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Feb 8 2018, 05:23 PM
yes hello my name is katie and i'm looking for a few role plays to occupy my time in between classes, homework, and other life obligations! but before i get anymore into this post i want to let anyone who recognizes me know that yes, i'm still interested in our role play i'm just awful at responding and then i feel really bad when a week or so has passed and then i just don't respond at all because i feel like you hate me, SO if you have a message from me sitting in your inbox or just want to hit me up again please do so!!! i'm so sorry, i'm trying my best to be better at responding on time and like. still responding even when a lot of time has passed.

anyway! yes. here's just a few things i'd like you to know before you contact me/read any further:
- m/f and f/f are the only pairings i'll do, it's just what i'm most comfortable with.
- with that being said i really, really prefer to play male in m/f pairings but if you're not down for that please say so! it's not a requirement that you always play female, it's just a personal preference
- i'd like this to be over email or google docs, but i can consider discord or another form of IM if you really, REALLY need me to
- i'm not huge into doubling, i'm sorry :'(
- i also don't have really any limits besides like. the illegal stuff and hardcore kink/BDSM
- i don't give a flying fuck how lengthy your responses are as long as there's enough for me to work with! like my god it's not the end of the world if you send me one liners, i'll probably do the same from time to time!
- our role play has to have romance in it, tbh that's what keeps it interesting for me. i'm totally down for other action/horror/what have you elements but there's gotta be some romance!
- please be at least 18, preferably over 21
- and like i sort of touched on at the very beginning, i honestly do have trouble responding in a timely way. i'm in school full time (i'm taking 15 credits this term rip) and i have boyfriend and friends and ya know, other life stuff. i get distracted and just plain forget sometimes, so please don't hesitate to remind me! and tbh if you're comfortable with it and live in the US i'd be down to exchange other communication details to keep in better contact than just email!
- uh i think that's it? if you could just lemme know what your time zone is that would be super helpful! i'm in PST

genres/pairings are next i suppose! it's kind of hard to come up with a concrete list because a lot of what i like can be overlapped with other genres and pairings but i'll try my best! and if you don't see something you'd like to do please let me know! i'm pretty open to trying new things and i'll always be down to hear your own ideas and plots. so:

literally anything with vampires, witches, demons, werewolves, angels, etc. literally. anything.
modern/slice of life/tumblr au's? like our characters meet in a coffee shop or an art gallery and fall in love or one them answers an ad in the newspaper for a roommate or job/gig then they both develop a relationship and fall in love. basically anything fluffy but with plenty of room for drama and angst-y stuff
i also really like ~forbidden~ romances like:
doctor/patient or doctor/nurse
kind of anything that's taboo/out of the ordinary i guess

i know it isn't a lot, but like i mentioned before i'm pretty dang open to anything you suggest. i'll say though, i'm not big into fandoms (i'll consider harry potter if you've got a good plot/idea) or high fantasy/sci fi.

the best way to contact me atm is my email,

and that's basically it! please lemme know if you have any questions and what not, and i can't wait to hear from you!

Oct 28 2017, 02:35 PM
my name's kate and as the title states i'm really, really in the mood for a role play involving vampires. idgaf if i'm past my teenage years, vampires will always have a special place in my dweeby little heart ~

anyway! i just have a few quick things i want to go over before anything else.

- i almost always play male when it comes to m/f pairings but if that doesn't really float your boat i'm happy to switch.
- romance is a must. i'm sorry, but i honestly don't find role plays all that enjoyable without it.
- i have no limits besides, you know, the really illegal stuff. i'm open to kinks, just run them by me first please. but language and violence/gore aren't a problem as long as it isn't excessive.
- keep in mind that i can be pretty sporadic when it comes to replies, but i'm currently unemployed/waiting for school to start so i have lots of time on my hands. if you don't hear from me within a day or two, feel free to message me! chances are i forgot or got caught up in real life stuff.
- literacy is important, but we all make mistakes! i don't expect an SAT vocabulary or impeccable spelling and grammar all the time, we're all human. as long as you give me something decent to work with we'll be good.
- just so you know, i'm in the PNW so PST is my time zone.
- also if you have pets i would love to swap pics if you're comfortable with that. i love dogs. a lot.

pairings are pretty standard!

vampire/any other supernatural being

honestly there's a plethora of pairings and i'm open to pretty much anything. as far as eras, i'm most comfortable with modern and recent historical, like within the last 19th/20th century.

i have a couple basic plots in mind so if you'd like to hear them, let me know! and if you have any ideas i'd love to hear them as well.

my email is and is the only way i'd prefer to role play. i'm open to google docs, though they're not my favorite.

thanks for sticking through this! hope to hear from you!

p.s. i do have a few ongoing role plays already. for those of you that recognize me, don't worry, i'll reply soon! i know it's been a while.
Aug 16 2017, 05:35 PM
hey hi hello! my name is kate and i'm here in search for a few good role plays to occupy my free time (which i have a lot of). before i go any further with this ad, however, it's incredibly important that i make a few things clear with you before you make the decision to send me a message.

i struggle greatly with mental illness, and i'm not very shy about that. i won't deny that it sometimes does effect my role plays and the consistency of my replies, so with that being said you have got to be okay with intermittent replies from me. i cannot in any way guarantee daily/weekly/what have you replies because it's just not physically possible for me and my mental health. i do go through periods where i can pump out replies multiple times a day, where others i won't be able to reply for a week or more. i'll try my absolute very best to let you know if i'm going to be away for a while, but that's also something i can't be certain on.
i know that this may be a deal breaker for a lot of you, but i would rather you know now rather than wait around for weeks without a reply from me and not know why.
also, with that being said, if you know we had a role play going and would like to continue, please let me know! chances are i still have it lying around somewhere in my email and we can pick it up where we left off or start fresh. :)

okay! now that that's out of the way, i'd love to tell you a bit about myself and would love to hear the same from you! i'm a 24 bisexual woman that lives in the pnw where it rains a lot and the summers suck butt. i'm really into harry potter (hufflepuff what what), outlander, paganism, and staying up super late watching forensic files and infomercials. i love animals (esp dogs) and will never say no to a good cup of coffee!

