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May 21 2018, 02:51 PM
hey, hi, hola

so it’s been a while since i posted an ad on here. things have slowed down in my inbox but my mind is all a-flutter with inspiration and whatnot. i currently have two solid threads going so i admit i’m not over here looking for much, just a casual partner or two to fill the odd blanks.

since i always zip to the fandoms before checking out other details, i’m gonna do you all a favour and post those before the nuances. it’s a super brief list.


star trek.
reboot movies prefered, also open to any other series. but the reboot moves are just … my biggest soft point. hoping to find someone to write as kirk because i’m that person.

game of thrones / a song of ice and fire.
i’ve watched the entire series multiple times, read the books, major nerd for the fan theories. give me all the plots.

marvel cinematic universe.
literally just watched infinity war, please fill the empty void that my soul has become

Preferably around story arc in seasons 1-5 or some au because all those dead horses that keep getting kicked in the later seasons make me Sad.

star wars???
something super casual bc everything i know from the lore is from the current movies. i haven’t watched the cartoons or read the books. my nerdiness has only reached so far.

grey’s anatomy
maybe??? i am super iffy on this just because i’ve never had a good thread pan out. but i mean. i’m happy to try again, i’m too in love with this stupid, over-dramatic show.

a few points about me

- i’m not gonna get mad if you ditch. generally, i don’t get mad at much. but i will contact you in times of radio silence simply because stuff happens: people get sad and need to vent, life gets busy, brain blocks happen. my pestering emails don’t come from a place of anger or annoyance, just my weird paranoia for people i’ve never met.
- yeah, in character i do write with proper punctuation and grammar and spelling and all that fun stuff. typos excluded; sometimes my fingers blunder about and my eyes don't catch it.
- canadian, but transcribes american stuff for some small money between shifts. so i’ll likely shift between spelling formats. sorry, i think?
- love all the headcanons and aus, music and artwork, drabbles about our characters. escapism is a helluva drug and so far this is the best vector for it.
- third person format, past tense.
- please don’t do that thing where you try writing as my character. what do ya’ll call it? power playing? yeah, i’m a super laid back person but that one thing just irks me. if you have an issue with how i’m writing a canon character just t e l l m e. we can open a dialogue about characterisation and all that fun stuff.
- i think that’s everything?????
- i generally only role play over email or gdocs. discord and other instant messengers are better for just plotting and Life Talks.

Discord: halla #0059
Sep 21 2017, 10:39 PM
Guten tag, my friends.

So as my job (slash career? ... I hope not) is entirely seasonal, I am finding myself full of free time. Though I try to fill with with productive hobbies, I’m still finding a huge chunk of my days to be free. As such, I’m hoping to recruit a few more role play partners to fill my inbox.

I’m horrible with these advertisements, but I hope you all bare with me. Gonna keep this basic as all heck. I fully realize the formatting on this is t e r r i b l e so just. Don't hate me for that.

About me:
- I live in the EST time zone
- I’m such a Hufflepuff that it almost hurts.
- Diagnosed bipolar. AKA I struggle with mental health issues. I try to be forthright about them as much as I can be. That said, sometimes I need to take a few days away from everything in my life, including writing. It’s not personal, please never take it as such.
- Currently marathoning the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Is that important? No. But I think it addresses my boredom levels.
- Gets overly excited in OOC so sue me
- Can and will send you emotional songs that pertain to our characters.

My writing preferences

- Third person
- Canonxoc pairings preferred, but I enjoy when OCs get along and interact bc??? Friendship is fun or whatever
- Hit me with everything. Angst. Romance. Drama. Fluff. Murder. You know what? Love triangles. Yeah I hate that nonsense in movies and books but that drama is a-okay by me.
- Honestly just come at me with whatever gender preferences. mxf? Yeah do it. fxf? OF COURSE let the ladies have their love. Any gender x any gender? YES.

I'm playing through the 2013 Tomb Raider game and just loving it. I mean, I loved it the first time I tried it but then got stuck and I won't barrage you with the details but I got hella angry.
A n y w a y I'm playing it through now with a mind on the storyline. I know the minimum about the entire Tomb Raider story arc; literally just that Angelina Jolie movie and what I'm seeing right now but based off of that I desperately want to build on the world. This is such a specific thing to want, but if anyone here can scratch that itch then hit me up.

