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Sep 7 2016, 07:33 PM
Hey guys!

Yep, I'm from Texas (CST). My name's Laura and I never outgrew roleplaying. I'm 26, working full time, and seeking out some new one on one partners for the first time in ages. Thought I'd check you guys out.

I tend to dig fandom stuff and modern/crime settings and got my start (like so many) on Neopets roleplaying elemental wolves at age 11. Obviously.

Otherwise all you really need to know about me is I'm super chill and also obsessed with my animals.

They are honestly just the best.

Feel free to say hi and hit me with questions or howdys!
My thread's here here if you want to actually start something with me.
Sep 7 2016, 07:25 PM
Hey guys! I'm Laura. I live in Texas (y'all). I'm 26 and work full time but I like to keep those creative muscles a-flexing at night. I started roleplaying when I was 11 and totally thought I'd eventually outgrow it, but it's only gotten more fun with age. Like a fine wine, or whatever.

It's been a pretty long time since I've sought out a one on one with a brand new person, but a lot of my roleplay partners have been busy lately so I thought I'd give Barbermonger a shot.

Here's a quick rundown:

– PM me for my Skype! It's what I prefer to roleplay on.
– 18+ partners only please! Keep me from feeling so old.
– Length ≠ quality. I can write long, I can write rapid fire, I can chatplay. I'm down for whatever you're feeling up to.
– You also don't have to be like a literary genius—I'm pretty chill, and enjoy other people who are chill too! I like creating something fun and memorable, but I'm not nitpicky.
– I can play multiple characters. You can play one or more. I really don't mind!
– I have roleplayed M/M and M/F. Open for other shenanigans, but mind my inexperience.
– I don't really have "limits" in terms of sex/violence, but will totally respect any that you do, and fade to black is always ok. Sexy time can be fun, but sometimes it drags on.
– Just be down to brainstorm (or surprise me!). Let's collaborate and have fun.

Here's some things I'm interested in right now (sort of in order):

Haha, yep. I've always kind of secretly craved this, and the Pokémon resurgence lately has brought that desire back in full force. I've got a couple of ideas for approaches here.

– Anime-Centric: The "all grown up" original cast, the "Ash finally gets older than 10," or something like that. I've always had an unapologetic thing for Team Rocket so I'd be down to focus on them as well ("Team Rocket behind the scenes on the road??"). My urge to play James is strong. Fulfill my dream. This could be a mix of original characters and fandom. Who knows. There are some fun things here.
– Original Characters in the Pokémon 'Verse: I'm also down to utilize some original characters in a Pokémon universe and could adapt them for this type of world. If this appeals to you more that's totally fine too!

Modern Realistic
People, livin' in the world. We can talk plot, but I have a few beloved characters who I'd love to meet your characters! Or you can create ones you've never used too for whatever scenario we decide! University? Politics? Apartment life? Coffee shop clichés? I'm down for whatever.

I also love love crime stuff. That is all. Feel free to shoot stuff at me on this too (shoot, get it).

Dattebayo! I totally forgot to include this the first time around but I'd love to play Kakashi or Naruto or something. If you have an idea or are craving this it's fair game.

Harry Potter
I'm rusty as hell, but played Harry Potter for a good number of years. Cursed Child was pretty silly, but it made me miss playing Draco and Sirius and Remus. I don't have that many ideas here, but feel free to throw something at me.

So yeah, if you have specific ideas for plots that's totally cool! Or we can figure it out together. Try me. Below I'm going to include a brief writing sample so you can kind of see how I write:

Writing Sample

He showered, brushed his teeth, and pulled on a pair of the sweats he kept at her house. With still-damp hair, he cracked a couple of eggs into a bowl and cut onion, ham, and spinach for an omelette. He made a fresh pot of coffee in the quiet of the morning and soaked up the familiarity of her kitchen while he cooked. It was pleasant, and still a bit remarkable to him that he could feel at so at home in someone else’s space. The sizzle of a pan, the smell of food, and strong coffee... These things made a place home as much as anything for him, really.

Angelo heard footsteps and then a subsequent knock at the door just as he was sliding his omelette onto a ceramic plate. He jolted a little, not quite expecting company, especially at this hour. His brain, still lacking coffee, misfired and arrived at the conclusion that it must be Lucy returning. (Why would she knock? She didn’t even knock when she came to his place.)

“Just a sec—” he called, flipping the burner off, setting down the spatula in the now empty pan, and pushing his drying bangs back. His hair was at the point where the natural wave was just starting to get unruly. Angel had forgone a shirt when he had woken up, per usual, his bare chest and back littered with the usual marks and scrapes that could never quite pass for having occurred on the job, thanks to their distinctive shapes and placements.

Angel opened the door, and it took him a moment to adjust his expectations. The person on the other side of the door was definitely not Lucy. It took him another moment beyond that for recognition (Jesse Osterholt—no doubt about it, a man in the Roth Cartel with considerably more repute than him), and then another still to feel any shame for his present state.

“I uh. Lucy’s not home—“ Angel managed, recovering somewhat from his initial surprise. He raked his fingers awkwardly through his hair, trying in vain to look presentable. Still a little caught off-guard, he then made an offer of questionable judgment. “But. You can come in and wait for her if you want. I made coffee.” Yep. Still awkward.

He had a feeling his relaxing morning was about to turn considerably less relaxing.
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