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Feb 19 2018, 04:56 PM
Milly here!


I’m a chatty RPer who types in all-caps wayyy to much in conversations. I love dogs and writing and run on sentences. Outside of RPing with strangers on the interwebs I’m a huge D&D and sci-fi nerd. I like to goof around and I am easily excited by meeting new people.

I've been RPing for about twelve years, more seriously in the last four or five.

As far as characters go, I will play just about anything. I play males and females, I’ll do M/M, M/F, F/F pairings or any combination of those. I like to take the usual tropes and add twists, whether by swapping the gender roles or introducing a few extra character to the mix or mixing tropes. Anything spicy and I’m down. I do like my characters to have depth and darkness and struggle most of all.

I don't like to limit myself by playing only one genre or whatever, but I am really craving some sci-fi a la Firefly or The Expanse right now. So if you're interested in building a crew with me, please skip to ze end and message me on discord k thanks.

I would say I am most comfortable with real life, fantasy, or sci-fi stuff. Would love someone interested in playing multiple characters to weave complexity into the story!

Buddy Request!
I want someone who I can chat with (put the “buddy” back in “rp buddy”!) and come up with cool, intricate, perhaps even intense stories together. I want someone who is flexible in the characters they play, who is willing to step outside of their comfort zone – or maybe just has a heckin’ huge comfort zone already! I myself am shameless in what I will delve into. Dark themes to fluff, I’m all in.

Ideally I would like someone who is also interested in playing males and females or a queer character here and there. (This is negotiable, though.) Mostly I want someone who is in it for the story, for the juice, for the fun of plotting out a great story and then letting the characters take over. Maybe playing multiple characters that all intertwine and create this mini world where we can get lost in it all. I want drama, I want betrayal, I want to be surprised! I want to laugh and cry and get a little frisky and lose myself in a story. Ya catch my drift?

Depending on the length expected anywhere from multiple times a day to every 3-4 days.

As far as length of posts... Call me crazy, but I think shorter posts can be beneficial. Hear me out! See: dialogue. I love conversations. And conversations go quickly. Not to mention I have a pet peeve where I post a few lines of dialogue and in the reply someone adds something in the middle of those lines that completely changes the conversation. That’s just not fun. Some scenes I can write on for ages – paragraphs on paragraphs on paragraphs. But what if it’s a debate! They’re going to be cutting each other off and interjecting and changing the conversation rapidfire! Anyway I’ll get off of my soap box. I do love long posts and my average is somewhere between 200-600 words per post.

I also like to check in and talk about our posts. "Didja like it? was it okay? I can change it" are my usual questions.

As far as rating, I'm good with heavy, mature themes and would like someone who is comfortable with the same. I have no shame when it comes to graphic scenes. Gimme some smut/violence all day yall.

Anyway dis is me! Let's plot!

Discord: wolfewood#5683, or if you have questions you can message me on here - I'll check every few days!
Feb 19 2018, 04:33 PM
Soooo I'm Milly (24/F/CST) and I'm a software developer by day, wild RPer by night. Some of my favorite things are Dungeons and Dragons (obsessed with Critical Role), Harry Potter, doggos, travel, all of the HBO hits like Westworld, GoT, heck I even liked Trueblood until it got weird.

About meeeee I'm an ENFJ - eager, enthusiastic, a lil spazzy. I'm an extremely fast RPer when I have the right plot and muse. I've been doing play-by-post for about half of my life now. Believe it or not I've been on the same Harry Potter RP site for a whole decade! I started out writing HP fanfiction and then it all just went wild from there.

These days I really like rping on private sites or discord servers where we can build our own world together. I've had the most success so far when we're each playing multiple characters and building the universe together!

Whoops this is starting to sound like an ad. Anyway, that's me! *runs*
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