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Mar 13 2018, 11:39 AM
May 10 2016, 11:26 AM

Good [whatever time of day it is for you]! Presently, I'm seeking some fairly lighthearted fluffy kink and story-driven smut, though I'm certainly open to outright smut-centric PWPs. Now, here may be the potential turnoff: I'm particularly looking to play one of my male OCs opposite certain female canons.

...I know, I know; I'm trash. (No need to E-mail/PM me to let me know this or try lecturing/shaming me; I'm fully aware of the former and the latter would just be ineffectual. tongue.gif) Still and all, I do put some thought and detail into said original characters so they fit into the setting without overriding it; I promise I won't be throwing out some boringly invincible/infallible Gary Stu with the depth of a puddle.

...Can't hurt to ask, can it?

1 | Essentials and OOC Info
Because I am looking to involve smut to some degree, partners must be at least 20 years old (21+ being greatly preferred, as I am) and all characters must be written/played as at least 21 years old.

A laidback post frequency (replying every 1-4 days) is my general fave. I won't constantly chase after you or "poke" you for a reply, and if you won't be able to reply for a while, let me know. If ten days pass without a reply or note from you, I'll assume the line's done and close up (digital) shop.

1-4 paragraphs in the 3rd-person POV is my average per post, though openers often get 5+ paragraphs. (A rather lengthy writing sample's in the next section.) I ask for partners to return the effort; one-liners and lazy/sloppy/error-riddled replies just kill my RP drive. (On an aside, I don't care if someone types in all lower case or is lax in grammar OOC when we're BS-ing, as long as that doesn't bleed over into the actual RP. smile.gif)

I'm very much open to smut; we can discuss particular proclivities in private (where I can share my F-list; if you have one, feel free to do likewise). By and large, I'm a fan of "positive" smut: All parties being at least 21+ years old, freely consenting (no dub-con obtained via creepy coercive trickery or removing someone's ability to knowingly consent), enjoying themselves (not interested in force/non-con or stuff with a generally "rapey" feel), and retaining their basic dignity (not interested in malicious humiliation or cruelly degrading/debasing someone). Also, equal/"switch" relationships all the way; set-in-stone rigid "sub/dom" dynamics isn't my bag.

I'm very open into OOC talk: Chunnering on about headcanons, sharing character-reflective music/GIFs and whatnot. That said, it certainly isn't required you be a Chatty Cathy/Charlie if that isn't your thing; just wanted to let you know I'm not as rigid as this ad may portray me to be.

Mood-wise, I generally go for what comics writer Grant Morrison calls ”’Fuck you’ positivity”. Lighthearted adventure, moments of quiet character growth, copious humor and comedy, protagonists and antagonists alike being capable of warmth and compassion (even if oddly/poorly displayed), characters genuinely having some fun, relationships where both parties sincerely enjoy each other's company (I know...weird, right? tongue.gif), being able to make it through their struggles as better people, and there being some resolution (be it outright happy or bittersweet with a tinge of hope).

While I'm cool with testing/challenging/pushing characters (bad things can happen and the setting can be rough sometimes), I'm not interested in narrative sadism or "2darknedgy4u!" misery porn. Indefatigably bleak/self-serious lines that focus on "torturing" characters 24/7 and ensuring the most gratuitously awful/cynical/fucked-up outcome always happens (see the True Art Is Angsty, Deus Angst Machina and Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy tropes) leave me cold.

Finally, please inform me outright if you need to put the line on hold or end it altogether. Work/life throwing a curveball can't be helped (though whether you hit me back up once the dust settles is within your control, hint hint wink.gif); sometimes two individually good flavors just don't blend well together, or we just aren't looking for the same thing. Regardless, RP should be fun and enjoyable, not a forced obligation. smile.gif

2 | Lengthy Writing Sample (Paper Mario RP)

Mood-Setting Music: "Sonic & Knuckles 'Sand In My Shoes'" (Jose the Bronx Rican)

While Dry Dry Desert was aptly named--the desert wind doing its best to absorb even the sweat off a wanderer's brow in its unquenchable thirst--it wasn't short of more physical threats for the unwary and ill-prepared. From bad-tempered Pokeys skulking about loving to stick travelers, deceptively-cute Buzzy Beetles that packed a mean bite and the spiky Cleffas whose rocky hides were just as insensitive as their personalities, even seasoned adventurers could find themselves having a bad time. To thrive in the desert, one had to be tougher than week-old Mushroom Steak. It almost made the roving Bandits a relief.

