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 How much regulation on a forum is too much?
 Posted: Jan 1 2017, 05:17 PM

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So I wasn't sure how to phrase the title, but basically, this is in reference to receiving a warning on a different forum RP site that I'm a member of. I don't role-play on the forums, I only use them to search for 1x1 role-play partners and participate in discussions and whatnot.
Anyways, I posted a "seeking" request today, but I wasn't able to post a link to my website (apparently, before being able to post a link you have to post a certain number of times, which I haven't done) so I just took the information from my site and put it in the post. Included in the post is my limits, which is phrased like this: "I have no limits or triggers; swear like a sailor, describe violence however you like. However, I don't do smut or PWP--I will do sex scenes, but they must be plot-relevant and not drag on." I got a warning in my inbox saying that you're not allowed to RP sex or ask for it on the main forum, only in PM, because they're a PG13 site. I mean, I read the rules beforehand but I didn't really think that what I posted was in violation of that rule--I think it's important to say your limits and such up front, that way no one wastes any time messaging you only to find that your limits are vastly different. You know? Anyways, I'm not trying to rant or anything, I just genuinely want to know what you guys think. I kind of feel like warning me for that is overkill, but I could be wrong.
 Posted: Jan 4 2017, 06:51 PM

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ironically you are coming to possibly the most laid-back (translation: lazy) of all the rp search communities with your query, so you are gonna get a totally different answer than you would elsewhere!

what you're experiencing is a practical measure to try and protect minors in the roleplay world. paranoid site runners have generally heard One Story One Time about Big Government shutting down Some Site for Illegal Things, and also maybe one time they saw an episode of To Catch A Predator. site runners, whose real names might be on the real credit cards they are using to pay server bills, do not want to end up on the wrong side of the law because 1) some creeper makes a move on an innocent wanting to roleplay My Little Pony or 2) a minor wants to roleplay sex even though they are a minor and Kids Don't Do That or At Least They Shouldn't. a blanket ban on sex is supposed to protect the site runners first, and minors second (because quite frankly kids are going to do what they want to do, i know did.)

someone in the back might raise their hand and yell about "BUT WHAT ABOUT TERMS OF SERVICE???" yes yes, theoretically you could get your whole site knocked out of the park for shenanigans, but theoretically we should all be in jail for using napster or couchtuner or stealing office supplies. i will maintain the collection of pens liberated from my work's supply cabinet.

take the warning with a grain of salt, delete the part about sex, and bring it up in chat. yeah, it's an extra step, but not everyone is a shitlord siterunner like me.

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