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 Posted: May 19 2017, 09:31 AM

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Ahoy, Ahoy!

Got a wild hair up my ass again, so here I am looking for another partner or two to give me something to get giddy about between replies. As it stands right now my schedule is a bit unruly, so I would rather spend what time I can dedicate to writing on a few really solid partners/plots rather than scurrying to meet the demands of several less captivating individuals. Typically this means you can expect an average of a reply a day from me, often more, but sometimes less. Usually if I expect to be absent more than a day or two I will do my best to inform you ahead of time or at the very least let you know I haven't dropped you. That being said, I highly encourage all my partners to prod me if I've been absent a while. I am human, I do forget.

That disclaimer out of the way, let's get on to the interesting bits. I'm going to try to keep this as concise and cohesive as possible. The last thing I want is for anyone to slog through miles of me talking about myself.

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Genders: Like any number of other people, probably you too, I've been burned by a few hundred really awful female characters. Hence, while I can and will play either gender I tend to lean towards female mains (read, BAMFS). If it is ever a point of contention I'm never opposed to working out a compromise, sending a sample of my writing with my gals, or simply playing a male. Please don't take this as me saying I will only play ladies, that's not the case, but it does mean I might be a bit more probing about your character if you request a female. Equally, I love, love, LOVE, when someone does have a really badass lady for me to play against.

Doubling: Doubling is great in the right context, but I will only do it when all the characters are necessary. If the plot does not call for more than two mains, then it shouldn't have more than two mains. Equally, if a plot calls for a wider main cast then I'll probably push for it. Context is important.

Ages: All of my partners must be 18+, this is non-negotiable. As for characters, my mains are usually between 25-40 years old, an average being about 30. I hope you've got a similar range.

Medium: Email is typically my only method of sharing replies. That being said, I use Hangouts frequently and am willing to share my Skype username for the sake of plotting. I strongly encourage you to contact me via Hangouts if you want to plot over messenger.
  • Email:
Limits: Plainly, I have none. That being said, if something seems gratuitous or counterproductive to the story I will not hesitate to nix it. Beyond that, hit me with whatever. I kinda like squirming a little.

Length: In the quantity versus quality debate I'm a quality gal all the way. I'd rather have a succinct, pretty post than a droning twelve paragraph monster where it doesn't belong. Everything in its place, of corse; setting scenes should take time, just as conversations may be quite short. My replies have a broad range, but you can expect nothing less than two paragraphs, unless, of corse, context demands otherwise. Intros can be anything beyond six paragraphs.

Pairings: Primarily I do M/F, come to me with a fun plot and a good character to play against and I'll do F// too.


  • Dystopia
  • Mass Effect (non-cannons)
  • Apocalypse (I've got two little plot babies for this)
  • Power struggles
  • Supernatural creatures
  • Complicated relationships (romantic or otherwise)
  • Super soldiers
  • Conflict of all shapes and forms
  • Sci-Fi
  • Strong female characters
  • Maybe something based on Full Metal Alchemist? (Non-cannons)
  • WWII mixed with a some supernatural stuff?
  • Crime
  • Historical fantasy
  • Space!
  • Deception
  • Complex characters
  • AU settings
  • Antagonists/Anti-Heros
  • Manipulation (attempted or successful)
More than anything I'd like you to bring something fun to the table. Hit me with your ideas, even if they aren't named explicitly here. If you've got something you know is going to be good, I'm willing to hear it.

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