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Aug 3 2018, 12:25 PM
rules first, because reasons. also, if you're the type who doesn't let me know you're not interested or can't play anymore for whatever reason, then please do not contact me!
  • all potential partners need to be 18+. i'm pushing thirty so it's a matter of comfort plus i do enjoy my smut.
  • a few posts a week, please! more is appreciated but not necessary. quantity + quality, please. i like having a lot to read - don't ever worry you're writing too much! i would like at least a 3 paragraph minimum, though.
  • ooc chatter is loved, whether it be over discord or in an email thread separate from the actual rp. feel free to include your discord handle when you contact me!
  • i'm open to all pairing dynamics - m//, m/f, f//, nb, etc. i'm only really looking for canon/oc pairs for fandom right now, though. also totally fine with love triangles/squares/etc or poly.
  • i don't fade to black. in point of fact, i enjoy my smut a great deal, and would not be opposed to smuttier lines.
  • limit-wise, i don't have much. not into extreme gore, toiletplay, bestiality, pedophilia, or other outlandish kinks - it's something we can discuss if it's a concern. please let me know what your limits are when you contact me!
  • i only play over email.
  • face claims aren't strictly necessary, though i do have them.
  • i'm happy to double/triple/quadruple, unless you're happy and willing to play canons for me.

seen almost all the movies, except for ant man & the wasp. i'm only looking to write opposite loki, dr. strange, thor, and/or hela.

i'll readily admit i'm a little picky about which canons i write, though i'll tell you right off the bat that i have no interest in writing bucky barnes, t'challa, loki, peter parker, or dr. strange for you. i'm happy to write peter quill, tony stark, thor, hela, or vision. you might have to convince me on steve rogers, bruce banner, natasha romanoff, or wanda maximoff. please ask about any others i haven't mentioned.

as far as canon/canon pairs go, the only one i would play would be vision/wanda.

looking either for something plot-heavy and based around infinity war - au, of course - or something au based elsewhere in the marvel universe. i have ideas, depending on which characters we play!


i'd still really like an original line in a politics-heavy atmosphere (a little a la game of thrones) but based in a society and social environment like arthurian legend/myth? basically two religions vying for power, scheming lordlings, noble knights, dealing with trouble in the realm, etc. doubling's fine here, but i don't want to create a huge cast for this. you can read more about my idea in my old thread here.

** when you contact me, please let me know whom + what you want to play, your limits, your posting details, your discord handle (if you want to chat/plot over it), your ideas for plot, and anything else you think is important.

you'll find my email address under the cut!
Jul 8 2018, 03:03 PM
Hi there! I'm currently craving something set in a pseudo-historical and/or fantasy setting. I'm not really looking to play a large cast or to go into incredible detail insofar as world-building is concerned (though I'm not against it per se).

I'm looking to play a lady of high rank (a bastard daughter forced to take a throne alone, a widow queen, a tribal leader forced to make tough decisions, a court shamaness acting on behalf of a weak monarch, etc), and I'm really wanting to play her opposite a sort of taboo man? A religious figure supposedly to remain chaste, a mystic the court reviles but whom she takes into her confidence, a knight/man of lower rank she dallies with before being betrothed for an alliance, another of high rank though not intended for her/married already, etc. As you can see, I'm pretty open in terms of characters. Bonus points if the pair have grown up together/known each other for a long time. Super mega extra bonus points if pregnancy factors into things, especially in political turmoil and it's just a terrible time for it.

(I know it seems like I live for the angst, but fluff and smut and plot and all things soft are incredibly welcome as well!)

I want it set in a political atmosphere (a court, a council, a tribe, a palace, whatever) where things like appearance and reputation are just as important as actually meting out justice and receiving guests and ensuring borders and safety of the kingdom. Would prefer it not be based in a completely historical setting (I don't like having to google simple details to meet historical accuracy), though inspired by or something of an analog to it is completely fine. Also very interested in a loosely-Arthurian based idea? At least insofar as the setting is concerned (two religions trying to stamp each other out, magic v science, trying to rein in all the clans and tribes, etc).

