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 Harry Potter MxF Roleplays, Possible Crossovers too, over email
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 04:52 AM

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Hey all, just looking to satisfy my Harry Potter RP craving. MxF roleplays with myself as the male character(s) and you as the female character(s). Email me at

Right now, I'm looking for Harry Potter roleplays, or anything involving Harry Potter. This includes:

Harry Potter fandom roleplays
Harry Potter crossover roleplays (Game of Thrones, Westworld, etc.)
Harry Potter actress celeb roleplays (Emma Watson, Evanna Lynch, Helena Bonham Carter, etc.)

Now, onto some plots and pairings. Feel free to ask more about these over email, as I will not worry about giving more than just the base details here.


Harry Potter Plots

Bookworm Slut
Hermione x Dumbledore and Others
(Kinks: Extreme Ageplay, Corruption, Humiliation, Dub-Con, Gangbangs, Public Sex, etc.)
Smut-Based, Long-Term RP.

This RP is about Dumbledore corrupting Hermione, using house points as a reward for sexual favours. She is given tasks to perform for the day, either to herself (in public), or to her peers or teachers. She could also be given tasks to perform for Dumbledore himself. Either way, she hates it at first, but after all the popular attention, she can't help but begin to enjoy it.

(note: If you're not a fan of extreme ageplay, I am happy to use an OC headmaster. HOWEVER, he will not be some super attractive hunk. He will be someone that is not desireable in the slightest, just like Dumbledore.)


Bookworm Slut - The Hero?
Hermione x Dumbledore and Others
(Kinks: Extreme Ageplay, Corruption, Humiliation, Dub-Con, Gangbangs, Public Sex, etc.)
Smut-Based, Long-Term RP.

Similar to the above, except instead of sexual favours for points, Dumbledore tells her that she is the hero of the prophesy to destroy the Dark Lord. Just as Lily Potter used the power of love to save her child, Hermione must use the power of love to become stronger. This 'power' comes in the form of semen, as she's asked to gain the help of the Hogwarts inhabitants to become stronger...


Veela Life Debt
Fleur and Gabrielle x Harry
(Kinks: Master x Slave, Romance, Consensual, Threesomes, Incest, Casual Sex, Public Sex, etc.)
Smut and Plot Based, Long-Term
Set in the fourth book/movie, except all characters aged up.

Magic is a mysterious force. It flows through everything in the world. Life is the most sacred thing of all, and magic does its best to protect it. When someone's life is in mortal danger, and then saved, magic will reward it's saviour with a life debt. This is a favour that can be called in at any time, and the person who owes this debt has no choice but to agree to this favour.

A Veela life debt is a little different, however. The debt owed is very specific to these creatures, as their being is based all around love. When their lives are saved, a Veela becomes the property of their saviour for life. A sexual slave, these creatures will need constant physical contact to stay strong. Stray too far from their 'master', for too long, and they will die. More contact, the better, with sex being the strongest way to strengthen the Veela slaves.

During the second task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Harry saves Gabrielle's life, as Veela and water do not mix well. He unknowingly forces Gabrielle into his service for life, to which the Delacour family is not pleased. Of course, with the alternative being Gabrielle's death anyway, they have no choice but to be thankful.
In the third task, the Imperius'd Krum tries to kill Fleur, onto to be stopped when Harry tackles her out of the way, saving her life too.

This RP will be about him accidentally forming these bonds with the Veela ladies, and then learning to live with this. We would roleplay through the rest of the series, now with Fleur and Gabrielle tagging along. As you can guess, this will have frequent sex scenes, but I want it to be about plot as well.


Dumbledore, Master Manipulator
Hermione and Fleur x Harry
(Kinks: Frequent Sex, Casual Sex, Sexual Exhaustion, Jealousy, Threesomes, Dominant Female, Submissive Female, etc.)
Plot-Based Long-Term
Set after Book/Movie 5

When Hermione overhears Dumbledore's plan to sacrifice Harry 'for the greater good', with him and Hermione falling victim to love potions thanks to Ron and Ginny, Hermione knows they're in trouble. The two quickly escape the Burrow, with nothing but a key to Grimmauld Place.

Upon entering, they find Sirius' will, explaining the horcruxes, and their almost indestructible nature. But he also offers a solution. Just like Harry's life was saved with love, these horcruxes can be destroyed with it. Their task? Save Fleur from Bill Weasley, and the trio must then search the world for Voldemort's horcruxes. Along the way, Hermione must deal with the jealousy that comes with Fleur loudly fucking Harry for the good of the world, and the trio must figure out what to do about Dark Lord Dumbledore.

