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Sep 26 2014, 10:02 PM

Hello, lovelies! :3

It's been a while since I've done a search, so you'll have to forgive me if I seem a bit rusty (or decide to go off on a tangent).

First and foremost, my name is Hillary. Call me what you will, though; I'll answer to just about anything within reason. I'm twenty-five (ancient, I know), and I live on the East Coast. I will be starting on my second degree in January, but I don't anticipate that this will be a problem (other than taking a little longer to respond when the work load increases).

I consider myself a well-versed and above-average writer--notice I said writer and not roleplayer. While it might seem like a matter of semantics to some, I think there's a real distinction between the two. I enjoy writing, yes, but I take what I submit to you seriously. I enjoy character development, coming up with twists and turns, and generally fleshing out our ideas into something that can stand on its own. This doesn't mean, however, that I'm going to throw a thesaurus at your head with every post; I don't use superfluous language for the sake of sounding intelligent. Although I tend to send lengthy posts, I won't demand 1000+ words from you. I prefer quality over anything else (just don't take this as an excuse to send me a poorly written paragraph). I do prefer that you have a firm grasp of the English language, you understand grammar, and know the difference between homophones. We all make mistakes. I'm not going to crucify you, I promise. That being said, I'd rather you take a week to send me a well-written, thoughtful response than a reply within the hour that's littered with careless errors.

I'm not going to demand that you play one gender over another--seems a bit silly, doesn't it? Why should I tell you what you should be playing? This is a partnership. I've found over the years that writing partners make some of the best online friendships (and yes, this means that I'd like to get to know you OOC). You work together towards a common goal: creating an alternate reality. I've had "roleplays" that have lasted multiple generations in-character and several years out-of-character. The best thing about these projects? Becoming your own fandom. Creating inside jokes. Understanding not only your characters, but your partner's characters. I don't believe that god-moding is a sin in these cases. Granted, I don't want you controlling my character and having them do something that they wouldn't normally do without my permission...but past a certain point, they stop becoming 'mine' and 'yours' but 'ours.' All of that being said, I enjoy writing both male and female characters. While I fully support the transgender community, I'm not comfortable enough in my abilities (nor do I have enough knowledge about the subject) to flesh out a main character who's in transition and to give that character justice--I do apologize ahead of time for that.

I will not label a specific pairing. Why? Because the instant I ask for mxf (or, likewise, f// and m//), people assume that ours will be a relationship-oriented roleplay. I'm a hopeless romantic, I'll admit, but I'd much rather introduce a set of characters and have the cards fall where they may. I don't mind throwing in a couple of characters, for instance, who are in the middle of a relationship at the start of our project--that doesn't mean, however, that they'll stay together over the course of our roleplay. From experience, entering into a roleplay based on the notion that our characters will eventually bump uglies tends to kill the story before it ever gets off the ground. It fizzles out. The more invested you are in the characters you're writing about, the more likely we are, as writers, to continue writing about them. And yes...this means that I want something long-term ^.^ I'm comfortable with gay and straight pairings (from a romantic standpoint), but I'm just as happy with purely platonic relationships. Organic chemistry is what I'm going for here (no, not the kind that makes me want to run head-first into a brick wall--damn you, carbon!).

If our characters do eventually decide to do the horizontal tango, I can be as explicit as you want me to be; I've yet to find anything that squicks me out (aside from, what should be, standard no-no's: pedophilia, pottyplay, and incest). Just let me know ahead of time if you've got any triggers and I'll do my best to respect them. We're all adults, here. I'd rather not fade to black...but I also don't want our roleplay to turn into some smutfest. Everything within reason, I say.

If I haven't scared you away (and I hope I haven't--I swear, I'm one of the nicest writing partners you'll find!), read on:

Down to the nitty-gritty!

I'm looking for someone I can world-build with.

I personally like post-apocalyptic settings because they give us a clean slate to work with...but I understand that they can be a little overdone. I've got ideas for zombies, dystopias, utopias, worlds in which one race is enslaved by alien invaders. We can take an historical approach, perhaps create our own country that decides to war with the Holy Roman Empire. Or maybe the year's 2014 and the world implodes on itself because of reasons X, Y, and Z.