I'm looking for an m/f pair where I'd play the lady, though I'm not opposed to doubling by any means -- and I'm completely open to any pairing dynamic on your end! I don't fade to black, so please do not ask. That said, my partner needs to be 18+. Limit-wise, I will not touch toiletplay, bestiality, pedophilia, feet, gore, or snuff. Kinks can be discussed.

I play only over email and I'm looking for a couple replies a week on the lengthier side (at least 3+ paragraphs per character, please). Face claims are nice but not strictly necessary. OOC over discord is fine, though if you don't have it, keeping things over email is great too.

Questions are fine, so long as they aren't asking things I've mentioned here already. If I've interested you at all, please feel free to contact me!
Jun 24 2018, 01:58 AM
hi there! i'm looking to roleplay in either the mcu/marvel or detroit: become human universes c:

a few quick things before details, though!
  • i only play over email. discord's fine and dandy for ooc chatter, but not the actual rp.
  • i'm looking for at least three posts per week -- longer posts that range from three paragraphs upwards. more is ofc encouraged, but not necessary.
  • i'd prefer my partner be 18+, both because i'm in my upper twenties and because i like my smut. that said, if you fade to black, i am not the partner for you!
  • limit-wise, mine are fairly standard; i'm not into toiletplay, bestiality, incest, pedophilia, or extreme gore. please let me know yours when you contact me!
  • i am open to any pairing dynamics (m/f, f//, m//, etc) though mine will mostly be m/f with very few exceptions.
  • i'm more than happy to double (or more) on characters, unless you're willing to play a canon(s) for me.

i've seen all the movies to date except for ant man & the wasp. i'm only looking to play opposite loki or dr. strange, though you might be able to talk me into hela or thor.

in turn, i can try my hand at the majority of characters in this verse; i have no real desire to write bucky barnes, t'challa, loki, peter parker, or dr. strange for you though. you can ask ofc, though i make no guarantees. i heavily prefer canon/oc pairs for this universe, though i have a select few canon/canon pairs i'm willing to write -- ask if you're curious!

detroit: become human

i've played through the game three times now, and i've got a pretty good handle on characters and storylines. i'm only looking to play opposite connor, and i'm willing to try my hand at just about anyone in return, though i will say i write a damn good markus c; again, only really looking for canon/oc pairs, though you could easily sway me into a markus/simon...


i've had the itch for smut lately, and i'd love some smut-focused threads based on either of the above fandoms? the rps don't have to lack plot by any means, but i don't want to have fifty back-and-forths and a ton of buildup before getting there. aus are wonderful, and i have several ideas already (at least for marvel). not really looking to double up for the more smutty scenarios, though i'm a little desperate so if you ask i'll probably do it. xD; your ideas are, ofc, very welcome.

same characters apply as mentioned above. kinks can certainly be discussed and employed as well. the exact ratio of plot and smut can be discussed -- i want us both to enjoy the rp!

anyway. if i've piqued your interest please don't hesitate to contact me ;v; those who disappear in the middle of plotting or after i've sent the intro need not apply.

i would also super appreciate if, when you contact me, you include as much pertinent info as you can -- your limits, what you want to play, characters you want to play/play against, how often you typically post, post length details, etc. it just helps get the ball rolling. any emails i receive that include nothing in the way of information will be ignored -- assume i'm still interested!

thanks ;v;
Jun 8 2018, 11:15 AM
hi there! i'm currently looking for someone to write in either the mcu or detroit: become human universes.

