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Jan 22 2017, 07:20 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm Lucyfer, also known as Itzume.

I'll cut straight to the point, I'm looking for RPs, and everything I'm interested in is already on another website I use, so just follow the link. I am willing to RP here on Barbermonger, or on RPNation. I do not do any other form of RPing. I do have a skype, and I'm willing to do OOC chatter.

I'm into multiple fandoms (Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones), Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and a host of other things.

I double. You double. If you don't, you'd better have one hell of a good plot, because I will get bored without the interactions of multiple characters.

Other than that, here's the add on RPNation, take a gander, and if you're interested, hit me up via PM here, or on the Nation!

Link: My Ad Search
Jan 17 2017, 09:08 PM
...continued from "Broken Order" (off-site)
+18 for potential smut of various consent levels, torture, and things in a similar vein.

Darth Vader did not install an air conditioner or any form of cooling the fucking castle down on Mustafar, which had Selene Tonius sweating profusely as the black-haired human watched the screens, silver eyes following another intruder to their airspace. It was only a matter of time, she knew, as the ship began to descend to one of the landing platforms.

The turrets automatically turned to it, but Selene knew what the result would be even before it began. ‘So, General Hux has finally come.’ The signatures were those of the First Order. Snoke knew most of their call signs. They couldn’t hide from them.

It was Hux’s foolishness for breaking the alliance, all over some petty war crime. And to think! That General still went on to align with Commander Ren. Well, if he was still Commander. Snoke wanted to think so. Or wanted to make it so. It didn’t really matter which, anymore.

Still, Selene had a job, and so she walked away from the monitors and deep into the castle of Mustafar, where her brother and the so-called Knight were. White-haired, bleached white, anyway, and occupied by the computers in front of him, Helios was trying to open a vault, working through the systems carefully. He’d been at them all night, without sleep. “We have company!” The woman interrupted.

He slammed his fist on the console and turned, glaring at her. “What do you mean we have company?”

“Remember when I told you yesterday we were being monitored and you said you didn’t care because Hux was busy making allies? Well, Hux is done with that now. A First Order ship is tearing up those turrets you programmed and landing,” Selene answered, clasping her hands behind her back, the smile on her lips poisonous.

Both she and Helios were clones, but not exacts. Their genes were modified to make them smarter than their original, as well, so they could do so much more. But, try as he might, Snoke still hadn’t figured out how to make them Force Sensitive. She turned to the Knight, then, “Well, this is what you’re here for, right?”


The night had passed too quickly for General Aria Hux’s liking. She woke as always, prepared for the trip to Mustafar. Rosalee was on board the Finalizer, prepared to take her, Phasma, and the contingent of Stormtroopers to Mustafar. Terex promised to be near, as always, in case they needed rescue via the Carrion Spike.

“Oh, goddamnit!” Rosalee shouted as they broke into the atmosphere of Mustafar. Hux looked up from her datapad and realized exactly why the tiny woman had shouted out. She immediately set the pad down and shifted forward in the co-pilot’s seat. With a flick of a switch, the controls to the guns fell to her control, and she quickly dealt with the turrets as Rosalee zagged away, cursing at the speed of light until the turrets were cleared from what was going to pass for a landing pad.

“So a mouse activated the turrets?”

It was Phasma’s new joke. The Chrome Soldier leaned against the doorway into the cockpit as they settled the ship down. Mustafar had been inactive for a while. The fact it had come to life was attributed to Snoke, or a mouse who tripped the switch.

“Why not?” Hux shrugged, lifting out of her chair and shrugging on her coat, before turning, “Let’s find it, and exterminate it.”

“Kay!” Rosalee quickly climbed over her own seat, “But I’m leading, okay? I got the map and everything, and you all will end up in the lava without me.”

Yet Ben had warned Hux of staying near Rosalee. “You won’t know where the trapdoors are.”

Needless to say, there were no arguments, and Rosalee led the way out of the corvette.

Above the three women, and five Stormtroopers of the PH squadron, loomed the dark castle. The lava heated the air ridiculously, but Hux refused to complain from beneath her great coat as Rosalee darted ahead down the bridge towards the castle, in some dark blue, skin-tight thing, far more agile than she had appeared when playing the role of a Resistance member.

