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Jul 17 2018, 08:56 PM
things i am
»old af
»tired af currently
»been around since the dinosaur ages (MSN chats)
»lazy lit? something like that; 300+ words depending on the roleplay, whatever that is; post is done for ~aesthetic~ reasons
»3rd person past tense usually
»email and discord for plotting and roleplay; hangouts used for plotting too
»play chicks as mains, will play girls or guys as secondary/side characters; so, that means f/m for main and f// as well. i don't double, though. it's not something i'm good at juggling.
»looking for a couple of partners; talked before? hit me up. i am game to talk again. <3

current craves/ideas
marvel/punisher/daredevil: yep, still on it. i've got karen, give me everyone for everything (even movie folks). especially frank (i just love them okay?). i am game for shipping karen with just about anyone (within reason). interested in anything post season 1 of the punisher (maybe something infinity war related?). also down for shipping karen with elektra or trish or even jessica (just about anyone honestly). got an idea? bring it.

contact me
»email/hangouts: written.secrets.within[@]
»discord: available upon request
»just tell me where you come from yeah?
Mar 5 2018, 11:23 PM
things i am
»old af
»tired af currently
»been around since the dinosaur ages (MSN chats)
»lazy lit? something like that; 300+ words depending on the roleplay, whatever that is; post is done for ~aesthetic~ reasons
»3rd person past tense usually
»email and discord for plotting and roleplay; hangouts used for plotting too
»play chicks as mains, will play girls or guys as secondary/side characters; so, that means f/m for main and f// as well.
»looking for a couple of more partners; talked before? hit me up. i am game. <3

current craves/ideas
marvel/punisher/daredevil: yep, still on it. i've got karen, give me everyone for everything (even movie folks). especially frank. also kinda wanna do some weird ass au/crossover with werewolf: the apocalypse with these folks (i have a long-ass commute and think way too much about this stuff when i get bored). also game for just about any au so...bring it.
tolkien/lord of the rings: got two for this, down for playing them. one is an elf, original, spans all ages; the other is a canon character for third age/war of the ring. down for modern au stuff with these two as well.
werewolf: the apocalypse: even though i have a weird ass au/crossover for marvel, i have an oc for this and would love to do something in this universe because i really like their lore/mythology for werewolves and werebears and weresharks and all the weres.
slice of life/romance/etc: also game for this. can apply to the aboves, too, but still game. let's see what we can come up with.
zombie apocalypse/apocalypse: i stopped watching twd recently thanks to the thing and just really want some zombies in my life. or some kind of apocalypse roleplay. low on my list, though, unless you hit me with an awesome premise/plot

contact me
»email/hangouts: written.secrets.within[@]
»discord: available upon request
»just tell me where you come from yeah?
Dec 12 2017, 08:10 PM
Hi and hello, Meren here. I'm here in search of a few different roleplay ideas that are just nagging to be written but I am also down to discuss and see if we can come up with something we may both be interested in pursuing. I'll get a few of the usual tidbits out of the way, first, before moving on to the plots.

«♦♦» I have been around roleplaying for over 15 years now, so that means I am old (MSN chats were a thing when I started). I prefer to write with those who are at least 18, although I am more comfortable with writers who are 21+ due to adult themes and content. «♦♦»

«♦♦» I don't have a set paragraph or word limit when responding. It is what it is. Just please give me more than one line to work with. «♦♦»

«♦♦» I roleplay in 3rd person, past tense only and only roleplay through email because email is the easiest way for me to keep up with roleplays. I can be convinced to try Google Docs, but I have never used it so I may need talking through the etiquette of roleplaying over Docs. I do have Google Hangouts to discuss stuff in if need be as well as Discord. «♦♦»

«♦♦» My main characters are female. I do not require doubling and will not double. I do f/m and f// pairings. For side characters, I play either gender. «♦♦»

«♦♦» I prefer fandom roleplay over an original setting. That said, I have no qualms with taking fandom stuff and doing AU lines. I love it, actually, and am more than happy to pursue an AU version of characters. I will always choose fandom over original when it comes to roleplay, though. «♦♦»

«♦♦» Romance is not required. Let me say that again: romance is not required. I just like weaving stories, and not all stories require a romance plot. But a couple of them will involve romance because I do like romance okay? Also enjoy angst and fluff and all that jazz. «♦♦»

«♦♦» If we have a roleplay going, I'm not looking to replace you. I love you, dear partners. <3 I have room for a partner or two more, though, so that's why the ad is still up and being bumped. If we had something going and one of us died off and you're still interested, hit me up again. «♦♦»

«♦♦» I am looking for someone interested in a long-term roleplay (whether the same one or multiple lines) and who enjoys writing as well as plotting. I am also looking for someone who communicates with me: likes, dislikes, if something is causing a stalemate in the roleplay. I like talking to the people I roleplay with, getting to know you, sharing things (music, TV shows, movies, tumblr if that's your things). Just be open and honest, yeah? «♦♦»

«♦♦» If you are interested, please send me a message on here or shoot an email/hangouts request to written.secrets.within[at] and we can talk from there. «♦♦»

Now to the plots.

