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 i can't think of a title, m//, f//, longterm, 18+
 Posted: Jan 24 2018, 01:35 PM

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hey there! you can call me dreamer. i’ve decided to start this new year by (hopefully) making new friends and creating beautiful stories together!

about me:
i’m a pansexual university student who’s turning 22 this year, a girl, and proud owner of the bitchiest cat in the world (love ha)

the roleplay stuff:
-i love me some original roleplays! canon stuff isn’t my cup of tea unfortunately

-i usually write in 3rd person, past tense (present tense is ok with me but god no @ 1st person)

-para form mostly, but i’m not picky about this (and although i haven’t done script format in aaaages, i’d be willing to have another go at it!)

-quality > quantity! i don’t pay attention to my word count tbh; i just write whatever’s appropriate for the situation. my minimum is probably around, like, 200-ish? it really depends on what’s happening! but rest assured, there will never be one-liners from me.

-my reply frequency varies depending on what’s happening in my life (which is nothing, currently) but i’ll definitely let you know if i can’t get to the roleplay for a while! likewise, i’m not gonna bug you about a reply (unless you ask me to) so really, you can take your time!

-romance is great. platonic relationships are great too. i’m willing to play pretty much any gender pairing EXCEPT m/f! frankly, it bores me lol. there are exceptions to this if our characters have great chemistry, but don’t count on it tbh

-whether we focus on one character each or have a whole slew of main characters, i’m down! i do prefer having a little sprinkle of side characters in certain scenes and stuff, but nothing too major if you’re not into that kinda thing!

-mature themes (alcohol, drugs, violence, smut, etc.) are a-ok. if smut is involved, i’m fine with either fading to black or writing it out. just let me know what you prefer!

-i’m not down with the boring seme/uke dynamics, honestly. if you’re one of those people who only likes to bottom, i am not the one for you i’m afraid. switching is where it’s at (or at the very least not forcing roles from the very beginning and letting things happen naturally)

-when it comes to genres, i’m very open to the majority of them. the only one i’m kinda iffy about is medieval fantasy, but if the plot is interesting, i don’t see why not! i also really like mixing genres (e.g. humans with powers or vampires and witches going to college, things like that). anything supernatural is sure to grab my heart, fyi!

i hope you:
-are 18+

-are lgbt friendly

-aren’t stingy about how much i write or how long i take to do so. i’m not gonna give you one-liners or leave you hanging for months (probably), but pressure about time and length will make me deflate :’^(

-like to chat OOC like i do! it’d be great to be able to make friends with you and laugh/cry/make fun of our characters and plot, and just generally talk about stuff outside of rp!

-are open to discussing ideas with me! i’m not asking you to force yourself to come up with ideas or anything, but letting me know what stuff you’re liking and not liking about the ideas we’re throwing around would make things a lot easier and more enjoyable for both you and me!


-adult x minor (do i even have to state this)
-master x slave
-toilet stuff
-fetishized rape
-romanticized abuse

other than those, i’m quite open to whatever! i mean, the worst i can do is kinkshame you

please do NOT:
-come to me saying you only do mxf, strictly play that seme/uke weirdness, or want to try out any of the things i listed as my limits. i assure you i will not budge on any of these, so it’s best not to waste either of our time.

-tell me you have oh so many characters, only to list what are essentially slightly different versions of the same skinny white twink.

plot ideas! these are just very basic concepts i’m throwing around because i prefer us working together to create something beautiful rather than forcing my partner’s characters into a premade world by me :^)

-androids! i have an android oc whom i’m dying to try out, so any kind of world where androids exist would be amazing. i think his backstory could potentially make for quite an interesting plot too!

-angels, demons, fallen angels, demons kicked out of hell or just undercover. i. love. angels and demons. i’m up for pretty much whatever when they’re involved! i’ve also got a couple of plot ideas i could throw at you if this is the stuff you like!

-vampires, werewolves, fairytale creatures, monsters that should only belong in people’s worst nightmares. like i said before, i LOVE anything supernatural, and i feel like we could come up with quite an interesting plot when these types of characters are involved!

-thieves, assassins, bounty hunters, etc. YES. things are bound to be action-packed when people like these come in! alternatively, anything kinda like dnd class-like stuff (archers, warlocks, fighters, etc.) would also be amazing!

-slice of life stuff. whether they’ve got little twists to them or are totally cliche, i’m down!

-any mix of the above would be spectacular too tbh!

besides all this, don’t be afraid to come to me with your own ideas/concepts at all!! just because i didn’t list them doesn’t mean i’m not interested in them; these’re just off the top of my head!

contact info:

tell me about yourself! your name, age, favorite color, anything. and roleplay stuff of course! i’ve got skype and discord for OOC chatter, but i prefer to give those out after an initial email. hope to hear from you!
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