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Jul 27 2017, 10:36 PM
* No one is in fact under the earth, unless you wanna go there. Chase your bliss.

Hi, I'm Lux and I'm 30. That means this is a 21+ zone; even without any sexual content I'm not comfortable RPing with people so much younger than me. I am trans myself and use he/him, cool with players of whatever gender and pronouns playing characters of whatever gender and pronouns. I'm Australian so I spell funny and may be online at weird times, but I'm good with adapting to whatever time zone you might be in.

I like monsters, aliens, robots, history and just really really nerdy shit. I can't overstate how much of a fucking nerd I am.

Am I a Good Fit For You?:

I like these in RP:
  • plotting and discussing before and during RP
  • collaboration! We're in this thing together, it's fun shooting ideas back and forth
  • writing an amount that allows character interaction; I'd much prefer shooting out two paragraphs than showing I can do a novel since I can do a novel by myself
  • not having my characters played for me unless it's an assumption we've already discussed and agreed to
  • being pretty chill, I may not post every day and won't expect you to, though I'll probably still be excited about RP
  • laughs, though I'm also able to do serious emotional interactions etc
  • characterisation, I wanna get a good sense of character voice, personality, all that shit
  • description, paint me a word picture
  • sexual content, played maturely and with some degree of realism; includes kinks but doesn't necessitate them (see my porn blog for an idea but don't if you're not down because it's NSFW as hell)
I dislike these in RP:
  • faceclaim-based scenarios (especially celebrities)
  • very young primary characters; I will not do high school based junk (and everyone has to be 18+ anyway unless they're like a robot or something)
  • weirdness about character gender or 'doubling' stuff; I want you to be playing exactly the character you want to play (background and side characters, OTOH, are welcome)
  • being asked to do graphics I am a word man
  • most slice of life stuff, it's not you it's me
  • rape themes, including rape called "domination" or "reluctance" or whatever else (no problem with characters who are survivors of sexual violence)
  • abuse themes, including incest, emotionally or physically abusive relationships
  • sex without characterisation, no porn dolls here
I'm fine writing violence and sex, obviously I swear a lot so if that's a problem I may not be for you. Individual characters will react differently to violence, swearing and sexual scenarios according to their personality, the setting and the tone of what we're writing.

I write in third person past tense, from my character's PoV. I could do present tense if you want. I won't do first person and absolutely not second.

Here's some stuff I'm looking for. Characters I want to play have been italicised. This is very long and I'm sorry, I just have a lot of feelings ideas.


Sherlock Holmes which is not BBC Sherlock: I really want to play gay stuff with Sherlock Holmes. Ideally, a trans man Sherlock Holmes, but cis is fine too. Watson would be really good, as would a storyline based on the sequence from The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes in which Holmes implies he's gay to avoid an arrangement with a woman seeking a sperm donor. I'm looking for a more canon Watson than in that movie, and to flesh out the interaction. I've got a decent enough grasp on Edwardian sexuality to do it justice. If you'd rather play Holmes for it, I'm also down.

Other than that specific scenario, I'm cool with most Holmes stuff. I usually work with the stories and Brett TV show. I'd be down for some Arsène Lupin crossover stuff, I adore the character (I don't know anything about Lupin III though).

Mass Effect: Mainly Andromeda stuff on my mind lately! I love Jaal, and would be up to playing him with an interesting Ryder, or playing my own Cecil Ryder (trans, gay, biotic rushes in, Malaysian ancestry, tried real hard to be professional at first but is a little bit of a goofball), or Liam. Would also be interested in Peebee/Jaal maybe! Or Vetra! Or Kallo, why not! Why not end everything on an exclamation point while I'm at it!

SAM is another big plus, with either Ryder alone or involved in Ryder's relationship. Looking to play with SAM's degree of control and constant presence in Ryder's mind, but safely and consensually.

I also love OCs in this setting, especially Geth. I have a post-ME3 Geth OC called Caretaker who is fixated on historical records and involved in museum projects on Rannoch. I also have a cute salarian I'd love to use as a biotic STG agent.

Dragon Age: Probably Inquisition, Bull/Dorian during the game or after would be my ideal. I also really love The Architect and would like to play that character if anyone's down.

