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Jul 11 2018, 01:14 AM

i'm cassie, 25 and desperate for love. i tried to keep this short, but it turns out i have a whole host of interests and cravings. if any of them catch your eye, the easiest place to reach me is at i like to write over email and gdocs, with discord as a last resort.

i'm really looking for high emotional investment and interesting storylines. i'm garbage for slow-burn romances and love-to-hate relationships, which means angst and drama and characters struggling to come to terms with their own feelings. i'm always willing to accommodate my partner's needs, so if you have any tropes or scenes that you'd like to see, please let me know! i'm too old to judge.

i almost exclusively double. you can expect canon x oc for the fandoms i have listed, with canon x canon and oc x oc as options for my partner! please email me for more info on the characters i'd like to write against and the characters i can write for you! i don't have a lot of hang-ups when it comes to canons, so bring me your trashy faves and let's see what we can do.

face claims are a bonus. i only use real people and i'm very open to requests!


so. i'm looking for a whole bunch of things.

i'd really love to write something similar to westworld. i've only seen three episodes but i love the general aesthetic and the idea of different 'worlds'. it would be fun to introduce ai and see how that influences the plot, but focusing on a group of survivors or tourists who are trying to make it out would also be peachy. there's a whole lot we can do with settings and pairings and i'd love to hear your ideas!

southwestern gothics are another thing i've been craving. give me a group of ragtag hunters or mercenaries, trying their luck in the dirt and the grime. from dusk 'till dawn could be a fun source of inspiration, but mostly i want seedy roadside bars, sprawling deserts, and a horse with no name playing on repeat. give me your cynical old-timers and leather-clad badasses. give me beat-up chevrolets and whiskey for breakfast. it'll be fun.

the walking dead. i've seen a lot of people mention it and it's revived my love for the show. there are so many characters i'd be eager to write against. the governor, daryl, tyreese, and tara are the first four to come to mind, but that's just the tip of the hypothetical iceberg. this is one of the few fandoms i'd be willing to write more than two pairings for. it's just so big. and yes, i'm up to date!

i already regret listing this, but star wars is another fandom i could be coaxed into writing. DJ is my child and the only canon i would be asking for, unless we want to get into the prequels or the original series. i won't write kylo, hux, or anything involving reylo.

original space plots are something i can always get behind. give me your idyllic star trek inspired plots or your grimy firefly crews. if it isn't already obvious, i live for groups of outcasts coming together to save the day. reluctant heroes, charming con artists, and expert mechanics are the air i breathe. we can make this as gritty or theatrical as you like. i just want space! and i have plots!

conspiracy theorists and mystery-solvers are another major interest. this could be lighter, depending on what we're feeling, but following a group of novice ghost-hunters or alien-researchers could be cool. we can write something similar to the x-files, if introducing official government agents sounds like more fun, but really i just want weird settings and grainy footage and alien sightings in rural arizona. hit me up for some of that weirdness!


that's all i can think of at the moment. when you contact me, tell me a little bit about yourself, what kind of story you're looking for, and what kind of pairings you're after for your side of the RP.

happy writing!
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Jul 14 2018, 07:55 AM

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