Hux didn’t run. She walked. The troopers fell in line behind her.
Aug 23 2015, 08:51 PM

Here's the tl;dr version:

1. Looking for someone to play Tywin Lannister.
2. Looking for someone down to RP over forums.
3. I want to play an OC Reyne.
4. You play whoever you want, and I'll play most canons for you; not comfortable with Petyr Baelish.

ALL RIGHT, now that the tl;dr version is out of the way and you've decided if you want to RP with me or not, here's the details

Partner Requirements

1. Don't God-Mod. In other words, don't make my character speak, don't make my character, don't make my character take damage, and don't control my character. If you want something to go a certain way for plot purposes, just PM me and ask. Usually, I accept "god-modding" during travel and the like. It is usually acceptable to assume movement if a character is already committed to the journey.

2. Please be able to play both genders and juggle multiple characters. There are few plots where I want to play only one main character, so please be capable of playing more than one yourself. We will likely be doubling up, but we'll also likely have to play a lot of sides and semi-mains, too.

3. On the note of pairing: I will always play one female character. So, be aware of that. With that said, I usually also always play one male character, and I do MxM, MxF, and FxF pairings, though I prefer MxF.

4. I only RP on threads, so no messenger RPs with me nor e-mail. That said, I do use many forums besides Barbermonger, so if you want to RP elsewhere, just let me know.

5. Please be able to write more than a couple of sentences as responses to me.

6. PM me here on Barber if you're interested in RPing with me!

Now, as for the shameless want….

Basically, I want to play across from a Tywin Lannister, and have a Lannister/King’s Landing-Heavy plot. I have a Reyne OC that I want to play, so, interactions with Tywin would be fantastic. We could move it from King’s Landing, too, with some altering the history of things (which we’re going to do anyway, because this is an RP and we’re not writing the books the same way). This does not have to be a romantic pairing. In fact, it'd be pretty hard to twist it to that, but I am open to all possibilities, even my character dying at some point. This is GoT, after all.

I am more than happy to play most any character in the series. I’m more familiar with the TV Show than I am the books, but I’ve read quite a few wikis on the books and I’m also working my way through the second book in the series currently. I’ve read the first one. These are some AU-Twisted ideas I’d like to play with.

1. General starting point, during or after the First Book/First Season. The Reyne becomes one of Cersei’s Lady-in-Waiting and is put forward by her adopted family as a potential match for Tywin as a way for him to keep his hold on the Westerlands.

2. The Wall. Tywin has survived to realize that the Others/White Walkers are a real threat, and has decided to help the Wall in holding them off (for all you people who love to play across from a Jon Snow ~_^). We’d discuss how to work in OCs.

3. The Narrow Sea. Again, Tywin has survived and has decided to take the war to Daenerys rather than wait her out. In this, I’d imagine the Reyne OC as someone who went across to assassinate him. This would be a good way to involve the Faceless Men, Daenerys and her crew, Jorah, etc..

4. ????? I’m open to your ideas if you’re willing to take on Tywin, really. Let me know your interests and ideas for this, and we’ll see about going forward!

So, yeah. It’s shameless, but we all have our moments of wanting something a lot, so this is my brutal honesty, haha.

I really do love doubling up, though, especially in a world as vast as GoT, and there are many canon characters I love.
Aug 22 2015, 08:09 PM
Alana Farman, as the household knew her, found herself finally catching a break after the long night that had been the Battle of Blackwater. Though the red-headed woman had a sword, she had not been allowed to serve among the armies under Tyrion’s command, but had been sent with many of the other Highborn women to wait the fight out.

She’d stood there in her pretty green dress, with a sword at her hip, and looked over them all—Sansa, Cersei, and every other woman and old man.

The battle ended thanks to the intervention of Tywin Lannister, and it was the one time the woman imagined she’d be happy with him.

Through the night, she had tended to the wounded, including Lord Tyrion Lannister, though he remained out of it. Most of the wounded had been brought into Maegor’s Holdfast, while Tywin straightened things out now that he’d arrived with his son, Jaime, and the Tyrell forces. ‘Things will change.’ Already a whisper was in the air about the Tyrells.

It was with that news on her lips, and some happiness finally shining in her green eyes, that the auburn-haired woman moved through the halls in her now bloody green dress towards the room she knew Sansa Stark to be in. None of the blood on the dress was her own, but those of the wounded. She was good at her job—she’d been there for Robert’s Rebellion twenty years ago, after all. The lie had it woven that she was only 15 at the time, which made her 36 now. That wasn’t quite the truth. She was a few years older than that.

