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Posted by: rmwritesthings Feb 6 2018, 02:56 AM
hi, friends.

call me rhi. i’m an 18 y/o non binary nerd who’s just finished the main quest in the witcher, and boy am i craving to write something set in that universe.

(alternatively, some dark medieval fantasy would also be good)

something involving elves would be great — in the world of the aen elle perhaps? avallac’h and eredin and caranthir make me wanna write against some elf dudes. OCs welcome here.

also, i would love the chance to write ciri. either as empress of nilfgaard or witcher, both would be great. would be open to OCs for that one. i envisage ciri as queer, mostly preferring women over men. that’s not to say i don’t want male OCs with her romantically, it’s just she’s gay as hell, man.

would also be down for writing triss or yen.

a-okay with smut, violence and what-have-you. quality over quantity. blah blah blah.

if you just want to use the world, i would love an arranged marriage plot. especially with elves. love those creatures.

this post is shockingly short on details, and i apologise. my brain is mush.

anyway. if you’re interested, contact me by email @ or on discord @ vetiver#0752

Posted by: rmwritesthings Feb 7 2018, 03:42 PM

Posted by: rmwritesthings Feb 13 2018, 03:17 AM

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