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Apr 24 2018, 01:46 PM
Name: Sapphire

Site: Concord Farm

Site Description: a real life 18+ RP set on a fictional California commune. It is a secluded community, and everyone works on the farm, supporting the community.

Character Description: I have my character Red here. The idea I have is this man is from the cult Red grew up in, called DreamAwake. DreamAwake is a ‘self-help’ cult, with people living with some Gurus in California. It’s not a really bad place (other then leaders being a bit shady with money) but Red didn’t have the best experience. His mother Hiromi was homophobic (though she kept much to herself, but Red knew) and when Red ‘escaped,’ she felt very much betrayed. Once her son left, she didn’t really have anyone to focus on/take care off, so in comes (Lets call him Lucky). Lucky was a boy that Red was friends with, but they never truly got along. Lucky was more stern, much more stoic and a bit too demanding of Red to “grow up," viewing Red’s playfulness as something annoying and distracting. They certainly had different views of the world. When Red left, his mother leaned more towards Lucky, and he suddenly became the favorite. There was probably some emotional manipulation on, or at least some controlling. In any case, Lucky began to hate Red, through Hiromi’s lies she told, and it helped that Lucky and Red had never gotten along anyways. Lucky left the cult ( maybe because he too was annoyed with Hiromi?) and was out on his own.

Lucky found the Concord Farm and, as of two days ago, just got accepted. He doesn’t know Red is here yet, and it’s sure to cause feelings. There will be conflict, arguments, Red's anxiety rising and probably lots of storming away from each other. They will eventually find each other though- maybe Lucky’s hate stems from the fact that he actually really likes him, but doesn’t know how to come to terms with that fact, so “hate” is just easier to deal with due his mom talking with him? Or maybe they somehow find common ground, become friends, and find love for each other by actually getting to know each other by a deeper level? (TBH red has always been attracted to him, it’s just been… complicated)

Either way, I would really love if these two ‘find’ each other, become attached and be total love birds. It’ll be a slow burn, possibly with denial, but I think it’d be fun! Im sure they’ll still always get into some arguments (because… it’s them) but they’ll always somehow come back to each other xD

The face suggested up there is Luke Benward, but I am open to any face (or him being a bit older, idc)

For the name, I called him Lucky for the ad but I am open to whatever.
Personality is up to you, but maybe something that conflicts with Red so they have something to bicker about, or maybe you have another idea, which I am super open to as well!
History is up to you, or along the lines of this plot
Job open

The only thing that is super set in stone is that the guy has just arrived, so it can all be a surprise for Red xD yay

Desired PBs: Luke Benward,

Other Information: Open to any ideas! original ad here

Contact Information: Discord: Sapphire#4474

Dec 29 2017, 10:42 PM
Hello! My name is Sapphire! I’m 23, I am a college student! I’ve been RPing for 10 years on various types of sites, and I have a ton of plots I’ve been wanting to do! I would like to find a 1x1 roleplay I can play on discord! I am open to any and all ideas, so here we go. I tend to play males but if it’s a good plot I will play a female ☺ I am mostly looking for mature, 18+ plots, so sorry kids only 18+ writers. Not that I think you’re amazing, I just am more comfortable writing with older writers! Especially with smut :3 I do not have a preference on face claims, so I am super open in that regard too. I usually write 400+ words. I love drama!

I am mainly looking for mxm pairings, and at this time I’m only looking for mxm pairings.. I like my plots to be a good balance of plot, adventure and smut, so if you’re just looking for a smut nsfw plot I am not the partner for you. I am also into odd and taboo pairings, including but not limited to incest. I prefer to not fade to black ( I like the freedom). I am open to all kinds of plots, but I do have some I can offer up/cravings, which I will list down below. Some are plot ideas, and some are simply pairings. Of course, we can talk and see what we can come up with! I am also always open to a soulmate AU, I just don’t have any ideas with it as of yet haha.

-Age gap
-Master/slave- craving this! The more intense the better.
-Pet play


Male Goldrider/Male brown rider
So this would be based on the Dragon Riders of Pern Series! I’ve always wanted to do this match up! It will not be canon, and it’ll probably set at a Weyr in the jungle on Pern, so yay for dragons and tropical weather? Yes I am doing creative freedom with the fandom but hey, a girl can dream. We could also do another mxm dragonrider pairing if that would be more comfortable to you :3

Elf (M) Human or dwarf (M)
Lord of the rings plot! I’ve always been interested in these kind of pairings but I’ve never had a chance to play a LOTR plot. I don’t have specific details, so just throw the ideas at me! This can simply be a friend, or enemy plot, doesn't need to be romance.

Harry Potter
I dont really have many ideas for this but I am open to it! It'd be fun to do a HP AU type plot.


Roman Gladiator (M) Roman Gladiator (M or F?)
I love roman history and would love to do a plot with two gladiators! I can see this being kind of an intense one if it’s a romantic plot, cause if they have feelings for eachother but are set up to fight each other… think of the drama!

Forbidden Lover/King
Just because I love doing kings and queens stuff! What would happen if a Royal kept sneaking out to see a forbidden lover (whoever that may be) every night? Let the drama commence.

Real Life

Long lost criminal son/FBI Agent
This isn’t really a romance plot!
FBI agent doesn’t know he has a son, he gets an assignment to investigate a huge robbery, and finds out through investigation that the leader of the gang is his son. Does he try to get through to him, or is he even more harsh on him? I’m pretty open!

Clingy Boyfriend/ Boyfriend that has been gone
M/M Pairing! An Ex that comes back after being away for a super long time and the other still actually has feelings for this person that rise up again once they see each other for the first time in a long time? Cue drama. .


-Ghost/lost lover

Message me on Discord, Sapphire#4474
Thanks for reading!
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