Many truths had to be buried.

So it was that Lady Liona Reyne found herself before the door to Lady Sansa’s room, and knocked lightly upon it. “Lady Sansa?” She called in, “It is Alana. May I enter?” She knew Sansa did not have much privacy here, so she tried to offer all that she could to the poor girl. She understood too well what it was to be wronged by the Lannisters, and to be unable to do much about it.

She was waiting to avenge her own family, after all.


Jaime Lannister had arrived with his father’s forces and the Tyrell host to crush Stannis Baratheon. They’d found that Tyrion had been able to hold his own without them, and it had made Jaime smile. However, when the war was won, and he’d taken the steps two at a time, he learned his brother was wounded.

He found him being tended to by a red-headed woman he’d seen before, but who’s name still escaped him. He knew that she was noble, and she was now something of Sansa’s ‘lady-in-waiting’. ‘Poor girl.’ Jaime had thought.

He could not stay long by his brother’s side. Cersei also commanded his attention, his sister whom he found Essence of Nightshade on. Getting the truth out of her was not difficult, since she snapped it at him with the declaration dead was better, for even Tommen.

Lovely as she was, he considered her wrong, there. Tyrion, if no one else, had taught him the value of life in any form, and he tried to let her know that, to show her how important she still was, but she was in no mood for him. He was cast out, and he kicked stones before him before someone came to him.

“Ser Jaime, your father would have a word with you.”

“Only one?” His green eyes glinted with mischief, hoping the guard would be quick to play along. He wasn't. The guard didn’t quite know how to respond, but Jaime shook his head with a smile, “Where might I find him?”

“In the Tower of the Hand.”

“Already?” Jaime did allow his eyes to widen slightly, and he brushed a hand back through his blond hair. “He moves fast.” He wondered how many times his father would have the sheets washed, or if he’d simply burn them, considering who the previous tenant had been. “I’ll go see what he wants. Thank you,” he inclined his head to the guard, and turned immediately to head towards the Tower of the Hand where his father, apparently, had at least one word for him.
Jun 28 2015, 10:14 PM
Been a little bit since I've been around these parts, but I have returned. With that said, I'm going to put up an interest ad here to try and get things going again.

So, these are the things I'm currently into and looking for!

So, to start with:

Partner Requirements

1. Don't God-Mod. In other words, don't make my character speak, don't make my character, don't make my character take damage, and don't control my character. If you want something to go a certain way for plot purposes, just PM me and ask. Usually, I accept "god-modding" during travel and the like. It is usually acceptable to assume movement if a character is already committed to the journey.

2. Please be able to play both genders. There are few plots where I want to play only one main character, so please be capable of playing more than one yourself, and give all genders fair treatment.

3. On the note of pairing: I will always play one female character. So, be aware of that. With that said, I usually also always play one male character, and I do MxM, MxF, and FxF pairings, though I prefer MxF.

4. I only RP on threads, so no PM rps with me, and no e-mail, skype, etc., RPs. Only threads.

5. Please be able to write more than a couple of sentences as responses to me.

6. PM if you are interested and with what you are interested in!

There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Now let’s move onto some of my cravings-with-plots.

Gods, Goddesses, and Mortals

I’ve noticed this as pairings cropping up around the site and realized this actually interests me, but I haven’t managed to get one of these off the ground.

I’d be looking to play this either in modern times, or in a historically-inaccurate past time, with deities from various pantheons. In modern times, I don’t have much of a plot, but I’m quite willing to brainstorm one with a partner.

For past times, the main plot I could see manifesting is that nations with different pantheons end up at war with each other. Let’s say, the Celts and the Greeks, for example. This brings their gods into contact with each other, too. So pairings for this could be Greek PersonxGreek Deity, Greek PersonxCeltic Deity, Greek DeityxCeltic Deity. I like the idea of the deities being rivals, so like Morrigan and Ares.

Host Clubs

I also wanted to do something involving Host Clubs. This one I’d prefer no doubling, but I can absolutely do doubling. I’d prefer to do a Female ClientxHost, with doubling possibilities as HostxFemale client or HostessxMale client. I might also be willing to do MxM or FxF if the characters interest me enough.

I need a bit more practice in standard modern and romance genres, but if someone wants to add a supernatural twist to this, I’m game!

Doctor Who

For this one, doubling is absolutely required.

