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Posted by: basalt Jul 11 2018, 12:32 AM
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Exactly what it says on the tin.

Born on a cattle ranch to a Korean-American mother and Norwegian father, Conrad Larsen is man of straightforward principles with an uncomplicated and quiet temperament. He wields powerful self-discipline and a sense of grit that's unmatched within his community.

Like most young men from rural communities, he chose military service over higher education. Within his years of service Conrad accrued multiple deployments, none of which went without incident. He was eventually convinced to pursue University by a comrade and mentor. One semester into his final year of a pre-med degree he dropped out due to the loss of his parents.

In the wake of their death he inherited their property and made the decision to return to his home of Wyatt Lake, Colorado. In the past two years of getting the farm going again, Conrad has experienced a renewed interest in horsemanship. He grew up riding trails and working cattle, but has expanded his foundations after finding that the sport dampens the anxiety, flashbacks, and emotional numbing he carried home. The return to his roots has eased the wounds of service, but not healed them.


City gal. New in town.


Wholesome feel-good moments
Rustic country charm
Less charming rednecks
John Denver references
Angst of the hurt/comfort variety
Creatures large and small (and sometimes ornery)
Letterkenny problems

Yeah, Conrad's pretty tore up, but honestly my intention is to write some peaceful easy feelings occasionally interspersed with the angst and barroom tussles.


Normally I work full time. Unfortunately one of my organs tried to beat a hasty retreat from my whole dang body so I'm on break for a while. As a result I'm pretty available with sporadic medical things in between. Not gonna lie, there might be days where I'm too exhausted to post; if you can be empathetic to that then I'm excited to write together.

The length of my posts depends on the pacing of the story and what's going on. I can promise multi-para but I won't promise full pages every time.

Let's have some OOC chatter. Maybe we can be friends. I enjoy sharing media that reminds me of our ocs, and as an extension of that, I do a lot of digital art. Expect doodles of our OCs.

I'm ditch-friendly. All I ask is that you don't frighten me with a cryptic message and then bail out because I'm a worry-wart.


discord: basalt#2981 email:

Get at me.

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