didn’t have. Eiji wouldn’t have cared if he did have a wife or children – they could starve. Die.

Eiji wouldn’t care.

Only the strong were meant to survive. Like himself. Like Hux.

Well…so long as Hux stayed ahead of him.

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Ben kept an eye on the big animal as it allowed itself to be petted. Her odd sounds continued and the huge eyes closed.
He was sure Arvid would show up soon, what could he be doing that was important enough not to? So the man nodded.

Less happily so as she took her leave. ''Yeah, we will.'' he said, a light crook on his lips.
Taking the only upside of her leaving in.- The view.

Once they were alone, he gave the animal a glare as she was blocking the whole doorframe, but then pretended she simply wasn't there.
Ben reacted just as started as the first time but succeeded to keep his exclamation in this time.

The difference this time was how high it was on, and how quickly that turned the shock into something else. Like a punch right in the guts. Hot. Everywhere. Messing with his calm breathing, messing with his straight posture against the wall..
Messing with his concentration to try and control it. But he didn't have much other choice than to actually force it under control.

Arvid was pleasantly surprised by the way Phasma answered him. Again, he really wasn't used to people actually being polight back in that way. Or if they were, they didn't let him know even once.

''Well I'm always 'outside of the Order' if you'd like company again some other time.'' he said, casual, even if you could almost see how the cogs started working in his head right after that.
...That.. Hadn't... Did that sound weird? That wasn't flirting, right? Would he have said it that way to Ben? Possibly. So then it couldn't have been.. Right..?

Wether it had or hadn't been, it wasn't allowed to be.

Arvid closed his mouth and chose not to elaborate and risk making it worse. Instead he was happy to get a chance to hurry away and leave it behind.
''And back-up power generators are.. Powerful?'' he asked, really having no idea. Not when it came to the size of this thing and all it probably required. ''See that's why I'm glad I don't have access to anything that I shouldn't. Like big shiny self-destruction buttons, or a bright red valve that cuts off the oxygen.''
By the last few words they were close enough for the animal to pick up on his voice and walking-style and started calling out joyfully, the big dark head and upper body still blocking the door-vault. Ben looked far more stiff and stressed than he usually did around the bird, but still succeeded to greet Phasma, and Arvid himself bowed down his head and said goodbye, before he'd greet the Commander.

The older one glared down with a high dislike as the blonde man practically held his hand. In public. This little shit.

He hadn't really heard that, no. Due to his constantly switching identities and.. Other factors, he didn't get all the messages he was supposed to get.

''Na,'' he said, turned his head to the side of the road to spit. ''Ain't heard much shit about your kind here at all, dunno if you've noticed or not, but you ain't really wanted here.'' Felix pointed out. But the blonde obviously knew, considering how dressed down he was.

Felix guessed he wasn't going to get to pick his bag up from the hotel. Piss. Probably losing a good amount of credits from not turning those goodies in. Wasted a whole week filling that duffel bag with stuff that looked sellable. Hope the thief finding it trips and dies on it.

''I think ya'd be surprised how often that bullshit actually works, the fuck are ya supposed to pronounce that shit?? Eejay? Eye..I.. Aye aye? Eejee?''
''And second question, are you trying to make us look fuckin' gay or what??'', his wrist wriggling uncomfortably in the other's grip.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 13 2017, 05:58 PM
Ben looked quite tense when Phasma and Arvid appeared on the scene. She, too, assumed it was the bird. Likely the reason for him to call out to Arvid as he had – apparently he really didn’t like being alone with that bird. She did answer him, “The generators are powerful, yes,” and those other buttons he suggested didn’t exist. Not for ship-wide things, anyway, and nothing would ever self-destruction.

Hux saw no purpose to such a thing.

Phasma nodded in greeting to Ben then, stepped from Arvid to leave him in the care of his commander, “I am certain I will see you around again during your stay, Arvid,” and with that, she took the helmet from under her arm up, and placed it back upon her head to leave the two men to catch up, while she went about her routines for the day, which were likely going to involve preparing the Stormtroopers to be well-placed for Eiji, and also make sure the TIE fighters could easily leave the Finalizer.

And that all the weapons were in good condition on the Finalizer itself.

Just in case.


Eiji had noticed. It was the precise reason he held Felix’s hand and hid the handcuff under it. After all, authority in general was not liked here, never mind him being a ‘friend’ of Lord Terex. Not all of his friends survived long.

“And no, I wouldn’t be. If it was not useful, people would not use appeals to emotion. Pathos persuasion is used frequently by those with no logic or truth to fall upon,” he stated, just as cold as ever. “If my name is difficult for you, the majority use my surname as it is. Reinhardt,” then, he offered it slower, “Ee-jee Rine-heart.”

Pretty simple to him.

“Admiral also works if that is still beyond your capabilities,” he stated, as they entered into the hangar, “And no, I have no intention of making us appear gay. Perhaps you have some unresolved sexual identity issues if you feel you are being presented in that manner to the public around us, or if you feel that is a negative thing to be.”

Eiji literally didn’t care, and gestured to one of his guards to open the ramp up to his ship. It was done immediately by a woman dressed similarly to him.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 13 2017, 07:18 PM
''You've got that fool's look on your face, Arvid.'' the taller man pointed out as soon as Phasma was out of their range.
''Huh?'', the redhaired man quickly placed his attention back on his Commander. ''What do you mean?''

Ben nodded for the Knight to get the animal out of the way so they could get inside first, and then answered, ''I mean that you have a special look for when you're talking to women, and when you think they're pretty; you get a special smile aswell.'' he pointed out, not giving any signs that he would join Arvid in taking off his jacket. ''Does she know how old you are?''

Arvid sighed, letting it pass as sadly this was Ben being relatively casual. ''No, she doesn't. Why would that matter, anyway? It's very possible to just find someone pretty without it meaning anything, Ben. Hux is very pretty.'', ''I know she is.'' the other man replied to the obvious statement. Taking a detour around the room to sit down on the end of the bed.

''So where is she, anyway?'' Arvid asked as he walked over to soothe the big animal after the complete rejection. ''Working. And I felt alone. So here I am. You don't mind, do you?''
The older man sighed. ''In the end, you know I never do.''

When the blonde one started talking and using all his fancy words, he messed up the momentarily peace Felix had created with his ramble to think.
Instead he turned his head and looked at the other one as if Eiji was a special kind of stupid. ''... Pat-ho-wha??'' but then regretted his question and just shook his head at it- he really didn't care.

This was usually where the mockery and boasting came in, challenging his capturers to try to get someting out of him, promise them he'd make them miserable every second they kept him. And warn them that he would get out sooner or later. And he always delivered.
But now, when it was about the Knights.. It put him on edge.

''Fuck I'mma just call you 'Blondie'.'', as set in stone. ''And I ain't got shit unresolved but when another dude practically holds my hand it kinda feels gay, common sense 's all that is.''.

Alright. This was starting to work him up now. Fill him with both stress and adrenaline.

He didn't resist or try to pull away, but he wasn't comming along half as smooth anymore. Teeth flashing angry as he started paying attention to the other's around them.

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The day on the Finalizer went on, and Phasma did reunite with Hux to go over preparations for Eiji, which were as Phasma suspected. A few troops would be set as snipers in hanger 1, where Eiji would be expected to dock. The TIEs would be prepared to launch if the Sacrosanct tried to attack the Finalizer. The weapons on the Finalizer were checked again to make sure they were all operational.

The latter took the longest time, running diagnostics on each one to make sure they were ready. The shields were checked as well, and all the while, Hux toyed with the remote, shifting it off, on, and cycling through the various power levels of it. She didn’t know how Ben was acting, nor if it worked from the various distances of the Finalizer, but she was sure she’d learn from Ben soon enough.

“You need to eat, General,” Phasma indicated as evening came around.

“I know, I know,” it just felt like she was forgetting something. The only thing she could figure was setting a spy on Coruscant. Have to talk to Rosalee.

“We have gone over everything.” Phasma reassured, and led General Hux on towards the cafeteria, as Hux idly slipped the remote on to the medium setting. She was pleased to see both Ben and Arvid there in the cafeteria when they arrived there, hadn’t thought they’d manage the same time since she was showing up rather late, but didn’t mind it.


This Felix was a dullard for a Knight. Not that Eiji expected much, knowing of Kylo and his penchant for destroying things. Why Hux hadn’t just killed him, Eiji didn’t understand. Anyone who destroyed his things so indiscriminately would have been murdered a long time ago.

Blondie. “How creative,” didn’t bother him, though. Called worse. Hardly cared if a prisoner was going to try and insult him, nor did he care if the other man thought this looked gay. He wasn’t trying to pull away, and that was enough for Eiji.

The ramp was lowered. Eiji’s guards would fall in line behind them as Eiji moved up, casually unlocked the cuff off on his own wrist and then slapped it around a ring on the wall within the cockpit as he slipped into his seat to set the coordinates back to the Sacrosanct. One of his guards stationed themselves near Felix, blaster aimed in case Felix thought to try anything.

“You do not need to worry. You will only be held as a prisoner until we reach the Finalizer and General Hux,” the Admiral said, “You will remain in a holding cell in my ship until then.” Implication being this wasn’t the final stop. Not his true ship.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 13 2017, 10:03 PM
This, was a whole new kind of torture. One he had never felt or known of before.
But yes, he would call it torture. The way he had no control over it, no say over it. The way he couldn't ask her to please shut it off or turn it down, or the way he couldn't beg her to turn it back up again when she actually did.

And how it shiften between 'Too close' and wanting less, or 'So close' but not enough.
The fact that he couldn't let it show was just as horrible. He didn't know what he was swallowing down the most,- the moaning or the yelling from frustration.

And he felt ashamed over how close up personal his hand got as soon as he would stick it down the pocket of his jacket. Quickly learning not to do that.

And Arvid, talked and talked and talked, like he always did. Ben didn't need to worry the slightest over Arvid being suspicious. Other than that he kept asking if he really was fine, but that had happened before.

''I will end you.'', Ben murmured casually as they sat in the cafeteria.
''I asked if you were 'feeling better' now, not 'Are you all right'.'' Arvid fended off, perhaps even more cheerful than usual, enjoying his coffee.
Ben had insisted they waited outside for a bit, saying he knew Hux wasn't there either way, so they had recently sat down after filling their trays.

The redhaired man puffed Ben lightly with his elbow, and if looks could kill....
So instead Arvid gave the two women a greeting nod as he could tell they had spotted them- and then Ben catched on to what the puffing had been for. Quickly lighting up in his tormented state.

''Thanks, mate.'' the man got out not half as eager as before.
Not at all. But giving every soul he could a glare to state it made it feel a little easier.
So he followed. Unwillingly, but non-resisting. Murmuring curses and profanity the whole way to their stop. And then some.

How many times had he gotten caught? He couldn't even remember. How many times had he been captured? This was the 98'th time. How many times had he gotten out of it this far? 97 times. He wasn't worried.

The problem was that it was just like getting a shot. You knew so well you wouldn't die from it. You knew everything would be fine. You knew you've done it before, and that you're gonna do it again. It's not dangerous at all.
But at the same time... The waiting. The moments before the shot were so many times worse than the shot iself. Seeing the needle, having to wait for it to get prepared. Roll up your shirt. Getting your skin washed off with that strong smelling stuff. That was the killing part.

''What, ya aint gonna do anything with me? Ain't gonna come with a bunch of stupid questions? No interrogating and torturing? Just gonna throw me over to ya' lady friend and let her have all the cred? Piss, blondes are more fun.''

He tugged the cuffed wrist a little to check it out, but not enough to get shit for it hopefully.
''Hey,'' he said, ''Hey I'm fuckin parched!'' aka stressed out. ''Aye tell your dummy with the blaster here to fetch a beer would ya? Got one in my pocket right here. C'mon one for the road, eh?'', he enjoyed nagging. He enjoyed it alot.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 13 2017, 10:21 PM
Hux glanced towards Arvid, as Phasma did, the simple greeting exchanged before she turned her look away, “So you’re saying he isn’t all that bad?” Hux still did not like Arvid. She would fake it, but she did not like him, considering what had happened.

“He’s just a loyal knight, by definition,” meaning, Phasma knew that what Arvid had done was not personal. Now that the issue was dealt with and they were not at war with the Knights, it seemed like he would not be a horrible individual.

Hux just shook her head. She knew they were going to have to sit in the cafeteria and not just go back to the bridge now but she’d accept it, if only to see how Ben was holding up. After this long she might be beyond frustrated herself.