I play a Male Doctor, you play a Male Master. May be negotiable if your ideas interest me enough. I've tried playing a female Doctor before and it just didn't work out.

We each play an OC Companion. Shenanigans ensue. I have a few plot ideas. The main thing would be deciding whether or not you want the Master to still be plagued by the drums or not.

Then, I have some ideas for story arcs involving either the Xhinn or the Return of Gallifrey and all the chaotic entities of the Time War.

Supernatural-Esque Sins

I watched that episode of Supernatural with the 7 Deadly Sins as the villains, and I was so disappointed that all they got was one episode. So, what I'm looking for here, is to play with the Sins as major villains, in a world we'd build with hunters. There would be a host of creatures to deal with, as we build towards the Sins.

This one I could be fine with just having one main character each, since there will be lots of side characters, and lots of villains to deal with. We'll also have to split up the Sins appropriately, but definitely a lot of potential here. Plus, possible supernatural allies, so not just humans as main characters, either.


It's been a very long time since I watched the show, and I don't want to do that. However, I am rather interested in the idea of humans living side-by-side with "yokai", for lack of a better term. I'm interested in building up a world that involves creatures like those seen in Inuyasha, their relations with humans, and create some sort of epic quest involving them. I have an idea where humans have been in power for most of the time, and some powerful yokai decides to challenge this.


If you like Vampire: The Requiem, hit me up.

I would like to explore vampires in vampire society, more than vampires in human society. I'm interested in interpersonal relationships among vampires, with perhaps one or two humans of note.

I usually like to play with vampires that: get burned by the sun, need blood to survive, superhuman senses, superhuman strength-agility-dexterity-stamina, killed only via beheading, the sun, fire, or injuries to the heart, may have one supernatural talent (like emotional manipulation or geomancing). I have a few plot ideas that I'll list below:

--The story of an established group of vampires in a city being shaken by what a few newcomers end up doing--releasing a sealed evil. (Potential Pairings: VampirexVampire, NeonatexElder, ChildexSire, NeonatexNeonate, ElderxElder)
--A pair of "siblings" to a prominent vampire are sent to investigate strange happenings in a town, which could be either a hunter trap, or legit supernatural issues. (Potential Pairings: VampirexVampire, VampirexHunter, VampirexHuman, VampirexOther Supernatural)
--A vampire strikes a deal with a demon for knowledge. How this goes from here, I don't know, but I had a good story of this started a little while ago and now it seems to have died. It also involved a vampire and a witch (who wanted to send the demon back for the sake of the other vampire's soul). (Potential Pairings: VampirexVampire, VampirexDemon, VampirexHuman, VampirexWitch, WitchxDemon, WitchxFamiliar, VampirexInquisitor)
--A dhamphir, Vampire Hunter D style, and their quest to hunt down vampires in a post-apocalyptic world! (DhampirxVampire, DhampirxHuman, HumanxVampire, VampirexVampire, HumanxHuman, DhampirxOther?, VampirexOther?)

Alternate Rome

Take Rome, at around 44 BCE. The difference is that some years ago, the Dictator decided it would be a good political move to give women the ability to be in the legions, and the senate, since he would get the backing of so many women for that move. Obviously, this didn't go over well with some, on top of everything else he's done--so he gets assassinated, and that's where we begin.

Basically, I'm looking to do an AU version of Rome. All names can be changed, all characters original, and the world can be adapted, but I like that story so much that it intrigues me how it might have gone with slightly different people. So I'd like for some of the roles to be the same (the Caesar, the Octavius, the Antony, Cicero, Brutus), but just in those roles--so not necessarily the same personalities. And also, women with power, because I get very frustrated when all the roles that the female characters can be are slave of house wife. In this context, I think it adds a nice political twist to things, too, a complication.

Now here are the fandoms I don’t quite have plots for, if they haven’t already been mentioned.


--Kingdom Hearts (Only up to KH2. Everything released after that is blasphemy. I'd like to explore the revival of Aerith.)
--Final Fantasy 8 (I have a story idea involving Hyne; few, if any, canons.)
--Vampire Princess Miyu (No canons, but I'd like to play the story of a new Guardian after Miyu has decided that it is time to escape her destiny and has Larva execute her)
--Vampire Hunter D (I am getting more familiar with the novels, I know the movies and mangas well)
--Game of Thrones. (If you can play Tywin Lannister)

And now the pairings I would be willing to brainstorm plots for.


--VampirexSupernatural Humanoid
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