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keytar Posted on Apr 10 2017, 08:33 PM


ToBoldlyGo Posted on Mar 20 2017, 08:30 PM
Email Sent!
keytar Posted on Mar 19 2017, 09:00 PM
keytar Posted on Mar 13 2017, 07:25 PM
keytar Posted on Mar 6 2017, 08:16 PM
I'm also craving some mutant related stuff now after seeing Logan and catching up on Legion. I'm talking about some dark looking stuff though. I would be more open to OC's only for this or an OC universe but let's talk about it!
keytar Posted on Mar 1 2017, 07:13 PM
Hello, lovely people.

It should be pretty obvious from the title what my search is about but I have some specific things I'll be detailing below that I am interested in... BUT FIRST!

I'm well into my twenties, work full time and have a busy schedule. My job is super stressful and sometimes it's going to keep me from wanting to hop on the computer and may kill my writing muse. I'll try to let you know what's up with me just be aware in advanced. On the flip side, I'm super flexible with busy schedules in return. I went to college, I have a busy life... I get it. Roleplay is supposed to be fun. I'm not going into this expecting either of us to take things crazy seriously. I expect effort put into your writing, yes but I want you to have fun! Otherwise, what's the point?

I typically write 3-4 paragraphs a character, depending on the action at any given moment. I'm not going to be a stickler about posting length. Write what comes to you. Give me enough to work with. That's all I really ask. I want to enjoy reading your posts and I hope to give you something you enjoy reading in return. Simple as that.

I play both male and female characters, and I have a strong preference for doubling in most of my roleplays. I enjoy the room it gives me to build with more characters and all. My general experience is with M x F pairings but I'm not opposed to M x M or F x F ones. It just depends on the characters. I'm also open to Canon x OC and Canon x Canon pairings for this genre. I'm not really looking for anything OC x OC in the Marvel universe right now. Email only for now, which will be listed below.

I don't have much in the way of limits either. Cursing, Violence, Drug use... Whatever. As is appropriate in our setting, please feel fee. My only 'limits' tend to be around sex. Sexual Content hardly bothers me. I just get bored writing out extended sex scenes time and time again especially in longer roleplays... So, most of the time I just prefer a fade to black situation. I'm negotiable to your comfort on that stuff however.

Now, onto the more interesting stuff.

When?: I'm particularly interested in picking up with post- Civil War times. It could even be immediately post-movie if you'd like. The visual of Steve showing up to bust his buddies out of jail is just great to me. This could even take place during the movie if you don't think rehashing some of the events would be too monotonous. Preferably, after I think. I have seen Doctor Strange and I'm not against including him in our writings as well. I'm not sure that Doctor Strange left things on a particularly well tied in moment with the Avengers but Stephen is in New York. At they very least he's a hop, skip and a jump away from Tony Stark if he ever needed him.

Where?: Some place different! Get me outta New York. Let's do some traveling. Wakanda, Romania, Russia, South America, India... A dude ranch in Montana. Whatever. Let's get our Avengers on the move. I'm not really in a mood to move this off the planet right now but it's an option eventually. I play Loki... a lot and my experience with world building and interplanetary stuff is thorough. Right now though I'm pretty interested in focusing here on Earth.

Who?: Well, just about anyone! At least, from my side anyway. I have extensive experience with a lot of characters in the Marvel world. Steve Rogers, Scott Lang, Pietro Maximoff (Not Dead Obviously), Bruce Banner, Thor and Loki are who I have most of my experience with writing. I'm definitely not opposed to expanding my horizons though. Just simply let me know what you're thinking. On the flip side, I always have a tremendous soft spot for anyone who feels up for playing Bucky, Bruce or Tony but, again I'm flexible.

Why?:Well, that's for us to figure out isn't it? I have some small plot ideas for us to build off of but I would prefer to look at characters first then build from there.

Anything else? Feel free to shoot me a message and ask. I always forget something. I'm rather absent minded like that. Email below!

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