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 "This is my design...", NBC Hannibal, m/m, Hannigram
 Posted: May 18 2017, 08:06 PM

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Hello again! It's been a while. My name is Liz, I'm 27, and located in Central Standard Time.

I've gotten back into NBC's "Hannibal", and am re-watching the series on Amazon. I would absolutely love to play around with the characters.

I am mostly interested in Hannibal/Will right now.

In terms of who plays who, I would be alright playing either Hannibal or Will, I think, so whichever you're comfortable playing is what we'll start with! I would love to toss around ideas, as well, and would love to explore the relationship between the two. I'm starting the series over again from Season 1, but I wouldn't be averse to having a plot set during or after Season 2 or 3! Or even going our own way!

What if Will actually did go on the run with Hannibal? What if things had gone differently earlier on? What might happen after "Wrath of the Lamb"? I'd just really love to play around with ideas~! smile.gif

Being 27, I can and do write smut. As such, I will only write/RP with you if you're 20+. It has nothing to do with talent or ability; it's simply a matter of comfort on my end. smile.gif I'm also not into PWP/Smut for smut's sake. I like my sexy times to come up naturally in the narrative and help to move a story along. However! I am just as happy getting an R+ scene going and letting it fade naturally, if it's something we're both rather more comfortable with.

Similarly, I am looking for a partner that's mostly-literate, if not fully literate (few spelling errors outside of typos, decent comprehension of the English language, some amount of detail in replies; something to work with). I myself have been writing and role-playing for 10+ years. My personal style is third-person past-tense paragraph-format and fairly detailed at that. I like to explore my characters and their motivations just as much as the scene around them and the actions that they are responding to. While I am open and accepting of any pairings, I personally prefer m/m, and that is what I'm looking for at this particular time. That being said, I am all for working in side-pairings and having other characters on the side! But my main focus would ideally be on the pairing mentioned. smile.gif

I write multiple paragraphs per post, and will happily match you, as well, depending on how the flow goes. I try to reply at least once a day to several times a week, as I do have a job, and my availability can fluctuate depending on how busy I am and how fickle my muse is. XD But more often than not, it will be at least once a day (even more often with OOC chatter), and I will let you know any updates as I know them. As such, I expect the same kindness in return. smile.gif

I am looking for someone who will hopefully be in this for the long term; someone who enjoys plotting and chatting and who's not afraid to toss ideas back and forth. Allow me to reiterate, I LOVE to chat. I'm looking for someone who, likewise, doesn't mind tossing ideas out at odd hours of the day/night and plotting just to plot because the rush of ideas is too much. This means multiple e-mails, fangirling out and just plain having fun! smile.gif

I'm very open and friendly, and will listen to everything you say. If there is something that bothers you, or you have a limit that we haven't gone over, please let me know! I'd like things to work out for the both of us!

This brings me to another point: limits. I have almost no limits. Everything except vore, scat, underage, non-con or bestiality is up for discussion. Just talk to me!

Also note that I WILL NOT reply to an email that's simply "hey wanna rp?". Sorry, no. I would appreciate a bit more effort than that, as it will prove to me that you have read my ad in its entirety.

When you contact me, please tell me about any ideas/plots you might want to work out, which character you would like to play,[u] your age and timezone[/u], and any limits you may have.
I'm not trying to be weird; I just like to get a feel for my partners and how to time replies. smile.gif

If this catches your eye, please contact me! My email is,:
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