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Jan 27 2018, 02:50 AM

oc or fandom?: oc (specifically right now but maybe another time…)

So I’ve been aching to get a chance to grow on a crew I put together. Think inspiration from the show firefly and quite a lot of other things that festered this brewing idea. Specifically I have a crew of 4 characters I would loove to put to use.



genre?: now of course when I mean aching, I mean I want to expand on their interests and kinks. None of them are quite the same as the other. Smut is high on the need list but I want to also write an adventure with you. Characters falling in actual love or out of it, characters going through action and pain, real danger. Moments of just sheer stupidity and accidents, as well as humor.

setting?: this is debatable. The crew and your characters (yes characters) could gradually meet up and have to go through something none of them planned for like saving a galaxy. Or maybe my crew is just helping another through some dangerous territory that happens to have a civil war breaking out. Or its survival of us on a crashed planet and trying then when and if all of us make it off trying to get back to some semblance of normal. (I do have a plot kind of around this involving my crew crashing on a planet that is very unverified, very wild and untamed and rich in danger as it is in adventure. DRAGONS is VERY wanted and prevelant in this plot)

format?: This is tricky. I normally prefer 3rd person, DETAILED paragraph style of 4-5 paragraphs or more. But I can do several shorter paragraphs or try for shorter replies but since this is a MULTIPLE CHARACTER NEED roleplay I still need someone who can write something good for all the characters they want to use.

(This does not mean you have to CONSTANTLY write something for EVERY character…some characters just go off to do something that takes literally hours and something else could happen to another…that works fine just as well!)

here is a bit about the characters I want to use and what I am hoping to pair them against.

Finnagon (Finn for short)- The captain of the crew and a rogue among his race taking much more interest in adventure outside of home and exploring the stars. An intelligent, charismatic, and dominant looking humonoid from a planet of mostly warrior like race. Tall, brooding, and dashing men that dominate their women just as much as their property. In his case, he does give a woman better respect if she seems worth the time. That’s not to say he is not still a womanizer. He loves taking on multiple partners at once, mostly women, sometimes men, sometimes things. In honesty he’ll fuck with anything that shows attitude and a love for danger as much as he does. He does have a tendency to dominate his partner though. (this will include kinks like bdsm, daddy play, slow teasing, rough sex, punishment, etc. would like to pair against either male or female)

Amy- The mechanic and weapons expert of the crew. This fiesty feline only gives respect when she is shown it in return and sometimes not even then. Bad tempered, sadistic at times, professional, but with a secret softer and more lustful side. She is not completely feline, with more human like facial features and humanoid way of moving but with cat like tendencies and urges. Hiding the time she goes into heat under a mask of pissy mood and a roaring attitude. A cat you just gotta love when she learns her place (HIGHLY desiring to pair her with a MALE something. Bear like, gargoyle like, DRAGON like, anything but tentacles for this one) but she is one dominate woman that will take someone who respects who she is just as much as wants to see her bend. Can she find that partner in life but dom in bed? (kinks included, excessive cum, bondage, tease play, stretching, VERY rough sex, biting, claws, animal dominance etc.)

Kaitlyn- the technician of the crew. A sweet heart in all respects, a girl given to risking her life for her crew even when she is much less prone to fighting. She is incredibly intelligent and enjoys her job but will avoid bringing sexual needs into her work life as MUCH as possible. She enjoys the company of her crew as well and the friendships established, she desires adventure but at times is too afraid to actually take the leap to head into it. Deeper in her dark secrets she finds herself turned on by the weird and unnatural. The taboo and forbidden. She anticipates both with fear and excitement to meet the person or thing one day or multiple people she just…can’t stop thinking about (would love to do a lesbian pairing for her but honestly it can be a poly experience for her. I want her to find that hidden side of her that just…loves it. kinks included: bdsm, tentacles, she-males, kebabing, over stuffing, cream pie, incestual, masochistic, etc.)