Some rules and preferences before getting into details:
  • i only RP over email. i do have discord for ooc purposes, though i will not rp over it. if you'd like to use it, please let me know in your initial email, or include your discord handle and i'll add you!
  • i ask for at least three posts per week, though more is certainly all right. i promise the same, though how often i reply will, ofc, be dependent on other rps and my own irl schedule.
  • i like posts that tend towards the longer end of the spectrum - 3+ paragraphs per character, please.
  • i'm only looking for canon/oc pairs. you will not convince me to play canon/canon pairs for d:bh and i have very few canon/canon pairs for mcu that i'm willing to play. sorry not sorry.
  • i play any pairing dynamic, though my own for the most part will be m/f.
  • as far as limits are concerned mine are fairly standard (toiletplay, bestiality, incest, pedophila, extreme gore). please note that i enjoy my smut; if you prefer fading to black i am not the partner for you. kinks can also be discussed if our aim is something more for smut than plot. For this reason i ask that my partner is 18+.
  • i'll happily double on characters (or more). if you're willing to play canons for my ocs, though, that would be great too.
  • i freely admit i'm in the market for rps that are heavy on the smut; if that's something you're interested in please feel free to let me know! that's not to say that's all i'm looking for, though! even if we include a lot of smut, i do want at least some plot in there somewhere.
  • details about smut v plot can be discussed. i want us both to enjoy this, after all.
  • i'm very au friendly! this is especially true if we're playing something less focused on plot c;

will write: thor, peter quill, vision, tony stark, hela, thanos, kaecilius; (i'm not as keen on these folks, but i won't refuse to write them) bruce banner, steve rogers, natasha romanoff, wanda maximoff. i have no real desire to write bucky barnes, t'challa, peter parker, loki, or dr. strange for you. :c

looking for you to write: loki, dr. strange, hela, thor (loki and dr. strange are my top choices, just fyi)

please ask if i've not mentioned the character you wanted to write opposite! please also note i've seen all the mcu movies thus far.

detroit: become human

i've played most of the game, though i'm sure i've missed several parts still. looking to write mostly opposite connor. would try markus or kara or maybe others for you? please ask and we'll see what we can do c:

if i've piqued your interest at all please don't hesitate to reach out -- though people who disappear in the middle of plotting or after i've sent the intro need not apply.

also, please note that when you contact me i would like to get the ball rolling; tell me what you're looking to play, which characters you want to write/write against, limits, preferences, and anything else you think is important.
Jun 5 2018, 08:22 PM
Hi there! I'm currently on the lookout for a partner familiar either with the Marvel universe (movies only -- I'm woefully unfamiliar with the comics :x) or Detroit: Become Human.

Here are some basics about how I play before getting into the details of what I'm looking for:
  • I only RP over email.
  • I'd like at least a few posts per week, in the neighborhood of 3+ paragraphs. I like my details and quantity.
  • I'm only currently looking to play canon/oc pairs. I can double, though it's not something I'm really looking to play at the moment. If you want to double, though, talk to me and I'm sure we can work something out!
  • I'm wanting a lot of smut at the moment, though I do want some plot to go with it. Please do not come to me if you want to focus on a lot of story in the beginning x:
  • My limits include toiletplay, incest, pedophilia, snuff, gore, bestiality, feet, and incredibly outlandish kinks; if you're concerned, please talk to me. I don't want either of us to be uncomfortable. I'm also more than happy to discuss kinks when you contact me.

I'm mostly wanting to write OCs opposite a Loki, Thor, Hela, and/or Dr. Strange. I've seen all the MCU movies to date, and I'm very AU-friendly, especially at the moment. Triangles/Squares/etc are definitely loved as well if you're willing or up for it. As for pairing types, I'm open to every dynamic, but I'm looking for m/f with the men and f/f with Hela.

As for D:BH, I've finished the game though I haven't played through every possible version of events. That said I'm looking mostly to write opposite a Connor and/or Markus. I have a few thoughts as far as the plot's concerned, though I'm more than happy to hear your ideas as well!

Please tell me what/whom you're looking to play when you contact me! c: Your ideas are also welcomed, though not necessary - I have some in mind c; Please also don't be offended if I request a writing sample; some writers just don't mesh and I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Anyway, if you're at all interested please feel free to send me an email! <3
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