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Posted by: volcaroona Apr 5 2018, 02:58 AM
I'm looking for Mpreg and Transformation, i dunno how much everyone knows about them so i'll give a super quick definition of what i'm looking for

Transformation: This is probably my favourite thing to rp. i love rping out my characters being altered using magic, potions or science, the discomfort as muscles change and bones adjust, learning about new instincts and hormones. It can be as extreme as human into animal or alien, or having their bodies changed physically from masculine to feminine and then dealing with that.

Mpreg: Fairly self explanatory, i'm looking to rp male pregnancy, preferably with my character as the pregnant one but if i find a good partner i don't mind switching each rp. The pregnancy can be achieved with my characters body being altered to have a vagina and womb, or by magic or science he gains the ability to carry and birth young using his backdoor.

Not knowing they're pregnant: I ended up adding this because it's another one that i really really love but i don't think it has a shorter name. I really really love it when my character doesn't actually know that they're pregnant, putting off symptoms as normal things, a stomach bug is the morning sickness, the bump is actually just some extra weight from eating more, ectect. The longer my character doesn't know the better!

Other things that i love to do are Soul mates, Aphrodisiacs, Dub-con, Master/pet and a lot more, just ask.

Things i don't like would be non-con (unless its been discussed and its for development), anything to do with piss, shit or vomit, and i don't like incest unless it's an extremely specific scenario.

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