alright! now i honestly don't have a lot of ~*~rules~*~ per se, all i ask is that you can write coherently, are creative with your characters, and are willing to work with me on plot development. like?? nothing pisses me off more than having to plot out everything myself and carry the weight of the entire story. so please. don't do that.

a couple other things i should mention while i'm thinking about it; i do prefer to play male in m/f pairings but if that's not your cup of tea, let me know! it's not a big deal if you wanna switch it up. i'm also not huge into doubling, but i will if the story calls for it or if you really, really need me to. i don't have limits really save for like toilet play and all of that other obvious (and very illegal) stuff. if you're still not clear about anything or have questions on something i haven't covered, please let me know! it's so, so important that we both enjoy this role play and the last thing i want to do is make you uncomfortable.

as far as genres/pairings, here's a quick list of things i absolutely 100% will do anytime:

literally anything with vampires, witches, demons, angels, ghosts, werewolves, etc. i don't have specific plots for these, but i'm happy to come up with one with you or try one of yours out if you've got something in mind. but this is, like, on my top 5 of things i will do no matter what lmao.

i mean?? literally any modern pairing is cool with me, and i'd be happy to incorporate any sort of supernatural/fantasy element into any of them. i know it's not a huge list to go off on, but i'm always up for trying new things so if you want to try something that you don't see, please suggest! the worst i can say is no. :)

the very last thing i'd like to mention is that i only role play over email. i'm sorry, it's just more convenient for me that way. you can find me at

i know this post was long and i super appreciate it if you read the whole thing!! i really hope to hear from you! :)
Jul 5 2017, 11:52 PM
hello friends! it seems that my last post is lost to the ether so i've decided to make a new one for now.

so a bit about me? my name is kate, i'm 24, and live in the pnw. i love harry potter, dogs, hiking, and frozen grapes. >:D i also have a part time job (yay capitalism), have a very active social life, and i'm also romantically involved with someone, so naturally my days are pretty busy one way or another. don't let that deter you though! while i am a busy person, i do definitely take plenty of time out of my day to commit to my writing.

so as far as 'rules' go, i don't really have too much to ask of you? just please be a decent writer and give me something to go off of. i also ask that you be at least 18. i love smut. i love foul language. i love violence and pretty much everything else! so you gotta be legally an adult please. :) and same goes for your characters. <3

i like a lot of genres and a lot of different pairings, so i'm going to leave this pretty open ended. if you have something you want to do in particular, please let me know! i'd love to hear your ideas. the one thing i really want to stress, though, is our role play has to have some sort of romantic element in it. it's honestly not very enjoyable for me when there isn't that sort of aspect to it, so please be okay with that. c: i do have a couple cravings, however, and they are:

anything with vampires, werewolves, witches, angels, demons, ghosts, etc. it literally does not matter. i will say i really like ~bad boy / bad girl~ tropes with these sorts of pairings/genres with lots of romance and angst lmao. but if you want fluff, i can do fluff!

professor/student is always a good pairing for me too, i'll always happily do that. artist/subject or anything like... super romantic and shit is good with me. i love the idea of our pair meeting in a coffee shop or old friends bumping into each other at the grocery store, etc. i fucking love it.

the only things i can say i really won't do are fandoms. i'm sorry, they're just not my thing. :(

the only way i really prefer to role play is via email, but i'm happy to skype with you to plot and chat and what not!!
my email is:
skype: dreamelvis

i can't wait to hear from you!!
May 18 2017, 10:24 PM
hello, my name is kate, and it's time once again for me to start searching for some role play partners. it's been a while since i've last role played, but if anyone recognizes me or if you have one of our threads still in your inbox and want to continue, hit me up! :)

just a few quick things for you to know before i get into the fun stuff, though:

- please just... write well. proper grammar/punctuation, be creative, etc.
- please be mindful that i have a busy schedule outside of role playing. i work full time, i have boyfriend, and i have a fairly active social life too. i'll try my hardest to get you at least one reply a day, sometimes two. but if something comes up, i'll definitely let you know. i'd appreciate it if you'd do the same. c:
- as the title states, please be 18+. and that kind of goes the same for your characters as well. i'm just not comfortable role playing with anyone (including characters) that aren't legally adults.
- i don't have limits, really, though i won't tolerate abuse of any kind at all whatsoever. that's where i draw the line. but everything else is free game!!
- but beyond that?? i don't honestly have a lot of else i'm super concerned about. i'm really laid back person and if you have any limits or preferences or anything at all, just tell me. i'm happy to accommodate. :)

and now onto the super important (fun) stuff!

some things i enjoy include:

outlander (or a story based around the concept)
marauders era (especially james/lily and sirius/oc)
anything with vampires, witches, demons, angels, etc. i like the supernatural. a lot. :c
idk, slice of life stuff in general i'm happy with!

i know it's a short list, but i'm really open to try most things if you suggest them. the worst thing i can say is no. :)

i will say that the only things i don't enjoy are anything involving anime or high fantasy. but all else goes beyond that!

and lastly, the best and only way to contact me is my email at :)

if you have any questions, feel free to comment/pm! either way, i can't wait to hear from you!
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