The X Files: Honestly I want a Mulder to get involved with my alien OC (same amphibian tentacle cop from my original section down this post). Also want to write the 90s, and though I'm cool with tying in with the overall mytharc concepts, especially the black oil, bounty hunters and so on, I like monster of the week episodes best. I also like the X Files when it's at least a bit funny, though horror is also good shit.

Tyranny: You know, that video game with the evil overlord stuff. Honestly I just want Eb/Kills-in-Shadows. Plot's less important here than character interaction. Since the game is decision-heavy it's easy to spin something off from the consequences of any one of them.

Star Wars: I play(ed since I'm currently lapsed) the Old Republic. I really fancy Talos Drellik and would like to play him with just about any character now he can be recruited by anyone. I'm cool with playing with your PC, with someone else in the game, or an OC. My main PC is a (cis dude) Chiss bounty hunter who's dealing with being an ex-con and bounty hunting while developing a conscience and the increasingly disruptive tendency to care about other people.

I'm also into the general setting and can play in a few eras. Thrawn/Pellaeon from the Zahn books would be cool (I haven't seen the version in the cartoon yet). OCs are also cool. I like Star Wars for the grody crime worlds most of all, but I'd also be able to play a Jedi if that was on the table.

Battleborn: I'm pretty sure I know all twenty people who'd be remotely interested in Battleborn RP, but just in case anyway! Marquis/ISIC, Mike/Montana, Mike/Whiskey, Ghalt/almost anyone of age and not Toby, Phoebe/Reyna, Phoebe/ISIC (please!), Mellka/Deande, Whiskey/Deande, likely a whole bunch more I'm not currently thinking of.

Ace Attorney: Vanilla McGee here is a Phoenix/Edgeworth fan. I really like Athena/Junie, and Franziska/Maya. Case-based plots are good, but I'd be down for some character exploration and loose thread tying. I love Blackquill and if you're looking for a ship for him with someone who is not Athena please not Athena then I'd really enjoy that.

Original Junk:

Science Fiction:

My science fiction setting involves a Babylon 5-like diplomatic space station, where a coalition of alien species engage in politics. It's more EU than UN, if that paints a picture for you at all. My character is an agender amphibious alien who works as Head of Security aboard the station. That means solving crimes, but also overseeing customs checks on contraband and the like. Ysthal is dry, terse, and really really into that whole security deal. They believe in justice, and safety and all that lawful shit. I'd be interested in contrasting characters, and willing to word dump a whole heap of worldbuilding and plot hooks on you if this catches your interest.

I can play in other sci-fi settings, or workshop something together with you. Ysthal can make a transfer to Earth if necessary, or crash land on some other planet. I can also create other aliens, robots and so on.

Fantasy Kitchen Sink:

Listening to The Adventure Zone reminded me I actually love this, and enjoy playing in fantasy worlds. There's a lot of room for creativity and fun with magic and elves and shit. I have an orc nature mage from a shamanic, hunter-gatherer culture who live in a swamp and weave living vines into bridges who'd be fun to play, and an exiled drow arachnomancer/vain ex(ish) trophy husband. Dungeon crawling is good times, I'm cool with action/fighting stuff in these scenarios especially if you're willing to be collaborative rather than competitive.

Historical Fantasy:

Main idea currently is a 1920s New York under prohibition setting, with a WWI veteran working as a medical examiner's assistant who discovers he can see how someone died if he touches the body. Think iZombie meets The Poisoner's Handbook (meets Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose?). Opposite numbers could be a victim's relative, a policeman, a criminal, it's a pretty broad concept. I don't do the serial killer kind of dark romance though.

Contact Me!

I use Discord primarily, luxuriant#6333, though I'm down for email ( and Skype (team-villain) if those work better for you. Shoot me a message and I'll get back to you about other options if you need those, I'm down to try a new platform if it's what you're using and we seem compatible to RP. I like to RP over Google Docs but don't have to.

Ideally, I'd like you to come at me saying what you want and with some ideas. I love chatting and discussing, but playing 20 Questions puts me off very badly.
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