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Jul 4 2017, 03:58 AM
heyo everyone! you can call me persenche. for a short about me - 23, south dakota, mountain time, classic Cat Lady Lesbian™, long-suffering college student, and with 11+ years of roleplaying experience under my belt. my casual typing style on here doesn't reflect my writing style when roleplaying, by the by.

here's the tl;dr gist of it, fellas -
+ long-term one on one
+ e-mail only for the roleplay
--> for ooc talk, i'm chill with e-mail, skype, hangouts, or discord
+ adv. lit+, quality over quantity [though both are lovely tbh]
+ m/f, f/f, m/m, nb; platonic or romantic
+ i'm lgbt+ and neurodivergent friendly and you need to be too
+ not keen on doubling, but i can be swayed
+ let me know if you want to ditch the roleplay
+ my main limits are fading to black, rape/bestiality/etc.
+ love, love, love angst and character development above all
+ primarily seeking a one on one writing partner for Tales from the Borderlands [dibs on Rhys]

if any of that caught your attention, my e-mail is listed at the bottom. otherwise, i'll be more detailed in what i'm looking for and what you can expect from me next.

i'd love to find a partner who adores plotting and swoons at the chance to chat ooc about our characters and the possibilities between and before them - headcanons, discussing [serious or silly!] potential scenarios and twists, playlists, art, you name it. i enjoy making friends out of my roleplaying partners, so talking out of a roleplay is a strong preference. however, let me know if you're not into that!

quality over quantity, but a middle ground is solid, too. i'm able to write 4,000+ words if a reply calls for it, but i don't want length for the sake of length, you know? i can match and mirror - if the roleplay calls for longer posts, don't hesitate to hit me with a novel. i looove that shit. just as much, if only a page works then that's fine!

e-mail only for roleplaying. i'm all for giving you my skype/discord/google hangout/whatever once we're getting things going and we're both comfortable chatting on there. it's summer right now, so i'm on frequently for talking.

on the topic of frequency, i'm not the quickest at roleplay responses. i'm more of a one to three days gal. if unfortunate life stuff occurs, i might end up as a once a week for roleplay replies. however!! i will always let you know if it will take me longer than three days for a response, or if i'll not be around for a day or two in the case of ooc chatting.
the plus side is i'm near always around for ooc chatting and willing to sacrifice all hopes of a productive sleep schedule to talk. generous, huh? lmao.

don't ditch. if you want to call quits, let me know. even if all you write is "bye", it's better than me getting to fret over if something happened to you or if my e-mails aren't going though. i'll keep my grubby fingers off the keyboard and not reply if you prefer, just please let me know!
on this topic! i recently had an issue with gmail marking my responses as spam and popping them in that folder for others. it seems like it was fixed, but please, please, please feel free to shoot me a message if, after a day or two, you haven't heard from me! it's likely an e-mail issue.

dark, angsty, nitty-gritty ideas? my name is at the top of the 'loves the shit outta that' list. i'm all about hard choices, plot twists, making characters suffer - good ol' and well done angst with a purpose. character development is also one of my favourite aspects of roleplaying, so slam me with all the details - really let me know what your character is feeling, thinking, doing, and show me how they're changing from what's happening to them, yadda yadda.

also! if you have a character craving, i'm fine with you playing a character from a game/book/movie/whatever in the universe we go with. wanna slam your favourite character from a different video game into another game/plot/whatever's universe? 100% down with that. character and/or plot transplants are good with me. ocs get a thumbs-up, too.

what i'm looking for is Tales from the Borderlands. i'm open to almost any pairing, chill with ocs, all that jazz. we can go post-game, during game, au, anything. my one stopping point is i am not comfortable shipping Handsome Jack and Rhys together; if you wanna cook up a platonic plot with them, sure, but i'm personally not willing nor comfortable in pairing them romantically.

--> i have two small plot ideas, or we can come up with something together.
--> i'd like to try my hand at writing Rhys
--> i'm fine with whoever you want to play - an oc, Vaughn, Fiona, Sasha, Handsome Jack, August, etc.
--> my preferences are Vaughn/Rhys, Sasha/Rhys, and Fiona/Rhys.

otherwise, if that doesn't strike your fancy, here's some others. i'll list who i'd like to play as in it. -

+ Fallout 4: small plot idea. would prefer to play as my Sole Survivor, preference on f/f.
however, i've played all Fallout games released, so i'm also game for New Vegas, 3, 2, 1, or a new location!

+ TellTale's The Walking Dead: Ben Paul. have played seasons 1 and 2.

+ NieR: Grimoire Weiss, Kainé
+ NieR Automata
+ Silent Hill series: Angela Orosco
+ We Happy Few: Arthur Hastings
+ Kentucky Route Zero
+ Dishonored 1 and 2: Kirin Jindosh, Daud, Billie Lurk
+ The Evil Within: Joseph Oda, Tatiana Gutierrez, Juli Kidman
+ Resident Evil 7
+ The Last of Us
+ The Adventure Zone: Taako
+ Dragon Age: Origins, 2, and Inquisition
+ Mass Effect 1, 2, 3
+ Until Dawn: Josh Washington
+ Left 4 Dead
+ Portal: Wheatley
+ Dragon's Dogma
+ Uncharted: Rafe Adler
+ Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden
+ Enslaved - Odyssey to the West: Trip
+ Game of Thrones: Ramsay Bolton
+ and a shit ton more i can't remember enough to list. if you send me a suggestion, i'll likely know it [and if i don't, again, i'm down with character/plot transplants]

i'm not strictly limited to fandoms. others include -

+ [post] apocalypse [have a plot and a couple small ideas]
+ horror/survival
+ some ghost hunting show gone horribly wrong
+ androids and all their sad little existential issues [small plot idea]
+ desolation, being lost, an abruptly empty/decaying world - everything is fucked and weird and wrong but no one can say and/or remember why
+ hit me up with topics - i'm flexible!

finally, if you're interested you can drop me a message at

feel free to include things about yourself, limits, ideas, and if you have any cutie pets
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