While I'm a sucker for certain fandoms, that doesn't mean that I currently want to write about them--so please, don't ask. Nor do I want strictly slice-of-life (for instance, if we decide to write about organized crime, it's not going to be the daily goings-on between the members of a crime would involve major events, minor events, and how those characters react accordingly). I would, however, be up for adding a little fantasy or science fiction to our story if that's something that interests you. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'll throw it out there.

I'm happy with mixing genres together. For instance, if we wanted to start out in a drug rehabilitation facility and, suddenly, an unexplained EM pulse takes out half the world's electrical power...or maybe we want to do a modern-day version of the Taming of the Shrew that morphs into something else. Hell, the possibilities are endless. All that I ask of you is to be creative. Don't expect me to come up with a plot twist every time we need a change of pace; I'll treat you with the same respect.

If you've noticed, I haven't given you a clear-cut list with what I want in neat little bullet points. This was completely intentional. Before anything else, we should mesh as writers. If you'd like to see an example of my writing style, you can find it here. I could give you a million examples of what I've written in the past or what subject I'd really love to write about...but honestly? If you're only looking to cater to my whims, chances are you're not going to be happy. I've given you a basic outline of what I can write. So come at me, bro. Give me an idea of what you'd enjoy writing about. It could be literally anything. The worst I can say is that I'm not interested--but even then, we can always come up with a compromise, something that we're both excited about.

But please, use your common sense. I'll know if you haven't read my advertisement. I'm not looking to mentor first-timers, or guide you by the hand if your writing could use some work. I'd much rather write with someone I gel with, wouldn't you? I write because it's entertaining, because it takes some thought, and because it's my creative outlet. It's important to me. I wouldn't mind co-authoring a novel with someone, if that's our goal. I'm also perfectly fine with creating a simple, but engaging story that makes you want to constantly refresh your inbox, that keeps you on the edge of your seat, that makes you laugh and cry and feel for the characters that we create.

Or maybe I'm asking for too much?

If I've tickled your fancy, shoot me an e-mail (you can find it using the link above). If not, I wish you the very best of luck!

Nov 3 2013, 12:38 AM
First and foremost, I consider myself a writer. I happen to enjoy detail, I don't give a good goddamn how long your posts are, as long as they're cohesive and they have SUBSTANCE. If it takes three paragraphs, or five pages typed on Word, as long as you're giving your characters depth and it adds to the storyline? Go for it. I don't take roleplaying seriously, but I do put in a lot off effort into my posts and I expect the same from my partners.

That being said. My name is Hillary. I'm ancient at 24, and while in the process of finding professional work, I like to turn to my writing. It relaxes me. I like to build a rapport with my partners OOC--the better I know you, the more concessions I'm willing to make.

I'm not online on a constant basis, but if ours is a roleplay that catches my interest, you'll get multiple responses from me each day. It's as simple as that. I do, however, have a life outside of the internet but regardless of how busy my schedule is, I will always, always, warn a partner ahead of time if they should expect a delay. I should hope you can offer the same courtesy.

I've never understood this whole "literacy ranking" distinction. However, I'm not looking to be anyone's mentor. If you know that your writing skills need some fine-tuning, I'm not your girl. I neither have the patience nor the time to take you by the hand and guide you through the process. I suppose you could consider me "advanced," if we're going by that dreadful rating system and I would like a partner who has a firm grasp of the English language and knows how to string a sentence together. Make your characters interesting. Give them flaws. Justify their actions because of some deep-dark-secret. No cookie-cutters. Use your words to create a picture.

If you'd like to see a sample of my writing, you're welcome to find it here. I make mistakes. I'm human. But there's this lovely concept known as proof-reading before you hit that 'send' button. I suggest using it.

Despite what you've read thus far--I swear, I'm not a bitch. I'm not going to chew your head off and feed it to the wolves. But if what I've written seems daunting, take it as a sign that we won't mesh well as partners. It happens. I'm one of the nicest people you'll find, I promise. But from past experience, it helps to put everything on the table so that there isn't any confusion.

