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Posted by: Ferbie Jul 12 2017, 06:47 PM

Alright, folks. Here's the deal.

I'm Ferbie. I'm 22, female, I've been role-playing for 12 years, and I... am searching. Specifically! I'm looking for a roleplay.

Here are some basic rules!

-My biggest one is, I need a partner who is over 18. My plots can get sort of mature, and it's just something I don't feel comfortable doing with folks who are younger. Sorry, guys, it isn't anything personal.

-Be versatile. Play all genders, play all roles. Double, triple, plot with me. Basically, don't be stuck in the mud.

-I don't have limits on anything, aside from a few basic squicks, like toilet stuff and bdsm stuff. If you've got any limits or triggers, though, tell me about them and we'll stay far away. I want folks to be comfortable with things.

-When you contact me, tell me about yourself! Name, age, pronouns, how long you've role played, what your style is like. I'm versatile, and I like knowing about people.

-ooc chatter is a MUST. I get nervous easily, particularly right after a role play has started, so if I babble and babble to you, just let me know you're still there.

That's about it! Now, as for what genres I do...

Kingdom Hearts (!!!)
Oh man have I got a plot for this. Ask me to tell you about it, it's great, I swear. Angsty and delicious. Just the way I like it.

I love this fandom, oh my god. I'm relatively new to it, but it's great. Especially Nightcrawler. I'd love some ocxcanon stuff! I play one mean Wolverine.

Now. I can roleplay over email, Hangouts, Discord, or even Skype! I tend to be pretty flexible about it.

Skype: Ferbieface
Discord: ferbie#5321

Please let me know if you're interested! Thanks!

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