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 Posted: Aug 4 2014, 11:48 PM

captain bird
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adventure synopsis

A group of adventurers helps bring a shipment of medicine to a remote desert village called Redstone, built along the ancient artificial canals that cut through the dry land. Redstone thrives from the eponymous stone and its clave of three Aeon priests that protect and nurture the town. Within the last few weeks, however, the town has been plagued by a mysterious sickness that manifests in disturbing, vision-like nightmares. No one in the town has slept more than a few minutes a night since they began, and the Aeon priests have sent away for help, yet no cause nor cure has been identified.

Potential reasons the adventurers may have made their way, alone or collectedly, to the town:
  • They simply wander into the town on their way somewhere else in Saresh.
  • They get word directly from the Aeon priest clave in Redstone, asking for help.
  • They hear from a resident, a distant relative or a long-out-of-touch friend, asking them for help.
  • They are hired as bodyguards to protect a shipment of medicine being delivered by a river trader, Deymish.
numenera overview

plz guyz take some time to read the numenera player's guide to get a sense of what the numenera world is like and how it works! p 4-7 are a great general overview, and the "special rolls" section on p 8, "experience points" and "cyphers" on p 9 are all helpful without getting into a lot of minute detail. don't worry too much about specifics like range and weapon, i will probably fudge/waive a lot of technicalities of the rules bc i don't think they will be crucial to us writing the story.

when you start building your character, p 10-15 are good background in how it works, but you can also skim them and dive right into building a character if you want. pick your type first (glaive, nano, or jack) and use that to set up all your starting pools and abilities. the background stuff is awesome!! use it to start building your character if you want! i recommend go for a focus next (your special talent, as it were) and then do your descriptor last, since it will complement your focus.

your focus and descriptor will flesh you out more, and one thing your focus does is ask you to pick another character and share a specific connection with them. we should figure these out as a group! it does not necessarily have to a prior relationship, although some of them are. if you really want to come up with a different connection, that's cool, i just really love that this game asks you to do that right off the bat so that people have more reason to build a storyline together

use the equipment page to fill out your weapons and whatnot! give yourself some fun gear!


my goal is for this to be a really entertaining adventure story, but it's also gonna be a game. there are lots of things to find, understand, explore, fix, disassemble, etc. so it is in your best interest to interact and be curious about the world that is set before you! talk to NPCs, examine the rooms you're in and the objects you come across, try different ways of interacting with things, use the skills or esoteries the game grants you. the story is guided by solving the puzzle of Redstone's illness (but how we get there is really up to you guys)

you just need a website where you can roll an imaginary d20. obv you guys are gonna be honest about your rolls :B but one thing to keep in mind is that you should probs decide if you're gonna apply effort to a roll before you make it. honor code and all that

i still haven't totally worked out how i am gonna handle middle-of-the-post rolls, but generally i guess if you want to find out what you learn/if you succeed before continuing with your post, you'll have to lemme know what you wanna do and your roll. TEXT ME I GUESS LOL

turn order



post format

start with your current stat pools and how many recovery rolls you've used:

MIGHT: current/max
SPEED: current/max
INTELLECT: current/max

post goes here! describe your character's actions, jazz it up as you like, and when it is time to do something that requires a roll, describe the action you're taking but denote the roll within the post. example: "Niehsay rummages through the pile of debris, searching for anything usable [INTELLECT ROLL: 13]." same goes for casting any esoteries, using any abilities that spend stat pool points, etc. if you choose to apply a level of effort to a roll, note that for me but still note your original dice roll. i will help you figure out what type of roll you are making, if need be!

there are two ways i envision this happening. in some scenarios, you might want to make a roll just to see if you succeed or fail at an action, such as picking a lock, and then continue with your post. if so, i think you should just try to get in touch with me (use the group chat probably) and tell me what you're attempting and what your roll is. in other scenarios, you may be looking to find out information, discover something, interact with an NPC, etc. and that means you will need to wait for me to make a post.

i would also like it if you guys would close out your post with your ending stat pool so that we are all keeping track of how much is spent each round!
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