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 oh, glory — search, fandom, original
 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 10:49 PM

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CRAVING : military or para-military settings; old hollywood; oc's in fandom settings; near-
future dystopias ; mass effect ; fallout ; romance ; angst ; gothic horror ; small town
detective dramas ; cold war-era espionage; old west; magical realism; noir and neo-noir ;
19th and early 20th century spiritualism ; victorian paranormal investigators ; 30 + year
old characters

: hi i'm apotelesmaa. i'm twenty-six, a lady, and i have way too much time
on my hands. no one likes literacy labels but if i had to hazard a guess i'd say i fall somewhere
around lazy lit+ which is to say i write well and i can write a lot, but i would typically rather not. i
like to reply frequently and somewhat quickly so casual word counts (~500 words per character or
less) are more my speed. of course i won't stop you from writing as much as you want as
long as you don't mind that i might not be up to matching length.

i roleplay over email, discord, and gdocs. i might pop on skype for ooc/planning but i don't
use it regularly.

i can play multiple characters and multiple genders. i'm a pretty big fan of doubling. i will
most likely want to play a female character against a male character, but if we are
doubling or otherwise doing multiple ships, the other pairing(s) are totally up to my
partner. on a similar note, i'm not interested in solely platonic-ship-based roleplays at the
moment so if you're someone who loves platonic roleplays we're probably not gonna jive.
romance doesn't need to be the sole focus and i'm certainly not saying there can't be
platonic relationships within the roleplay, but i'm definitely gonna want some kissing.
possibly some hand-holding.

i don't have a whole lot of limits but that doesn't mean i want a "limitless" roleplay. i'm not
interested in kink-based, pwp, smut-heavy, etc. roleplays. i am open to including mature
themes in roleplays (and no, i don't just mean sex, you heathens) but i do require that you
be a mature person and be able to handle heavier topics with a certain amount of grace
(not fetishising abuse and mental illness, for example).

facelaims: i like them. i use them. you don't have to. i prefer real people for fc's (actors/
models/etc, not someone's lifted fb pics) over drawn images except in cases when the
fandom is animated. i have fave fc's and i'm always happy to indulge your fc preferences
so just lemme know.

CONTACT : shoot me an email at from there i'll give you my
discord/skype if you so desire it. when you contact me, please let me know what i can
call you, what genre(s) you are interested in, who wouldn't like to play and who you'd like
me to play (for fandoms), as well as your preferences on doubling/limits/medium/etc.

ORIGINAL : i don't particularly have any premade plots and generally prefer to start "from
scratch" with originals anyway. i've just listed a bunch of keywords/settings/themes/etc.
that you can pick and choose from. as i mentioned, i prefer to start from scratch with
original plots, so i'd appreciate it if you didn't come at me with something fully fleshed out.
of course, if you have an inkling or a loose idea you want to talk about, feel free. i'm fairly
chill with any historical period, though my expertise is mostly medieval to modern western
history, with a preference for 13th-16th century england, the 19th century, and the 20th

seasonally appropriate holiday-centric stuff ; 1940s-60s high society (eg. the crown, mad
men) ; noir and neo-noir ; detectives ; victorian gothic ; southern gothic ; pacific northwest
gothic ; basically any kind of gothic ; 80s and 90s settings ; military or para-military
settings ; old hollywood ; angst ; romance ; cold war-era espionage ; old west ; magical
realism ; 19th and 20th century spiritualism ; the lost generation ; victorian paranormal
investigators ; 30+ year old characters ; near-future dystopias ; affairs and hotel room
romances ; old flames ; warzones ; shameless cliches ; love letters ; smokey lounges ;
terrible crimes ; immortal lovers (only lovers left alive, anyone?) ; extra-planetary
exploration ; space marines

: i'm going to try to make this as simple and painless as possible. with all of the
fandoms listed i am equally down for canon x oc or oc x oc unless stated
x canon is iffy but you can try to make a case if you really feel like it. feel free to pitch
your au's. i don't do crossovers.

here's the key:
♥ characters i'm looking to play against
✔ characters i can play (not comprehensive, ask if someone's not listed)
✖ characters/ships i will not play

♥ alistair, cullen, warden, hawke
✔ literally anyone who isn't listed below. just ask.
✖ solas, iron bull, loghain, fenders, adoribull, kanders
*if you've only played inquisition i'm probably not gonna be all that interested. i'm up to my
eyeballs in dragon age lore so i'd prefer partners who have at least played or are familiar
with all three games.

♥ lucien lachance, martin septim, ???, oc's
✔ p much anyone from oblivion and skyrim, oc's
✖ n/a
*i've played oblivion and skyrim and a teensy tiny bit of teso but i have 0 familiarity with
any other titles in the franchise

♥ maccready, danse, deacon, oc's
✔ any companion from fo4, butch, oc's
✖ n/a
*i'm most familiar with 4 and 3 and have played a bit of fnv

♥ loki, bucky
✔ steve, thor, pietro, peter quill, stephen strange, bucky
✖ literally any character i haven't listed as one i will play, canon x canon
*i'm very picky about marvel roleplays. please don't ask for a character i haven't listed.
please don't ask for canon x canon. please have good ideas and oc's that aren't terrible.
please. i don't watch any of the tv series and have no interest in spiderman, deadpool,
x-men, or literally anything i haven't listed.

♥ kaidan, oc's
✔ any companion (1-3), various and sundry npc's, shepard, oc's
✖ n/a
*i've played enough of andromeda to probably be able to rp in the setting but i have 0
interest in playing as any of the canons. mostly into oc's for this but i'm willing to do
canon x oc.

♥ oc's
✔ oc's
✖ anything involving canons as anything other than side characgters
*i love this universe but i'm really only interested in throwing npc's into it. i'm happy to
pick up either in the earlier part of the invasion, during the film's events, or after.

that's it for now. if you're down, hit me up. thanks for reading and tolerating my bullshit
up to this point.
 Posted: Dec 6 2017, 08:59 PM

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 Posted: Dec 10 2017, 11:35 AM

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rotten peaches
 Posted: Dec 11 2017, 09:31 AM

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emailed x
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