She took a simple meal, a salad with a bit of poultry on it, and some dressing, along with water. She wasn’t feeling terribly hungry, so she figured she might as well eat good food. Hux joined them first, and Phasma didn’t take long to join them, removing her helmet again to eat.

“Are you doing well on the Finalizer, Arvid?” Hux addressed him first, since he was the new one to the ship. She didn’t adjust anything, currently.


Eiji all but tuned him out, once the hyperdrive was set. He wasn’t concerned about credit. If he was, he’d be General himself. However, that was never the concern. He rose as the ship launched itself into hyperdrive. “You’ll survive without a beverage until we get to the Finalizer. We will be there tomorrow. If Hux wishes it, then you will drink.”

It wouldn’t be beer, though. “Pull anything out from your jacket, and you’ll spend the entire trip unconscious.” Eiji warned as he stepped around him.

He wanted out of these filthy clothes and back into his proper uniform. So he left them, his guard remaining there to make sure Eiji’s threat would be followed if the crazy man did decide to try and pull anything out from his jacket.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 14 2017, 04:31 PM
Ben was slightly relieved to have Hux's company but that he didn't need to get right into interacting, other than greeting the General. It was an easy question, surely Arvid could answer it would any problem.
Meanwhile, Ben's own attention couldn't really stick to anything. At all. Not even concentrated enough to eat, yet, anyway.

Arvid looked pleasantly surprised over Hux's question, quickly averting his eyes from the other woman as she had joined, and paid attention to the redhaired one instead.

''Actually yes, I am, thank you for asking,'' he answered her. ''It is.. Lightyears out of my comfort-zone, but I'm settling per second.''. It still felt as if gravity almost let go now and then. As if his steps didn't properly reach the floor some times

...Ben could give him all the looks he wanted to if this was a stupid question, but he had to ask. ''How come gravity work here?''.
''Same reason it does in your ship or any other ship.'' the younger man asked as he lifted up his glass of water.
''..Well I'm not really sure how that works, either.''

Felix noted the man's inadequate response with a frown. But, he had gotten something out of it. Now he knew that they'd go as far as knocking him out for the trip. And easily. Limit established.

He didn't like the other part at all, though. ''Ya gotta be fucking kidding me!''. Tomorrow. And no beer? Nothing to drink at all?
''Hey, where ya going??'' Hey! HEY!'', followed by a row of cursing.

The green eyes batted around the cockpit, not comfortable at all with no one piloting the damned ship. He took a good look at everything he could see, controls, readers and displays. Checking out the buttons. Checking out the space itself from floor to ceiling.

He examined his cuff closer, rolling his wrist around in it a bit to get into a more comfortable position so he could just let his arm relax completely. Felix took a closer look at the guard aswell as the blaster, teeth flashing a bit in dislike again.

And after Felix had extra checked and found nothing more that interested him in here,- he started shouting after the blonde man again.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 14 2017, 10:06 PM
The poor Commander was bothered, Hux could tell. She considered adjusting it all, make it easier on him, but decided not yet. She’d startle him with a change when he either seemed able to focus, or too near truly zoning out.

Arvid was fortunately doing all right, though he did seem to have…concerns about the gravity. Hux canted her head. Ben gave the obvious answer, though it was unlikely Ben actually knew how the gravity on his own ship worked. Which was what Arvid was getting at. “The Finalizer is equipped with an artificial gravity generator at the core of the ship. From that core, the field expands out to cover the ship. The field then pulls towards the core, constantly, while space pulls at it, creating the gravity of the ship. The Death Star and Starkiller had similar generators, just on larger scales.”

“There are additional, smaller ones, spread throughout,” Phasma noted, “Should anything damage the core generator.” There were back-ups upon back-ups. Hux was cautious in this respect. She knew things could break down at a moment’s notice.


Eiji ignored him as he slipped into the private quarters of the ship, hearing his shouting and paying it no mind. He dressed back into uniform, the pristine white reflecting well, in his opinion. Black was too dull a shade, too threatening, for the goals of the Order.

White was far better.

He eventually came out of the private quarters, but still barely paid Felix any mind for all of his shouting. He was half tempted to tell him if he kept it up, he’d mute him, but decided against it. Hux was not a fan of cutting out tongues from people she needed information from, even if she could just make them write the answers.

Honestly, it was a lot easier to read answers.

He took his seat once more, as the ship shuddered out of hyperspace, before the Sacrosanct, and he quickly hailed it to begin offering the codes to get him back onto the ship, no longer speaking the common tongue, but switching to Ubese to make the odds of Felix understanding it, less.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 15 2017, 04:31 PM
Except his one comment, Ben didn't join in on the conversation. He had far too little focus and patience to talk.
No, all his concentration went to making sure he wouldn't let any of the close-to overwhelming pleasure show. It was extremely frustrating.

Luckily, Ben more often than not looked highly unhappy, even when he wasn't, so the fact that he looked like he was seconds away from flipping the table over shouldn't be more alarming than any other time.

Arvid was relieved that his question hadn't seemed that stupid after all,- and if it had been, atleast they were nice enough to not show it.
He nodded as she answered. You could see that he didn't really understand, though. But also that he still really tried to.

The smile on the redhaired man grew as Phasma added to the conversation. Assuring, again.
Arvid had always been very poor, so technology wasn't something he had really been around. Ever. The only reason he even knew how to manage his ship was because of Ben.

''It is a.. Very impressive creation.'' he could say and mean it fully, even if he found it.. Intimidating. It was so against everything he lived after.
''Is the Finalizer the only one of it's kind?'' he asked. Both wondering about if she was forced to 'share it' for more to be made, or if she had the typical problem of everyone else suddenly creating things similar to it.

The platina man suddenly looked very different, wearing white. He actually looked like an admiral now. Atleast Felix assumed he did, he wasn't sure he had seen one in person before.
His shouting didn't stop until the seat was taken again, then he offered some momentary silence.

''...Fuck me that's big..'' Felix whispered out under his breath, doubtfully loud enough for anyone to hear.

The man knew plenty of languages, Ubese was one of those he only knew the absolute necessities of, though. And since Eiji wasn't asking for any kind of drug including alcohol and cigarettes, nor price per hour, Felix was lost.

Due to the sudden realization that escaping out of a cell would still require escaping that ship as well, he was suddenly not willing at all to leave this one.

''If ya get bored I bet there's room for two in my holding cell.'' Felix said, thinking of the only reason he could be willing to accept and play along without causing any trouble. ''Doesn't matter how chilly 'n stiff ya act, I bet those lips of your's really warm and nice, eh?'' he suggested shamelessly, not paying the guard or anything else the least amount of attention.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 17 2017, 09:29 PM
Hux idly shifted to straighten up a bit in her seat, and also to turn the remote. Off. Ben was too out of focus to the conversation. He needed the shock of it all being lost to bring him back, while she engaged with Arvid about the Finalizer.

“No, it is not the only one of its kind. There are others under my command, but it is the most heavily modified. The Starship is classified as a Resurgent model,” Hux answered, “There are others. The Sacrosanct, the Imperator, and the Dar’manda to name a few. There are none with the New Republic, however,” the design stemmed from the Empire and was improved.

The Finalizer wasn’t the first, but it was the best, in Hux’s not so humble opinion. “They’re operated throughout space by my various officers. Admiral Reinhardt operates the Sacrosanct, Colonel Octavian operates the Imperator, and Commodore Halcyon operates the Dar’manda.” Of those, only Reinhardt was a cadet.

The others had simply shown enough skill to earn the honor of having and running such a ship. It was not an honor bestowed lightly, and it was also why they did not come up often. Hux trusted them to do what was necessary. They did not require her constant supervision, just updates.


Eiji had let a smirk linger on his lips at the man’s comment about the size of his ship. Yes, of course the Sacrosanct was large – it was a Resurgent class Starship, after all. Rival to the Finalizer itself, and just as well manned.

“Thank you,” Eiji stated to Felix as he began to maneuver the ship into a hangar, once he knew which one.

Then, of course, Felix had to go on and be lewd. Eiji didn’t bother to roll his eyes, only confirmed, “Yes, they are. Sort of the problem with being human – a warm and moist interior.” Completely ignoring the implications of Felix’s statement. As if this dirty individual would ever draw a second look from Eiji. “Yours are the same, and unfortunately quite noisy.”

The ship drew into the hangar, and Eiji quickly set his personal cruiser down, parking it before turning to the guard and gesturing. The handcuff cuffed to the ship was unlocked, and Felix was pulled to follow along to exit the smaller ship for the larger one, Eiji rising once this ship was shut down.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 17 2017, 11:29 PM
Since the burden of trying to satisfy Arvid's social needs now included Hux and Phasma, Ben was quick to exclude himself. And for better or worse, he was able to get some mental privacy.

It didn't get to last long, though. The tall man sat up straight and had a quick look around, as to take reality back in. He really couldn't make up his mind if he was happy about that it had stopped or not, because he immediately missed the pleasure, but void he needed the break..

Ben cleared his throat quietly before he had a quick sip of his drink, trying to catch back up on the conversation.

''What are the other officers doing at this time?'' Arvid asked curious.
''Or do they simply continue with their own business until you tell them otherwise?'', he couldn't imagine the First Order's entire force. He had thought that he could, but he doubted it now. Especially not if the other ones were near as big as this one.

The gold teeth showed clear as a wide grin spread across Felix lips. He did like the sound of something warm and moist.. And the blonde's own opinion made him chuckle. ''I like it 'quite noisy', luv. The louder the better, actually.'' no matter what it came to. Sex, talking, laughing, yelling, fighting and so on- what ever it came to, 'louder' gave it more emotion.

''My door'll open just in case,'' he said, leaning over to avoid any contact with the guard that fixed with his cuffs. ''Well not literally open.''
Once he realized what the guard was doing, the momentarily joy crawled underneath somewhere to die. ''Fuckin' don't pull me.'' Felix hissed.

The man didn't resist, yet atleast, but he wasn't cooperating anymore. Following, with just a hint of pulling.

When they would get off the ship however, he would. Resist, that is. The convict listed up possible outcomes and how he'd answer them. Just to make a point he would refuse to walk faster than he'd normally do when he was relaxed and uncuffed.

Would he get pulled, he would pull back harder. Force his own pace.
Felix was almost as good at taking hits as he was dealing them, and would anyone other than Eiji get within reach he would attack without hesitation.

Would Eiji take him over he supposed he could settle with spitting at someone just to express how displeased he was.
...And possibly attack either way if someone got close enough. Even Eiji, if the blonde dealt damage first.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 18 2017, 02:52 PM
Hux managed not to give it all away by laughing at Ben’s reaction to the loss of sensation. It wasn’t too difficult, with Arvid being social enough. It seemed he warmed up to them, talking easily.

“Admiral Reinhardt operates in Wild Space most of the time, while the other two occupy the Mid-Rim and Core, with sophisticated cloaking devices to make sure they are not noticed.” Not terribly difficult, though no doubt plenty in the New Republic would be surprised.

She had Terex, though. She had the Carrion Spike. Figuring out cloaking wasn’t too hard with him around and his ship to use. “Their duties are on a need to know basis as it stands,” in other words, what her officers did in their various locations was not public knowledge, and certainly not knowledge for Arvid.

He was lucky to have any idea of where they operated, even if those areas were large. It’d be hard to pin down the exactly locations from there. “Admiral Reinhardt will be visiting tomorrow, however,” she informed him.


Eiji disagreed on that. He didn’t like much noise. He wanted silence or light music most of the time, and didn’t care for screaming, crying, fussing, yelling – not much noise. He walked ahead, and out into the Sacrosanct. That was when Felix began to get annoying.

Eiji glanced back at the guard pulling him, and slowed his own pace to match the one that Felix tried to keep. His guard took the message. So long as Felix did not try to control the direction, Eiji did not mind a slower pace. It would take too long to try and drag or force him to a faster pace, after all.

“You’re only here for a day,” Eiji told him, “Then you will go to the Finalizer. It is quite like this ship, so you will want to get used to it,” he stated as they moved into the halls.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 18 2017, 04:30 PM
Ben's head slowly cleared enough to properly notice the situation they were in. Becoming painfully aware of the fact that he was sitting with the probably only two people who knew he was inlove with the redhaired woman sitting with them.

He didn't know why but it made him very.. Awkward. Likely being the reason to why he still didn't really join the conversation.

That, and because he appreciated Hux and Arvid talking. He didn't know why there either, but it felt important to him that they could be friendly towards eachother.

He did note that Arvid's eyes pulled towards Phasma briefly even if she wasn't talking, but maybe he just noticed that because he was really looking for it. He was already too aware of the fact that Damotra seemed to be very attracted to Terex, he didn't need another one being attracted to a member of the First Order. Also, the age gap bothered him.