Such as the one currently watching the group atop a large boulder, trusting in the midafternoon shadow and overhead sun to shield his physical presence. There weren't too many large groups that came this way. His porcelain-white face noted how slowly the group moved, how the blazing desert sun was doing more damage than a dozen Pokeys. And with the outpost so tantalizing close, like the oasis, they'd let their guard down.

And a slow body meant light pockets.

"They're comin'!" Skillfully shimmying down the crag, the young Bandit reunited down to his identically-dressed gang, squealing excitedly. "Group o' ten down the path!"

A great deal of elbow-nudging, gleeful handrubbing and snickering filled the air, their almost-plastered smiles twisting as he padded down, lest their marks hear them on the way.

"So whadda think?" another Bandit questioned. "They look like toughies?"

"Nah." The question made the scout snort. "Ten Toads, but they're about to peg out. Serves 'em right trompin' through the desert at noon, buncha idjits."

"Dey look heavy?" Heavy being the Bandit parlance for rich, that was the most important question. Robbing a group that size for a mere pittance wouldn't even be worth the trouble.

"Well, they're all dressed in fancy duds o' white and gold, so they've gotta have plenty of coins! And boyos lookin' like that ain't guardin' nothin'!"

"You mean they ain't guarding anythin'!"

"That's what I said!" the younger crook snapped, ever-present smirk twisting in annoyance. "They ain't guardin' nothin!"

"Nothin's the worth'a dis argument." Despairing at his cohort's ignorance, the elder Bandit jumped up, peering ahead to where the unsuspecting targets were approaching. Sure enough, the white of their threading stood out like a Fire Flower in a dark cave. Idiots, the pack of 'em. "Get yer tackle together. We'll be rich men this day!"


Five minutes later, the trap had been set-up and everyone in position. Half of their gang had already gone off to circle behind the approaching group. As one Bandit jumped in an abandoned Monty Mole tunnel, two more painted themselves in multiple hues of beige to blend in with the surroundings, while yet another—clearly an artist—scuttled on all fours underneath an oversized Buzzy Beetle shell. All in all, the scene seemed all the norm in the scorching Dry Dry Desert.

"Somethin' off," the scout whispered, nervously fiddling with his pair of Sticky Gloves.

"Don't worry," his partner snickered, standing nearby on the well-worn path to Dry Dry Outpost. They had chosen the ambush location well: Close enough so that the protective stone walls were in sight, allowing their marks to let down their guard, but not so close that some of the locals could see what they were up to or get involved. The locals were as tough as the wildlife (even the Toad in the Item Shop had sent them running off with a Lightning Bolt), and they had been warned by Sheek about plying their trade in the outpost. Even their leader wasn't brassy enough to piss off the mysterious Moustafa. "They'll be off soon enough, and we'll be swimmin' in loot!"

The first Bandit still felt pensive, his gut twisting in the same familiar way when they tried ganging up on that Nomadmouse a month ago. All that earned them was several headaches for their trouble. But that could happen to anyone; how were they to know the rat had a 3rd-degree Black Belt from the Toad Town Dojo? "I'm serious, mate. My tum's flippin'. Supposen' they are toughies?"

"Your tum's flippin' cause you are all that Star Crunch candy yesterday before goin' to sleep." Grinning at his nervousness, the elder Bandit laughed. "You don't think we can rob a coupla Toads? Stop bein' all scarrrred and bite into your inner Chomp."

"...My inner wha?"

"Yer Chomp." The speaker shrugged casually, ignoring his partner’s confused look. "Been readin' this book by Frogfucius about how the greatest enemy is ourselves and fear comes from obsessin' over what-ifs, and they turn inta Metal Blocks. We bite through 'em, I'll show you later. Now get ready! They're comin' this way!"

Sure enough, one could see the ivory polish of the Toad's Mushroom helms. The older thief felt that chilly surge of excitement despite the harsh desert wind; they may be dressed in nice duds, but a Toad was still a Toad. Hoping to bolster his crony's confidence, he waited until the full crew--both the newcomers and the other Bandits--were in place before hailing them with a swaggering pose.
"There's a toll here now. You wanna get to Dry Dry Outpost, make with the coins. A 150 coins each seems right fair ta me."

