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 a smorgasbord of ideas (and starters on demand?), original and fandoms, all pairings
 Posted: Mar 19 2017, 05:09 PM

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Have you ever had a cool plot set up and then things just sort of fizzled out before you got too far in? So have I! That’s why I’ve decided that alongside more traditional methods of starting plots, I’m also putting forth an open invitation: Throw starters my way at random or ask me to write one. Let’s see how quickly we can think on our feet.

About yours truly:

* over the age of 18
* prefers third person and past tense but willing to experiment
* can do literally any pairing (also trans friendly!)
* uses discord or kik to communicate ooc usually
* mostly roleplays via email, but can handle chatzy, forums, etc if needed
* is around pretty much every day to at least plot
* has a sweet spot of 3-6 paragraphs per reply, but can cut that down or bump it up for the right thing
* smut and (mostly) kink friendly with minimal limits, ask for specifics
* loves writing characters that run the gamut on age, gender, personality, and race
* doesn’t double, but can write multiple characters or write several threads at once
* is more eloquent than this list formatting will typically allow

What I’’m looking for:

* replies that show up at least once or twice a week (I’ll totally understand if you’re busy though!)
* 18+ partners
* people who are into having long term threads
* ooc communication (let’s talk about our plots and share music/faceclaims/whatever!)
* a good time?

Original concepts:

* post apocalyptic
I get that this is pretty much always zombies (which I dig!), but what about frozen tundras? Pandemics? People just disappearing? I love exploring cities that are slowly being reclaimed by nature, tiny packs of survivors trying to make it somehow, families forming for no reason other than there’s nobody else left. Give me all the tragedies.

* fantasy
I’m not really good about this genre in the ‘high fantasy’ concept, but I love witches and fairy tales and all of that stuff. I’d also be game for trying my hand at some modern fantasy! I also have a few ideas with like, monster girls and the like?

* supernatural
If I could be said to have a main genre this would be it. I love the more common supernatural creatures as well as some less common ones. I also don’t mind throwing supernatural concepts into other genres (werewolves surviving the apocalypse, demons in the Victorian era, vampires running a coffee shop) either.

* historical
I’m cool with most eras, but I’m really itching to do something with the 1920’s right about now. I also like thinking a bit outside the box when it comes to locations too. If I can find a bit of information about the time frame through google then I’m absolutely game.

* modern slice of life
Does this include odd pairings? Weird scenarios? Totally stupid characters learning to get along? You betcha.

* cliche tropes
Listen, if you’ve never secretly wanted to play with the idea of soulmates or best friends turned to lovers or something like that then you’re probably lying.

* sci fi
I… literally only have one idea for sci fi and it involves a runaway android and a tired IT specialist. That’s pretty much it.


It should be noted that I only do canon/oc stuff in a few fandoms, but I’m more than happy to take fandom based worlds and use ocs or take canon characters and shove them into an alternate universe. I might even work with crossovers.

* shadowhunters/tmi/tid
Magnus/Alec, Izzy/Clary, Aline/Helen, Jace/Simon, Jace/Clary, Simon/Raphael, Will/Jem… pretty much any pairing here is fair game. Even if it’s kind of out there. I’d also be down for playing with ocs (Parabatais turned to lovers anybody? Downworlders? Lay it on me).

* harry potter
Ginny/Luna, Hermione/Pansy, Remus/Sirius, Percy/Oliver, James/Lily, and Draco/Hermione are some of my favorites but with those two generations I’m interested in exploring all kinds of pairings. I don’t know about next generation at all though. I also love working with OCs in any capacity here.

* hannibal
Honestly I would be giddy if I could get an Alana/Margot thread, but I also ship Will/Hannibal and the like. I’d also be interested in using OCs?

* riverdale
I need Betty/Veronica or something with Josie and the Pussycats. Although I’d be interested in exploring the Blossoms? Maybe?

* welcome to night vale
Cecil/Carlos are my main thing here, but I’d love to do something with maybe Maureen and Michelle? Or OCs?

* sense8
Nomi/Amanita, Lito/Hernando, or maybe OCs. I really just love the idea of sensates.

* the last of us
Ellie/Riley, Firefly OCs.

* buffy the vampire slayer
Willow/Tara, Faith/Buffy, maybe some slayer OCs?

* the walking dead
Glenn/Maggie, Rick/Michonne, anything that gives me a reason to play Shane.

* the wicked and the divine
The odds of finding someone who’s into this comic are probably slim, but if you’re into it I’d love to do something with this universe.

* supernatural
Dean/Jo is my main ship currently, but I’m open to others. I’d also love to play Dean for some cool OCs.


Any of that catch your eye? I’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to plot it’d be super helpful if you told me about yourself (what to call you, your age, limits, any questions you have, etc) as well as what you’re interested in doing.

If you’d rather just get a starter, all you have to do is tell me:

* what you’d like to play (genre/fandom, aus, whatever details you’d like)
* who you’d like to play (a specific character, a preferred gender, whatever)
* who you’d like me to play (see above)
* anything else you need me to know (if you have specific limits you need me to avoid, a length you’re most comfortable in dealing with, etc)

Or you can ignore literally all of that and just send a starter my way. You can throw a quick OOC introduction in front (to let me know what’s going on, or just say hi) or just leave me to figure it out. I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

For any of the things above, just shoot me an email at
 Posted: Mar 19 2017, 09:06 PM

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Response sent to your email ♥
 Posted: Mar 23 2017, 04:11 PM

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I'm laid up with the sniffles and have a four day weekend. Let's do something neat!

All of the above still totally applies, but if anyone's seen The Handmaiden I'd seriously love to do something like it? I have a sinking suspicion I'll be writing up another list of things I want to steal plots from in the future.

You'll also get my firstborn child if you hook me up with some more plots with LGBT protagonists. Help out your friendly neighborhood gay, will ya?
 Posted: Mar 23 2017, 09:12 PM

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Hey weathers!

I shot you an email a couple of days ago, not sure if it landed in your spam?

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