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Apr 26 2018, 04:30 PM
Hello there!
First off, sorry for this long, rambling ad! You can call me Leah, I am to be 24 years old this year and have been RP-ing for almost eight years now. My timezone is GMT+1.
pring is here again, and as a student I have less and less to do, which means more time for roleplaying! I understand though that not everyone have that sort of time, but I’m a very chill roleplayer, it’s about having fun, not getting stressed out and meeting deadlines and word counts (god knows I do enough of that in my daily life!).

Organized information:
- I only play m/m pairings. I only do OC.
- Please be 18+, preferably 20+
- Please write in third person, past tense and in paragraph form.
- Email (and possibly google docs) is my preferred medium for roleplaying. I don't mind using hangouts to chat though.
- My average post length is around 400-500 words, I think that’s a pretty good length but some
reply warrant longer replies, and some shorter.
- I’ll be able to reply daily mostly, but sometimes life gets in the way! But if you’re just able to
reply a few times a week, that’s fine with me too!

So what am I looking for? Well, right now. I am primarily looking for a historical roleplay! I’m mostly interested in the Victorian or Edwardian era, but also roman/greek, and then 1400’s-1980’s, quite a time-span! I’d prefer to keep the setting rather free from fantasy, but I enjoy writing elements of the occult. I’m looking for something dark, or slightly dark, and angsty.
I enjoy playing many different characters, from ages 16-60, happy or troubled, dark or angels, average men or the extravagant, rich and poor, well everything goes really! Character development is a favourite thing of mine! I do like age-gaps and taboo relationships as well.
Some ideas I have, neither , but we are not limited to in any mean, but just to give you some feeling for what I’m looking for, include:

Artist x his muse/patron -.This could be set in Renaissance Italy, where an up and coming artists falls in love with the prostitute he hired to depict Jesus in a church mural he’s making. Or, maybe it’s the 19th century in New York, a painter his hired to paint the portrait of a nouveau-riche partyboy?

1960’s rocker x English aristocracy - A famous rocker rents a mansion from an impoverished but noble English family. Old money meets new money, different worldviews collide and all that fun stuff.

Police inspector x brothel owner - A twist on the old costumer x prostitute (which I’m also open too) preferably set in the Victorian ages. The police inspector wants to shut the place down, but get’s dragged down into the dirty dark world of the poorer glasses.

Priest x anyone - Let’s write about homophobia, about people being torn between their calling, beliefs, culture, and love. He could be seduced by someone from the outside, or a fellow member of the church.

Jack the ripper - Do you like serial killers? Do you want to create a murder mystery with me? Do you want to play a serial killer and his apprentice, be my guest, or do we want to play the detectives trying to catch him? Maybe we’re doubling and doing both?

Honestly though, anything is game. College professors or their students, mental hospitals, doctors and patients, kings and princes, or knights, even spies! USA, Russia, London, Tokyo, I’m ready for everything! I would love to hear your ideas!
Also, if you like the theme of any of these ideas, but don’t feel too keen on writing a historical roleplay, please contact me either way.

I also enjoy doubling in my roleplays, but it’s not a must!

Smut info:
- I do not fade to black and expect smut from the roleplay but not porn without plot.
- I play both tops and bottoms, and switches. It doesn’t matter to me if you have a preference.
- I’m kinkfriendly and have a lot myself, please feel free to tell me about any you want to include!
- My limits are mpreg, furries, scat and feet.

Contact info:
Thanks for reading my (very long) ad! I hope I’ll hear from you, and if you do, please tell me something about yourself, your limits and what kind of themes, settings or plots you’d want to play!
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