''Oh wow, that sounds creepy enough.'' Arvid commented casually. ''So just how big are the chances that you secretly have a huge cloaked ship hoovering like right behind your back if you're in their territory?''. He would have been actually concerned if he was a paranoid person, but luckily, he wasn't.

''Who's he?'' Ben cut in from nowhere as Hux mentioned a visit tomorrow.
The darkhaired man didn't seem to pick up on that the grin Arvid hid behind his cup of coffee was because of his abrupt question.

It was slightly agitating as Eiji compromised and let Felix set the pace. Irritating, even. Felix wasn't used to people arresting him to actually do that. It also irritated him how no other man nor woman approached. Did Eiji know that he was asking for a reason?

This made the man even less willing, causing him to put resistance in his steps by putting his weight into it to slow them down even more. As much as he could while still holding a pace that would have been accepted in public.

''Piss on that.'' he snorted. ''Don't need to get used to anything. I ain't gonna remain locked up more than said day, doll.'' he said confident.

''You'll see..''. Still keeping an eye out for anyone getting too close

''Nice ass by the way.'', also one of the places where the green eyes landed.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 18 2017, 05:57 PM
Hux did like the appearance of it being creepy. It was good to keep people on their toes. Concerned. Hux would keep it that way as long as she could, although she knew that a reckoning was coming with the New Republic. Soon.

The question of Eiji was acknowledged, as well as how quick it came. She understood Ben was concerned. “Admiral Reinhardt is the third most powerful officer in the First Order, after Phasma,” Hux answered him, “He was one of those in my class of cadets who graduated. He’s heard word of what has happened here and is coming only for a formal debriefing, and to reorganize.”

Not a threat, in other words. She hadn’t seen him in a while.

Well…not a threat to their relationship. Eiji was a threat in many other ways. “Admiral Reinhardt has been Admiral as long as Hux has been General, how do you not know him?” Phasma was surprised by that.

Hux didn’t add that she simply never told Kylo. There was no need for him to know much about the inner workings of the Order. She was the one that had to deal with Kylo…no one else needed that stress.


Eiji only slowed more as Felix did, as if they were taking a tour of the Sacrosanct. He did tell Felix to get used to it, after all. “Thank you,” he said to the comment on his ass. “If you practiced squats, you might have a good one as well,” the suggestion was made easily.

His ass was good.

His entire body was good. A well-honed weapon of many uses.

“If you escape, you will be the first. Then, of course, I’ll have to kill you, but you can die knowing you were the first.” Turned into another hall, on towards the cells, where Felix would be kept. Just a couple more turns, then he’d have Felix nicely kept in a containment field, where the Force would do him absolutely no good, with guards stationed to make sure he didn’t get away.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 18 2017, 09:10 PM
Ben was now paying proper attention again when it was something that interested him. Or well, made him uncomfortable.

He did notice how Hux ranked Phasma, and was about to ask how a Captain was higher than an Admiral, when he recalled hearing something about it passing through the halls. It must have happened recently, then.

Even if he wasn't a person who would congratulate someone without mockery, he made sure that he would remember to maybe point it out next time him and Phasma were alone.

Ben nodded at Hux. ''And what will you have done with us?'' he asked, making sure to include Arvid so that she wouldn't think the question somehow was expected to change thanks to their relationship. ''Will you have us stay during the day tomorrow as well, or would it be.. More complicated to explain if we would be here?''

The black eyes met Phasma's. Ben hesitated a bit, but then shrugged. ''Unless I personally care, I try not to stick my nose into any business that isn't mine.'' he answered. ''So.. I guess I've just never found anyone other than Hux very interesting when it comes to ranks of that sort.''

''You should put that on a card.'' Arvid pointed out, but Ben just looked at him in the way he always had when he had no idea what the redhaired man was getting at. Or from Arvid's point of view- when it flew right over Ben's head.

Felix huffed, snickered almost. Glad for some humor before what seemed to be a very long night.
''Don't need no fucking squats. Perfectly happy as it is.'' he said. The fur leather coat was heavy and thick enough to cover his built up body, but he wouldn't wear anything else.

Same with his other clothes, the thick tape on his boots wasn't really discrete, and showed on the jacket as well. The part of his pants that were taped were to keep a bolt cutter handy down by the ankle. Nothing was old, just very well used.

The jewelry was the straight opposite, though. Gold in his rings, gold in his chains, and in his mouth. A diamond earring dangling.

''Huh. Well that'd sure be an all right way to go, eh? Pretty accomplishment, pretty killer.''
Felix continued pushing. He was never one to know when to stop. Or when to not start in the first place.

''I really hope I ain't coming off like I'm trying to suck up or somethin'. If anything, I'm trying to get sucked off.'', even if he had pretty much already taken it as a 'no'.
He was also not one to feel shame.

''C'mon, luv, if ya' gonna throw me in the dark 'til tomorrow atleast let me have some fun with ya. I'd even return the favor if that's what ya like.''

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 19 2017, 07:44 PM
Ben’s confession of not being interested in anything much outside of Hux did make sense. He hadn’t really seemed all that interested in the First Order, outside of what it could do to him. The blonde woman did smirk at Arvid’s comment, and Hux let a smile show, before suppressing it.

Ben hadn’t exactly been interested in her in that way, then. At least, not overtly.

“Should I be offended?” Phasma dared to ask Ben, which did cause Hux to chuckle. She spared him needing to answer immediately, by answering his own question.

“Your business and your stay here is up to your determination, Commander,” Hux stated, “There is no need for you to stay, and if you do, there is no need for you to meet Admiral Reinhardt unless you would like to do so, in which case I can be sure to find time to introduce you to him.” Admiral Reinhardt wouldn’t care – he didn’t care about much as it was.


The cells were in sight. Eiji was trying very hard not to roll his eyes at this Knight. ‘If Kylo was anything like this, it is simply a wonder he survived as long as he did.’ A perverted asshole who destroyed things? No, Hux would have murdered him.

He tried to assume Kylo must be more tolerable than this.

“Your intentions are not subtle, do not worry. I have not mistaken you for a suck-up,” Eiji said, walking ahead then to get to the panel of the cell and input the code to open it. The door slid easily to allow for Felix to be brought in. “And I’m afraid I have no interest in sucking you off, nor allowing you to return any favors.”

The guard would bring Felix in, still keeping to whatever slow pace Felix tried to insist on. Pace didn’t really matter, after all. He was going to go in there, and be kept, until they got to Hux. No matter how slow Felix moved, he couldn’t drag it out for 24 hours.

“Besides, your room will be well-lit,” he noted to the comment about the dark.

Why would he leave a prisoner alone in the dark? Then he couldn’t see what was going on.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 19 2017, 09:14 PM
Ben noted Hux and Phasma's response to Arvid's comment, getting as far as to understand that it had been some sort of joke. Well, obviously not a very funny one.

Instead the black eyes had batted to Phasma, the look on his face turning in to a mixture of confusion and getting caught doing something bad. He didn't know what, though. Not knowing what he had said about Phasma, nor thinking about the fact that him not saying anything about her might be the reason.

So he was relieved as Hux took the word instead, even if she didn't give him an answer. ''Hmm.''
Arvid looked up at his Commander as he was considering. Able to read Ben enough to know what answer he leaned towards. ''Perhaps we should. Incase something needs to be cleared up.'' he said.

Considering Ben was the one that had commited a war crime. Considering he had been Snokes right hand and the Knights were probably expected to remain there. And lastly considering what sorts of advantages Damotra could find if it had been needed, and he would have spoken for them.

It seemed to convince Ben changing his direction. ''Perhaps you are right..'' he said. Before he nodded. ''All right. We can be around.'' he replied Hux. Making sure to use the word 'around' and not 'there'.

Well, it had certainly been worth a try. Felix let out a sigh as he decided to accept the 'no'. ''Well ya ass ain't that great anyway.'' he said.
''Aight that was a lie, but ya' attitude? Ya' attitude really stinks, luv.''.

Great. Then it was back to the not so pleasant reality. What had the blonde called it? War-something.. Whatever it was it hadn't sounded pleasant at all. It actually sounded pretty lethal.

So he was going to spend hours in this place without anything to drink, eat or smoke or what the fuck ever cause he wasn't allowed to dig in his pockets. And then his ass would get handed over to some fancy General.

Felix made sure to elbow the guard politely, moving through the door. ''Aah how fuckin' generous, if there a spot for me to sleep and somewhere to piss I'm almost treated as well as a stray!'' he complained cheerfully before spitting at the wall as if it was something casual, ready to say his goodbye to the Admiral.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 19 2017, 11:34 PM
Hux understood the meaning of Ben’s words well enough. He did not necessarily want to meet Admiral Reinhardt, but there would be advantages to at least knowing him, and having Eiji know him, as well. To both sides, “Very well,” Hux said, before starting to rise, “If you’ll excuse me, I do need to finish my plans for the night.”

Double-check everything for Eiji.

Make sure to check in with the Chancellor.

Phasma wanted to comment that there was nothing else to do, but she knew Hux too well. She rose, nodding to both Arvid and Ben, “Admiral Reinhardt is not a man of much humor,” not that anyone in the First Order was, but, “Please be polite.” Spoken directly to Ben. He had quite the reputation, “Admiral Reinhardt is less accepting of insubordination than Hux.”

Hard as that might be to imagine.


It seemed no matter how rude Eiji was, his ass was still great. Well, he was pleased one thing remained unchanged – he could still fuck with people’s heads with his beauty, even if very few liked his personality. Normal, really.

Normal to also have people start trying to change him, try to get into his good graces, do what he wanted, because he was ‘pretty’. He was the reason guys thought girls didn’t like nice guys. And why guys didn’t like nice guys.

Basically everyone hated him – but he still got what he wanted in the end.

When the guard let Felix go after being elbowed, Eiji gave him a harsh glare, and the guard wilted. A step forward was taken, to attempt to grab Felix’s wrist to pull it back behind him and finish shackling him completely, “As you can see, there’s a place for your waste, there,” a small hole in the floor, though it should be sufficient. “The floor is your bed.”

Too many people treated prisoners too well. Eiji didn’t.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 20 2017, 09:42 AM
Ben wasn't overly excited at all as Hux told them they were leaving, which you could probably see on his face as he nodded. ''Of course.'', the only reason he didn't even try to make her linger was because the faster she would be done, the faster they would get to spend time together.

His expression shifted in to something even less pleased, far more unamused by the blonde womans words. ''I'll be polite to whomever I think deserve it, so that is fully up to Admiral Reinhardt.'' he replied with clear irritation, ''And I also don't have any oblig-'', ''In other words; Thank you for the heads up, Phasma, it will be taken into consideration.'' greatly, now that he knew where Ben stood with it.

Ben glared at Arvid as he smiled at the woman. But the fact that the young man proceeded with not acknowledging either of them any further was as good of a response you could hope for with this.

''..How did you ever get a lady? Do you talk to Hux like that?'' Arvid asked the second they were alone. ''I have no clue,- and yes, I do.'' Ben replied.
''What about your mother?'', ''I would likely still reply like that, yes. And even if things were different, I'm still not seeking romantic intimacy nor maternal affection from Phasma.''

The look on Arvid's face softened. Even if Ben wouldn't have admitted it at all, those two were sorts of confessions. He had already caught up on Ben's pursuit of Hux and her attention, but Leia was still a little like a mine-field when it came to try to understand what Ben wanted from his mother.

The younger man seemed to get a bit bothered with Arvid's change and decided to return to his food. Being the only one in the company that hadn't really touched much on the plate.

Felix didn't make any resistance when the man decided to shackle him further, only rolled his eyes with a sigh.

''Pretty.'', he commented, but had already made up his mind,- he wasn't going to pee in a fucking little hole in the floor.
His 'bed' was fine, however. It was something you got used to from being an alcohol enthusiast.

The man flexed his hands light, a disappointed frown as he still couldn't call for the Force.
Instead, he walked over to his preferred wall and sat down. ''Ya know, if this turns out to be the time I ain't ever gonna see my family again,-'', squirming a bit with his arms behind his back. ''I'm gonna Force-haunt ya' ass for ever, Ee-jay.''

He lifted himself up just enough to slide his arms out from underneath himself and got his legs through so that his cuffed hands were now infront of him instead, obviously being used to doing that. ''Just sayin'.'' before he placed his arms behind his head.
''Now if we ain't gonna hook up, I'm gonna take a nap.''