»"One batch, two batch..."«

This is the highest on my list currently. I am offering up Karen Page for a Frank Castle (or anyone else really from the Netflix MCU shows or movies but mostly give me Frank).
♦♦Misc: This will be as canon-compliant as possible up through the events of The Punisher season 1 for Karen. After that, I am game for diverging from canon and going our own route with Karen and Frank (from here on out referred to as Kastle). I would like some fluff at first, watching Karen and Frank navigate their complicated relationship as Frank works on figuring out his life after. I'm down with bringing in Jigsaw later on and doing our own take on what may happen in season two or even Fisk as well since he poses a problem for Frank and Karen. Or just stick to fluff and happiness with angst and hurt and comfort, of course. I just want to write this and appease my inner Punishing Paralegal OTP desires. I also enjoyed Frank and David's relationship and bonding, so I am totally okay and down with throwing David at Frank and letting the snark and sass and smartassedry ensue between them. I am also interested in pursuing AU lines with the characters (any AU I am down for, no lie). I am Kastle trash, not gonna lie. Gimme gimme gimme.
tl;dr: I have Karen, I need Frank. Or anyone else to play Karen against honestly. Let's do this. Obviously m/f for romance.

»"And blood tears I cry..."«

This has always been my #1 love fandom-wise, no lie. I'm interesting in pitting my Noldor healer, Nessavendë, against just about anyone she would run in to in her time. She spans from the Light of the Two Trees to the Fourth Age, so there is a lot of wiggle room with her, generally, because Nessa is old but she is also kinda cranky. She would have more dealings with other elves and humans, not so much dwarves or hobbits, so just keep that in mind.
♦♦Misc: Oh yes, this desire is back (c'mon, it never really left). I'm down for playing her against originals and canon characters - both well-known canon and little-known canon. Platonic relationships, friendships, hateships, romantic relationships, bring it all on. Nessa can go m/f for romance or f//. This can run the gamut because of the history that Middle-earth is entrenched in (some good ol' freezing times in the Helcaraxë, perhaps? Wars? Fights over lands? It's all there). In the Second and Third Age, Nessa does travel often among the human settlements, so she is flexible in that regard which means she has dealings with not-so-savory characters as well as the normal savory characters. I am also game for AU lines (what ifs, things like what if Fëanor's sons all didn't die horrible deaths, etc) and also putting them into a modern setting of some sort. Let's see what we can come up with for her, hm?

»"I'll leave it to the memories and kiss the wind goodbye."«

My second Tolkien offering is a little-history-known canon character by the name of Lothíriel. She is the youngest child of Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth, and she becomes the Queen of Rohan at the end of the Third Age/beginning of the Fourth Age when she weds Éomer.
♦♦Misc: Well, unlike the previously listed Tolkien desire, this one is a little more limited since her timeline is in the Third Age/War of the Ring era. I am game for playing her against a plethora of characters though - her cousins, her brothers, her future husband, or any original character you might have she would come into contact with which includes her future subjects. Let's see what we can come up with, shall we? Loth is only m/f for romance plotlines but I am down for all other things including friendships. Same for Nessa, I am interested in putting her into a modern setting as well and working something out.

»What else I may be interested in doing.«

Currently the three above-mentioned characters/plots/what have you are my most strongly desired to roleplay. However, I may be interested in a zombie apocalypse roleplay (currently digging this idea; I miss Shane in [i]The Walking Dead[i] and am bitter about Carl) or Werewolf: The Apocalypse stuff. The top three take priority, though.
Nov 23 2017, 05:00 PM
Penny and a dime. Here I come, here I come.

So I just finished the first season of The Punisher last night and it has me itching to explore Karen and Frank's relationship post-season (their chemistry is the best). I won't go into too many details since I don't have a concrete plot, but if anyone is interested in exploring Castle after the show, hit me up. Obviously this will be slightly AU and slightly fluff. Side note: I have not seen The Defenders so I have no clue how much that ties into Karen's I prefer to not worry too much about the other shows.
Feb 27 2017, 10:06 PM
So, I have a few interests I am looking to fulfill. I love carrying on multiple storylines, so bring it on. I have a website that goes into depth about some of the stuff listed below, but I will give a little lay out of the fandoms/genres (listed in order from most wanted) I am interested in playing in before going any further:

1. Tolkien - Lord of the Rings (I play a War of the Rings era canon) or The Silmarillion beyond (Original character that spans all timelines) - This is my first true love and my biggest preference.

2. Hannibal - The TV show, preferably. I have an OC I just realized would fit well into the universe. Down for an AU scenario also. Up for interacting with canons or OCs.

3. Werewolf: The Apocalypse - I have a character for this setting, and a weird idea for this setting if anyone is interested (not hardcore on stats but the setting/genre is what I prefer)

4. Comic books - I have never done this, but I am interested in it. Marvel or DC. Preferably something AU-ish. Kinda interested in something along the lines of Young Justice, perhaps. Maybe even playing Pamela/Ivy against Harley. Or Ivy against Bruce...or anyone else. I am not too familiar with her (or any character) but I can research, etc. The Internet is a wonderful thing, after all. Since I am not all too familiar, I would want someone flexible with this genre. I do have an IvyBat idea I'd love to work with and see where it goes.

5. Zombies - We can do a canon universe or mix and match.

If any of these interest you, please hit me up in a message and I can direct you to my website where more information is. We can determine if we might be a good match from there, and if so get to plotting and playing. I will edit this as I go along if I get too many interested in one roleplay.

As an aside, I am NOT looking for solely romance plots. I am game for anything.
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