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Posted by: Neko Jan 31 2018, 08:07 PM
Well, despite working full time and generally being tired, the roleplay craving is here to stay, and so here I am~

So first off, a little rundown on the basics:
  • I'm 21+ and I'd really rather if you were as well, but please at least be over 18
  • I consider myself literate and my average post size ranges from two to five paragraphs
  • I can generally reply daily, if not more frequently when work allows
  • I'm really only looking for M// right now, though I do have one plot I'd be open to MxF with
  • I have no limits, so let me know any of yours
  • I only rp over email, though I'm more flexible when it comes to ooc chats
  • I'll let you know if I can't continue/ won't be able to reply for more than a couple of days. Please give me the same respect
  • Plot > porn

And a random assortment of things I'm chill with/like:
  • Fluff
  • Angst
  • Enemies to allies to lovers
  • Reluctant soulmates
  • A/B/O dynamics
  • Instincts
  • Worldbuilding
  • Cultural confusion
  • Shenanigans and sass
  • Fantasy and Supernatural

And now if that hasn't scared you off, while I'm generally always down to brainstorm and plot, I do have some specific cravings that I'm really looking for c:
  • The first (and aforementioned plot where I'd be cool with MxF), is essentially a native x foreigner deal, with an outsider of some sort (explorer, scientist, etc.) ends up deeper into an unexplored territory than ever recorded, and it's not nearly as unpopulated as expected.
  • The second is pirate x navy, with the two forced to work together against a greater foe, with some added tension and drama. Could be space or potc-esque.
  • The third is really just a bundle of several potential ideas involving werewolves, with a general theme of cultural confusion to spice things up.
  • And finally, we have just about anything Pokemon! I'm only really interested in playing ocs, but you can do whatever you want. I have ideas ranging from the customary travels to a few things with a darker theme.
(Though now that I'm thinking of it, if any of these give you a good feeling, I'd also be open to tossing out a pinterest link and you can pick out an oc to play against that strikes your fancy~)

Anyways though, if you find yourself interested you can reach me at
Please let me know your limits and what you're interested in c:

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Bump c:

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