He would however make sure to let the Admiral know Felix would be thinking of him, before he would leave.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 20 2017, 04:35 PM
Hux heard the argument of Ben behind him and sighed as Phasma caught up. “Eiji is going to shoot him,” Phasma noted.

“I am aware that it is likely.” Arvid’s interruption wouldn’t change how Ben actually acted. Eiji had a way of upsetting people. He tried to upset people, it seemed, to make them weaker around him. Hux wasn’t sure if it was a conscious tactic, or just what he did now.

Either way, it did not matter right then. Kylo would soon learn, and so would Eiji, about the other. Right then, Hux had to tend to the needs of the Finalizer, and contact the Chancellor once more. The evening was winding down into night, and Hux did not toy with the device that bothered Ben then.

Figured she would wait, until it was close enough to time. ‘And have a bit of a moment to myself before.’ She took the glass of wine out, and went to enjoy the pleasures of the view of a bridge on the Finalizer, overlooking the ship and its activities.


“Go ahead,” Eiji did not truly believe this Knight capable of haunting him through the Force. It was a rare Jedi that could, he did not imagine this knight was at all capable of such a feat. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been captured so easily.

“Good night,” He dismissed then, and walked out, ignoring the gestures and shaking his head.

The guard thought to speak then, “Admiral, aren’t we aligned with the Knights of Ren?”

“What is your rank?”

“Er, I’m—”

“Are you General Hux?”


“Then do not question me.” And with that he turned into the bridge, ignoring the guard’s worries.

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Arvid and Ben had eventually parted ways, and it hadn't taken long for a bored Damotra to catch up with Ben. Forcing him on a walk around the Finalizer to share a storytime with him. He wasn't sure what Arvid was up to but if it involved speaking with or even looking towards Phasma's general direction, Ben would be displeased.

The two of them had eventually ended up simply standing and talking. Which then ended up in a silence.
''...It feels as if you are judging me, Commander.'', Damotra pointed out, and Ben cleared his throat. ''No- I just.. I.. That.. That was a really messed up story and I'm not sure why you needed to tell me about it.'' The taller man pointed out.

''That 'messed up story' was me losing my virginity, thank you. I just thought I would give you an example of a bad sexual experience. And remember Arvid's first time? Now we don't want that to happen, do we?''. Ben shook his head in strong agreement.

''I still-.. Firstly, I am atleast ten years older than either of you were. Secondly, this is.. An actual.. Relationship.-'' Damotra had obviously already figured either way. ''-And there's probably atleast a dozen more reasons to why my first time would not result in sexual violation, murder.-'', ''It wasn't murder if he deserved it.'', ''-Yes it still was,- nor impregnation, so, you still really didn't have to share that with me..''

''I thank you for your empathy, Ben.'', ''You suffocated him with his own-..'', Ben didn't even want to say it, even in a hissing whisper. ''You got your revenge.'' he simply said instead.
''Nothing of this is my point! My point is; that you should cherish your first time with all that you possibly could. Because it is something you will never forget. I had it awful, Arvid had it awful, void I can't think of one of us that didn't, one way or the other.'' Damotra explained.

''You still have yours. You should really take care of it. Make it into something you will look back at in years from now and still feel as if it was a good thing to wait. To really get to make it in to something.'' he said soft. A smile just as soft on his lips as he saw that Ben was actually taking his words in.

''I still don't understand how you keep getting me in to subjects like this.'' Ben had to point out. ''..But.. Maybe you're right.''
Damotra nodded. ''You've kept it this long. There are plenty things to do meanwhile, but giving that to her.. That should really be special. Something you've waited and looked forwards to, Ben.''.

This was too easy...

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 20 2017, 06:45 PM
The General had been enjoying watching the people below, her own performing their tasks or idling about. At least she wasn’t too annoyed with that, assumed the best – that they were on a break or otherwise done with their tasks. The wine went down smooth, slow, and Hux was about to head back to her room when she noticed two figures that stood out from her uniformed officers.

Damotra and Ben. She couldn’t hear what they were discussing, but it seemed serious, or at least, it seemed a topic that actually put a ponderous expression upon Ben’s face.

‘I shouldn’t.’ Not that such a thing had ever stopped Hux before. The thought was too tempting, especially knowing that Damotra might even realize what was going on when Ben reacted – and he always seemed to, however small a reaction it was.

This would not be.

The General wouldn’t stick around to see the reaction, though, as much as she’d love to. She pushed away from the railing and walked off, waiting until she was certain neither of them would be able to see her any longer as she retreated. That was when she found the remote in an interior pocket, and turned it all the way back up to the highest level.

‘Sorry Ben.’ Except, not really.

This was what happened when he allowed himself to be too comfortable – though that was her plan anyway, regardless of where he was. Give him a break, let him forget what he was wearing…then remind him.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 20 2017, 07:13 PM
The two men continued speaking. Well Damotra, mostly, but Ben being quiet wasn't anything rare. So the man simply continued pushing the whole 'waiting' thing. Coming up with things both true and things that maybe weren't fully as honest.

''-could be just li-, what? What did you do?'' Damotra asked after the man's light twitch and quick grab to jacket. ''Just.. Cramp,'' the other man bit.

Another good thing about being so in tune with energies was that Damotra didn't even have to try to read them anymore. The ability simply existed now, and it changed to him just as normaly as temperature would to anyone else.

So the fact that Ben's energy changed from something that had been calmly lost in thought in to something screaming with a certain fire, told him that 'cramp' certainly wasn't it.
A very unsubtle grin growing across his lips..

And as Ben saw that, he felt a bit of panic mix with irritation. ''Just go back to Terex. And do not.'' the tall man said, a hiss at the end, before the glare averted and he quickly left Damotra.

Having no idea where to go since his plan had only been getting away, but as he noticed the time he decided that he didn't even care anymore. The frustration that almost left a literal pain was too much, and just during this short moment he had gotten right back to where he had been earlier.

He couldn't stand it anymore. So the man's route quickly changed straight to go see Hux.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 20 2017, 07:26 PM
The General maintained a slight smile on her lips, imagining what Ben was going through in trying to show nothing to Damotra. Wondering if he succeeded, or failed. No doubt, she’d hear of it, either from Ben himself or Terex, once Damotra started to talk. It’d be…enjoyable to know if he failed at holding up.

What she didn’t expect was for Ben to meet her in the hallway before the door to her room. He did look quite a bit distressed. “Are you all right?” The way she asked it was almost innocent, as if she did not know the struggle he was going through at that very moment. She paused at the door, but didn’t reach to unlock it.

Didn’t open it. Seemed to want an answer first before she would do so, wondering briefly if she ought to turn it back down to the low setting just to play with it a bit more. This had been…quite fun. She was going to have to make sure to win again, the next time they sparred. She’d have something new, of course, but it’d be just as entertaining.

Ben really should have learned from their first spar.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 20 2017, 08:02 PM
Everything going through the man's mind was frustration. Pure and overwhelming frustration.

All fun aside, even walking was bad now. This was probably one of the worst things his body had ever had to endure, and it reached all the way to his head. His mind and his thoughts were all one big mess.

He couldn't think straight, at all. And seeing Hux didn't do anything but making it ten times worse.

The man opened and closed his mouth but couldn't get out a word. Just a hacky exhale.
Ben murmured something out about that he couldn't stand it anymore.

Not having met a single soul on the way over here, he didn't care to think twice before his hand reached out to Force push her back against the door before he aimed to keep her up against it himself. Attempt to do.. Anything. Kiss her. Grab her. Push and pull at her.

Urge her to open the door and get in before he'd bite her skin. Get his tongue in her mouth. Anything.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 20 2017, 08:29 PM
Ben was a mess. Hux shouldn’t enjoy it as much as she did, but seeing his mind flustered and his words murmured only made her savor it more as he walked forward. She had expected him to demand her to open the door. She did not expect him to call upon the Force and push her against the door, “Ben—”

Words were shut by his lips as he kissed her, holding her there against the door now with his own pressure. She reached for the pad, fingers searching for the middle button from which she could input her code based on that. The middle button had a few bumps to it, so she knew when her finger found it, even as Ben seemed to try and frustrate her mind as much as his own.

One hand pushed itself between them, splayed across his chest and tried to push him back. Broke her lips free by turning her head, if only briefly, “Ben, I can’t open the door like this,” try as she might her thoughts kept getting muddled and her fingers were clumsy over the device, moved by Ben pressing and pulling.

Hopefully he’d be able to reign himself back in for a moment.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 20 2017, 08:47 PM
The man could feel his body scream even more once he actually got to feel her. Touch her, and get to feel her answering it.

It almost gave him a nauseous feeling, the way his body responded. The pressure and fire in his guts and how his muscles tensed, his legs got far too heavy, and his head was spinning.
He didn't care for one second to try to cover up how badly he wanted her, she wouldn't believe him even if he tried.

His breathing remained heavy and shaking, hands clawing hard to her.
A highly frustrated groan got through as she pushed at him, but he stepped back only for the purpose of letting her open the door. Give her a second.

Atleast he thought he would,- Ben barely reacted on himself taking action, barely waiting for her to turn towards the pad before he was on her again.
Up against her back with his full body. His mouth went straight to her neck, to bite and suck at her skin.

One hand on her stomach to keep her weight back at him, while the other one slided far lower to try and slide it in between her legs, remaining outside of her clothes. Pressing his excitement up against her as he bit on to her with a frustrated moan, thick and low.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 20 2017, 09:11 PM
He backed up, and Hux turned quick to open the door, reaching the pad next to the door and pressing the first two parts of the code, before Ben was suddenly pressed back against her. His lips at her neck. His hand, sliding down, as one held her back against him.

Third button was pressed, she bit down on the bottom of her lip to make sure to stifle any noise that Ben seemed intent on drawing from her. She felt him through the clothe, and managed to input press the fourth button in the sequence.

Four more.

“Be-EN!” Again, bit down, hard, as his hand reached the place between her legs. Her fingers curled over the pad’s buttons, and she tried not to hit one by mistake, but she felt her knuckle sink into one wrong button and she cursed under her breath and tried to step on Ben’s foot to get him to back off from her so she could reset it and get the door open.

Note was made – this had certainly been both a very good idea, and a very bad idea, considering the frenzy it put Ben into.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 21 2017, 04:50 AM
Void, he couldn't understand how good it felt just to press and move up against her. Hand as steady as he could get it between her legs, and pushing on from behind. Another thick moan just from their kind of closeness.

He left the responsibility of the door a hundred percent up to her without caring what he did to affect it. His mind wasn't working that far.

His teeth left her skin only to be replaced by his tongue, licking and tasting it. A rush going through him from the way she got his name out. And he moved his foot,- if she still wanted to step on it she would have to spread her legs.

But another groan of frustration got out as he tried again to control himself, control his breathing and his body. ''C-come on..'' he almost whispered out, stopping all of his actions except the hand between her legs. That, he moved slow and warm.
Ben rested his head against her back to try to calm. Try to keep his body still. Keep it from just.. Jerking up against her.

Once the door would actually open though, it was like flicking the switch back on, and he'd push her inside. A blind hand reaching for the pad to close it again before he would drive her right up against another wall.
His hand didn't return straigh to her stomach this time, but went in between them instead. The heavy moan he got out expressed just how much relief he felt as he could finally pop the far too tight pants up.

He went right back to biting and kissing her neck, the hand between her legs enjoyed itself fully, and Ben pressed his hardness right back up against her. A long moan under his bite as he could feel the heavy vibration between them even clearer now. Chest pressed against her back, tongue licking her skin eagerly. ''H-hh.. Get in bed.'' he hissed out. He didn't plan to let go of her though. Follow her close and get right back at her.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 21 2017, 08:16 AM
As much as Hux had been enjoying the multiplicity of sensations, she was grateful for Ben backing off just a bit. Just enough for her to put in the code and let the door slide open. She nearly stumbled when the wall that the door was, was removed, but managed not to fall as she walked in, Ben right behind her.

And right back to a wall.

Hux shuddered at the return of the sensations, canted her neck to offer the side of his focus to him more fully as she shut her eyes. Content. His teeth always felt good on her neck and he damn well knew that, drawing a gasp from her lips as he bit down and pressed against her. She could feel that tormenting vibration, too.

Paired with his hand working its magic, Hux would have been content there, and did make sure to squirm a bit – push a bit back against his abused tool. She could feel it too easily against her backside, and was a bit surprised he wasn’t trying to have that dealt with first.

Hux didn’t think long on it. Perhaps he enjoyed the frustration, or perhaps he meant to inflict it on her. She was rather disappointed when he pulled away and told her to go to the bed, but hardly gave her the room to move. She did, though she considered fighting him on it, she was too curious to do so.

