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Guest Posted on Jul 16 2017, 07:31 PM
Guest Posted on Jul 14 2017, 03:26 PM
Lookie here, ma! Another one of those role play threads! Anyways, hello. The name is Sela, but you can really call me anything and we'll be gravy. I'm 25 years old, working the graveyard shift and mother of a darling little boy. Finishing up another degree online. Right now I'm looking for something to fill some spare time.

Let's keep this nice and brief, shall we?


1. I write in multiple paragraphs, third person pov. I would prefer if you did the same. Lengthwise I tend to match my character. I would say on average I run 300-600 words per character per reply, but I've gone up to 1200+ per character in the past.

2. I only role play with people that are of legal age. I prefer this to be a mature role play. Violence, drama, romance, and the like are all on the table with me, and I prefer writing with few limits. Smut is on the table but isn't necessary. Let me know what you're not comfortable with.

3. I prefer if we play multiple characters. If we don't I will choose which gender I play as will you. In regards to romance, I prefer mxf, fxf, and mxm in that order. I am also open to the idea of polyamorous characters if that is something you prefer.

4. Character development over time is important to me. I'm not a fan of quick acting romances or friendships unless our characters are in a position at the beginning of the story that would imply otherwise. Help me be interested in your characters. While we're at it, interaction between characters is important. Don't make me have to figure out how to constantly chase after your's to continue the story. At that point, I might as well be writing by myself.

5. Email only. If we had a story going, feel free to message me and we can talk about getting it going again.

What I'm interested in:

-Supernatural/Fantasy: Modern or historical. There's a pretty large array to cover here. I must admit, I enjoy pairing against vampires here, but I can really accommodate anything. I've got a few plot bunnies running around, but nothing concrete. Maybe we can figure something out together.

-I've been watching the old Teen Titans with my son, and I'd really be down with a good superhero role play.

-Dragon Age. Doesn't matter what game. I will write pretty much anyone for you. We can rewrite whole games together or do an alternate universe. Again, I'm extremely flexible here. Characters I like to play against are Alistair, Solas, Sera, Anders, Fenris, and Isabella in that order.

-I would really enjoy a L.A. Noire type role play. Maybe something involving the detective against the criminal they are hunting.

-I'd also be open to something regarding a college professor and a student if we got a good idea going. Maybe they can run into each other while the student is on spring break? I don't know. I'm not that used to playing modern.

-Send me an intro. Seriously. I want to branch out and experiment.

-I'm not huge into the Potter universe, but if someone was interested in Marauder's Era and playing Remus I might be interested.

-Suggest, suggest, suggest!

And...that is all, I suppose. Thanks for reading!
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