Fandom cravings (in order from “I want this so bad I’ll kill a man” to “Of course I’ll do it this is my JAM”)

Star Trek
Reboot preferred but I am all here for adding elements from the previous series, including the original. I'm looking for a Kirk.

Yeah I’ve not seen anything past season ten. To be honest I’ve found that they’re beating a dead horse into the seventh circle of hell. That said, the story arcs that went down between seasons one and five were what I live for.

Game of Thrones / A song of Ice and Fire
I’ve read the books. I’ve watched the series (twice). I’m ready to get my OC inserted into this and paired with a guilty pleasure. Blatant hint: It’s Tyrion. Or Bronn. Or? Please just let me have my fantasy drama.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
There are approximately five billion directions to take this universe and I doubt any of them will ever get old for me. Though I have my guilty cravings, I’m also ready to reciprocate whatever you’re looking for. I’ve watched every movie as well as AKA Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and some of Iron Fist. Which I hate. Literally only watching that last one for the Defenders.

If you come at me with some solid Guardians of the Galaxy 2-based stuff, I'll love you so much.
Not to sound desperate or anything.

Star Wars
I have no set ideas as to what I'd want for this. I've watched all the movies too many times yet still don't know everything about the universe. This is the sort of thing I've followed since I was six or so, yet I'm not some Star Wars genius with infinite knowledge of the universe. Sadly I've not read the books nor can I go on a fun-filled rant with you about the recent divergence from those plots. Though I'd love to talk about Leia and Han's canonical twins, my knowledge on the matter dwindles.

Honestly just hit me up with simple plots for this. Explain them like I'm five.

Pacific Rim
???? I don’t know what I’d want with this. I have no OCs or canon preferences, I just know I love this movie in ways I can never describe. Hit me with your plots.

Grey's Anatomy
I'm watching season one for the bajillionth time. Hoping for something in one of those early seasons? Hoping to play against an Alex Karev whose got some character depth. Willing to play any canon character but know I dislike Derek on principle.

Honestly right now that’s it. I’m sure there are more that I’m familiar with but I’m just not craving them so. Sorry? I mean if you want to make suggestions then hit me up.

Anyway, my email is
Jul 9 2017, 05:10 PM

Hey ya'll

So I recently made a decision to cut out both caffeine and alcohol from my life, if only for a month. I was a raving jerk for a few days but now that I've started to come back into the land of the clear-headed, I have the will to write again.

It also helps that I just saw Wonder Woman and my mind is a-flutter with cloudy inspiration.

About me
I'm one of those folks who started on Neopets eons ago. I live in the Eastern Time Zone and am ~generally~ online during the day. That being said, my job's schedule rotates so one week I might work midnight shifts and another I might work day shifts. Also, insomnia. So sometimes I just send random replies at 4am because I can.

I absolutely love OOC chatter and I love to hear about your characters and their back stories. I don't mind waiting for replies and am understanding when people need breaks.

Role play preferences
- Email only
- mxf or fxf preferred
- I don't keep track of word counts. Just send me what feels appropriate and I'll generally match it.
- canon x oc preferred, flexible though
- No smut
- Please refrain from in-depth self harm or ED references. I can handle mentions of it but any more can really get to me. I will respect any limits you have.
- Beyond that? Adventure. Angst. Hope. Death.

Though I do have pairings that I would love to explore and am mad craving, I also didn't want anyone to feel limited so I'm happy to just discuss that with people over email.

Wonder Woman
Yeah, okay. I know this falls under the big DC fandom, but I admit I have a limited knowledge of it. Sure, I used to watch Smallville and I've seen most of the older Batman films as well as the Nolanverse. But until now I've had no actual interest in role playing it.

I'm willing to expand a role play outside of WW. I'm excited for the Justice League movie so I'd enjoy looking into that. I've also watched Teen Titans a number of times, if that helps?

All said and done, I have no idea who I'd play in this. Frustrating if you're looking to brain storm, but I'd like to think it gives a prospective partner a blank check to tell me what to do.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Inclusive of any movies or TV shows. I have a running knowledge of the comics and am more than happy to read any suggestions to send to me. I'm hoping to do something in the AoS or GotG storyline but I will literally never say no to anything else in the MCU.

Star Trek
I'd hope to set it in the reboot universe as I freaking loved those three movies. That being said, I'm currently re-watching the original series and, as they run tandem, would be happy to continue in that alternate timeline exploring plotlines from the original. I'm also a fan of Voyager and am about to get brushed up on DS9 so just let me know which direction you want to go in!

