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Mar 17 2017, 07:07 PM
Basic info. I'm trying to keep this short so you don't have to read through a huge paragraph of me just rambling about myself. I go by the penname Jia. I'm 24, uni-student and female. I only roleplay via email! I have over ten years of roleplaying experience, even more when it comes to creative writing. As you might imagine, uni can sometimes be a bit hectic, but I try to get out at least one reply by day, though I'm hoping to play with someone who won't get upset if I have to skip a day here and there. I only write with roleplayers who are over 18, since I like mature themes in my roleplays and I'm not about to write those with minors. Also, I feel like an asshole for pointing this out, but I don't really feel comfortable roleplaying with cis men due to some pretty bad experiences I've had in the past. So gals, trans guys and nb folk are totally welcome!

Style. I prefer to write third person and past tense, though I'm not married to the tense and if you prefer we go with present tense, then I'm definitely up for it. I play paragraph style and my average length is about three paragraphs, give or take depending on the scene. My starters tend to be a little longer! I don't care how long your replies are, as long as there's something for me to work with and that you make mutual effort to drive the plot forwards!

Characters. I play both male and female characters, though you're more than welcome to play nb characters if you want to! I also play m//, f// and m/f, though with m/f I sometimes prefer to double, depending on what kind of a character/dynamic you're looking to play! I love playing male characters in m/f pairings, but I don't really appreciate it when someone comes to me saying "I only play women in m/f pairings", because I'd like to be able to discuss and find out what kind of characters work for the both of us. And, you know, if you want to double otherwise too, I'm totally fine with it.

I like using faceclaims and have collected my favorite ones here. If you like using faceclaims too, great! But you totally don't have to, it's not a requirement by any means.

Settings. What I'm reeeally looking for right now, is post-apocalyptic. There's so many different routes to take; maybe it's a scorching wasteland, maybe a frozen tundra, maybe a city overcome by the nature, maybe it's the flood, an alien invasion, bring it on! The only things I'm not too fond of are zombies and pandemics, though I'm a bit more lenient with the latter than the former. We can also go with the apocalypse having just happened and the whole country (whichever we decide to go with) is in chaos, or years after the apocalypse with a group of people just trying to survive. I'm fine with both of us having just one main character, or each of us playing multiple characters, whatever suits you the best.

I also really like anything involving werewolves and pack dynamics. Bonus points if this is combined with post-apocalyptic.

Plots related to space and scifi are also close to my heart, though I'm not looking to do massive amounts of worldbuilding at the moment. But maybe a human colony that was once upon a time a thriving hub of merchants from all over the galaxy, but is not decrepit and the people there are stuck in the crumbling ruins of the city and the city has become infested with crime. I'd also love something to do with space rebels (yes like in Star Wars. I'd be willing to even go with SW canon universe here) or smugglers.

Also, time traveling! Someone involuntarily traveling through time and forced to adapt to the time period they've ended up in. This could be set in either a historical period, modern day or something futuristic (my favorite).

Something modern fantasy/futuristic fantasy would be cool too. I like the classic vampire and vampire hunter being forced to work together. Also powered people/mutants a la X-men would be cool too. And anything to do with witches would be really awesome, though I don't feel comfortable writing actual religions (like wiccan) because I just don't know enough about it to accurately portray it.

Whatever setting/plot we go with, I am a huge fan of romance and am not really looking to do solely platonic relationships at the moment! I'm also a sucker for slow burn and hate-to-love kind of dynamics and tend to kind of shy away from insta-romance.

Limits. Rape, pedophilia, anything related to animals in sexual scenarios and child abuse are huge no-no's for me, even as a part of your character's backstory. Drug use and alcoholism are stuff I prefer not to be a part of the roleplay, but can be a part of your character's backstory if you want it to. Other smut related limits are the usual suspects: bathroom stuff, mpreg and strict top/bottom/dom/sub roles. Please let me know what your limits are so I can respect them!

Contact. My email is Please let me know what kind of a roleplay you're looking to do when contacting me!
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