3 | Pokemon
This is almost always my #1 interest, but let me note from past RPs what I'm not looking for...
Pokémon x human sex.
Mere glancing familiarity with the setting. I'm asking partners to have fairly up-to-date knowledge on the games/anime (at least Gen 4 or 5) so we aren't significantly restricted regarding location or what Pokémon we involve in a line.
Continuously bleak or "dark and edgy" lines. I'm looking to keep the anime's largely lighthearted and cheery mood. Over-the-top adventure, copious humor and comedy, witty/snarky banter, good battles, romance wherein our characters genuinely have fun and enjoy each other’s company (I know...weird, right? tongue.gif), that sort of thing. I'll pass on lines with a mood fitting something like Pokemon Apokelypse; it's just not my cup of tea.
Fixating on game mechanics (levels, stats, movesets, IVs, etc.). Let's keep things fairly open-ended like in the anime.
Enforcing the games' "Four Moves of Doom" limit. Let's just have it so a Pokémon can use--and learn--any of their given moves (which can be interesting plot ideas in themselves).
Dry or one-sentence battle descriptions. While every nuance doesn't need a half-page of focus, I am requesting partners be willing to describe moves and battles much like the anime. (We can certainly do better than just repeatedly writing "[Name of Pokémon] used [name of attack]!", right?)

In terms of ideas, the typical Pokémon journey is always a classic fave, our characters just traveling and having highspirited adventures fitting the series in general. (In this case, I'd prefer an in media res approach where both our characters are fairly seasoned and experienced.) Perhaps our characters have been traveling a long time together, or have just started doing so.
Outright smut-driven encounters are dandy too. You know, a Gym Leader offering an alternate or additional award with the proper Badge. Two trainers making a wager on who wins a given battle. Offering to capture a very rare/powerful Pokémon for someone in exchange for certain considerations. That sort of thing.
Perhaps one of our characters are a member of Team [fill-in-the-blank] while the other's a trainer they're tailing for whatever reason, but they end up battling on a regular basis and ultimately falling for each other? (Think a similar--and smuttier--version of the dynamic Ash has with the TR trio.)
Or we can take it another way: One--or both--of our characters are Gym Leaders, Frontier Brains, Elite Four members, Top Coordinators and the like. Maybe exploring the day-to-day deal behind being one of the greats, from training their chosen creatures to dealing with some cocky greenhorns wanting to challenge ‘em.
I have some other starter ideas, but these are ones I'm particularly seeking at the present.

I'm especially seeking partners willing to play as any of the following:
One of these canon ladies from the Pokemon anime: Misty, Jessie, Officer Jenny, Bianca, Nurse Joy, Fantina, Cynthia, Iris, Delia Ketchum

One of these non-Pokemon canons I'd love to see transplanted into the setting:
Hermione Granger or Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter
Princess Peach or Princess Daisy from the Mario universe
Moana (Moana), Elsa or Anna (Frozen) from Disney
Tifa Lockhart (FF7), Lightning (FF13), or Yuna (FFX) from the Final Fantasy series
Female!Ranma Saotome from Ranma ½

A lady OC that has one of these particular PBs/faceclaims (in keeping with the shamelessly trashy nature of this ad) tongue.gif.
A strong-minded, self-assured lady with a firm sense of self-worth, a developed personality, goal she proactively works towards, and the emotional maturity to be comfortable with/fully own her sexuality is worth her weight in gold. Painfully helpless/naive/passive damsels-in-perpetual-distress forever hiding in my character's shadow put me off. An independent, capable woman who stands by my character's side as a partner/friend--or boldly challenges him to match her shine as a rival--is much more personally appealing.

4 | Various Other Interests
There are a number of other fandoms and ideas I'd love to explore: Modern-day superheroics, Avatar/Korra, Harry Potter, magic-rich comedic/Disney-esque high fantasy and the like. So as to not make this ad overlong, I've posted them all on this Google Doc so you can read at your convenience.

5 | Contact Info
So if interested in a line, please hit me up via E-mail ( And please make sure said E-mail contains all the following:
Your name
Your age
(again, all partners must be 21+ years old)
What ideas/interests drew your interest
A small RP writing sample or a link to one
(this helps us see if our writing styles mesh)
Any RP dislikes, pet peeves and dealbreakers you have (so I don't unintentionally grind your gears)
Anything else you think is relevant or I should know

But if you decide we wouldn't mesh, then I hope you have a wonderful day, and be excellent to each other!
Jul 29 2013, 10:46 PM
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