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Posted by: newblood Sep 10 2017, 11:52 AM

Okay, so, I'm looking for a character on the right side of the law to play opposite mine, who is on the wrong side. This character can be either male or female, so let me know whichever tickles your fancy should you reach out!

I have a small plot to get the ball rolling and am totally open to additional world-building if that's a thing you want to do.

So, essentially:

A massive, sprawling city is under the thumb of corporate, governmental and police oppression. There is a sense that resource sharing is not fairly distributed - the rich are very rich, the poor are very poor. There's really no in between, the disparity is so severe.

My character, a crime-lord-lady-boss has been quietly arming the people in slums and ghettos. It's been rumored that she's been inciting riots against stifling oppression.. and in some occasions, winning. She's caused enough of a stir that she's being watched quite carefully.

A cop is assigned to interrogate her. She and this cop have palpable, immediate connection. My hope is that from here, there will be a slow burning corruption. My character brings yours to the dark side to become her King (or Queen) of the underbelly.

I would love for this roleplay to be quite gritty and explicit. I have no limits aside from anal and bestiality. All else is up for discussion, so let me know if you have any particular kinks you want to play out. I have an F-List and SUPER NSFW Tumblr. if you want to see these things, just ask!

Off the top of my head, I'm imaging darker themes like:

-light bdsm




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