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Mar 25 2018, 12:10 PM
Hi there! I go by Sha online.

This is unexplored territory, so please bare with me! I tend to be the person who roams through several sites in search for a roleplay partner, not one to personally post an ad, yet here I am. It seems most of my RP buddies have either dropped off the face of the Earth or real life has eaten most of their spare time. In other words, I have plenty of time on my hands for extra partners!

As a heads up, I am from Europe (UTC/GMT+2), so we may have quite a time difference. My work schedule is very variable, however, and I tend to be on most of the time when I am at home. My intention (and I usually succeed at this) is to reply daily (and more). If that fails, at least every other day. When something does come up and it lacks the possibility to reply for a couple of days, you shall receive a heads up! It would be nice to get a little update in return as well. I am a patient person, but when a week passes without a reply, it usually gets me worried, so I have the tendency to give a little nudge and to check if you are alright. Please do inform me if this bothers you!

In addition to this (and I do know it may be a lot to ask), I would really appreciate it if you could tell me when you wish to drop the roleplay. I will not give you a hard time or react annoyed! It might make me feel somewhat disappointed, but I'll be very grateful for the heads up and thank you for the time we did get to roleplay! If you wish to change something to make the roleplay more alluring again, please do notify me of this as well! I would happily try and make it work!

Now, for many seem to judge this important: smut. For this, please be 20+. I am in my mid-twenties, and rather would not end up with a criminal record for engaging in illegal activities. Personally, I love myself some romance/fluff. <3 It's an important part of the roleplay. As for smut, its inclusion can definitely be appreciated. I do prefer it to not be around every single corner though! A decent balance between smut and story, conflict/darkness and romance. And, of course, the normal limits apply. I don't deem it necessary to sum them up? ;D

When it comes to characters, and I kind of do expect several of you to scroll past this now: my current preference is to play a female main character. I will happily throw in side characters of either gender though! Doubling, on the other hand, is not my cup of tea. It tends to drain my muse and motivation, and it adds a lot of disappointment for people frequently prioritize one character above the other. Sorry!

On that note, for the main pairing it will be MxF. I am not fully opposed to FxF or MxM when it comes to side characters (or for one of the main characters to occasionally dwell in those areas). My roleplay style is third person, past tense. My reply length tends to vary between two to five paragraphs; intros and the occasional post might end up longer. Please don't give me one-liners. For the rest, I do not care too much about length. Just give me something to work with and don't expect me to do all the work. <3

For genres, at the moments there is only one fandom I have explored: Game Of Thrones. I will always play as an OC! If you rather take on a canon character, that is fine with me. Just run it by me to make sure? As for other fandoms, feel free to suggest. I do not mind trying something new and expanding my knowledge by doing some research. Just no anime please!

My most explored genres are (Fantasy) Modern or Medieval Fantasy. I have small bits and pieces of plots for several pairings. For the latter, arranged marriages are often included. But, just like above, I am open to suggestions! Below, I will give a brief list of options, yet I am not limited to those!!!
- royal x thief/commoner/knight
- royal x royal
- ex x ex
- town girl/boy x city boy/girl
- guardian angel x guarded
Stuff like that. ;D

Last but not least, I only roleplay over email. When reaching out to me, please include your age and perhaps a little bit of additional information about yourself. Limits? Prefered genre? Theme? Maybe if you have a specific plot or craving in mind? And please don't bail on me while plotting? Thank you! biggrin.gif

You can find me here:

Hope to hear from you soon! And thank you for reading through all of that. T_T
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