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Aug 3 2017, 01:22 AM
it's that time again where i'm looking for a roleplay buddy to help distract me from the world and my responsibilities.

i'm really bad at writing these, i'm gonna be totally honest. i also always casually type in lowercase when ooc, i'm sorry.

uhh i'm primarily into m// at the moment but sometimes my tastes change.

here's my roleplay tumblr with a bunch of info you might need to know on it and some characters. (some of them are really old and i'm too sentimental to delete them.)

please don't hesitate to ask me any questions, like literally anything at all.

contact stuff.

Skype: geeky.lion
Discord: Geeky Lion#8635
Mar 8 2017, 12:47 AM
Hey there! I'm Geeky Lion, or just Geeky. I'm looking for more roleplay parters (obviously!) I'm a 24 year old self taught, self employed painter with nothing but time on my hands.

My average post length is approximately between one to three paragraphs. I generally post more in the beginning of a roleplay for set up and slowly get comfortable with short, sweet, to the point responses. Oh! I prefer M// and M/F.


+ Please be polite, even if we disagree about something. I will always show the same courtesy.

+ I generally do not roleplay canon characters, when a fandom is listed I generally mean that I love that world or plot. I don't mind mentioning canon characters in conversation, I just prefer not to take control of something that isn't mine.

+ I have a penchant for romance so please be okay with this.

+ I can fade to black or play out a scene, please just let me know what needs to be done to make you more comfortable! Sometimes I just don't feel like playing out a scene for sheer laziness. Kinks are also totally cool, just tell me all about them.

+ Talk to me about what you're looking for in the roleplay! I love to brainstorm and meld ideas.

+ Be 18+, obviously.

Now for the good stuff! Please note the characters listed are not ALL my characters, just some of my favorites and easier to describe ones.

-contact stuff-

skype: geeky.lion
discord: Geeky Lion#8635


Dragon Age, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Fire Emblem, Horizon Zero Dawn

+other stuff+
Werewolves, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy (Modern & Otherwise), Dragons, Slice of Life, Mutants, College/University, Mythological Creatures


The future is upon mankind and everyone finds themselves within a Dystopian society. The cities are sorted by income - blue belongs to government officials, green to the upper class, yellow to the middle and those with little to no income find themselves living in the ruins of the former cities labeled the reds. Each person is given an ID programmed to their Communication Device attached to their wrist at birth. The Comm keeps reads on vitals, organ health, news, local maps, building blue prints, anything your heart could desire.. but it also keeps you on the grid and in the eye of those that created this society.

Have you ever played or heard of Wolf Among Us? A plot I love is basically a town like that but instead of fairy tales and fables the citizens are mythological creatures.


+Lor'thenas Arcweaver+
(Intended for World of Warcraft, Skyrim, or Fantasy [All Timelines])
Coming from a long line of very successful arcane mages and enchanters Lor'thenas is the bane of his arrogant father's existance with his desire to ice skate, sculpt, and in general be his own man.

+Embry Forgesmith+
(Intended for World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Werewolf, or Fantasy [All Timelines])
Daughter of a small village's blacksmith Embry never dreamed too large, hoping just to follow in her father's footsteps and continue the rather successful business he had forged, that was until their village faced attacks from formidable beasts.

+Delilah Reid+
(Intended for World of Warcraft, Fantasy [All Timelines], or Post-Apocalyptic)
Delilah is a woman with miniscule confidence, spending her life in the shadow of her over achieving sister. She hasn't always made the best choices or lived on the proper side of the law but she has a heart of gold.

(Intended for Fantasy [All Timelines] and Mythological Creatures)
Levi is a man that is careful to keep his privacy while still protecting and serving the public. It would seem the kind, reserved man has a rather enormous secret to keep.

(Intended for Fantasy [All Timelines] and Werewolf)
Isolated due to his people's timeless tradition this white haired shaman is wise beyond his years with a great sadness and loneliness lingering in his eyes.

(Intended for Dragon Age)
The life of a draconologist is by no means a glorious one but it is a life this Tevinter has thrown himself into wholeheartedly and with great gusto despite the inherit danger it brings.
Mar 19 2015, 11:04 PM
Um, hi I'm GeekyLion. College recently slowed down so I'm looking for more roleplay partners! Ahh, I roleplay MxM, MxF. I've got characters, plots, pairings and contact information all organized at (sorry for not hotlinking or anything fancy, typing from my phone.) Some characters aren't listed there and I mean, of course I totally want to discuss plots and pairings and suggestions and cravings with potential partners!

I generally post between 1-3 paragraphs, I don't enjoy making length for lengths sake, though I like to think I keep wording interesting unless I'm being a completely lazy sod.

Sorry this is such a clumsy post, I'm bad at this, but thanks for reading you lovely person, you.
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