The coat was stripped off before she got to the bed, though, as well as the boots. The remote was taken out of its pocket, and dropped idly on the nightstand. Ben could take it if he wanted, manipulate it, Hux wouldn’t stop him, though she didn’t direct him to it. As she reached the bed, she fully intended to bring him down with her, turning to face him and leaning up quickly to kiss his lips, to bite down on his bottom one, and bring him with her to the bed.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 21 2017, 09:13 AM
Ben eagerly followed the woman into the bedroom. Losing his boots somewhere on the way, and the sleeveless jacket got dropped along the floor.

A second of frustration came over him as she turned to face him, thinking that she would find a way to make it even harder, but then his mind melted into the kiss. Letting out a soft groan from the bite, more than willingly letting her pull him down with her.

He wasn't going to give her the idea that she was in charge, though. So the man quickly started kissing her. Hard and hungry. Sucking her lower lip as well as biting it, as he positioned himself between her legs.

There wasn't any hesitation before he stripped his pants off, throwing them aside while keeping her down with rough kisses and touching.

Touching, until his hands reached her own pants. A hand going back between her legs again if only for a second, before he would try to get her pants off as well.

Hoping so badly that she wouldn't argue because void he wanted her close. Needed her. All he could think about was how badly he just wanted to get them off. Wanted to plant a rush of hungry kisses between her legs just to torture her back, before he would get back between them and eagerly share the vibrations. He highly doubted their underwear would be too much of a problem.

He wanted to get back and force her down. Kiss her. Grind against her..

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 21 2017, 08:48 PM
This was new.

The General did not tend to let her lovers act this way for long. Frenzies weren’t enjoyed, but controlled until the other was begging, and then she’d find a way to send them over the edge they wanted to reach so desperately.

Ben did not let her try to reign it in, but moved from her lips before she could get a good hold on him and try to change the dynamic. A groan parted her lips as he moved lower, keeping her down with his kisses and his touch.

Frustrating, in its own way, and though Hux knew she could certainly do more to mess with his plans, she was still far too…curious. So the hand she moved to his hair didn’t try to grip and hold him place, or take control. The fingers touched his scalp, flexed over it, and lightly tugged at strands, but never enough to be demanding he stop moving away from her or take control of the situation again.

His haste and his need excited her more than she cared to admit, intrigued by the passion he seemed to show. She had to drop her hand from his head then. His brief touch as he reached her pants did cause her to arch her back, wanting to follow the hand that left her, and then she kept her hips up to help him with the process of removing them from her.

His own were already off, too – she had barely noticed until then, “I think I should do this to you more often,” she couldn’t help the comment, not sure if Ben would be annoyed with it or not.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 21 2017, 10:12 PM
He loved feeling her hand in his hair. The little sounds and movements she let through caused his own to get even deeper.

There seemed to be a kind of perversion to his laugh in these situations as her comment made him laugh just like that. Something he had never heard from himself at any other time.
Ben got right back down to her, to her lips. Kissing them eagerly while his hands roamed her thighs and up to her hips. Her shirt stayed on, fully buttoned. It looked more hasty like that, and that seemed to be one of the bigger triggers right now.

The man let out a thick moan while biting her lower lip and pressed his hardness against her. His hands gripped on tighter to her as he enjoyed the feeling. The vibrations got even stronger like this, and void he could move good with the silk under.. Enjoying the advantage of the slippery fabric fully..

''It's maddening.'' he hissed out about 'doing this to him'.
Somewhere during the heavy kissing and stroking his hands along her, his hips had gone from insisting pressure to a grind. His breathing turning hackier from it.

One hand went up, to her face. Fingers grasping her chin to keep her full attention.
And trying to keep his own, since he wouldn't give up the movement at their lower bodies.
Ben was close enough for the tips of their noses to almost nudge. Black eyes locked. ''But that's fine.. Hh.. I'm going to make you just as mad.'' he murmured, sweet and aggressive at the same time. The grip at her chin got firmer, his hips rolled heavier. ''I'm going to go down.. Taste you.. Lick you. Lick you with all I've had to swallow down the whole day. With all the crave you've made me feel.'' he said.

''And as soon as your body starts shaking, and your breath gets too quick.. As soon as you are about to orgasm,- I will stop.''. White teeth flashed for a second. Moving harder against her. ''And I will do this to you again, and again. Until you either beg me desperatly enough. Or I think that you deserve it.'', the sweet gone now.

''And then I will make you orgasm. Again, and again, and again.'', he lowered down to lick and suck her bottom lip.
Letting go of her chin to hiss out a 'Hit me' before he bit her lip. His lower body pressed hard against hers.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 21 2017, 11:00 PM
‘Not fair.’ The vibrations were technically made for both partners to enjoy, but Hux was quite annoyed with his way of using it, grinding against her beneath the fabric of their underwear and she temporarily hated the fact that she was all too aware that was not going to go beyond that. Ben and his precious innocence….

And that ring, with its ability to pleasure and yet hinder the flow of blood, seemed to allow him to last quite a while, considering what he was doing to himself.

What he was doing to her. She really shouldn’t let him go back to Leia, as she enjoyed how well he’d learned to train his teeth to her and he was learning a rhythm as well. She wanted to lock a leg around him, to help with the pressure by digging a heel down, but didn’t get the chance when he took her chin and held her attention.

Tried to. With his consistent movement, it was difficult to pay attention. Difficult to keep to silent or keep her breathing steady. Keep her body from jerking or squirming against the rhythm he had established. Especially with his words, the threat in his tone even if they started out not so bad. She knew where it was going, and her body warmed quickly even under the threat.

The challenge, “You won’t get me to beg, Commander.” Purred out as always, daring him and challenging him as well to try and get her so weak. He wouldn’t. Or at least she desperately wanted to believe that, even if the frustration rose. She could find a way to…deserve it. Although even that sounded like a threat. Again and again…voids…the sensitivity alone might drive her insane.

He let go of her chin then and bit her, but it wasn’t that act that got the stuttering breath to leave her, no, that was the heavy grind. Her thoughts flickered to how she’d make him regret this, too, when his hissed out request was understood.



Very good. She wanted to hit him anyway, and she grabbed his hair, pulled it back roughly and then lifted her hand to slap him, hard, across the face. She intended to snake one leg around his own and press the heel of her foot into his rear – make him press more into her, as well. “You know I will make you regret it if you do get me to beg, don’t you?”

Promise and threat, as she let her hand return to his face, not to hit, but to trace a line down from his slapped cheek with her nails, down his neck, deepening a bit each time, still testing what he liked and didn’t, with the plan to reach his shirt and pull it off. Tear it, if necessary.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 21 2017, 11:52 PM
The way she responded to everything drove him on further. Taking in every little thing she did, every little movement..
Even with the confidence the woman seemed to show when it came to her not going to beg, he didn't believe it. What he believed was that she was underestimating him. Underestimating his stamina and his needs.

That act was his need. It would pleasure him, just like the ring. Just like the grinding..
That fact was a bit of a problem, though. He didn't know at all where that would put himself. How much he could actually take. What would happen if he actually couldn't take anymore. Because the physical pleasure it brought him to pleasure her was not light.
He wasn't changing his mind however, he would have to figure it out when it got there, if it got too much for him.

A deep groan escaped when she pulled his hair back like that, followed by a sharp inhale, and lastly a hard moan as he felt her foot and the pressure she provided.
His cheek burned, and his body rushed with an ice cold and refreshing shock. He loved it. It made it feel like he would lose all sense of control.. All sense of right and wrong and just... Make her scream. For him. Because of him.

Ben's hips continued to move. Her added pressure helping to really get close..
The man groaned dry as her hand touched his face again, feeling another rush. Enjoying her nails.. Enjoying the rising pressure there aswell. Making him move his hips even harder. The pace of it rising just a little.. Turning it in to a more thrusting movement.
He let her remove his shirt, not realizing until now how appreciated the cool air was.

''You're not in a position to threaten.'' the man replied her. ''That will do nothing but make you less deserving.. Get you nothing else but extra denial.'' he said firm, before he leaned down. Grabbing her hair to tip her head back and bite at the skin at her neck.
The dark eyes,- if possible even darker than usual,- locked with hers for a second. He leaned down. Licked her bottom lip with the tip of his tongue, before he pushed off. Moving back.
Not giving her any warning or time to prepare before he got down.

He let out a hot breath against the white silk. Nip at it, act as if he was going to bite her hard just to see if it startled her.. Instead his teeth just brushed over the fabric.. Before his tongue licked wide.
Before he would completely ignore that place for now. Instead he bit away at her thighs. Quick and with different strenghts, only to keep her alert.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 22 2017, 12:17 AM
Good little masochist.

As if being told she wasn’t in a position to threaten ever stopped her before. Especially since this position was temporary, and soon enough she’d have Ben begging. She was almost surprised he wasn’t yet, managing not to lose it yet. Not turn down the device, nor try to take it off. “We’ll see,” was all she said to his own threat, holding that darkened gaze while it lasted.

She did tilt her head back with the pull, hand remaining in his hair as he bit her neck, the thrust of his hips again making her crave more and more from him. As her fingers curled and she tried to press him closer, though, he finally moved.

Lips left her neck. Lower body parted from hers.

She huffed out the irritation.

Then she felt his breath, and his teeth grazing near, which did startle her. She tensed, expecting him to bite. He didn’t, though, “Voids, Ben…,” just licked, and she shivered with both relief and delight, even if he then went to pay his worshipful nips and bites to her thighs. It was still torturously pleasant.

She let her hand move down to his shoulder, rather than his hair, lest she spook him into thinking she’d try to manipulate his movements. No, she just dug her nails lightly into his shoulder, the way she might the sheets beneath her. A way to let him know her state and to still keep hold of him without threatening his progress by gripping his hair.

Though…she might have to do that later.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 22 2017, 01:08 AM
Ben let her have her 'We'll see'. He was confident enough, by far. He had done it more than once now. He had thought about it more times than he'd tell her. That, along with his torturing crave, and the extreme curiosity of what she had showed him with her fingers the other day... No, there wasn't a trace of self-doubt.

He could feel her shiver. Her words were starting to turn towards the right direction now rather than challenge him.
The vibrating still did it's part, but no longer having anything to move against was as helpful as it was frustrating.

Ben turned his head a bit, to nip and bite at her wrist instead, even if he welcomed the touch. Going back to her right thigh and continued there. Leaving a trail of red marks as he went over her skin..

Another firm lick across the white silk, a hot groan, before he shifted to her left thigh. Creating another trail.

His hand moved under her leg and lifted it up so that he was able to really lick and bite.. All the way back down to her cheek.. Licking there too. Curiosity growing.

A finger hooked to the panties, pulling them aside. A heavy shiver through his whole body.
Ben leaned in to kiss and tease, over everything that was still just skin, knowing how sensitive it was.
His tongue joining, licking wet at the same time it was carefully avoiding just where he wanted to be..

No, the curiosity was still there, and he decided to explore it.
Taking but two seconds to get her underwear off properly.

Going back to kissing. Though this time he actually planted one of them right above the pink pearl. Gripping her thighs steady.

That still wasn't it, though. He wanted to go lower. A good bit lower, where he hadn't been before.
He didn't have a clue how pleasurable the ass was to a woman, but that's exactly what he intended to find out..

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 22 2017, 07:22 PM
The General had no plans of moving her arm from its place, and dug the nails in as he bit her wrist so he knew that. It’d take more than a few bites to get rid of it. The nails relaxed only briefly; they kneaded back into his skin like a cat flexing its nails when he bit along her thigh, and she took in shaky breaths.

A relax, even if he moved to paying attention to the more sensitive flesh, and then a flex of the nails again as he bit along her other thigh, this time going higher, to the rounded flesh. He didn’t linger then, but went back to the place between, but not nearly near or deep enough.

Frustrating, and she forced her breaths to be deep, even as a few of them shook as he threatened to actually attend to the parts of her that wanted his attention. A groan parted her lips when he did close, but still ignored, the sensitive nub after removing the panties. It was a good thing he had her in a firm grip because she definitely wanted to buck or squirm to try and get him in the right place.

She refrained from cursing, though barely.

Again, the nails dug in, deeper at that denial, while her other hand just wound itself up in her own hair to keep it occupied. Otherwise she’d want to wind it in Ben’s, and she knew damn well that would just make this worse when she tried to steal his control. She tilted her head back, shut her eyes and let out a breath, trying to force herself to calm.

