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Feb 24 2018, 03:58 PM
Well hi there! I'm Juneberry (as you know). I'm an EST roleplayer with no real set schedule for sleeping, eating, or anything else. I work freelancing as a writer and editor. My body has a mind of its own... So my first request of any partner is to not mind that. My replies may come at weird times. Just... Don't worry about that. Okay?

(To be totally honest, I haven't written a thing like this in ten years. I've been roleplaying since I was ten, and I'm almost twenty-six. It's kinda spooky.)

My main requirements for a partner:

1. Flexibility -- I know I said it in that blurb thing up there, but this is a must. I have days where I can write many posts during the day. I have other days where I literally can't get out of bed from exhaustion. I'm not very good at moderating my activity, so my replies will be scattered between days and hours.

2. Communication - I don't mind if you can only post once a week or even once a month myself, so long as you don't totally forget I exist. I admit I have moments I've dropped off the face of the earth, but it helps to chat both as friends (if possible, I adore this) and just to let each other know "hey, I'm stuck" or "hey I'm going to be gone for a while because I'm sick". If you're sick, expect hugs.

--Method of Communication: PM is okay, but I'm not sure about the system yet with my email. Email and Discord are often best.

3. Best Grammar/Spelling You Can Do - I'm gonna be honest, I'm a nitpick with grammar- I mean, I'm an editor by trade. But I'll do my best not to bug you unless I can't understand a word- and I'd rather that not happen. So please try to use your best grammar/spelling with me. If you're not sure of your English... Let me know and I'll help? Or try?

Preferences in RPing itself:

1. Method of RPing - Forums, PM, Email, Discord... I'll manage. I'm fine with script format or prose. Unless you say otherwise I'll assume prose.

2. I'm fairly flexible - I can play males and females of varying ages, or at least I certainly try. I'm more than happy to play any form of romantic interest so long as it's fluid and not forced. Doubling up is fine (seriously, I don't mind many characters at once if it works).

3. I only play Original Characters - It's fine to do something in an AU of a fandom. It's fine if you want to play a canon. Just don't make me. I refuse right now. I've tried. I do try writing them. They just don't come out right with me, and I'll dread it. I know myself there.

4. Size Doesn't Matter - Yes I purposely made a bad joke, but it's legitimate. While I do prefer some extra meat to read (like a couple paragraphs), I know that's not always possible. That's fine. I don't really require a word count or anything. I personally tend to try for 100-200 words minimum myself. That's just me. Don't feel a need to match me, ever. I'm not gonna try to match you most likely. Or I'm gonna try to try not to.

5. Tense/POV - I prefer third person, past tense. I know some people like present tense. I just don't. I'll try to read it if you prefer it, but I'm not gonna write it. Also please no second person/first person. I struggle to keep things separate from reality otherwise.

My Limits (in terms of triggers?)

1. No gore - I'm not big on violence, but I'm trying to work on my action skills. That said, I can't handle excessive bloodshed/violence at this point. I'm easily terrified, honestly.

2. Ask for details on anything else. Seriously, it's easier that way.

FANDOMS (remember, I still only do OCs!)

-Harry Potter (vague AU?)
-Pokemon (Anything before Sun/Moon- my main OC here is weird. Ask.)
-Fruits Basket
-Phi Brain
-Natsume Yuujinchou
-Harvest Moon/Rune Factory
-Ask about any others 'cause I can't think of them right now?


-Fantasy (Can be either on Earth, an alternative, or some other magical world. Can have fantastical creatures or not, your choice. I'm only personally comfy playing humanoid characters, but I can compromise and at least try.)
-Sci-Fi (Can be space travel, can be aliens on Earth, can just be futuristic. I don't care. It's just all Sci-Fi to me. Keep it casual though? I'm not a scientist.)
-Romance (I prefer this as a sub-plot)
-Slice of Life/School Life (I prefer teenagers and up)
-Action (kinda)

PERSONAL IDEAS (Note: These are based on my own WIPs. If you have interest, tell me. I'll describe the world for it and basic concept. I won't take your ideas, but my characters will probably be from the WIP to flesh them out)

-Normal Syndrome [An adventure fantasy involving multiple plains of existence and psychic powers. Kids trying to escape research labs end up in the plain of sprites and stuff.]
-Alien Irony [If you know the really awkward comic I did, I'm shocked. This is a fairly lax slice-of-life/sci-fi/action involving aliens and humans bonding, and some military-ish stuff to protect people from bad guys. Some space travel is acceptable too?]
-RH3 [Sci-Fi/Slice of Life regarding an android getting used to humanity. Fairly cliche, lol]
-Ramzowa [Fantasy/Adventure/Action. Cliche band of chosen heroes must join together to stop evil. Includes time travel and stuff though!?]

I love hearing ideas from potential new friends, too! <3
Feb 24 2018, 03:26 PM
Hey there everyone! I'm Juneberry, a somewhat awkward woman from the joke state known as New Jersey. I'm twenty-five going on twenty-six in the next month, and have no idea how to set a schedule.

Okay, I have an idea. In fact, I've tried. It's more... My body hates schedules. Like insanely.

I have some health issues and generally work from home as an editor. I also try (and fail, but keep trying) to submit poetry and prose to publications. I freelance, but also have an actual spot on the staff of a budding literary magazine. It's like a family. I hope this place will be like a family too!

Let's see, uh... I have a tendency to ask weird questions. My favorite question to ask people is about their favorite smells. So, for fun, humor me if you're bored:

What's YOUR favorite smell? Note that it would be muuuuuch appreciated if you describe it like you'd describe color to someone who's never seen it.

Anyway, yep. I like to write and RP and play video games and blabber. Can you tell I'm nervous? Like, at all? Probably. But that's okay.

Nice meeting you all! I'll be looking for my mind if you need me.

Oh, also, I'm actually from Pluto. It actually says "Extra Terrestrial" for my race on the US Census. So... yeah.
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