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 Sassy Shapeshifter Seeks Solace, Multi-Genre Possibilities, World-Walker
 Posted: Mar 4 2018, 05:12 PM

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So I'm looking for folks to play with this spicy lady here! I've had her for a long time, and she needs some more exercise. 8I Being that her history and family line allows her to world walk, albeit not very well, and depending on what point in her life, not willingly, she can be tossed into just about any genre or fandom.

Genres/Fandoms Krepta does best in:
  • Superhero/Marvel/DC: Krepta is actually native to a version of the DC Animated Universe, and she tends to be thrown around DC/Marvel verses the most. She comes from a world of legends and world-shakers, and grew up watching the greatest of them on TV. Her opinion of these modern myths have sobered somewhat as she's aged, but these worlds are still where she feels like she belongs.
  • Sci-Fi: Krepta's home dimension is a little higher in technology than non-superhero related verses, so she doesn't balk too much at places with things like space travel or virtual reality, and non-humans don't bother her at all. Diplomacy is still non-existent, though. It might be interesting to see her react to some really weird sci-fi, however! Throw em at me!
  • Modern Fantasy: While they tend to be lesser elements where she grew up, Krepta's no stranger to vampires and werewolves, enough to form some prejudices about the former party. There's some interesting potential for friction here!
  • High Fantasy: A little out of Krepta's element, depending on what point in her life she's being drawn from. Older Krepta spent some time in a pre-gun powder era, and while she didn't much care for it, it doesn't weird her out much anymore. A younger Krepta might desperately miss modern conveniences (and cleanliness), and have some trouble adjusting, though she's a quick study!

Other Possibilities:
  • Outside Fandoms: While kind of a shot in the dark, there are some fandoms I've always wanted to throw Krepta into where she doesn't quite fit with the world. I personally think that's half the fun, particularly if there's already significant prejudices against things like dragons, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. Still, I'll leave my wishlist here on the off chance I'll get some bites. Starwars, Hellboy Universe, Dragon Age, Elfquest, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Lord of the Rings are all fandoms I think she might be fun to throw into.
  • Science-Fantasy: Think a setting like Shadowrun-- high magic and high technology blended all into one, where both are considered pretty normal. Krepta would have a hard time grasping the rules of a world like this, since she's never been exposed to one, so there's a lot of potential for plot and character development here.
  • Other Stuff: Pitch it to me! Just because it's not on the list doesn't mean I won't be interested in giving it a go! You won't know unless you ask!

Things to know about me:
  • I'm over 21. I don't care if you're not for regular roleplay stuff, but there will be no smut involved unless you're 18+, cause that's gross and illegal, kay?
  • It's okay if you lose interest! I won't get mad! But please don't ghost me. It hurts.
  • I suffer from some pretty serious depression sometimes. Please be patient if there are occasional long gaps in our roleplays. I will keep you updated on what's going on. I won't leave you in the dark about it. I usually can post multiple times on my good weeks though, sometimes multiple times daily. I'm not picky about when you post, though-- just return the same courtesies I do, please.
  • Please read my playstyles chart on Krepta's page! It'll tell you some important things about me as a player.
  • I tend to lean toward multiple paragraphs in most of my posts-- sometimes more, sometimes less. You don't have to match what I write in length! Just give me something to work with! However, I will ask that you are of similar writing skills as I am. Please shoot me a sample post when you contact me! You can literally copy and paste it from any rp, really. <3 There's a sample post on the bottom of Krepta's page if you need one from me.
  • I may bring in other characters if you're comfortable with that and it feels like a good place to do so. There's a list of my other characters on my RPR-- yes, including Batman. However, please do not expect or demand this of me. I wouldn't do that to you. It's not an added pressure I appreciate.

You can reach me on:

Discord: Krepta#5707

I'm willing to give most rp mediums a go, save for maybe tumblr. I'm just no good at tumblr's interface. I'm old now. :C I'm also not currently looking to join any rp sites/forums. I'm happy with the ones I've got. Thanks though!
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