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Apr 12 2018, 12:18 AM
june update: currently not seeking new plots

heyyooo! my name is not lana lol, you can call me leila, and i am utterly delighted by the sheer number of mcu fans hanging out here. i'm looking for writers 20 or older who are canon x OC friendly, and interested in plot-driven rp of an open nature (maybe it starts platonic, maybe it's outright hostile, but it definitely is not guaranteed to ever become romantic). i have a FOC who's been homeless for about a year and a half now ever since her site closed, and i miss her to death, so i'm giving this a shot!

our site was an AU of civil war where the registration act more closely resembled the comics, but i have also adapted her to fit into cap3 as well, and will continue the tradition with infinity war, so i'm not fussed either way. i just want to play my baby!! my preference is mxf, but i'm down for fxf and doubling on mxm so we can do whatever you've been craving too, so long as i'm familiar with the source material (and tbh if i'm not familiar and we get along well, i'd probably watch it for you). those plots can be romantic!!! it's just harder to leap into that sort of thing when we're not dealing with two pre-established characters we both know really well.

do you ever have those characters where you would play them against a brick wall? that's how i feel about my girl. if you want to do a dceu crossover, if you want me to play her against a civilian, if you wanna do OC x OC, i'm open to considering it. (just be aware i reserve the right to say no if i can't get into it, and i expect you to do the same.) i'm really enthusiastic about her, but i take characterization really seriously, and my OC has been mistaken for a canon comic adaptation. i promise you she's had a ton of thought put into her, and i'm not here to waste anyone's time. with that said, i'm not looking to waste my own either, so it bears mentioning that i am an advanced writer. i have tons of sample posts and an application/shipper already written up, but i want to play with people who are on my writing level.

more about me:
  • i'm 25, live in the eastern (gmt - 5) US timezone, and i work a salaried position (meaning i can work 10-12 hour shifts some days) with a lot of responsibility, so i am absolutely not posting daily. it's not even a goal (okay, it's sometimes a goal.) while i have been known to rack up streaks of days where i write in a row because i'm inspired, if i felt pressured to always do that (and i have at times), it would make me crazy. i need to have the freedom to know that where necessary, i can cool off for a few days. so if posting multiple times per day is a requisite for you, i am in no way the person you're looking for.
  • i also have a bit of experience playing natasha romanoff (more so than the others), ophelia sarkissian, tony stark, and sue storm.
  • honesty is really important to me. if you have to dip out for a while, or even forever, just tell me. i like to be friends, or at least friendly with my partners, and it's honestly really weird to me that a lot of people think you have to ignore someone forever because the two of you stopped writing. if we hang out on discord and get along, whether or not we write til the end of time shouldn't change that. i'm not the type of person to take that personally, so if you aren't either, let's chill.
  • i also do not message people to covertly bug them for posts. if i want to know what's going on, i'll ask. if i'm messaging you, it's because i like you, not because i'm trying to passive-aggressively pester you.
  • do not passive-aggressively pester me.
  • i write in third person, present tense, and while you can use past all you want, i'm never going to switch back to it. #sorrynotsorry. my post length can range anywhere from 150 to 1000+ words depending on context, and matching doesn't matter to me so long as we're meeting halfway in terms of quality.
  • as far as limits go, dub-con is fine, but i will not participate in rape that occurs onscreen or toiletplay, and anything that sensationalizes racism or antisemitism (especially as my OC is jewish) isn't going to fly.
  • disclaimer: i myself am not jewish, and totally open to being corrected and learning. <3 the same goes for any trans or nonbinary characters we may write together, because i myself am cis.
some other important things (aka i just wanted to break this giant list up):
  • as campy as the movies can be, i enjoy injecting a bit of stark realism (no pun intended) to embellish how fucked up this universe is. it makes the characters more real to me. if you take the level of implied trauma seriously (are there any avengers who don't have ptsd??), the source material becomes pretty dark super fast, and i really dig that.
  • as another user here already said, i use face claims and you should totally try it if you don't. i won't bring them up if they bother you, but picspam and gifs are quite a thing for me.
  • it's your lucky day, barbermongers, because i am smut-friendly in 1x1 settings. however, plots that revolve around sex bore me. imo that's not a real plot. as soon as you throw in some conflict, it's not just about the smut, ja feel?
  • we don't HAVE to double, but if you're not OC-friendly i'm not going to do canon x canon with you. there's a very particular point to this ad. conversely, i'd be totally down to double or even triple in the same universe, where we take all the avengers not in the main ship, or whatever.
  • please do not hit me up for this if you don't actually really like OCs. i will be able to tell if you're just here for the part where you get the ship you actually came for, and it will crush me.
  • please also don't ghost! i totally get wanting to make contact to see if we get along, but let's agree that if you email or dm me, neither of us will assume that the other is 100% down to clown unless we say so. don't feel like you HAVE to get shit started with me because you contacted me. if you're going to disappear, do it BEFORE we manage to start writing. volunteer to write the starter and THEN vanish lmfao, i've been doing this for too long and i hate wasting my time, but talking does not bother me. plotting does not bother me. it's taking the time to sit down and write a post that never gets replied to.
annnnnnd i'm half asleep so i'm gonna toss this up and revise in the morning lmao. i'm in the bm discord as leila#2074, available via email at glassparades[at], and you should let me love you, especially if you read all this. <3
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