Corth- the Android humanoid capable of many things. Mainly assisting in most aspects of life like cooking, cleaning, arranging financial matters, powering a ship, becoming an advanced weapon if needed. Kind of like a swiss army blade of uses. His main programming was once though for completely sexual purposes, intended on exploring others resistance…no matter how high. Since he can scan biological traits that also makes it hard to lie when the body is completely honest. Since his past his owners have changed his functioning to be much more casual. A laid back, funny, charmer with a boyishly handsome appearance and clean cut style. His old purpose pretty much non existant except for every now and again whenever he has to do a diagnostics check and clean out his system periodically. The others learned fast that he can not be near anything ALIVE during that time otherwise the old setting kicks up for a moment for some reason. Before returning to his sarcastic and yet still helpful and observant programming. (would love to try this bot out on anything and everything kinks included: stretching, electricity, sex till exhaustion, over stuffing, tentacles, choking, gagging, maaany, etc. but would love to pair him with a mechanic or technician that decides to take the risk and try to fix his old programming…or…maybe not?)

additional notes: if you are interested in writing an ADVENTURE for this crew of oddities you can contact me here first then I'll give you my email so we can begin. I rp only on email or google docs

hopefully this interested you, and if not have a wonderful day :3

Nov 27 2017, 02:15 AM
So I've recently just finished re-reading the ENTIRE Dark series by Christine Feehan and I'll be honest I'd love to explore a possible roleplay in it.

We could either do OCxCanon or OCxOC

in which we'd double I'd have my character and you and I would create the male counter to her. Then the same in reverse you could have your character and then the counter you'd want or a whole new oc that I could make for you.

I have read some of the other series she has created but I'm not finished with them.

This is a doubling only roleplay unless you are fine to just play the male counter to my female character.

I will NOT play any females that are already claimed and therefore the same goes for already claimed males in the series (I'm sorry I just cant break apart such beautiful couples...) but their children? or relatives or plenty of other side characters to get their own story I would be fine with that.

This roleplay is for mature audiences only and would be completely fan based (duh ;p) so it will have all the fun that makes her books so amazing. Romance, smut, gore, action, death, mystery, history, darkness and beauty...all that wonderful jazz.

if you're interested shoot me a PM so I can give you the places I prefer to roleplay :3
Oct 6 2017, 11:47 PM

Call me Shay, Pancake...whatever floats your boat.

Firstly I'm a 23 year old mom of two with a swing shift job but a real problem with insomnia and a over active imagination. Sooo I fill the times (or try to at least) by writing roleplays with new friends and or drawing, reading, coloring...the like. I watch a lot of cartoons and anime so don't be surprised if I share tid bits with you, as far as regular tv goes. My channels mostly just include cooking shows, history, animals, and thats it XD. But don't worry I watch a LOT of horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi and action movies. Same for reading a lot of that genre. So writing a darker themed story is just my cup of tea to relax.

Some quick things- (I'll be fast ;D)

format/style: 3rd person, past tense or several short script style paragraph/sentences. I usually do 2-5+ paragraphs depending on what's going on.

limits: NONE seriously...if it ADDS to the story. I am not saying that there aren't things I don't really enjoy writing, (such as water sports, pedophilia, bathroom stuff) but if it adds to that characters growth or decline I'm all for it. Let's gouge that girls eye out, or that guy should be taken off his high horse by his own parents trying to kill him, or that girl should be gang banged and lets help her build back up or not from that...

pet peeves: god modding...i dont mind having my character be put in sticky situations but i like a chance to respond and change things or really just ticks me off if i have no choices. If I do the same back I will gladly rewrite things too because I will not do that to your character. Only other thing, too much of ANYTHING can get tedious. Nothing but constant bad luck, abuse, fluff, comedy, smut...I live and breathe off stories that have a little of everything ya know, it makes those sweet moments among the dark, depressing, or tense moments all the sweeter.


Multiple kinks welcome!

multiple genres welcome!

I double, multiple, bring on your creations!

Cravings (as of right now): SCI-FI, supernatural, modern, horror, fantasy, romance

Heres a link to more information if you're still with me along with contact info. I look forward to hearing from you biggrin.gif and if not! Thank you for reading and enjoy your day ^w^
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