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Jan 14 2012, 09:16 AM

Some excerpts:
Jared tipped his head for a moment, unsure what she meant, and Rauda lifted her eyebrows even higher, impatient. It didnt take long for Jared to glance behind him into the room as his eyes dilated into saucers. Unlike Rauda he moved immediately, pushing paper and notes into a bag near the sofa and moving to gather his things even as his friend couldnt bring herself to run from the Spaniard, either. They owed him an explanation. Jared on the other hand was wondering what hed gotten himself into after leaving the police force and had a different sort of experience in travelling unnoticed than Rauda had. He didnt-?
- Falsified

There wasnt any paperwork to sign. It was all pretty Shakespearean really, no written contract, no signature on the dotted line. The demon handed me a knife, the hilt intricately carved and unnaturally cold. You cut your arm with it, he said. Youre human, itll heal. I shook my head, about to come out with all kinds of crap about disease and blood poisoning, and the demon rested his arm across my shoulders. His smirk seemed to spread even further than ear to ear. Or are you too scared? The knife caught the light as he handed it over, too gleaming for something that had bought the souls of countless men and women since the dawn of time. The blade was ridged to tear as well as slice, and as I put it to my arm it burned my flesh as much as the hilt had caused me to shiver. I made the cut. And I screamed.
- The Demon Came to Me That Night

Loki wasnt sure why he had a cat around his shoulders. Equally, he wasnt sure why Iduna had a frog on her head, or why she was leading him through a little river he had never known existed right out of the constraints of Odins city and around the back of the Bifrost. Surely this wasnt the way to her home? For once in his life (and he was never sure if it would be a long one as an Asgardian or a short one as a trickster) he was lost for words.
- An Apple a Day

Hed been humming a song, and when hed worked up the confidence and decided that there was no chance of anyone he knew creeping up on him hed begun to try and sing too. The emphasis went on try; with the exception of the Swedish singer hed heard at the last of Sir Thomas parties a much more pleasant affair than this one of Ademar de Thouars, which he had attended at the request of his superiors that made it anyones guess how Rauda had thought to track him down here hed always considered the Norse languages to sound barbarian and guttural. Raudas words either muttering to herself, or talking to ghosts in her sleep were admittedly a little gentler, but even then compared to the more familiar Norman language or his father Spanish
- Accenctuated

I glanced down at my notes once more, the page open to where I had taped my own information over what had been written by the officials. I didnt have the neatest of scrawls, but then no one else was supposed to be reading over my shoulders. It was my copy, and it wasnt as though I was questioning what had been written by my betters. It just Needed something of an update, that was all. Especially the section that I had open now, on the Tau Empire. Scared of water? Scared of fire? I knew more about the Tau from their Ethereal than I could comfortably admit as did Santiago and I doubted they would name their castes after things they feared. And they certainly werent descended from anything bovine. I didnt think much of them, but they were a worthier foe than the Primer made them out to be. And I figured I might as well amend my own copy.
- Tau have Udders

It wasnt as though shed wanted to walk in on him naked either, not this early in the morning. Shed not slept all night, and shed spent the last half hour doubled over the well, cleaning paint from her body. The skraelings hadnt been in an artistic mood but there were always traces on Kantis fingertips and those fingertips had certainly gotten about around the campfire It would have drawn a grin from Rauda were she not in such a foul mood to be greeted by her cousin and fianc at the crack of dawn. Of course shed seen him without any clothes before but he had always bothered to try and cover up; today, he was just throwing around his weight. There was no way he was just too tired to think to dress, not when she could see his shirt and trews at the end of his bed, the one she would be expected to share with him in far too short a time.
- His Second Wife

He is called the Allfather, the Deceiver, the Guardian of the Dead, the Hanged One and the God of War, amongst other names. He is married to Frigg, but can charm any woman that he wishes. He sits on his throne in Asgard, welcoming those who die in battle to his great hall Valhalla and waiting for Ragnarok, the end of days, to come. He hung himself from Yggdrasil, the World Tree, for nine days and nine nights with the spear Gungir in his side so that he could learn of the runes, and he sacrificed his left eye to drink from Mmirs Well and become wise. He is father to Thor the God of Thunder and to Baldr most gentle and beloved of the Gods and to Hod innocent slayer of Baldr and to Vidar vengeful slayer of Hod. He drinks only mead, stolen from dwarves, and he practices the art of Seidr above any other God. He is rarely without his ravens Hugin and Mugin, nor Sleipnir, child of Loki, nor his wolves Geri and Freki. He will die by Fenrirs fangs and the world will disappear into flames and flood. He also knows all the words to Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, and has been known to wear an Armani coat, on top of a shirt of maille.
- Children of Odin
Jan 14 2012, 09:02 AM
My name is Red, Jay, or Redjay, and I am twenty years old. I am a third year marine biology student at the University of Stirling (Scotland) which puts me in Greenwich Mean Time. However, to say I keep sensible hours - especially where any kind of roleplaying is concerned - would be lying. Which isn't to say I might prove quieter than usual if I have class tests, exams, reports, or re-enactment shows coming up. I am a historical re-enactor (with the society Historia Normannis), a SCUBA diver (PADI Advanced Open Water Rescue Diver) and a creative writer (see Rotha's Writing for more), and of course I love to roleplay. As of late I've concentrated on pen/paper/dice stuff, but I'm getting more into post-by-post roleplay as 2012 progresses on.