He didn’t continue high, though, but lower. She tried to plant her feet to help, to lift, quite aware of what Ben was aiming for – the crazy man. Apparently he’d decided what was good to grip was good to explore further, as well. She wouldn’t deny him. One day he was going to learn about it with himself, too. He might be more comfortable about it if he got familiar with her own first, and so she’d tilt up a bit, letting him have better access as he explored, relaxing the nails again.

Hopefully there wasn’t blood. Not yet, anyway. He wouldn’t be leaving that position without blood if he kept his word, though.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 22 2017, 08:11 PM
Her nails felt even better when the pressure kept growing.. Feeling the stinging against his skin. His cheek still burned.
Ben tried hard to disconnect from his own regions. It was something that had worked before when he had tried not to risk losing himself while doing this to her,- but that damned vibrating didn't work with that. Forcing the man to shift now and then.

He listened to her sounds and the way she breathed. When her body moved, and when her nails dug down. Noted what actions got what reactions. What made her skin visibly shiver.
''H-hh..''. His eagerness quickly pushed him forwards as she shifted enough for his hands to grab her better. His mouth to get proper access.

It felt so wrong. Making him all the more passionate about it. He found it erotic, just like he did with everything they had done so far; Not one of their actions had been for breeding. Absolutely not this one, either. No everything they did was for raw and pure pleasure. Intimacy. Both selfish and generous at the same time.

The man moaned between her legs, his tongue had started playing eagerly under the thoughts of how wrong it was. His breathing heavy and deep.
But once his curiosity had been somewhat sated, he couldn't hold himself back anymore.
He bit at her cheeks, before his mouth ended up between her legs again. Still not like it had done the times before.

Ben's hands gripped her thighs firmly, not giving her any warning before his tongue got to taste her properly. The man letting out a heavy row of moans as he loved it immediately.- His tongue getting to explore in a way he hadn't thought twice about before she had demonstrated it with her fingers the other night..

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 22 2017, 09:44 PM
Ben’s stuttered breath was still music to Hux’s ears. The breathing itself was wonderfully warm, alighting nerves as he explored and she bit back a moan as he seemed so eager about it, the play enjoyable even as she held herself up for his exploration. A surprised yelp did escape her at his bite, considering she’d started to get used to the calmer sensations.

That was when the moan finally parted her lips, starting low in her throat before it was let out when he plunged his tongue in. That was certainly new from him, and quite pleasant, adding that feeling that had been missing before, that pressure.

She tried to keep her breathing steady, but his eager attentions and his own moaning made it difficult, even when she bit back down on her own sounds and tried not to squirm much, but it was a losing game. She balled her hand into a fist near her own head, tilting it back, gritting her teeth on the sensible words and sensible praise she wanted to speak, lest she give it all away too soon that he could get to her.

But he was, and her hips did move, buck, “Mmm-aa…hah…,” try to orient him where she wanted him as the nails applied a steadily increasing pressure, scratching up along the back of his shoulder. “Force,” word cut off by a quick breath and a repressed moan, eyes shutting, trying to remember she wasn’t supposed to react like this, so obviously, but it was rather hard to think in situations like these.

Even if she knew it would be regretted. That didn’t quite stop her from trying to wrap her legs around him then, to keep him where he was, in spite of how he held her thighs.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 22 2017, 11:44 PM
No matter how much he enjoyed hearing her struggle to seem less affected than she was,- nothing beat hearing her actual moans. And by her first one she pulled one out of him as well, feeling hot rushes through his body.

Even if it might seem to let go a bit of the role of being incharge, Ben fully allowed her to move her body, and to try to lead him.
But he did so knowing that it would only lead to her breakingpoint faster.
Lead to the point where he would stop. Where his tongue would suddenly become warm and slow instead.

Take all the time to taste and lick. Just enough to not let her reach her peak, but still passionate enough to not let her calm down either.
No, he would make sure to keep her on the very edge. To see how long she could take it. To see how long she could take her body shaking and twitching.

Ben moaned deep, enjoying the pain she caused his skin.. His hands shifted as she wrapped her legs like that. Instead he held her thighs to get her legs even closer. Encouraging it.. Void, he got an image of her pressing him so close with her legs once he would allow her to orgasm that he couldn't get any air. Keep him there to ride it out before she would let him breathe..- The thought of it caused his legs to shake under him. Shifting them light.

The man soon expanded his reach, wet kisses and eager licking now reigned all the way from the nub he had started to get familiar with, all the way back down to her entrance, which he made sure his tongue would visit each time he got down there.
Heavy moaning followed him. He paid close attention to where she enjoyed it the most. Not leaving a single part forgotten.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 23 2017, 11:01 PM
The General was allowed some liberties. Ben did not fight against her legs, and so she was able to wrap them around the back of him, and make sure pressure could be applied against his neck. He continued to thoroughly enjoy himself, which only stoked Hux’s own flames to know how much Ben was enjoying it.

She seemed to forget, or hoped Ben would forget, his threat.

She twisted a bit as the pressure built, the pleasurable sensations deepening the need to actually release, but Hux was still well-trained in keeping most of those outcries to herself. It was shown mostly in the way her breaths started to become more shallow, hitching as she stumbled over those moans she did try not to make, and the whimpers she couldn’t help but make instead. Her skin seemed to flush more, and her nails did dig in much deeper as she neared the peak.

Much as she wanted to grab his hair, she didn’t, but there would probably be blood from her nails now. The hand in her own hair at least had a satisfying grip in the red locks.

The legs tried to apply a steady pressure to keep Ben there, blissfully unaware of his plan not to move, but to simply slow. Her train of thought was only on keeping him there so that he had to finish the job, especially as she did begin to twitch and buck a bit more, wanting him to stay in certain places that caused the most pleasure, so she could finally reach the peak like she had before in the shower.

And as much as she enjoyed his probing, it was not where she wanted him right then. "Ben, there, just - just stay!" It was instead at the pearl that she wanted him to linger, to just get her over the edge.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 23 2017, 11:52 PM
Soon, the man didn't care about keeping his own sound in, the moaning sounding as passionate and hungry doing this as he was.

But listening to her like this, listening to how her breathing changed, and how her body moved was.. Really getting to him. He tried to stand it for as long as he could, ignore his body and shut it out.

He groaned deep as she dug her nails deeper,- they must have no doubt broken his skin by now. And it hurt so good..

And by the time she was wrapping her legs around him to keep him close and her body moved like that, he knew that he had to do something about the vibrations. Feeling both his legs shaking under him.

After how long he had endured that, he felt no shame in having to turn it off. He didn't need to do more than catch the remote in his hand,- the Force was good like that,- and turn it off. Even if it didn't immediately get his legs to stop shaking hard.

Ben let out a snicker at her exclaim. ''Whatever makes you beg, General..'' He had murmured, before he did as she asked. His tongue remained by the pearl, and he increasingly licked faster and more wet. Right up until he thought that she was getting too close- and the man switched pace and firmness.. To keep her right there. Right where everything was ready to break.

And he still hadn't forgotten what else he wanted,- the reason he figured it would get too much by if he had kept the ring vibrating,- as the tip of his finger would start to explore her, to make it all so much worse for her...

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 24 2017, 12:23 AM
Hux might have laughed another day, when Ben called the remote to his hand and turned it off. Giving up on lasting through that, but that thought was no where in Hux’s mind as Ben consented to what she wanted and paid his attentions to the sensitive pink nub. She smiled as she tilted her head back against the pillow, letting the pleasurable sensations run through her like the blood down Ben’s shoulder.

Except, it didn’t last.

Or rather, it lasted too long, building to an almost painful peak and then…staying.

Ben didn’t pull away as she pressed him closer, but just…changed tactics. “Nnngh…ha…wha…ng?”

It was like white noise suddenly erupted in her head, the frustration and the need complicating her ability to think. The moan that parted her lips when she felt his prodding finger was additional agony and pleasure, the sensitivity high, but not receiving the desired end.

“Damn you.”

Of course her legs just wrapped around a bit tighter, as if she could urge him that way, but she knew what he wanted. He wanted her to beg, and she bit down on her own bottom lip to keep herself from it. Or from more threats or overconfidence that might make her less likely to get her way. If not that, then she had to earn it.

She forced her nails to relax their pressure on his flesh, not as mercy, but to find a new hold in his flesh, to flex over his flesh and break it as a way to deal with these sensations as they pulsed through her, causing her body to writhe and her throat to vibrate against the moans, while she kept her teeth down on her lip so that nothing sensible would pass.

No begging.

Just clawing the hell out of Ben’s back, all the flesh of him that she could reach, to try and relieve the tension with the act, to try and ride out the agony by inflicting her own pain back on him. Her venturing hand would eventually find his head, his hair, and try to entwine in those locks and pull at them, desperately, as if bringing him closer would help. As if her legs weren’t applying enough pressure to him.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 24 2017, 08:42 AM
Ben could feel a very heavy shiver go through his body as he felt it. It wasn't alot of it, yet, but he could still feel it tickle when the warmth made it's way down his shoulder. It got right to him. The blood, and the pain. Along with the pleasure of his actions.. Making the man groan heavy.

The man took a fraction of a second to let his tongue lick his own skin, a hacky breath followed with a just as hacky snicker, even if it was full of confidence.
He licked and kissed wet. His heart raced and he tried to keep his body from shaking. Especially his hand, but void... The feeling of barely an inch's penetration almost made him plead for it.

''You know what I want, General..'' he moaned between the licking. ''Either beg me desperately to let you orgasm.. Or earn it.''
He wasn't fully sure what 'earn it' meant himself, though. Either by adoring him shamelessly, sweet-talk and praise him in to it. A form of desperation and begging in itself, from his point of view.
Or drive him mad.

The way she clawed and risped at him was a good try for the last one, but it wouldn't do it. Even if it made him moan and hiss heavy.
And so did grabbing his hair.. And keeping him close with her legs..
The pain did get to him. As did the blood, and the way she held on to him. It almost made him feel used,- and Force that got his legs shaking again. Shifting, as to not show it.
The tip of his finger had started moving instead of purely teasing. Just a milimeter deeper each time..

He was almost the one getting frustrated now. Well, frustrated further.
Having to hold back his actions, make sure they were just too little.. Making sure to do exactly what she responded to without letting her get there.. His own nails dug into her thigh hard to let some of his own frustrations out..
Deciding to just drive it a little faster to push her further..

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 24 2017, 11:07 AM
Hux could feel Ben shaking beneath her, but it wasn't enough. She knew that by his snicker and loathed him for it as he continued to make a mess of her, mind and body. It was difficult trying to keep from twitching - a losing battle really. She did better at silence and that wasn't going well. Whimpers and moans, all kept quiet by the way she bit down on her bottom lip.

Then he spoke, warm breath still falling upon her, reminding her of his demand and it was all Hux could do not to shout at him to know what he wanted. She would rather give him what he wanted than beg. Her fingers gripped nearer to his scalp, and she attempted to think, but her mind just blanked again with the continuing pressure of his finger, slowly gaining ground and speed. The frustration and want got to her, pulling another outcry from her lips as his nails dug into her soft flesh.

"Damn it....Ben," shaking words, shaking breath. She shut herself up quickly before she could say more. It would not be curses. Please wanted to escape her. Commander wanted to escape her. All the pretty words that a beggar would use wanted to escape her but she didn't want to say a single one.

She wanted to thrust down, but knew it would only make things worse if she did. Wanted to pull away as well since she knew there would be no relief. Just to take a moment to cool down. "You're were...," almost thought to say virgin but by their own definition of it, he still was. Point was, he had been a novice not that long ago. This wasn't fair. She didn't anticipate him reading her so well.

A hacky breath escaped her and she arched her back, unable to help it. Her entire body craved movement and touch. "Voids, ple-!" She stopped herself, turning her head to bite the pillow instead. Tried to push him away then with the grip on his hair, even if her legs refused to cooperate and release him.

Maybe just turn his head. Just...anything but.

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The man didn't hide his growing consent as her body was really starting to give her away. How her words started to spill. And he showed it to her by licking even faster, remembering to not keep the same pattern with his tongue for too long.

His moans got deeper, painfully pleasured as she continued gripping his hair, as to push him off. Continued wrapping her legs around him, even if the two actions didn't make much sense together. ''Mmmfh.. Come on, you're doing so good, General,-'' he groaned, a tease under his tone, almost mocking. ''-You're almost at 'please'..''.

He let out a hacky breath as the gripping continued. The way she was starting to act brought that.. Aggression out again. That part of him that just wanted to hurt her, in a loving way. It was odd..