Harry Potter Crossover Plots
Game of Thrones

The Chosen Ones
Harry Potter x Daenerys (and possible others)
(Kinks: Magical Sex, Sharing, Beastiality (Maybe. Animagi?), etc.)
Plot-Based LONG-term

The RP is set after the events of the Harry Potter series (Maybe a few years later), yet also set during the first few episodes of Game of Thrones. In this world, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones co-exist, on different continents of the same earth.

After a very quick training, Harry Potter has become an Auror. A perk of being the Boy Who Lived, Harry finally gets to use his fame for a good reason. He found himself enjoying the thrill of the fight, and the satisfaction of stopping the evil that harms the lands. But his job mostly consists of finding rogue Death Eaters after the fall of their dark lord. But soon, a particularly dark wizard was rumoured to be floating around Essos, a far off land that the magic community try and avoid. There, they lord over the lands and fight like savages. They know nothing of civilised magic, nor the ways men regard themselves in this modern society. But Harry is sent there, in order to stop this wizard.

Either this can be an overarching story in the RP, or can be finished immediately.

It does not take long for him to run into a beautiful blonde woman, scared for her life. Her brother has sold her into a marriage with a dothraki savage. Harry vows to save her, pulling her into safety and away from them. There, she admits her claim to a stolen throne, and Harry pledges his services to help her get there.

From there, we would RP the show from Daenerys' perspective, such as getting the Unsullied and so on. There will be differences, such as not having a dothraki horde at her service, but she now has a powerful wizard by her side.


The Dark Lord Rises
Tommen/Voldemort x Margaery, Cersei, Melisandre, etc.
Harry Potter x Daenerys
Tyrion x Hermione
(Kinks: Harems, Non-Con, Dub-Con, Con, Doubling, Younger Male x Older Female, etc.)
Smut and Plot Based, Long-Term

Watching with satisfaction as Snape died at the hand of his master, Harry Potter left his professor to die alone, a just end to a horrible man. The trio left him behind, and with it, the knowledge of the accidental horcrux

With the final crack of Expelliarmus against Avada Kedavra, the reflected spell kills the dark lord once again. But wait, his body does not become lifeless. Turning into magical dark confetti, Harry Potter's worst fear came to light - there was one more horcrux. The onlookers cheer as the dark lord is defeated, not knowing the dark days that they will soon face. A month, a year, a century... at some point, Voldemort will rear his head once again.

It happened to be two years after the events of Harry Potter that rumours of Voldemort's return had arose. Clinging to the soul of a weak, innocent child, the Dark Lord became King of a Western Civilisation, known only as Westeros. There, he was gaining followers with magic they had never seen before, while learning things he never thought was possible. Harry notices the signs and heads off, knowing only he can stop this.


Beyond the Veil
Sirius x Sansa (Sirius aged down)
(Kinks: Beastiality (animagi), etc.)
Plot-Based, Short-Term

After being hit with an unknown spell, Sirius feels himself growing younger and younger. The once forty nine year old could feel his body revitalise. It was only a panic when he didn't see any sign of it stopping. Not until he entered the Veil, the mysterious portal in the middle of the Department of Mysteries, that he felt it stop.

Sirius found himself in a forest, unlike any he had ever seen. It was growing dim, and to his surprise, he could see a castle in the distance. It wasn't Hogwarts though. Perhaps another school on a different continent? But that wasn't the only sign of something being wrong. As he approached a lake to wash the sweat and blood from his face, he saw his nineteen year old self staring back at him. What was going on? It was only when he saw a redheaded girl (that looked oddly like Lily) and an older, likely abused male running away from the castle that he knew something was wrong. Very wrong. Reverting to his animagus, which now strangely was of a large, grey wolf, Sirius ran to help the fleeing duo, who looked to be in trouble...

Bringing Hogwarts to Life
Any Pairing, likely OC x Canon one-shots
(Kinks: animatronics, casual sex, public sex, etc.)
Smut-Based, Short-Term OR Smut and Plot Based, Long-Term

If you're familiar with the Westworld HBO show, imagine that, except set in the world of Hogwarts. Recurring storylines, where hosts get to go to magic classes, stop Voldemort, compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, etc., being good or evil, and so on.

We can either RP this as a series of one-shots, where our OCs interact with the Canons in this world, helping them with their needs, perhaps with a romantic/sexual ending, or being lead down a dark path. The other option, is we RP it similar to the actual show, where one of the characters becomes self aware. If we do it this way, I'd prefer it be some female canon characters you play.

I won't worry about putting celebrity plots on this thread, however ask me over email if you're interested.
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