I would like to roleplay over this forum first and foremost, but if that does not suit you I am also willing to roleplay over msn, and in some cases, email or aim (if I really think we could get along well). I'd prefer to roleplay f/m with myself as the female, but I'm open to playing a male and sometimes will be happier that way. I'm also okay with m/m but I don't know enough about f/f to roleplay it unless you're willing to deal with being 'my first' :3 Just ask! I'm open to negotiation and I don't bite. I also like to get to know the people I'm roleplaying with at least a little, so please don't be scared if I start talking to you, and not just my roleplay characters. I'd especially like to find something long-term, or someone willing to stick around.

I hate laying down rules, so these are going to be essentially short and sweet:

1. No god-moding, no powerplay, no mary/gary-sues, no killing off of each other's characters without permission. It goes without saying that if it'll piss you off, it'll likely piss me off too.

2. If you want to bring a kink into this, discuss it with me first. I'll do exactly the same. Ditto for laying down limits: neither of us wants to squick out the other and it's better to be safe than sorry.

3. I will probably write rather long posts - that's my style of writing, I suppose - of around 600+ words, and although I won't expect you to match me word for word, give me at least a couple of paragraphs please, and enough to work with. It'd be nice if we had a similar literacy level, too, though I'm all for learning on the job.

4. I won't disappear off the face of the earth without letting you know and I would appreciate if you do the same. Even if that means just leaving me an offline note of some sort saying 'shit has gone down, will be back when I can'.

Romance: I don't mind sex, but I'm assexual and I wouldn't want a roleplay based purely on it. Romance, domination/submission, relationships in general, I'm all for that! And like I said, as long as it's not hugely graphic and greatly detailed I can go to NC-17 and sexual things too. In such cases, I'm definitely a sub. Uh... Sorry. I do tend to get rambly when it comes to myself and this topic. I'm also going to draw my line at rape - if you want it in a backstory go ahead, but leave it out of our roleplaying. Kinky stuff/anal sex, etc, I'm okay with. Slash too, but I'm not so keen on femslash as a first choice.

Violence:I have a perhaps worrying affinity here. I have absolutely no limits when it comes to violence except for the obvious 'no killing off my characters without forewarning and discussion'. Sometimes, I will understand the plot calls for it. Sometimes, the plot calls for maiming, injuring, and deliberating damage. Sometimes the plot - or our own desires - calls for minor stuff. Oh, come to think of it. Domestic abuse. No way.

Language: Fuck me, I curse like a sailor. That my Dad was in the Navy is no excuse. Enough said.

Other limits: I'm square with anything else. However, being a little too close to home, there are times when dealings with suicidal thoughts and depression might prove a little uncomfortable for me, but I'll let you know if that's the case. Anything else you think might be edgy, ask me first, but I'm sure we'll be fine. I won't lie, my mind is a pretty dark place and I tend to lilt that way :D

These aren't in any particular order, but I've put a * beside the genres I'm most likely to agree to right now, and listed fandoms AT THE BOTTOM. I'm open to suggestions so if you think we might have an idea in common and it's not here, just ask me. Plots are also welcome, and I'd prefer to start a roleplay with one rather than just leaving headfirst into the deep blue. I definitely prefer fantasy/sci-fi over anything else. The part I would prefer to play is in bold, but it's negotiable, and in the case of fandoms, characters I am capable of playing are listed in italics. This list will be updated.

Vampire/Human(or Human!Slave*)
Hunter/vs. Vampire/Werewolf/etc
Gifted/vs. Human!Agent/Gifted!Agent
Bounty Hunter/Hunted
Mafia/FBI(or Witness)
DNA Experiment/Scientist(or Doctor)*
Modern Day Robin Hood/Sheriff of Nottingham(or Maid Marion)*
Modern Treasure Island*

Doctor Who/Torchwood - Captain Jack Harkness, Eleventh Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Simm!Master, Captain John Hart, River Song*
Warhammer 40,000
Van Helsing
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Oogie Boogie, Jack Skellington, Original
Alice in Wonderland
Pirates of the Caribbean - Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa
Sherlock (BBC) - John Watson
Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty*
Jan 14 2012, 08:11 AM
  • My name is Red, or Redjay, or Jay, and I'm twenty years counting
  • I live in Stirling, Scotland, for the most of the year
  • I have a habit to form obsessions with things for a short while, before they backtrack into simple loves
  • I'm not single, I'm dating someone in Canada very seriously
  • I like writing fiction, but it ends up on the back-burner during term time
  • I'm in third year Marine Biology
  • I scuba dive. Perhaps that should have been above
  • My current obsession is Sherlock Holmes
  • Aaaaand I've been awake for hours, so excuse the bullet points :D
Also, if anyone was to go to this tumblr and leave me a) anonymous or otherwise actions to respond to or messages or questions or B) magic anon ideas, I will be forever loving towards them :D
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