I'm such a sucker for this one. I'm not caught up beyond Season Ten because I honestly found that it got........ beaten all to death. So I'd prefer something based in the first five seasons or AU. Or just shoot me ideas, I'm all for new stuff.

I think that about covers it?


Dec 14 2016, 02:02 PM
I'm having a major a writer's block after a few ~incidents~, so apologies to the few I haven't responded to. I'm hoping to find a single new role play for Game of Thrones / ASOIAF as I've been in the process of binge-watching it before the next season comes out, and I know that process will get my brain going for those I have missed c:

About Me
I live in the EST time zone. I can't give you one specific time that I'll be online as I work on-call shifts. I only role play over email, but am willing to get into OOC chatter via IM mediums.

I'm willing to try an original plot, but I'd hope to incorporate something supernatural / superpowered. I'm not a fan of slice of life work, I find it boring and I'd hope for some drama and angst. Huge fan of causing my characters pain.

I generally aim for canon x OC pairings, but if you have a canon x canon idea let me know. I would love for any OCs we have to be on good platonic terms and generally dislike role plays in which our characters only interact with their paired person. I want this to be a story, not two separate flirtations.

Post Length
I aim to mirror my partner. That being said, I can ramble a fair bit as I like to really get a mood set for my character. I don't keep any word count records but generally I ~think~ it's between 250 – 400 words a reply.

Activity Level
I'm aiming to reply 3 times a week, but hoping for more. That's going to depend on a few things, like the length of our replies and the sort of groove we have going, as well as how often you reply.

What I'm looking for in a partner
I'm hoping you will be 20+ years of age. Though I do not role play smut I find it's nice to find some level of maturity in the writing. And, let's be honest, writing can be R-rated without smut.



Game of Thrones / ASOIAF

Marvel Cinematic Universe
I'm currently watching the entire set (movies, original series, one-shots) and really feeling this universe. Hecka open to most movies.

Agents of SHIELD
I listed this separately as many people who have watched the Marvel movies have a limited knowledge of AoS. I have an intense and insatiable craving for this in particular, so if you email me for this I'm gonna say yes to pretty much anything. That being said I'm only into season 3 (though my binge watching skills are quite fantastic)

Criminal Minds
Only into season 8 but I can't not love this show

Grey's Anatomy
I'd prefer not to have any pairings that involve patient OCs unless you have a damn good plot that really incorporate them, otherwise it tends to be a lot of conversation, then jumping ahead to another conversation, theeeen jumping ahead again. Prove me wrong on that frount and I'd be willing to set something up.

I'm gonna be honest in that I've only read Oryx and Crake, and Year of the Flood. Loved them both and am hoping to read the final one soon. If anyone has any ideas or know of this series please let me know! It's a phenomenal series and deserves exploring.

Star Trek, New Movies
Though I specify the newer movies I've watched TOS, Voyager, and TNG so I'd be more than happy to look into other characters from these series (example, I'd love to play as Seven of Nine because I love her and really really really want to explore her characterization, maturation, and self defense of her own autonomy)

A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones
I don't have any pairings in mind for this at the moment, but I would definitely want this to be a large role play with more than just doubling. I've read all the current books and watched all the seasons. Just let me know about your preferences and I'll work with you from there c:

Legend of Zelda
I would prefer to place this in Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword.

This is another one with a whole lot of question marks next to it. I've beaten the first game and am stuck in the second game. I've beaten the third. I find the concept of the games fascinating and would love to expand / explore it.

My email is[/font]
Nov 7 2016, 01:28 PM
Good day to you all!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Don't want to bog you all down with information you don't need right away.

About Me
I'm rapidly approaching lay-off season, so I'm foreseeing a good amount of free time. Generally I enjoy very casual role plays. I live in the EST time zone, but am awake at variable hours depending on which shift I'm on for the week at work. I role play third person, past tense and find anything else awkward at best. I always double in role plays, and tend towards canon x oc pairings that are either mxf or fxf. I'm definitely not against canon x canon pairings if you have a craving.

To start, as I know this is a big deal breaker for a lot of people, I do fade to black with smut. I'm completely fine with vulgarity, violence, or gore.

Criminal Minds
Star Wars
Star Trek
A Song of Ice and Fire / A Game of Thrones
Jurassic Park
Bioshock (?? Maybe???)
Legend of Zelda





Note the Kik is simply for conversation / plotting. I role play almost exclusively over email.
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