Now! Down to the nitty-gritty.
  • Lately, I've been interested in a few different eras. I'm a fan of historical (as far back as the 1600's), modern, and futuristic settings (anywhere from 10-10,000 years into the future, depending on your preference).
  • I've currently got a post-apocalypse story in the works, but if you can offer a plot, I'd be willing to hear it. It could involve zombies, government anarchy, nuclear war, or what have you.
  • I may or may not be interested in something supernatural. No vampires. Possibly werewolves, shapeshifters, genetically modified super-soldiers. Use your imagination, here.
  • I've been itching to use an ex-military character (or even active duty, if the story calls for it). Could be in peacetime or wartime, makes no difference to me.
  • Psychiatric facility. I'm actually kind of craving this one. Could involve the soldier I mentioned previously--host of mental instabilities (ranging from PTSD to mild paranoia, bi-polar disorder, drug abuse, you name it). Main premise would involve a significant other and someone who's been recently discharged from the military--however, the story would revolve around this ex-soldier and either a patient/orderly/or hospital staff member (psychiatrist, nurse...the choice is up to you).
  • World-building. Alternate universes. Let's create cultures, conflict, and drama. I want to see the depths of human depravity set against those who hold out on hope. Contrasting characters, worlds. Make it INTERESTING!

I prefer to play male characters; however, I do have a female in mind for at least one of the ideas I've mentioned above. I don't typically double unless the roleplay calls for it. In this instance, it would involve one or two main characters with a host of side characters. I've been playing around with the idea of having two sets of characters whose storylines converge at some point during the roleplay. I also enjoy adding written correspondence in instances where two characters are separated for an extended period of time (i.e. when one is at war and the other, at home, or if one character is in prison...the choices are endless, really.) I like to toss in politics and religion to add a bit of spice, but that isn't necessary. I'm not particularly religious myself, but the topic fascinates me and makes for interesting dialogue.

I'm always open to suggestions, however, if nothing seems to tickle your fancy. More than anything, I'm looking for a competent partner who can bring something to the table. One-sidedness grows old. Fast.

Ah, yes. And if it wasn't made obvious by the the title, I play all sorts of pairings. I enjoy romance, if it's done sparingly. Whether it's graphic smut or pure, tasteful vanilla. Just know that it's not going to be dominating our roleplay and there will not be any instaromance to speak of. If we want to give our characters some history, so be it, but it should only add to the tension, not detract from the story that we're trying to create. Because this will, after all, be OUR roleplay. Not yours. Not mine. But OURS. I'm a fan of having things develop of their own accord, organically. If things never end up amorous between our characters, so be it! Why should that stop us from creating?

If I haven't completely scared you away, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at Please include what pairings you're interested in, as well as any plots you might have in mind. In the link above, you can also find plots I've listed on my website ^^

Aug 17 2013, 10:54 PM
Lately, I've been uninspired to write. Call it writer's block, or what have you.

I love plots that can keep me interested, engaged; ones where I'm constantly refreshing my inbox just to read the next reply. I want dark and gritty, edgy, the kind that thrills you and brings you within the depths of your own depravity. Just as easily, I can slip into something more fluffy--hearts and rainbows, rooting for good triumphing over evil.

As far as limits go, I have none. I prefer reality, and my writing tends to reflect that. Rape, gore, abusive relationships, extreme violence, adult language? Bring it on. I'll respect whatever limits you might have with sex, but I can say from experience that I'm pretty immune to most kinks. If you like vanilla, or if you want to move into BDSM, go for it. I draw the line at scat, however. Blood is negotiable. If you're wanting some sort of PWP, I'm your girl. Likewise, if you want a good ol' fashioned pick-a-plot, lay it on me.

