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 Where is my Mind?, Discord/Email; Fandoms; Long-term
 Posted: Mar 4 2018, 08:44 PM

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Hey there! You can call me either Rene or Ren. I'm 25 years old and I'm getting back into roleplaying and I need some new one on ones. I'm looking for long-term, and I don't have any limits (if something comes up that I'm not entirely comfortable with, I'll say so.) I have a full time job but I can definitely get a few posts in every day. I tend to prefer quality over quantity, meaning I would be okay with two well-structured paragraphs rather than fluffed-up novels. Although, please give me something to work with. I also usually tend to give what I receive, and I'm open to any level of RPer!

I also prefer to use facelaims even in One on Ones so that's definitely a plus if you have one.

**Now, the genres that I roleplay are pretty specific, meaning most of them will be fandoms. However, there are a few fandoms that I'm really interested in at the moment and I'll list them below.

Destiny: I would REALLY love for someone to roleplay Destiny the game with me as I'm HUGE into it and its lore and the story is just so rich and fun. There's so many plots we could do and we can definitely explore this as well.
Warriors: Yes, the books by Erin Hunter. I've recently started reading them again and have a few ideas for plots that would be really awesome.

So! Other fandoms I like are as follows:
  • Noragami - Possibly a God/Goddess/Regalia pairing. Or maybe even God/Goddess/Human/Shrine Maiden/ etc. I'm just really crazy about this series and I wouldn't mind RPing canons either.
  • Tokyo Ghoul - Probably one of my favorite anime series, and I would like something OC. Can be any sort of pairing or characters. We can plot some things and see where it goes. I have a CCG character that I have been dying to try out.
  • Attack on Titan - I'll first warn you that I am NOT caught up on the manga. I only really know the basic story from the first season of the anime but I'm willing to attempt this one because I ran a forum based on it and found that the options for character creation are really rather vast and interesting. I also don't really care much about spoilers (I usually end up spoiling things for myself anyway because I have a hard time dealing with an overly-curious mind.)
  • Sword Art Online - This would take place during the Aincrad arc of the first season. I dunno, I just really dig the concept for the anime (although I will say that I was a bit disappointed in how it was delivered in the show). The whole stuck inside an MMO and turning it into an actual fight for survival makes it interesting for me. I have a few characters that I have created for this, but do not mind starting fresh either. Any sort of pairing would work as well.
  • Mass Effect - I used to roleplay this A LOT, but have gotten a little rusty. I have a few plot ideas in mind that I'm sure any true fan of the series might be interested in. This could take place either before, during, or after the Reaper War. We would definitely need to hash out some details. I fucking love plotting.
  • 91 Days - This is a new series that I have recently fallen in love with because I love Mafia type stuff and prohibition-era settings. Booze runners for the mob? What could be more fun! Can either be canon or OC, or just simply loosely based on the concept of the show. There is a lot we can do with this one.
  • Final Fantasy (A Realm Reborn and Heavensward) - Yes, yes, this might be a bit of a stretch but I have been addicted to this game for over a year now and I think it would be awesome to have a roleplay set in the world of Final Fantasy ARR. Also a very versatile subject because there are so many story lines and character classes. Let's get all DnD up in here!
So yeah, basically that's it. I mean, I can plot a ship between a shoebox and a dinner plate, so I will definitely tell you guys to SUGGEST IDEAS! I'm usually down to try just about anything if it strikes my interest. I am not strictly a fandom roleplayer and these are just a few subjects that I am currently craving. I would be more than willing to try your ideas as well! Although, I do think it best to start simple and move toward bigger plot ideas. I don't usually hash out every little detail and write up an itinerary.

So, on to how you can contact me:

I am mainly active in roleplaying on forums, but my discord is probably your best bet for roleplaying with me. However, I am willing to use email if need be. I reply rather quickly and I tend to get overly excited to meet new roleplayers.

Discord: Reneox#6115

Thanks for taking the time to read everything here. I have a hard time keeping things short and sweet. I hope that I may have piqued your interest and that we will be chatting in the near future.

Happy roleplaying!
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