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May 4 2018, 06:36 PM
name: nicole
age: twenty-five
timezone: u.s. central. i live in the deeeeeep south

*about me*

i'm a full time student, studying psychology and just a few semesters away from being done. i've been roleplaying since i was like eleven-ish, starting on the harry potter dialogue boards and moving to proboards from there.

i'm from the deep south united states, but i own shoes and have great teeth (thank you orthodontist). i have a dark sense of humor, but am also a huge ball of fluff. expect graphics and playlists and me randomly sending you quotes that pull at the heart strings.

i am totally capable of doubling or tripling. i usually play female characters, as my men kind of blow, but i am totally willing to try for the right partner. i'm comfortable writing hetero pairings or f//. i am not opposed to writing m//, i just have no experience with it. if you'll be patient, i am happy to try to accommodate.

i am a firm believer in quality over quantity, but that being said, i usually match whatever my partner gives me. i am capable of a few concise paragraphs all the way up to novella style of 1500-2000 words. whatever my partner is comfortable with, i can accommodate.

i am genuinely one of the chillest people you will ever meet. i am usually down for whatever makes you happy. i'm honest, however, and if i'm not feeling it, i won't just drop off. i'll be honest and let you know what's going on.

i love to pair canons and ocs but i also love ocs couples and canon couples.

i also am a shippy hot mess. if our characters connect, i will spam you with total trash (playlists, graphics, quotes, what-if scenarios).

i have written on google docs and email in the past, and i love both. i also am not opposed to a discord channel or a private site. seriously, i am quite versatile.

face claims i love -
- mads mikkelsen
- christian bale
- sebastian stan
- tom hiddleston
- joel edgerton
- toby stephens
- matthias schoenaerts
- clive owen
- eric bana
- emma stone
- blake lively
- alice eve
- eva green
- alexandra daddario

face claims i love to use-
- jennifer lawrence
- emilia clarke
- emmy rossum
- ana de armas
- christian bale

*what i'm looking for*

things i am craving are in bold. characters i would like to play across from are in italics.

historical rps
- ancient roman era (gladiators, senate, roman occupation of briton, give me all the things)
- tudor/elizabethan (lord have mercy, someone give me a clive owen walter raleigh esque pirate)
- baroque/rococo (versailles, french revolution, and the years that follow)
- colonial era (colonization of america. bring me your rev war and hot cavalry officers. tavington ftw)
- victorian (if you want to throw in some supernatural elements, that'd be fun! think dracula, frankenstein, ect.)
- post wwi (gangsters. think public enemies. i have some ideas for this one)
- wwii (perhaps nazi occupied france?)

modern rps
- espionage, think red sparrow.
- modern mobs or gangs in a big city

- mcu (bucky, captain america, dr. strange, loki, wolverine, black widow, scarlet witch)
- dcu (bruce wayne)
- hannibal (tv show or the movies. hannibal or will graham could be fun.)
- versailles (obviously, any characters here)
- star wars (most characters would make me quite happy)
and a ton more. approach me with most things. if it's something i can research, i'm happy to try it.

- pm on here of course
- discord: nicole#3027
- email:
Apr 20 2016, 08:14 PM


Site Description: If you so choose.
Private Supernatural site. There are currently only four or five members

Character Description:
Okay, so Armand is an interesting character. Basically he would be played on a mostly private board of >5 players. He has been being played for the past few years by a good friend of mine who had to drop him due to personal reasons. As he is essential to my character's plotline, I have decided to find someone else to play him with the permission of the original player.
Armand is a three hundred plus year old French vamire, and is a duke in the grand scheme of things. He is a little bit of a monster, honestly, and a vampire who loves the hunt far more than most vampires do. Basically, think Patrick Bateman mixed with Lestat de Lioncourt and you have Armand.

My character, Stephanie Le'Ovoture, is also a vampire a little younger than him. After she left her sire, she spent almost a hundred years as Armand's companion. Their relationship was never a physical one, not for Armand's lack of trying, and the fight that made her leave was a rather violent one. Long story short, they have no reunited in the middle of no where by total accident. There's a lot more to their relationship than that, that is just a basic overview.

If you think you'd be interested in taking Armand, please feel free to either PM me or message me on one of my messengers (those are listed on my profile). His profile is already written, so you can either just take over, or you can completely rewrite his profile. I hope to hear from you! <3

Desired PBs:
Preferable Christian Bale or someone similar

Other Information:
None. I'm very flexible and easy to to work with.

Contact Information:
PM me for AIM or Skype.
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