''What about this?'' he almost purred, almost threatening. His lips going back to kissing and heavy licking, as he slid his whole finger inside of her.

The man's lungs filled up, letting out a far hackier breath than he had planned.
Forcing his reaction down with all that he had to keep his legs from shaking even worse than before, forcing his body not to jerk from the heavy rush, and cursing himself in his mind.

His finger was quick to cause pressure, and to release it.. Push again, and ease it.

Posted by: Lucyfer Feb 24 2017, 07:37 PM
‘Go to all the seven Corellian hells, Ben.’

The General had always denied herself, but not in this way. She simply didn’t seek pleasure when she had been with previous partners, since it was about using them. Ends justifying the means. Give them what they wanted, a temporary freeing from responsibilities and a release, and they were all the more pliable, especially if they thought she enjoyed that.

And she did. She always enjoyed winning. Thinking of release as losing had twisted her mind some, and she still thought of it as losing. Especially put into the context where she had to beg, as if begging mercy from an interrogator…

She should have learned how to deal with this better. The build-up. The tension. The damn frustration of waiting. Pain was easy. Pleasure was not.

Especially not paired with the sight of who it was. With his voice and his words, a man she once hated and almost hated again, kissing her lower lips and exploring her inner walls. She wanted to direct him, but she didn’t really need to – she was almost there, it hardly mattered what he did. Once he set his mind to it…

Her breath hitched as he pushed all the way in, and a groan turned into a moan. Defeat, hatred, longing, desire, love – it mingled together pleasantly, “Please!” Finally said the full word, “Please, Commander…please, I beg you,” he wanted the pretty words, he could have the pretty words, if she just got what she wanted.

She wasn’t even thinking of revenge later.

The grip on his hair redirected its focus to pulling him close, fingers briefly releasing to find strands nearer to his neck, rather than the top of his head. Nails scraping over the flesh before they tangled back up in the dark locks, “You’ve proven IT,” breath hitched again, pitch rose on the word, “You…you have a…a command…over my body…,” that he shouldn’t have at all, but the play on the word and his title came so easily, “so please…please release me.” Yes, very much like a prisoner begging for freedom of an interrogator.

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The man enjoyed himself extremely. Doing one thing he had loved before he had even had a chance to perform it,- and now.. This. He loved having his finger inside of her aswell. It felt so wrong. Almost anxiously so, after what he had been taught and what he had lived after. Had he continued down the Jedi-path and ended up like this he would have fullheartedly believed that the Force would just strike him down.

And at the same time, it felt right. It felt so good. There was a warmth down under all the lust and raw passion.

He tried to recall some of the things he had noted when he had watched her. One of them was to not keep his finger straight and firm as a stick, and not just go in and out repeatedly. Keep it wet.
No, he remembered to keep his finger flexible, use smooth but firm movements, roll your wrist..

Ben didn't have an easy time begging, either, even if desperation seemed to win over him easily when it came to her. And this kind of begging. But all and all it wasn't easy for him. Still, he had a high guess on that Hux had it far harder than him.

So the fact that she did, and how she did it, sent hot heavy waves through him. Pushing the fire in his abdomen even further. Moaning heavy between her legs.
With those words, she would get it. With those words, she had 'earned it' just as good as she had begged for it.. ''Mmmmh~..''

''Now what I want you to do..-'' Ben murmured with that aggressive sweet to his voice again, sliding his finger out to lick it. Taste it and make it even more wet, along with a second one. ''-Is to moan like a whore for me..'', and both fingers pushed inside of her, before his tongue and lips would give her all she'd ever ask for. As promised,- giving her all that he had held in for her..

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His crooked smile and this tone were some of Hux’s favorite things. Still caring but also aggressive – commanding, as she’d said. It was an odd attraction since she used to prefer others begging…but then, she’d always known she’d enjoy it, as well. One of the reasons it was avoided, she’d never trusted anyone in such a position.

Still was not certain she trusted Ben fully as he said there was something more he wanted. She already begged, damn it!

Ben’s demand inspired outrage. “I’m not—” but the words turned into exactly what he asked for when those fingers were plunged in. She shouldn’t have opened her mouth to speak. Her back arched as her legs tightened their grip around him. It was loud, the frustration replaced by pure pleasure as the wave hit and she pressed her body back onto the bed, still trying to contain the trembling.

Pulled Ben closer with her legs. Scratched his neck as she tried to grip his hair as it crashed into her. She cried out and tried to keep him near as she lifted her hips more to meet him, a curse turning into another moan. Never should have opened her mouth.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Feb 25 2017, 07:03 AM
The womans attempt to oppose his command just made it all so much more satisfying when her words drowned in her own pleasure. And he didn't allow her to stop.
He felt stripes burn up his neck as she scratched. One of two of them even brought back that tickle of blood surfacing his skin again.

She pulled out another row of heavy moans by the way she gripped his hair. How her body lifted to meet him, and how her legs held him closer. Void..

Ben honestly had no idea how he was supposed to keep himself. Wondered if it was even possible when he enjoyed it this wholeheartedly. This would all be more than enough to get him off if he had allowed it.
It did feel good knowing that the worst that could happen would be what, ruined underwear, or ruined sheets? It was nothing he would let interrupt them.

Ben had no plans on how he was going to do this, just a hundred things that he wanted to try. Explore and experiment, there wouldn't be a second where his mind wouldn't run wild.
And if she would ask for something while she was behaving like this, he would show her just what obeying would earn her..

At one point he would see if she would reach orgasm if his tongue would return to her lower entrance. Continue using his fingers where they were entered now or have they take care of the sensitive pink pearl while he'd lick her ass.

''M-Mmmfgh..'', Ben licked and kissed hungry.. His fingers increasing the pace to turn the moaning even higher, he wanted pleading. Whimpering, and crying out. Call out his name.

His stamina wasn't even in questioning,- not only was it one of the things he had trained the most during the years,- but would he need it, he could more than easily use the Force to boost it.
He wasn't planning on stopping unless it was by her own words, or he had made her into a complete mess.

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Ben’s curiosity and ingenuity had never been truly acknowledged by Hux before then. He’d been a nuisance at best, and a terror at worst, when it came to his curiosity, and Hux considered he lingered on a line between saint and devil as he let his own curiosity guide his actions, playing her like a well-tuned violin, and reading every tremor too well.

It wasn’t only once or twice that the General enjoyed release, and she didn’t bother to even count after that. It was difficult enough retaining her mind to think as sensation tried to erode the ability to just let her drown in it, and at times it did seem that she went under.

When she cried out. When his name was tasted on her lips.

And yet, she would still always surface with needy whimpers and hungry demands, when she found the words, to direct his fingers or his tongue to sink her again, until it all became too much. Every nerve was on fire, and what Ben was doing hurt far more than it pleased her. She found his head, his hair, and gripped at it once more, not sure exactly when she let him go.

“Ben, Ben! Stop!” She did try to squirm away from him, but even that was difficult, if only because her body didn’t want to work with her as well – still shivering from some of the aftershocks of his attentions. “That’s – that’s enough!” How hadn’t he lost it himself yet? The man had not shown this much restraint in the past.

Perhaps the Force was good for something. Or all his meditation.

He hadn’t seemed to lose his cool all day, either. And yet he was turning her into a mess and driving her mad so easily.

Revenge was usually a good focus…or whatever this was. A single focus did help one to endure other things.

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This must have been by far the most tormenting and rewarding thing the man had ever done before. He felt as if it had been thanks to pure luck that she hadn't taken him down with her any of the times she came, as well as made a mental note that the ring had saved him multiple times.

Ben hadn't kept count, hoping that that wasn't anything he was supposed to have done. He simply took extreme pride in that it had been many, but the most important thing had been that they had become heavier and heavier.
He had followed exactly everything she had wanted, whether it had been said by words or by her body.

Void he loved her words, though... While his own had only revealed the mess and chaos in his mind. Every time his mouth hadn't been on her, a mess of words had left it instead. Vulgarity, graphic words describing so much, but still only a fraction of the mess in his head.
Speaking in a way he would never have done with a normal state of mind as he described just what she felt like, described what he thought of it, down to how strongly he loved it when she squeezed so tightly around his fingers when she had an orgasm.

And all of his words succeeded to be adoring and aggressive at the same time. Threathning, and passionate.

Ben wasn't a romantic man. And every time Hux had brought romantic thoughts to him, it had brought him like some kind of internal reality-crisis that had resulted in him quickly denying it to himself. But one thing that,- atleast to him was romantic,- and he would fully accept and stand for was the fact that five or ten, twenty years from now, he would still fight to get his head between her legs.


Her last words were bittersweet. He would have been able to go on, but hearing her tell him to stop felt very good. Knowing that it was because she couldn't manage any more, not because she didn't want it.

He did listen, though. His lips went straight to her thighs instead for a second. It wasn't anything compared to what Hux herself had done to him,- feeling how her nails had drawn blood from his skin in multiple places, evidence painting his skin and staining the sheets,- but her own thighs wore red stripes as well.

Once the black eyes caught a proper look of her, he gave in to it all.
The man was quick to move ontop of her, straddle her high up her waist but spared her any of his weight to let her breathe after it all.

''Void, look at you..'' the man murmured, still sounding just as loving as he sounded hostile. ''I've never seen anything that perfect..'' he added low. His lips spread and he let out a hacky breath as he slipped his wet hand down his own underwear, moaning..
The expression that was still on her face.. He loved it.

She was a beautiful mess. From her hair, down to her toes.

''M-Mmmhhfuck.. That feels good..'' he groaned deep. It felt really good, knowing exactly why his hand was that wet and sticky as he was touching himself. His body shaking a bit from the tension of still being so close.

Even the shirt of her uniform was a bit of a mess.. He had never seen it anything but in order before.
Surely she wouldn't object with him making it into more of a mess?

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Every breath was ragged, almost painful in the hastened need of it, each one taken quickly after the other. The feeling of his lips on her thighs was still like lightning, the area still sensitive, and her moan stumbled over her breath. Her mind was still reeling, trying to piece itself back together.

Somehow, she hadn’t stopped him before this, and a part of her still found it odd. The words that had come out of his mouth would have normally caused her to put it all to end, because the majority of the time she detested that degrading talk. Yet, during that time it was as if it didn’t matter – and she had liked some of those compliments of his. Quite a few of them.

Considering all the questions Ben had once asked her, she was still…surprised he seemed to find words to speak during all of this.

She shut her eyes as he moved to straddle her, still trying to calm her breathing. Her lips were parted, no doubt her face was still flushed. She opened her eyes as he spoke, that tone of voice still making her want to shiver. Want to listen…she’d never felt more attractive than when he used it to talk to her. About her. Almost as if she wasn’t there, and yet still so direct. The voice was made to be confusing, no doubt – hostile and warm, soothing and enticing. These things weren’t meant to go together as they did.

Watching him get himself off with his own hand, that had been glistening with her own cum, using it – of course he wouldn’t just want to let himself feel how it truly was, but he was at least getting himself started. Getting accustomed to it. She hadn’t gotten to see him take his own pleasure, and certainly wanted to.

She also wanted to slap him again for calling her a whore – more or less.

The problem, and the good, was that he liked it. So she didn’t think it would interrupt anything for him. So, the General did prop herself up just a bit on an elbow – she didn’t want to get out from under him – and reached up to slap him across the face, “For calling me a whore,” she hissed, certain that was not going to detour him in the least in the future.

Only to drop her hand quickly to the underwear to pull at the waistband and bring it down, absolutely wanting to see without the material getting in the way. Especially since he would be making himself slick with her…thinking of her…thinking of her all day, no doubt.

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Ben's chest moved heavy, growing more shaky with each breath. There was a grin twitching by the corner of his lips as the black eyes stayed locked down on her.

There was this almost overwhelming feeling of pride and power, admiring his conquest. Knowing that it was because of him that she was such a beautiful mess right now.

The man loved power. And this- this was perfect. There was so much power in it all. He had the power to make her shake and squirm. He had the power to make her moan, make her crie out his name. He had the power to make her beg him. And the power to bring her pleasure, to make her cum over and over again. And now that it was done, he had the power to climb ontop of his claim and pleasure himself to her.

His own body kept a light movement up, impatient, as he thoroughly enjoyed the wetness of his hand. The sounds he let out were hacky and heavy. They cut clean off as her hand slapped him across the face again, taking his breath out completely.
His free hand clutched tight to her shirt, and his lower back arched as the busy hand grew even more busy after the initial shock,- he hadn't at all been prepared on it this time.