Lately, I've been craving:

-demon x mortal: I would prefer to play the demon in this one, and we would need to come up with an amazing plot. I've got a bit of an outline to work from, if need be.
-psychiatric ward: patient x patient...Think Hannibal Lecter meets Norman Bates, minus the cannibalism.
-professor x student: Preferably m//, but it would require us to plot a great deal, regardless; I do have a couple of ideas we could build on.
-werewolf x fledgling werewolf: Modern day, historical, makes no difference to me. I'm comfortable with either and happen to prefer medieval settings for this. I also have a couple of ideas if we decide to go the modern route.
-big city cops: Basically, this could range from officer/spouse to partner/partner to an office romance between a superior officer and a young lieutenant. I could see a bit of power play with this, corruption, scandal, drug usage, angst, the works.
-FBI agent x mob boss's mistress: I've been interested in trying something similar for a while, it would require us to plot but I think it could be interesting.

However! If none of the aforementioned happened to catch your eye, feel free to suggest! I would be more than happy to collaborate biggrin.gif

As far as pairings go, I prefer not to center a roleplay around a particular romance; rather, I enjoy the development over time. However, there are cases where passion can act as a precursor to deeper feelings and are acceptable plot elements, should we intend to go that route.

If you should like to see an example of my writing, you may find it here.

Ah, but where are my manners? My name is Hillary--although I'll answer to just about anything. I'm twenty-four, a recent college graduate, and I'll admit that I'm addicted to writing. I tend to take my roleplays seriously; however, that doesn't mean that we should not have fun with it! I'm perfectly fine with discussing plot ideas, or simply chewing the fat OOC. I'm more approachable than you might think ^^ I do not, however, like to waste my time. I apologize ahead of time if I happen to flake out or lose interest entirely. Please don't take offense. Keep me engaged and creatively challenged and we'll work out just fine!

Feel free to shoot me a message:
Jul 15 2013, 11:42 PM
Hello there! My name's Hillary, pleased to make your fake acquaintance.

I'll start with a little about myself. I'm 24, just got my BA in Criminology not too long ago. I consider myself a writer, and I love creating new characters and hashing them out with my partners. I love dark and twisty plots, the darker the better. But just as easily, I can do some light, fluffball stuff. As for limits, I have absolutely none. In terms of violence, I'll get as explicit and graphic as the scene calls for. I've done rape scenes, mutilations, interrogations, and I'm comfortable with all of it. The one caveat I have is incest. That just grosses me out on a moral level. Language? Fuck, shit, cunt. I think that should answer any questions pertaining to that. And as for sex, it really depends on my mood. The first couple of sex scenes are fine, but after a while, I tend to skip unless the scene has a reason for being; i.e., our characters have broken up and just gotten back together, or there's some anger issues that need to be resolved through physical means. I'm all for it, but everything in moderation.

Now that the brass tacks are out of the way, I'll try and be as straightforward as possible. I hate to waste my time as much as I'm sure you do. Lately, I've been craving a recovering addict x recovering addict roleplay; this could take place in a rehabilitation center or in as something as mundane as an AA/NA meeting. I must admit, I don't have a plot in mind for this but I'm an idea generator. I'm sure there's something that we could come up with that would be gripping and keeps both of us interested.

I do have a few plots that I've been meaning to flesh out:

zombie apocalypse
werewolf/fledgling werewolf
serial killer x serial killer
professor x student
married PTSD soldier x childhood best friend

I can go into depth about these plots if they happen to pique your interest. But more than anything, I'm just looking for a competent roleplaying partner. If there's something you've been craving for a while, lay it on me. Chances are, I'll be more than willing to give it a shot. I'm in it for the long-haul. If one genre doesn't work, we can always try something else. I always hate getting left hanging, so I will try my best to warn you if it'll be a while before you should expect a response from me. I'm typically on a few times a day, mostly at night. I do have a life of my own, but I tend to juggle the two out.

As for my roleplaying style--I consider myself literate/advanced, but I'll leave that up to you to judge. I typically play male, although I'm just as comfortable playing female. I'll do m/f, m/m, and f/f, depending on what the plot calls for. Right now, I'm looking to do some maleslash, but I can just as easily settle for hetero or femmeslash pairings. Don't bother contacting me if you don't think that we'll mesh well. As I said before, I hate wasting my time--hence, why I'm here to post an advertisement.


For anything else that you might have a question about, refer to my website. There, you can find a sample introduction, as well as other genres and plots that might tickle your fancy.

You're welcome to contact me at
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