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Posted by: Shades Jul 5 2018, 11:21 AM
Hey there, Barbermonger people! I'm once again looking for a roleplay partner. I'll cut to the chase, because I'm sure nobody here wants to hear a lot of fluff.

About me:

+ Older than 21;
+ Work full time;
+ Write solely through email;
+ Don't use IM;
+ Post roughly once a day;
+ Like longer, more involved posts;
+ Strongly prefer to write females;
+ Ditch-friendly (just let me know so I can reopen the request);
+ English is my second language, but I've got a decent enough grasp and welcome correction.

What I'm looking for in a partner:

+ Older than 21;
+ Understands real life gets busy;
+ Is okay with writing and plotting being done through email;
+ Posts in a timely fashion (anything from once a day to a one or two times a week is fair game);
+ Likes to write longer, more involved posts (I'd say about 3 paragraphs, though if we're on a quicker back and forth posts can be shorter to get more out of the session);
+ Is open about telling me if you don't want to do this anymore - no questions asked, no guilt-tripping from me;
+ Doesn't need to be a native English speaker, as long as there's a decent grasp on grammar and spelling.

If you're still here after all that, check below for what I'm looking for in terms of pairings:

Historical pairings:

- Regular (non famous) woman x gay actor in a lavender marriage;

- Jack the Ripper x unsuspecting wife;

- Mafia boss's wife (witness protection) x police officer looking after her;

- Male servant x younger (newly orphaned) mistress;

- Broke aristocratic girl x rich commoner (arranged marriage);

- Young prostitute seeking to be reformed x pastor or Catholic priest seeking to help her;

- Female friends who fall in love (Victorian, or another historical setting); (taken)

Harry Potter pairings:

- Young Sirius Black x Muggle OC;

- Young Tom Riddle x Heir from another house (OC);

- Young Remus Lupin x Muggle OC;

Supernatural pairings:

- Alpha werewolf x human mate;

- Vampire stalker x human;

Real life pairings:

- Regular (non famous) wife x famous husband (a sort of a price-of-fame plot, I have reasonably detailed ideas for that);

- Partner x partner struggling with addiction (alcohol or illegal drugs);

- Actor x actress (pressures of being a couple in the spotlight);

- Older college professor x younger (older than 21) student;

- President x first lady (Evita - movie - inspired);

- Honest (female) cop x crooked (either gender) partner;

- Criminal's daughter x High ranking police officer's son or daughter;

- Stalker/kidnapper x victim (can be anyone he's created a fantasy about);

- Rich man who needs to marry and have a child to get his inheritance x poor woman who's willing to help him as (initially) a 'business transaction';

- Roommate x roommate (old friend, needing a place to crash);

- Toxic partners (verbal, emotional, physical abuse) who can't seem to part ways;

I will probably update this often, but that's it for now.
If you're interested in any of those pairings, drop me a line at, letting me know what you're interested in, and I'll get back to you!

Posted by: Shades Jul 9 2018, 07:48 AM
Bump! Still looking for all of those!

Posted by: Shades Jul 10 2018, 09:11 PM
Bump! One story got taken, but the other ones are still open! smile.gif

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