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chthonic dad


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May 13 2018, 09:37 AM
  H E L L O

✽ hello! i'm chthonic dad and this is a marvel-specific one on one search.

  A B O U T

✽ female or neutral pronouns (she/her/they/them)
  old enough to know better (mid-20s)
  existing alternately between this dimension and the next, but usually in EST
  lawful neutral with aspirations of chaotic neutral
  desperately wants to see pictures of your pets

  R E A D x M E

✽ email, discord, & gdocs

✽ ditch-friendly. it happens.

✽ casual word counts.

✽ no posting pressure. i try to reply in a timely manner but i won't pressure you and
  i don't like to be badgered.

✽ i enjoy having multiple main characters. i'm willing to play as many as the plot requires.

✽ i have a bias for m/f ships on my end but i'm happy to do any pairing and play any
  gender for my partner.

✽ i want to hear your ideas and i wanna know what you want. tell me your fave dynamics
  and tropes, send me your ship songs and aesthetics. i do genuinely want to know what
  my partners want to see out of rp's so i can deliver as best i can.

✽ since i'm an adult i expect that the people i roleplay with will also be adults. but, please,
  do not solicit me for pwp or roleplays in which the main conceit is kink-fulfilment.
  please let me know if you have any limits, triggers, squicks, or anything you'd just
  like to avoid in the roleplay.

  R O L E P L A Y

✽ as i mentioned (and as the ad title suggests) this is a marvel-specific search, or rather,
  an mcu-specific search. admittedly i know next to nothing about the comics. however,
  if you wanna add in some element from them that's fine. i have approximately 0 interest
  in x-men or any of the marvel tv shows, though, so those are no-go's for me.

  here's a list of what i've seen for convenience's sake:

  captain america 1 + 2 + 3
  iron man 1 + 2 + 3
  thor 1 + 2 + 3
  avengers 1 + 2 + 3
  guardians of the galaxy 1 + 2
  doctor strange
  black panther

  i haven't seen ant-man or the incredible hulk.

  i don't want to list all of the characters i'm willing to play. i'm willing to try my hand at
  just about anyone. in return, i'm primarily looking for someone to play loki against my
  female oc (i know, i know, me and everyone else in the fandom, big surprise), though
  i'm willing to talk other options if you're not comfy with loki. i have big love for bucky
  and strange as well, and we can discuss others. also, since ppl sometimes get confused
  (probably bc i'm bad at explaining myself) i am looking to play an oc against a
  canon character. however, if you would like to double and do oc x oc or canon
  x canon, that's fine with me as long as i can still play my oc against a canon

  C O N T A C T

✽ if you've made it this far and still wanna get in touch, awesome! please hit me up with
  an email at chthoniusme(at)gmail(.)com. thanks for reading and look forward to hearing
  from you!

Mar 5 2018, 05:21 PM
-over 20 (and would like my partners to be so as well)
-email = discord = gdocs
-ditch-friendly (feel free to hmu even if it didn't work out in the past)
-will write all genders and pairings and play multiples
-prefer to write f in m/f on my end
-will cry over characters and make pinboards/playlists/etc.
-will respect your limits/triggers/squicks/etc
-not looking for pwp, kink-centric, or smut-heavy roleplay

-marvel cinematic universe***
i've seen all the films except ant-man and the incredible hulk. i have no interest or in either x-men or any of the tv shows. i will play pretty much anyone and in return would like a loki, stephen strange, or possibly a bucky for my female oc. since i apparently haven't made this clear enough in previous ads, here it is in bold: while i am willing to do canon x canon in this fandom, i will be playing an oc against a canon. so if you want a canon x canon pair, that's fine by me, you have to be willing to put up with my oc bullshit and double.
***-i haven't seen infinity war and idk when i will be able to do so, so if you wanna jam with me on this just Be Aware.

-mass effect
mostly interested in the original trilogy. i've played enough andromeda to maybe utilise the setting for something oc-centric, but definitely not familiar enough to play any canons. i can, however, play anyone from 1-3 and if we're doing canon x oc, i would probably ask for kaidan or garrus. i'm actually a little more interested in oc x oc in this universe, though. i'd love to explore more of the on-the-ground action during the reaper war or the aftermath of said war, or even go back to first contact/the relay 314 incident. i feel like there's a lot of material to dig into that we don't necessarily see in the game's main narrative that we could do with oc's, but i won't say no to canon x oc either.

dragon age (canon x oc, oc x oc) / elder scrolls (oc x oc) / fallout (oc x oc) / pacific rim (oc x oc) / kong: skull island (oc x oc, canon x oc) / crimson peak (canon x oc, oc x oc)

-kinda sorta craving some kind of sci-fi/action-adventure along the lines of kong: skull island, jurassic park/world, tomb raider, uncharted, etc. i'm not entirely sure how to articulate it, but the sort of thing that starts with a plane crash on an uncharted island, or a treasure map leading to a lost world, the discovery of prehistoric or fantastic creatures and leads to danger, ulterior motives, romance, found families of misfits, explosions, and so on? something not quite modern could be fun (any time in the 20th century, maybe 1970s a la kong or earlier??). i don't know. plot with me. indulge me.

-while mass effect: andromeda wasn't an enjoyable playing experience for me i DO love me a good space aeneid. groups of people/confederations of species traversing into deep space to find a new home, either because they were driven out by something that's now chasing them or simply to expand their horizons, and encountering inevitable danger and trouble along the way. or even something like battlestar galactica (or the 100, i guess) where they are in fact trying to find earth after many generations of settlement in another system.

-also kind of digging the idea of some kind of space/tech/dystopian noir atm? i have no coherent ideas about it, i just like the aesthetic of dark metropoles with pulsing neon districts and hidden-away detective agencies with a dash of androids, dames, teachery, etc.

-these aren't the only original things i'm interested in. here's some keywords/settings/themes you can pick and choose from and we can try to piece them together into a coherent plot:
detectives / regional gothic / spooky southern crime procedural / noir / pre-established relationships / older characters (30 +) / starcrossed lovers / frontiers (both earth and space) / exploration / lost worlds / spies / historical drama / secrets / murder / cold war / heartache / space marines / old hollywood / angst / warzones / old flames / victorian gothic / small towns with secrets / 70s-80s-90s settings

-if you've made it this far and still wanna get in touch, awesome! please hit me up with an email at chthoniusme(at)gmail(.)com. please include your name/what i can call you, what genre you are interested in, and, if applicable, what characters you'd like to play and play against. if you wanna use discord, you can also include your tag and i'll add you. thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you!
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