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 left hand turns; au canons only fandoms, Dragon Age, FMA, and GOT.
 Posted: Apr 20 2017, 06:46 PM

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Hello! Basically what it says on the tin. I am looking for some canons only alternate universe play in fandoms. By alternate universe I mean tweaking canon, not something like coffee shop or anything like that. Generally looking to build off of 'what-if' scenarios that evolve as the characters grow and adapt to them. Generally my ideas boil down to three main categories: someone has a different job, someone doesn't die, and TIME TRAVEL.

Interested in building something together? Feel free to pick and choose stuff from the lists below the genres, just one or mix and match, and let me know! Definitely also let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to explore.

My email is:

Dragon Age
- Hawke as Inquisitor (maker help us)
- Warden/Hero of Fereldan as Inquisitor
- Taking place at the same time; so, Inquisition lining up with the Fifth Blight, maybe Kirkwall is somewhere that the Warden has to convince to help them against the Archdemon, etc.
- Tranquil cured by the torn Veil
- Crossover with Mass Effect? Basically thinking that similar to Star Trek having a 'Greek Gods' and a 'Mobster' planet that there's a hidden 'Dragon Age' planet somewhere.
- Having two player characters duking it out for the same position. Especially like having two Wardens with one as the 'Hero of Fereldan' and the other as 'Warden-Commander' and seeing how they handle that. Especially if one did the ritual and it's a huge rift between them. But, similarly, having another pair of Hawke twins, etc.

Fullmetal Alchemist (note: I am most familiar with the 2003 anime and while I understand that limits this request, I do prefer that universe. however I am open to the idea of crossing universes, wherein I play characters who lived through the 2003 anime and you play characters that are from Brotherhood or otherwise since I think we're set up really nicely to do that.)
- Time Travel! Temporal Alchemy! Characters knowing the future and having to reconcile themselves with that and with what to tell others.
- ___ is the belabored legal guardian of the Elrics -- which is essentially canon, talking making it official.
- not gonna lie, 90% of the impetus behind this ad is below the hide and idk if it's a spoiler anymore it's been so long but I hid it anyway.
- Maes Hughes is alive.
- Maes Hughes is alive and it's a HUGE CONSPIRACY and requires a rescue. I have a lot of ideas about this, especially revolving around how it could have been done (short version: Envy pretends to be a corpse) and think it would be exciting to explore.

Game of Thrones
- ____ marries/is politically engaged to ____ (like Margaery Tyrell and Robb Stark, etc)
- ___ allies with ___ (Renly allying with Stannis? Robb supporting Stannis' claim? Jon Snow deserts the Wall to help Robb? Robb doesn't go to the Twins and instead saves Jon from the Wildings? Dorne throws in with the Starks to fight the Lannisters?)
- Ned Stark makes it out of King's Landing.
- ____ doesn't die.
- Telepathy? Basically thinking that characters have some kind of magic to communicate across the vast distances and interact with one another even though they shouldn't be able to. Interested in doing something like Sense8 where they can share abilities and the like, but not required.
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