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gist Posted on Feb 17 2018, 02:37 PM
This remains a thing that I'd love to plot about.
gist Posted on Feb 13 2018, 08:11 AM
Ardis Flood, headmistress of the local creepy orphanage, is on a power trip.

As the vessel of the Devil Arcanum, she has recently awakened to a whole spectrum of phenomena relating to entrapment, bondage, control, and temptation. So, naturally, she has begun to exercise her influence on a select few of her wards, locking them in their own minds and occasionally taking their bodies for a spin. It's karmic, really: like the universe is extending her recompense for a childhood stripped of the abundance she deserved. That the process has negative physical and psychic side-effects on those subjected to it is the least of her concerns.

What I would like is for one of Ardis's collection of living dolls to escape Flood House and somehow end up on the doorstep of Maarten Theys, my WWI-traumatized and slightly twisted Flemish expat who serves as choirmaster/custodian at Christ the King Roman Catholic Church. I'm looking to stir up varying levels of discomfort, confusion, interest, protectiveness, and finally a grand adventure the details of which will be determined according to how the first part plays out. Biographical/physical details are almost entirely up to the adopter; my baseline requests are that the character be female, significantly younger than 32 year-old Maarten, and that she be suffering/recovering from effects of her experience that interfere in some way with her ability to communicate/interact with the world. In previous envisionings, she has been rendered aphasic but capable of psychically transmitting abstract soundscapes to Maarten (for reasons that would no longer be valid in this setting, so I won't dig into that here). Something similar is a possibility, but I'm open to other ideas. I dig creativity, and the setting allows for scads of it.

Thematically, I would like for the option of a physical and probably not 100% gentle relationship between Maarten and this character to exist should the plot veer off in that direction -- so please save both of us time and don't take me up on this request if you aren't comfortable with potentially touchy/disturbing/unsettling subject matter, age differences, or if you fade to black. Likewise if you'd be disappointed if that never came up: I like plots that evolve organically as they're written, without too much being predetermined at the onset. I'm looking for a quality writer and a strong collaborator: someone who can plot proactively, who won't be scared off by my plotting proactively, who is in it for the long haul, and who doesn't mind my tortoise-like writing pace. Bonus if you enjoy chatting offside and appreciate dumb playlists and graphics. You'll also need to be at least twenty-one, due to site restrictions.

This request pertains to characters on a self-hosted MyBB forum which is in the final stages of refinement/development. While not exactly private, it's not being advertised, either. We do plan on a more public opening in the near future, but for now, the member base is small and slow-moving -- but excellent. I'll PM the link on request. Likewise, if this has piqued your interest, shoot me a PM. We can move to other chat venues from there.
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