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 Comics E-mail roleplay, Marvel/DC/Original, M/F and F/F
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 10:56 AM

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My name is Chris and I'm a 27 year old roleplayer with 15 years experience writing! I have about the same amount of experience being a hard core comic book nerd with an affinity for Marvel. I'm an ICU RN in my free time with a beautiful almost wife (12 days!) and an even more beautiful cat. I write mainly over email and reply 2-3 times a week with anywhere from 5-16 paragraphs, depending on the characters and actions in the scene. I also communicate over skype if that is at all your jam for plotting purposes and the like. I have no hard limits on roleplay aside from the standard stuff like rape, toilet play, etc, so forth.

I'm currently searching for someone to write Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok, played by the amazing Tessa Thompson!

I would absolutely love to write Hawkeye against her. Not Clint Barton (Love the guy, though) but Kate Bishop's version, personally reimagined for the MCU. I've already put a lot of thought into how she would fit into the universe and the idea of pairing her with Valkyrie just gives me damn near endless joy. I imagine she was a young SHIELD agent and protege of Clint before SHIELD dissolved in Winter Soldier and then sort of went on to do her own thing. I have yet to come up with a good way with them to run into one another but the idea of Hawkeye and Valkyrie, zooming around the galaxy in a Norse bent sci-fi romp (Preferably in the aftermath of Thanos icing half the galaxy) sounds like so much fun I can't even handle it.

Also searching for...

I am really dying to play my main man, Daredevil, right now. I have read the comics for years and am extremely well versed in the Netflix series. I'd love to find a healthy mix of the two. I would love to either play against Matt against Elektra Natchios (Let's get real, Elodie Jung killed it), either them after The Defenders or something in our own continuity. In sharp contrast to the insanity of Elektra and Matt, I would also be interested in writing Matt against Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. They were a long time OTP in the comics in the 90s and would like to see them meet in the movie continuity. Maybe she's trying to find out stuff on Kingpin or maybe Natasha is just happy to date a nice lawyer that seems normal while keeping her actual life on the DL. Think Marvel Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

I reaaaaaaaally wanna write Batman against Wonder Woman. I love Gal Gadot's iteration of her but I coudl go either on the Batfleck. Have other ideas. Would love to craft something where the world's greatest detective and the warrior woman to end all warrior women adventure together. Oh. And Romance. Lots of romance. I ship Wonderbat FIERCE.

I'd like to do something with an original female hero in a world that is is, otherwise, barren of powered types. Think Kickass but a young woman with actual superpowers. I have some ideas for her supporting cast.

Please reach me at, I also have skype for plotting purposes.
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