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Jan 31 2018, 01:16 AM
Hey there, I'm Kasper. 23, male identified, CST. I work 40 hours a week, but sometimes have free time at work when things are slow. I usually post at least once a day. If you can't, please just let me know.
M/m, F/f, F/m is fine but you have to be down with me playing any of those. I would prefer to RP with someone over 18 since I'm 23. Must double.

TBH I only want to add OCs...SORRY

Pairing Cravings:

[Mystic Messenger]
Zen x My OC
Seven x My OC
Zen x Jumin

(I'm down to double as any character)

[Jojo's Bizarre Adventure]
Josuke +My OC

(I'm down to double as any character from s4)


Any member of Dir en Grey + My OC
Miyavi + My OC

(I'm down to double as any of the above)


Witch + Demon
Death + Vampire
Mermaid + Vampire
Mermaid + Witch
Ghost + Human
Ghost + Witch

(Cool with modern or not)

Other Plot Ideas:

+Virtual Reality MMORPG [Not SAO]
+Magical Girls/Boys Chinese Zodiac
+Adventure Time + OCs
+Kingdom Hearts OCs [I don't like nobodies though...SORRY]
+OCs based in Howl's Moving Castle Universe
+Alice in Wonderland + OCs
+ Skyrim OCs

I prefer google docs because I can access it through work, but I can deal with email and discord too.

discord: a r i e s#6013
Jan 23 2018, 01:17 AM

Sick of replaying the Mystic Messenger Routes, with no new content? Do ya miss ya boys? Then look no further!
This RP will be taking place using Discord in a chat-like atmosphere. Each of the 5 (for now) members will be given the role of one of the RFA boys plus an OC if they choose. OCs will play the role of MC, but are not limited to female!

Rika always said he needed someone to love, to care for, to make his devil grow. Unknown, always dutiful, has taken it upon himself to bring exceptional people to join Mint Eye. After observing the final candidates, he discovered he has feelings for all of them. After agonizing over his decision for weeks a brilliant idea suddenly struck him. Why not make a game out of it? And why, he had just the place. V spared no expense when he purchased Rika's private apartment, choosing a luxurious loft with enough bedrooms to do with as she saw fit. They would live comfortably, and Unknown could safely observe as they revealed their true worth during bizarre circumstances. In one single day he bombarded their phones, convincing them to aid him in his quest of good-doing. One by one they were trapped, and discovered an eerie new App on their phones.

This is where the story begins.

Jumin Han [played by ]
Jaehee Kang [played by a r i e s]
Yoosung Kim [played by shinnicakes ]
Agent 707 [played by ]
Zen [played by ]

*Rika, V, Unknown, and Vanderwood are available once Original 5 roles are filled*

  Name: James Clark
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Canadian
Profession/Study: Languages Major
Bio: Jamie spent his teenage years having fun and not worrying too much about the future. Once he graduated he was faced with a big decision. He put off that decision for two years until his family would no longer support his millennial lifestyle. With none too stellar grades and no real prospects, he became interested in the idea of teaching abroad. While studying Korea in Canada he discovered he was actually rather bright and could absorb the material more easily than others. While his aspirations stretched beyond just Korea, he still wanted to spend time in the country he first studied. It wasn't long until he found himself in Busan teaching English to elementary students. After a few months he moved to Seoul, operating independently and tutoring students individually.


Discord Servers:
OOC [chat-style]
Mystic Messenger App [chat-style]
Mystic Messenger Plot [literate-style]
*Pre-Plot [Chat Style]

*Pre-plot exists for those who wish to play around In Character while roles are waiting to be filled. Original Five only.

Story will begin when all or most roles are filled. (stand-ins possible depending on how quickly roles are assigned) Pre-Plot server available to those who can't wait!

PM me with the character you're interested in playing. Upon approval, send me your OC and I will add you to the OOC discord!​
Jan 9 2018, 05:04 PM
Hi hi, I'm Kasper. I'm 23, male identified, central timezone, and looking for a fun relaxed RP smile.gif I work full-time, but usually have some free time when it's slow. Usually can reply at least once a day. Consistency can vary, but I'll let you know ahead of time.
No word requirements, just want something more than a couple sentences and less than a short story. The perfect RP for me is a good mixture of fun, fluff, suspense, romance, angst, and action.
I prefer original content with fandom inspiration. Prefer someone who can write f/m, m/m, and f/f. Must double. Non-binary characters welcome. Must be 18+.

Would love to chat about our pairings, get excited, and plot!

-Purple Prose
-Hard Drugs (weed and booze ok)
-Too much edge (medium edge ok)
-Hardcore Genre Emphasis/High Fantasy/etc.

-Original content
-Modern mixed with Magic (or anything in 1900's)
-Witches (fun variants also; techno witch, kitchen witch, urban witch)
-Adventures and New Worlds (world building!)
-Fruits Basket
-Magical Girls/Boys
-Ghibli Inspired
-Mystic Messenger
-Persona 5
-One Punch Man
-Diamond is Unbreakable
-Princess Tutu
(*Bonus Points if you like Dir en Grey, Miyavi, Gackt)

Email, Discord, or Google Docs friendly

Discord: luthus#7480
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