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 Come Write With Me, 21+, MxF, Original & Fandom stories
 Posted: Mar 5 2018, 06:23 AM

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Hey everyone! I'm looking for a few detailed partners who enjoy both original and fandom settings like me. I do adore historical romance, crime/murder, spy/espionage, and fandoms (in that order), and many others; so don't be afraid to ask me your preferences if you don't see one (or any) that piques your interest! smile.gif

I am currently craving for an ancient Rome setting that is similar to that of Game of Thrones... There will be betrayal, murder, sex, infidelity, violence, political uprisings, and many other things. But in order for this story to come to life, you must know your ancient history and you must have the ability to play multiple characters because this story will involve four households.

If you're onboard with this idea, I would be forever grateful if you can play a Roman commander who falls in love with one of the competing families' daughter (MC).

I do have other historical pairings in mind if ancient Rome isn't your forte. Here's a list:

- Highlander Warrior x Noble English Woman
- Detective Inspector x Female Physician (Victorian Era)
- Civil War Soldier x Plantation Owner's Daughter
- WWII Soldier x Childhood Sweetheart
- WWII Soldier x Disguised Female Soldier

Now I do have other basic original ideas... One is a modern-day law enforcement setting where a former Navy SEAL (YC) falls for a sassy criminal profiler (MC).

Another idea is a thriller/espionage setting. A CIA operative (or secret service agent) (YC) and the president's daughter (YC) wake up in an abandoned hotel. In order to escape, they must solve numerous clues left by the kidnapper before the bomb (which is strapped to MC) goes off. They only have seventy-two hours...

My last idea is a murder/crime setting set in present-day England/Scotland. A young American woman (MC) and a homicide detective inspector (YC) team up to solve centuries-old and present-day murder cases.

Now for fandoms, I am only seeking male canon characters for my female OCs.

*If you wish for me to double up as one of your male love interests, let me know! smile.gif*

- The Following (Joe Carroll)
- Altered Carbon (Laurens Bancroft)
- The Vampire Diaries (Alaric Saltzman or Damon Salvatore)
- The Originals (Elijah Mikaelson)
- Pretty Little Liars (Ezra Fitz)
- Almost Human (John Kennex)
- Xena: The Warrior Princess (Julius Caesar or Cupid)
- Ripper Street (Edmund Reid)
- Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Jack Robinson)
- Father Brown (Inspector Sullivan)
- Hawaii Five-O (Steve McGarrett)
- NCIS (Tony DiNozzo)
- X-Men (Scott Summers/Cyclops) *Older Films! Face Claim: James Marsden*
- Star Trek (Leonard McCoy) *Reboots*
- Star Wars (Han Solo) *The Original Trilogy only!*
- Indiana Jones (Indy)
- The Lord of the Rings (Eomer)
- The Dark Knight Trilogy (Jonathan Crane)
- Aliens (Dwayne Hicks)
- The Terminator (Kyle Reese) *1984 version*
- The Phantom of the Opera (Erik) *2004 movie version*
- Reign of Fire (Creedy)


- I am only interested in MxF pairings with me playing the female role unless we're doubling.

- Please have decent spelling and grammar.

- Please write only in the third person, past tense in paragraph form.

- I am only seeking semi-lit/advanced multi-paragraph writers.

- I prefer all characters to be 25+.

- You are more than welcome to pick your desired face-claim of your choice for me to use for my female (or male) character(s). Just make sure they're realistic in appearance. I don't like Anime/drawn pictures used for character appearance.

- I am perfectly fine with smut as long it's not the main focus of the story; 70% plot & 30% smut ratio.

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