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Mar 6 2015, 09:09 PM

Hey there,

■ I'm Melissa, hi.

■ Been roleplaying for 12 years now

■ I'm 24

■ I live in the states and my time zone is Eastern.

■ Looking for as many roleplays as I can carry

Guidelines and such...

.As of right now I'm only looking for romantic/sexual pairings between two male characters.

.I prefer if you are in your 20s when contacting me, I feel weird otherwise.

Emails and Gdocs only for roleplaying, as for planning/chatting I will use any of the IM you prefer: Skype, Discord, Hangouts. Contact me first on those or via Email if you like:

.I won't tell you how much to write since for me it's always varied on scenes, intros or how much dialogue there is per reply, but I will say I tend to write on the longer side of things, can be an intro of 2,000 or a reply of 3 paragraphs, it all depends.

.You can expect a reply at least once daily (or more), however I have no problem waiting for replies as I know life can get in the way sometimes.

.Generally, I only play m// pairings for main characters. I love side characters and usually my roleplays develop into a whole cast of sides with stories alongside the main's.

.When it comes to genders, age groups and all that, I will be straight to the point- I play both genders, all age groups and walks of life. We will not be compatible if you feel the need to only be a woman/man, teen/young adult, or believe if he/she is gay/straight they must act a certain way.

.To reiterate: a character's sexuality does not define them. Do not come with that "seme/uke" bull, I'm not into that. My characters are strong, resilient men and women usually around the ages of 28-55, they're not looking to babysit or coddle your character, I'm looking for power struggles and people in it for themselves. Do not bring me spineless cry babies.

.Moving on, I prefer original roleplays and I'm not into fandoms. However, if you'd like to take inspiration from a game, show, book, etc. then by all means we can work something out, but other than that I prefer our characters and story lines to be that of our own imagination.

.Romance I get is a big factor in a storyline and I'm happy to oblige, but if you're looking for a white knight and damsel I'm not the one. I like love/hate relationships, power struggles between two badasses, not fluffy and light-hearted romances. Not to say there's no real feelings because everything depends on the characters and sometimes there'll be moments where you have a heart-to-heart, and I'm not rigid on any of this, but off the bat I won't be down for mushy love.

.My stance on violence, gore, language and sex is go wild and do not judge as long as it's tasteful.

.I like the darker side of roleplaying, either high-class society with skeletons in their closets, occults that practice dark magic, or even low-life scum and what they have to do to survive. I play all sorts of different genres, but I really prefer deglamorized and gritty settings and our characters in the moral grey area.

. Don't worry, I also understand a roleplay can't be doom and gloom all the time, while I like story lines geared towards villains and hopeless relationships, I understand there can be too much of one thing. I like my stories fully developed and well-rounded, and I love planning the stories via some IM back and forth is my favorite part of the roleplay itself.

. I have samples for you below, when contacting me please have some samples I can look at.

. I would like for you to introduce yourself instead of just asking for a roleplay, I think we should know each other a bit.

Stuff I like. We can pick some stuff out the word bank below and throw something together, or go by the ideas I list below, some of them are fleshed out plots and some are just as you read them and we can work on them together.

Sorta Ideas...

.Detectives, undercover cops, coke and Cuban coffee. Give me some of that trash crime TV inspired roleplay.

.Modern warlocks in the city.

.Southern coven warlocks/witches and all the monsters that hide in the swamp

.Pack of misfit boys and the hell they raise in a small town/big city (in the '70s-'80s?).

.Sophisticated upstanding men with equal power as money. And the creature they owe for that success.

.What's your idea?

Word bank

.Love/hate. Old world settings. Cabins in the woods. Silver-haired foxes getting it on. Youths running in the streets. Sophisticated older (wo)men. Straight-up monsters. Aliens. Paranormal/supernatural. Cops/detectives. Murder. Trailer parks. Country living. Southern Gothic. Witchcraft. Witches. Fist fights. Brotherly relationships. Real werewolves. Toxic relationships. Childhood friends. Wannabe gangsters. Savages. Villains. Old flames reunited. Poly relationships. Occult. Cults. Dangerous obsession. Creepy faes. Satyrs. Hardcore drugs. Addiction.

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