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BARBERMONGER - a one on one roleplay search forum > NEWS > HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY BARBERMONGER!

Posted by: XANDER Mar 1 2017, 03:57 PM
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    Man, 6 years! Barbermonger, I didn't think I could do anything consistently for six years!

    But as always, it's not just me - it's you guys. It's everyone who keeps coming back, who tells their friends, who enters 'Barbermonger' or 'one on one roleplay' into Google search and drives up our ranking, who chats in the C-box or the Discord server. It's everyone who writes here, blogs here, replies to threads here. It's everyone who looks at this place, scratches their head, and goes, 'Eh, I'll give it a shot!'

    I am far from a perfect administrator, but I hope you've gotten something out of this wacky little corner of the play-by-post roleplay world. I hope you're still getting something out of it.

    Here's to Year 7! Barbermonger enters the first grade! Learns basic math! Complains about what's in its lunch box! Heck yes!

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