But after the highly inappropriate laughter from her action, her comment, his breathing turned in to purely hissing and moaning. His eyes closed as his head tipped slightly backwards, and his hand worked his full lenght as soon as the underwear weren't there to restrict his movement anymore.

''H-Hh.. More..'' Ben moaned, teeth flashing light. ''More..!'', his tone telling clearly that it wasn't asking. Hand gripping tighter to her shirt as he struggled to keep himself in place.
She was everything that had a place in his mind right now..

Posted by: Lucyfer Mar 5 2017, 11:44 AM
Ben fell silent, but only for a moment, when her hand connected with his face. Then he laughed, and a wry grin cut across her lips at his reaction to her comment and her slap. She was both annoyed and amused with how lightly he took it. It was expected. He was finally getting a taste of the power she usually enjoyed wielding, and he loved it just as much, it seemed.

And she was getting a taste of why others enjoyed that domination so much, of the pleasure that came with it. She didn’t hate it, always knew she wouldn’t – but that didn’t mean she intended to let the change be permanent.

He gripped her shirt tight, and she moved her hand back up to his right hip, to wrap around it slightly and get a firm grip of his backside. He demanded more and she thought to deny him, only because it wasn’t meant for his pleasure then. Of course…she wanted him to get off, and wanted to contribute to it in more than just a visual.

He wasn’t going to let her take control of it right then.

She dug her nails into his backside and did slap him again, but not a third time. No, instead she wrapped her hand around his throat and squeezed, finding her own way to create a rule, a moment of control, “I suggest you hurry up before you pass out,” the threat of not letting him breathe until he reached his climax. She’d have to hold herself in that awkward not-quite sitting position to maintain the grip on his throat, but she could.

She didn’t think he’d pass out, anyway.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Mar 5 2017, 01:23 PM
Ben would have been lying if he'd say that grin on her lips didn't make his heart rush even faster. That it didn't turn him on.

His legs were slowly going back to shaking from the high tension, and his left hand gripped and clutched tighter to her shirt. Pulled at it distressingly. Even more so as he felt her hand at his skin.

Making it shiver hard as it ended up going to his backside. The feeling of her nails digging in brought out a thick groan. That, along with a second slap, brought him close enough for his ears to start ringing. Feeling that pooling sensation in his guts as his hand stroked his flesh harder and rougher.
His cheek really burned after that one, and void he enjoyed that.

His eyes opened as he felt the grip around his throat. If he hadn't been on the very verge he might have tried to put her back in place after those words, but he couldn't keep it anymore.
Legs shaking hard now, as he kept his body firm in place to give himself resistance. His hand working hardness rather than speed. Feeling his head start to spin in that wonderful way it had done the other time she had had her hand around his throat.

And it didn't take long at all before he broke out in the kind of moaning he seemed to always do the last seconds before climax, even if it meant losing all the air he had.

Raw, loud, uncontrollable moaning that turned in to practically a shout as he came, hard. His hips jerking in recoil and his hand pumped rough and the other one clawing to the arm Hux had reached around his back, lashes flickering as his eyes rolled back.

Posted by: Lucyfer Mar 5 2017, 08:20 PM
The General’s eyes lit dangerously as the familiar moaning escaped Ben’s lips, no doubt taking away the last of his breath, but she didn’t care. She squeezed harder to make sure it wouldn’t be regained, until he finally lost his control and she relaxed her grip, let her hand slide down his chest as he gripped her other arm. She couldn’t quite pull that one away.

Didn't release him, either. Kept the nails dug in, and would, until he would let her arm go.

The shirt was quite the mess now, no longer just distressed by her movement and his pulling, but now stained with those white pearls, as well. It hadn’t just stayed on her shirt, of course, that would have been too easy. She felt the warm liquid on her cheek, chin, neck, and was certain some had probably gotten in her hair.


But the shirt could be cleaned. The hair could be washed.

Ben’s pleasure was worth that.

“Such a waste,” she seemed to complain as her hand finally reached the end of his chest, but didn’t go further. Instead, she drew it down to her own shirt as her tongue flicked out and took a bit of the warmth off her cheek, that it could reach. Her index finger found another bit on her shirt, and brought it to her lips, taking the finger all the way in to clean it off, and removing it with an audible ‘pop’.

“That ring is good for something, isn’t it, Ben?” Certainly added to his stamina.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Mar 5 2017, 09:17 PM
The man pulled for air as soon as he got the chance, allowing the moaning to linger as it usually would. His eyes closed for a second, feeling his head spin heavy as they did.

His body shook from the pleasure. Opening his eyes again as he heard her speak, wanting to show her clear attention.

Void, if there was one thing that could have made her look more perfect of a mess- this was it. The moaning grew a bit heavier again as the black eyes took her in. Admiring her. Admiring his own trail crossing her. There was alot of it..

Ben watched her as he allowed his body to enjoy every bit of the lingering pleasure. The shaking and groaning slowly settling. He enjoyed every little bit from the view of her tasting him. Her tongue. Her sucking her finger.

A deep groan got through to answer her question through the sounds starting to calm down now. His body putting a light weight on her now.
He wouldn't let go of her arm unless she had some other embrace to offer, though. Just enjoy the grip. Enjoy the pleasure. The view.

This was when the man was at his purest. When he let it all show, no guards up at all. He would let her see the pure satisfaction he felt from it all, from the minutes before they even got through the door.
And he watched her so closely, without any attempt to be discrete about it. Let it show how he adored her. Admiring her shamelessly. Like he would move a mountain if she told him it was in her way.

The underwear would get back in place as soon as his head allowed him to act. A hand would eagerly be offered for her to lick off, before Ben would ask for hungry kisses without using words.

Posted by: Lucyfer Mar 6 2017, 09:36 PM
The General did love that admiring, adoring look that Ben could put on his face. He shouldn’t look innocent after all of this, but he did. It was hardly fair.

Just like how he had to pull his underwear back up, as if that were the proper response to all of this. She cleaned up her flesh as best she could feel, before he offered a hand to her.

The General pulled her hand away then to allow him, to grab his other hand at the wrist as he offered it to her and to, indeed, clean it. To enjoy each finger, to trace the lines of his hand, before using it to kiss her way up.

Nip the flesh where the elbow bent.

The shoulder.


On up his neck before finally reaching his lips, finally sitting with him in her lap and pushing her fingers through his hair to pull it back, to let her kiss him deeply while the hand between them worked to undo the shirt she was wearing, wanting it off now that it was stained the way it was. It would have been better if it had just been flesh, but alas….

Button by button, until the shirt was undone and she could try to shrug it off without breaking the kiss.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Mar 6 2017, 10:51 PM
Ben watched closely as the woman took his hand. Enjoying the sight as well as the feeling of her tasting him. If his mind hadn't already been so perfectly numb, the way she took each finger would have likely been provoking. Now, he enjoyed it fully and lazily instead.

His body still ached with the sweet relief. Still having her wonderful moans ringing in his ears.
He let out a soft breath as her lips wandered. Feeling his skin shiver as she nipped and as she wandered higher. Letting out a warm groan as he got to answer the kisses with his own.
It felt... Extremely odd, practically sitting in someones lap. But Ben quickly decided that he trusted her enough for him to stay in place.

Instead he let his hands run over her while they kissed, enjoying each one of them. His hands slided under the fabric by her shoulders to slide the shirt down.
''Sorry..'' he murmured between their kisses.
He absolutely wasn't, though. He was actually pretty proud over the way he had stained part of her uniform.


After a while, Ben had accompanied her into the shower. The sheets had been changed, being stained and bloody. The amount of blood that had dressed the fabric,- along with her thighs where his shoulders had met, and his back itself,- had looked far worse than it really was. He assured her, while he had covered every inch of her in kisses in the shower.

Surely being in the way more than one or ten times because of it, but he didn't care.
A little like last time, Ben didn't need much drying at all. Leaving him the chance to get out first and hold a towel prepared for her.


The silver ring had been removed before the shower, ofcourse. Laying on the nightstand as he had passed it on the way back to the bed.
Sitting down in the middle of it with the covers only keeping his privates hidden.
Paying Hux all of his attention. Shining, joyfully, even without smiling.

Posted by: Lucyfer Mar 8 2017, 08:58 PM
Ben was absolutely not sorry and Hux knew it, but at least these stains came out. So, she would not pester him too much over it. Although, when they went to the shower, she was annoyed with her hair, though Ben seemed to try to make up for it with his kisses – not letting her get a word out sometimes.

At least she got herself clean, and was greeted with a towel. She wrapped it around herself before brushing her hair out. Used to letting it dry on its own, she debated if she ought to do so then, but decided against it. She dried it, and then left the restroom to find Ben upon the bed.

Ben almost seemed modest with the way he had the covers over him. Hux shook her head at his choice, dressed then in her nightgown.

He looked…very content, even without a smile on his lips.

The ring was off to the side now, almost innocent-looking.

“We’re going to sleep now,” Hux told him, deciding to ignore that feeling of trepidation she still got with the thought of letting him sleep in the bed with her. She promised him she’d work on it, and so she would. “I have to get up early in the morning, so the alarm is going to go off and disturb you,” she reminded him as she drew near enough to reach out to him.

She’d let a hand fall on his shoulder as she climbed into the bed as well. He did seem to be all right…the Force helped with his healing. Lucky bastard. She’d lean towards him and kiss near his lips, a bit of a tease, before she’d lean away and pull on his arm a bit to get him to settle under the covers with her. She wasn’t messing up the bed again and making it again that night.

Tempting as it was – she did have to be awake to meet with Eiji.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Mar 8 2017, 09:41 PM
Ben watched her as she came to join him again.

Noticing that she had dried her hair. Hoping that his own wouldn't be a bother. Any curly problems could be solved in the morning.

His head tipped a bit to the side as the General shook her own. Wondering for a second if she was going to ask him to put something on, but since she didn't, he chose to remain nude.
Slightly disappointed that Hux wouldn't be doing the same, but watching her get dressed for bed made up for it. Besides, she was beautiful in a nightgown.

''Atleast I'll be prepared this time..'' he murmured.

The touch on his shoulder stinged slightly, but was welcomed. Ben let out a light purr by the kiss, even if he had thought she was aiming for his lips. ''Just how early is early?'' he asked.

It wasn't until he felt Hux's pull for him and that he had actually laid down with her under the covers that he felt fully certain that he would actually get to sleep in her bed. With her. Just the thought of that made him comfortably tired.

Making him lay really close with her, a hand admired the fabric of her gown under the covers along with a few lazy nips at her throat.
He was going to enjoy sleeping this close. Wanting to wrap around every inch of her.

Posted by: Lucyfer Mar 12 2017, 01:43 PM
Early was a little earlier than normal this time around, “4:30 am,” was how Hux answered him. Not too early, really, but for sane people it was early. With Eiji showing up, though, the General wasn’t going to leave any room for errors. She could manage with little sleep. She had several times before.

It was only recently she’d started getting more than three hours of sleep, anyway. Once the Order finally started to run like a well-oiled machine.

It was still paranoia-inducing to try and sleep besides Ben, but at least the red-head was quite exhausted thanks to him. She just had to not overthink the caresses or the nips. Had to not translate either as threats to her existence, that the nip might turn to a vicious bite to rip her throat out.

He had plenty of opportunity to do that.

Still, her mind couldn’t just drift and she moved a hand to his lips, “Sh,” he wasn’t talking, but it was meant a hush to all action like that. A stop, so she could sleep and not worry about his teeth in moments where she was supposed to relax.

She wanted some sleep before Eiji showed up. Sleeping besides Ben was already going to cut into that. This was still so…unnatural. Sleeping was supposed to be a solitary thing…she still didn’t understand why this sharing thing was so desired, but she was trying.

Posted by: Kylo_Solo Mar 12 2017, 04:10 PM
'04:30 am'? Was she kidding him? that was almost still night!

The man frowned. He would really have preferred it being a joke, but the womans expression told him pretty fast that no, it was fully serious.

''Void..'' He sighed quiet under his breath as he laid down more comfortably with her.
Already enjoying her closeness. Not having any clue of just how much he'd enjoy it by morning.

Ben got an urge to put her finger between his teeth as she placed it to his lips, but held the urge back. Glancing down at the finger as good as he could, instead.
A soft purr declaired obedience, and the lovebites would stop as well as the kisses.
Let her sleep, don't ruin it.

Ben had fallen asleep himself without any trouble what so ever, probably within minutes.

As for waking up- knowing about the alarm in real life didn't mean he knew and would be prepared for it in his sleep. So at 04:30 sharp, Ben woke up with a startled jerk, followed by a heavy and dry groan, before any lifesigns were lost again.

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